Chtimi: The Urban Vernaculars of Northern France

Multilingual Matters, 1996 - 318 pages
"The different ways in which a language may be pronounced is not only a constant source of fascination for speakers and learners, but also a powerful symbol of regional identity. Using recordings of spontaneous speech by working-class speakers from an urban, industrial environment in northern France, Tim Pooley traces the development of the urban vernacular of the Lille area - often referred to as Chtimi - from a traditional patois to a variety of Regional French against the background of the social changes that have occurred in the speakers' lifetimes." "The result is, firstly, a study in sociolinguistic variation (both from the structural and sociolinguistic viewpoints); secondly, an analysis of language shift in a context where the obsolescent language is closely related to the dominant variety; and thirdly, a detailed analysis of the key features of the phonology and grammar of northern Regional French." "It is also one of the first studies concerned with France to show how network factors may influence speakers' use of French."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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The Place of Roubaix and MarcqenBaroeul in the Lille Conurbation
Chtimi and Regional Varieties
Fieldwork Approaches Objectives and Problems
Picard Phonological Features
Phonological Features of Regional French in the CUDL
Characterising the Speakers
The Roubaix Corpus
Twelve Years OnThe RougesBarres Corpus
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Timothy Pooley began his career as a language teacher, firstly of EFL, which he taught in Algeria and in northern France, before teaching French in higher education in the UK. His interest in linguistics began with language teaching, and then developed into other areas, particularly sociolinguistics - a field in which he carried out his doctoral research, and in which he has published several articles. His research interests centre around the sociolinguistic situation in France, covering regional varieties of French and regional languages. His teaching interests include francophonie and translation methodology. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Language Studies at London Guildhall University.

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