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Chäftian Religion.

Vol. II.

Containing, Discourses upon such Sub

jects as are thought most liable to

Objections. By ROBERT JENKIN, late Fellow of

St. John's College in Cambridge.

The Second Edition, Corrected, and very

much Enlarged.

LONDON: Printed by W. B. for RICHARD SARE at

Grays-Inn Gate in Holborn." 1708.

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Here never appeared, I believe, among Christians, so general a Duan tion as in the present Age, to the C. ristian

Religion, in Men preté: 'ing at least to Reason, and Learning, and Na ral Religion, and Moral Vertue. And tho' I could have little Encouragement to hope, that I should write any thing which might much prevail with Men of these Accomplishments ; yet I was persuaded, that so good a Cause, tho' but in weak Hands, could not fail of some Effect upon all that would be at the pai 'to consider it. And to this purpose, I thi..oot, the best way would be, not to read Ledures as it were, of Anatomy upon the severa' of it, and represent it Piece-meal, Jika fets Carcass, divided and diffected ;

had been able to shew never so much Skill in the Operation; but to give an entire View of the Grounds and Reasons of Christianity, the connexion of its Parts between themselves and the Preference which it has to all other Religions; from whence, I knew, it must appear in as true a Light, and with as much Life and Force, as it could do under the Disadvantages, which might be expected from no

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