Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Volume 33,Partie 1

The Institution, 1872
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Page 314 - ASSAYER'S GUIDE : Or, Practical Directions to Assayers, Miners, and Smelters, for the Tests and Assays, by Heat and by Wet Processes, for the Ores of all the principal Metals, of Gold and Silver Coins and Alloys, and of Coal, etc. By OSCAR M. LIEBER.
Page 323 - Vapulans," is a kind of allegorical play, in which the various passions are introduced. 1443 PLAT (Sir Hugh). The Jewel House of Art and Nature; containing divers Rare and Profitable Inventions, together with sundry new Experiments in the Art of Husbandry.
Page 311 - P. Report on the Filtration of River Waters for the supply of Cities, as practised in Europe, made to the Board of Water Commissioners of the city of St. Louis.
Page 294 - KANSAS CITY BRIDGE (THE). With an Account of the Regimen of the Missouri River and a Description of the Methods used for Founding in that River. By O. Chanute, Chief Engineer, and George Morrison, Assistant Engineer.
Page 167 - Secretary returned thanks. The Ballot having been open more than an hour, the Scrutineers, after examining the papers, announced that the following gentlemen were duly elected to fill the several offices in the Council for the ensuing year : — President, JAMES MEADOWS RENDEL.
Page 302 - Bridges. Estimates and Diagrams of Railway Bridges for Turnpike, Public, and Occupation Roads, in the Embankments of Double or Single Lines, and cuttings of Double Lines, with...
Page 288 - The theory and practice of warming and ventilating public buildings dwelling-houses, and conservatories. Including a general view of the changes produced in atmospheric air, by respiration, combustion, and putrefaction, with the means of obviating its...
Page 303 - Including also Designs for Trestle and Truss Bridges for Military Railroads, adapted especially to the wants of the Service of the United States. By HERMAN HAUPT, Brig.-Gen. in charge of the Construction and Operation of the US Military Railways, Author of " General Theory of Bridge Construction,
Page 302 - Observations on a general iron railway, or land steam conveyance, to supersede the necessity of horses in all public vehicles ; showing its vast superiority in every respect over all the present pitiful methods of conveyance by turnpike roads, canals, and coasting traders ; containing every species of information relative to railroads and locomotive engines.
Page 323 - THE NATURE AND PROPERTIES OF THE SUGAR CANE ; With Practical Directions for the Improvement of its Culture, and the Manufacture of its Products. To which is added an additional Chapter on the MANUFACTURE OF SUGAR FROM BEET-ROOT.

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