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Page 1576 - Historical and Critical Commentary on the Old Testament; with a New Translation.
Page 1724 - The HIDDEN WISDOM of CHRIST and the KEY of KNOWLEDGE ; or, History of the Apocrypha.
Page 1211 - Tree and Serpent Worship ; Or, Illustrations of Mythology and Art in India in the First and Fourth Centuries after Christ, from the Sculptures of the Buddhist Topes at Sanchi and Amravati.
Page 1251 - Remembrances for Order and Decency to be kept in the Upper House of Parliament by the Lords when His Majesty is not there.
Page 1400 - BLAKE.— LIFE OF WILLIAM BLAKE. With Selections from his Poems and other Writings. Illustrated from Blake's own Works. By ALEXANDER GILCHRIST. A new and Enlarged Edition, with additional Letters, and a Memoir of the Author.
Page 1425 - DESCRIPTION DES FESTES DONNÉES PAR LA VILLE DE PARIS, à l'occasion du mariage de Madame Louise-Elisabeth de France et de Dom Philippe,.
Page 1210 - The Stupa of Bharhut. A Buddhist Monument. Ornamented with numerous Sculptures illustrative of Buddhist Legend and History in the Third Century BC By ALEXANDER CUNNINGHAM, CSI, CIE, Major-General, Royal Engineers (Bengal Retired) ; Director-General Archaeological Survey of India.
Page 1343 - The Whole Booke of Psalmes : With the Hymnes Evangelicall, And Songs Spiritual!. Composed into 4. parts by sundry Authors, to such severall Tunes as have beene, and are usually sung in England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Italy, France, and the Nether-lands : Never as yet before in one volumne published.
Page 1422 - Représentation des fêtes données par la ville de Strasbourg pour la convalescence du roi, à l'arrivée et pendant le séjour de Sa Majesté en cette ville.
Page 1409 - Tableaux, statues, bas-reliefs et camées de la galerie de Florence et du palais Pitti, dessinés par Wicar, et gravés sous la direction de Lacombe et Masquelier, avec les explications par Mongez l'aîné, etc.

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