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Ejaculatory prayer, is of use to keep alive the soul for the more regular and stated duty of communion with God. The long intervals between your appointed times of devotion, render this necessary

“ Were we,” says Archbishop Leighton, “ acquainted with the way of intermixing holy thoughts and ejaculatory cryings of God in our ordinary ways, it would keep the heart in a sweet temper all the day long, and have an excellent influence in all our ordinary actions and holy performances. This were to

alk with God indeed ; to go all the day long as in our Father's hand; whereas, without this, our praying morning and evening looks but as a formal visit, not delighting in that constant converse which yet is our happiness and honour, and makes all estates sweet. This would refresh us in the hardest labour

; as they that carry the spices of Arabia are refreshed with the smell of them in their

the apostolic formula at the commencement of most of the epistles, and that wbich occurs at the close of nearly all of them, and at the end of the Apocalypse, • The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all the saints.'

“Wishes and prayers are very far from being terms of the same import. A wish is merely the expression of desire. Prayer is that expression addressed to one who is supposed to be present, aud able to accomplish it. And if this person, though not sensibly, is believed to be really present, the prayer is an act of religious worship."-See Dr. Smith's Scripture Testimony to the Messiah, vol. ii. p. 555.

journey.” If, amidst the emergencies or occurrences of the day, you determine to do or attempt anything great and arduous, the decision, to be steadfast, ought to be surrounded and sustained with prayers. A good resolution, made and set up in your own strength, thongh it may seem firm as a pillar of marble, or a chain of iron, will prove only like a pile of sand, dispersed by the first gust of passion; or a rope of straw, consumed by the first spark of temptation. “ Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name.” Ps. lxxxvi. 11.) Here David's good resolution, to walk in the light of God's truth, is preceded and followed by two suitable petitions, the one for Divine instruction, and the other for fixedness and intensity of heart. Oh! it is well for us to have all our purposes, plans and resolves, fenced in, propped round, and upheld by prayers.

Ejaculatory prayer is of singular use to occupy and improve those fragments of time which are often found between the engagements of busi

Are you waiting for a friend beyond the time of appointment? Let not impatience set the mind a murmuring, but let faith set it a praying; then, though you should lose your time, you will not lose your temper too ; and if you should have no interview with your earthly friend, you will not fail of having one


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with your best Friend in heaven. Are you on the point of going a journey? Let your first step be to the throne of grace. Every thing you do, or design, should be accompanied with prayer. “ If,” says Bishop Hopkins, “ your heart and affections be heavenly, your thoughts will force out a passage through the crowd and tumult of worldly businesses to heaven : ejaculations are swift messengers, that require not much time to perform their errand in ; such pauses as these are, you will find to be no impediments to your worldly affairs. This is the way for a Christian to be retired and private in the midst of a multitude ; to turn his shop into a closet ; to trade for earth, and yet get heaven also into the bargain."*

* It was the happiness of the learned and pious Witsius, to be very carefully and religiously educated. His good uncle, under whom he was trained, had from his own childhood, been inured to sanctify the ordinary actions of life, by sending ejaculatory aspirations to God, suitable to the business he was about; in order to which he had made his memory the storehouse of some more eminently useful and familiar texts of Scripture, both of the Old and New Testament, which related, or might be accommodated to every part of common life ; so that when he lay down, rose up, dressed, washed, walked abroad, studied, or did anything else, he could repeat apposite passages from the Holy Scriptures in their original languages, of either Hebrew or Greek; thereby, in a very eminent manner, acknowledging God in all his ways, and doing whatsoever he did to his glory. This same excellent practice he recommended to his nephew; which had so happy an effect, that very many portions of both of the

Ejaculatory prayer is often of use in the last hours of life, and the last struggles of nature.

It was an interesting sight to behold Jacob, on his dying bed, surrounded by his sons, assembled to receive his parting blessing ; and while he addressed them, he could not refrain from bursting into a devout aspiration to heaven, “I have waited for thy salvation, O God!" But how much more interesting the spectacle of Jesus nailed to the cross, while with his expiring breath he prays for his murderers,“ Father, forgive them; they know not what they do.” Stephen followed the example of his Master, and as he fell under the cruel hands of his enemies, cried, “ Lord, lay not this sin to their charge." How often has the redeemed and regenerate soul been launched off by a strong ejaculation of prayer into that happy world, where its whole work is praise ! “Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly," has breathed from the quivering lips just as the welcome message arrived to call the ardent, panting, prepared spirit, to quit the tabernacle of clay, and enter the celestial mansions of immortal bliss.

Hebrew Bible and of the Greek Testament, were in his youth so deeply impressed on Witsius's memory, that even in old age he never forgot them.

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The subject to which the reader's attention has been invited, expands into so many branches, that no inconsiderable share of patience is required to pay a suitable regard to each of them, As prayer is proper for all seasons, so it is necessary for all persons. The basis of the duty is broad and solid ; and, in its ample range, includes all that has any bearing upon the in terests of the individual, or the welfare of mankind at large. When we bow our knees to God, it is not on our account merely; the happiness of our fellow-creatures must occupy a share of our attention and concern. It is therefore my design, at present, to treat of Intercessory Prayer.

I. Consider the persons for whom we are

to pray:

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