The Dictionary of National Biography, Founded in 1882 by George Smith, Volume 10

H. Milford, 1922
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Page 232 - PRINCE, was a violator of his word, a libertine over head and ears in debt and disgrace, a despiser of domestic ties, the companion of gamblers and demireps, a man who has just closed half a century without one single claim on the gratitude of his country or the respect of posterity...
Page 309 - In the interpretation of nature, he remarks, "no powers are to be employed that are not natural to the globe, no action to be admitted of except those of which we know the principle, and no extraordinary events to be alleged in order to explain a common appearance.
Page 236 - Well, I call this an excellent good book, by far the best of the autobiographic kind I remember to have read in the English language ; and indeed, except it be Boswell's of Johnson, I do not know where we have such a picture drawn of a human life, as in these three volumes. " A pious, ingenious, altogether human and worthy book; imaging, with graceful honesty and free felicity, many interesting objects and persons on your life-path, and imaging throughout, what is best of all, a gifted, gentle, patient,...
Page 369 - Experiments on Vegetables, discovering their great Power of purifying the common Air in Sunshine, but injuring it in the Shade or at Night,' London, 1779 (French translation by the author, with additions, 2 yols., Paris, 1787-9).
Page 99 - The Northern Heights of London ; or, Historical Associations of Hampstead, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Hornsey, and Islington. By WILLIAM HOWITT. With about 40 Woodcuts. Square crown 8vo.
Page 195 - I returned to Edinburgh in 1769 very opulent (for I possessed a revenue of 1000/. a year), healthy, and though somewhat stricken in years, with the prospect of enjoying long my ease, and of seeing the increase of my reputation.
Page 236 - These volumes contain a personal recollection of the literature and politics, as well as some of the most remarkable literary men and politicians, of the last fifty years.
Page 254 - His life, he used to say, was ' in the hands of any rascal who chose to annoy and tease him.
Page 151 - To answer your question as to Mr. Hughes ; what he wanted in genius, he made up as an honest man ; but he was of the class you think him.
Page 385 - Picturesque views, with an historical account of the Inns of Court, in London and Westminster.

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