The Fall of the Roman Republic: A Short History of the Last Century of the Commonwealth

Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1853 - 564 pages
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Page 452 - Casca, who was behind, drew a weapon, and grazed his shoulder with an ill-directed stroke. Caesar disengaged one hand, and snatched at the hilt, shouting, ' Cursed Casca, what means this ?'—
Page 456 - He was great, repeats a modern writer, in every thing he undertook ; as a captain, a statesman, a lawgiver, a jurist, an orator, a poet, an historian, a grammarian, a mathematician, and an architect.
Page 489 - In vain was he warned of the danger of these wretched delays. Utterly prostrated by anguish of mind and weariness of body he only replied, " Let me die, let me die in my father-land, which I have so often saved.
Page 226 - Such a state of society already trembled on the verge of dissolution, and reflecting men must have shuddered at the frailness of the bands which still held it together, and the manifold energies at work for its destruction.

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