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FOR 1863-64.

New Series.





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American War, the Moral Aspects of the, 140 CITICAL NOTICES-continued -

Amusements, Social, the Modern Phase of, 255 The Christian Treasury, 161, 419

Antichristian Kingdoms, Is Scotland to share The Bulwark, 420, 547

in the doom of, 4

A Pastor's Legacy, 486

Associate Synod of North America, Letter from, Thoughts on Preaching, 489
261-Reply thereto, 263

Truth in Love, 490
Ayr Home Mission, 112, 164, 303, 492, 744 Journal of Discovery of the Source of the

Nile, 530
Baptism versus Immersion, 366

The Foundations of History, 532
Bible Light as to the Extent of the Deluge, 305,

The Practical Works of David Clarkson, B.D.,
354, 410, 574, 640, 706


Memoir of the late Mrs Ann Johnstone,
Church Courts, Recent Meetings of, 272

Willow Park, Greenock, 535
Communion, Ecclesiastical, as distinguished

Remarks on the Antiquity and Nature of
from Christian, 392

Man: a reply to Sir Charles Lyell, 536

False Christs and the True, 540

Conscience, Modern Destitution of, 18

Covenanting, National, Scriptural, 719

A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on


the Book of Genesis, with a New Transla-

Historical Theology, by late Wm. Cunning-

tion, 615

ham, D.D., New College, Edinburgh, 41

Presbyterian Union, 623

The Savoy Conference, and the story of the

Sunday School Photographs, 624

Ejectment, 46

A Beloved Physician, 624

Biblical Natural Science, by Rev.John Duns,

Rome and Civil Liberty, 682

F.R.S.E., 50, 99, 160.

The Complete Works of Stephen Charnock,

The Two Babylons, 52, 77, 357


Time's Treasure, 90

The Reformed Presbyterian Witness, 685

Our Companions in Glory, 93

Plea for a New English Version of the Scrip-

Christian Faith and Practice, 97

tures, 734

The Closer Walk, 98

The Christian Ministry: its Moral Dignity,

The Distinctive Principles of the R, P.

Necessary Qualifications, and Prospective

Church, 100

Rewards, 737

Present Truths in Theology, by Professor

The Revival of the Lord's Work Scripturally

Gibson, D.D., Glasgow, 145

considered (a sermon), 738

An Exposition of the Prophecy of Hosea, 149

Annual Report, and Proceedings at the Public

The Circle of Christian Doctrine, 153

Meeting of the Institution for Deaf and

The Approved Servant of God (sermon), 158

Dumb, Aberdeen, 740

The Works of Thomas Goodwin, D.D., 158, Day, the Working Man's best, 509
408, 491

Deacon, Ministrant, versus, 402

The Assembly's Shorter Catechism (Fisher's), Deluge, Bible light as to the extent of the, 305,


384, 440, 574, 640, 706

The Scottish Reformation : its Testimony Dundee Young Men's Association, 111, 432

Dromore, Ordination at, 431

against Popery and Prelacy, &c., 229

Exposition of the Epistle of Jude, 234

The Christian Ministry, 237

Early Piety, 716

The Proposed Union of the Free and United Edification, Self, the duty of, 377

Presbyterian Churches in its bearing on Edinburgh, Call from congregation at, 494-In-

Calvinistic Doctrine, 294

duction at, 549

Review of Discussions in R, P. Synod at Edinburgh Home Mission, 107

Glasgow, May 1864, 297

Edinburgh Young Men's Association, 168

The Complete Works of Richard Sibbes, D.D., Errors, little, and their modern nursery, 713
298, 356, 684

Eternity, 374

Small Sins, 300

Evidences of design in sea and air, 477

The Faiths of the World, &c., in reference to EXTRACTS AND FRAGMENTS-

misrepresentation of position of U. 0. Protestant Diplomacy of other days, 161
Seceders, 337

Religion that Costs Nothing, 162

Principles of Chistian Union, by Rev. Wm. Danger of Neglecting Present Duty, 238

White, 348, 419

Bible, A Judicial Opinion of the, 301

The Necessity of Personal Religion for the Principles, not Prejudices, 302

discharge of the Work of the Ministry, 363 Infidelity, the Snobbism of, 302

The Blessedness of Giving (a sermon), 364 Voluntaryism, 334

An Exposition of the Prophet Ezekiel, with The Blessedness of Giving, 426

useful observations thereupon, 405

The Papacy, 427

The Holy Bible, according to the Letter and A Mysterious Contrast, 428

Idioms of the Original Languages, by Ro- The Authority of the Word in the Church,

bert Young, Edinburgh, 409, 487


Life in Earnest, 416

Tyranny practised in the Turkish Provinces,

Rules and Procedure in Inferior Courts of


Free Church of Scotland, 418

Antiquity, 543

Prelacy tried


Word of God, 419

The Only Safe Walk, 543

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