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know. in his own consciousness that his heart NEW CREATION.

is cleansed. But outside this inner circle there

is a region of which he is at present ignorant. No. II.

To say that he has no sin because it has been We propose now to consider some of those all cleansed away within that inner sphere provisions which God has made for His children where the light has shone, and because we are -provisions which are essential to their holiness ignorant as yet of that which is outside this and usefulness, as well as to their happiness. region, may not be what the Apostle calls a

It would be impossible to notice them all. lie," but it is to "deceire ourselves.Let us take those that bear more especially upon

But a cleansed heart is a very real blessing. their daily life.

God is calling His children to this condition There are four momentary gifts which God of privilege in their practical life. We may has provided for our walk here on eartlı. walk continually with a conscience void of

First, Momentary Cleansing. If the fellow- offence. We may have a heart that condemns ship between my soul and God is to be main- us not. If we make up our minds that this is tained, I must have the cleansing efficacy of not possible, we shall certainly fail to experience the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ each step of this inestimable blessing. But here is God's the way. This cleansing must meet my need; provision that it may be possible. It is found in moment by moment. It must be right up to the fact that the blood of Jesus Christ His Son the very edge of my knowledge. It must not cleanses us--moment by moment—from all sin. only be within the sphere of my present illu- Second, Momentary Deliverance. There is mination, the cleansing must cover the whole a freedom or deliverance which Christ has ground. But if the cleansing covers the whole effected through His death on the cross. By ground, does it not make me sinless, and may virtue of that death we are delivered from the I not then say, I have no sin ? Surely not. authority of our old master, Sin. We have been Imagine two circles, one smaller than, and made free from sin (Rom. vi. 22). But it is in within the other. Call the outer circle your- the Holy Ghost that this freedom, secured to us self; the inner one your conscience, or your heart, already by His death, becomes an experimental or that part of yourself which you know. Now reality. We read in Gal. v. 16, 17: “Walk sin within the inner circle, on being confessed, in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfil the lust of is not only pardoned but cleansed. The blood the flesh. For the flesh lusteth against the that atones for sin also cleanses from sin. God Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and not only forgives us our sin, but cleanses us these are contrary one to the other: that ye from all unrighteousness.

may not do the things that ye would.” The We believe that every child of God should first point that should be clear in our minds is, claim this blessing by faith. He ought to What is meant by the Spirit ? How many


read the words as if they meant, “The flesh | thing more important in connection with the lusteth against the new nature, and the new sense of having God's guidance than obedience. nature against the flesh.” But we see at once Are not most of our difficulties as to guidance from the context that the Spirit here is the to be traced to our want of thoroughness in Holy Ghost. We are to walk—not in the new yielding to the will of God, or to a want of nature-but in the Holy Ghost. We are to be faith in trusting Him to keep and defend us in led of the Holy Ghost. And again, in verse 22, the path of difficulty or danger that He opens the fruit—not of the new nature, but of the out before us. Constant guidance is certainly Holy Ghost--is love, joy, peace, &c.

promised to the child of God in the Scriptures, In the Holy Ghost then, as the sphere of the “The Lord shall guide thee continually.But believer's life, there is a continuous deliverance like all other blessings the enjoyment of this -a deliverance not only from the power of privilege depends on certain conditions. “He sin without, but from the power of the flesh that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness.” within. The life of the trusting soul becomes “ Following” means a continual stepping out then a walk of continuous triumph over the with the two feet-faith and obedience. Believe power of evil. But it is only as he lives and what God says, and do what He tells you. acts in the Spirit.

We get into darkness in either of two If, on the other hand, I lose sight of the Holy ways—by holding back when He bids us go Ghost, and think only of my new nature as that forward—or by rushing on before His leading. with which the flesh is to be opposed, dis- The great thing to see is that God's guidance appointment is sure to be the result. The flesh is momentary guidance. He gives us enough is in all probability far stronger than the new light to take the next step, and when that nature, and defeat follows. But if we meet all step is taken more light comes. our enemies with God—God the Holy Ghost- Now all these blessings are in Him, and we who then can be against us? Greater is He that can enjoy them only moment by moment. is with us than all those who are against us. And they are bestowed upon us not to make Third, Momentary Strength. God does not us feel happy simply, but to enable us to live

, provide strength simply to assure us that we are to His glory, and to work for the extension of strong, but that we should use it for His service. His kingdom. Sometimes we have desired to feel strong before the moment of actual need has arrived. But

SUNLIGHT IN THE HEART. this God does not promise. He gives it not

THERE is sunlight on the hill-top, before, but at the moment. We cannot lay up

There is sunilght on the sea ; a stock of strength. We cannot serve in the

And the golden beams are sleeping present with the power He gave yesterday, nor

On the soft and verdant lea. with the power He will give to-morrow. The But a richer light is filling water-wheel moves, not by virtue of the stream

All the chambers of my heart, that has passed over it days ago, nor of the For Thou art there, my Saviour, waters that are to flow over it in days to come, And 'tis SUNLIGHT where Thou art. but by virtue of the stream that is passing over

Thou hast whispered Thy forgiveness
So the believer, if he would work well,

In the secret of my

soul : wisely, successfully, must be ever under the

“Be of good comfort, daughter, stream of Divine energy-the power that flows

For I have made thee whole." from the risen and glorified Lord. The power The “ fowler's snare is broken,” of His endless life is the true source of our

And loosed my captive wing; strength.

And shall the bird be silent Fourth, Momentary Guidance. There is no

Which Thou hast taught to sing?

it now.


new life.

In the dust I leave my sackcloth,

As a thing of other days ;
For "Thou girdest me with gladness,

OUR subject is a very simple one. It is just the
And Thou robest me with praise."

Presence of the Person of Christ in the midst of the And to that home of glory,

heart, and in the midst of the life. It is He HimThy blood hath won for me,

self who is the source of power, as well as of life. In heart and mind ascending,

We have seen all around us to-day every hedge-row My spirit follows Thee.

breaking out into bloom, the trees being covered Choose Thou for me my portion,

with new shoots, the very grass breaking out into

new life, flowers covering the ground under our very My bitter and my sweet;

feet. We have heard the birds singing in fresh, The cup Thy hand doth mix me

What is the cause of all the beauty in I will drink it at Thy feet;

the natural life around us? It is just the power While I'm waiting for that moment,

of the sun ;

as he turns towards our earth he The brightest and the best,

arouses the new life and beauty. So, when the Sun When Thou shalt stoop to lift me

of Righteousness turns towards us there is power From Thy footstool to Thy breast.

and new life in these poor homeless homes of ours [Oh! ye who sit in darkness,

-our hearts. May we, then, just see Him to-day, Ever mourning for your sin,

and admit Him, and own Him, and know Him to Open the windows of your soul,

be all in all. Let the warm sunshine in;

There are three points in connection with our Every ray was purchased for you,

subject which I would put before you-the SOURCE By the matchless love of One

of Power; the SECRET of Power; and the Signs of Who has suffered in the shadow,

That you might see the sun ?]

I. The Source of Power is in this one word Jesus.

This Man is the great Power of God !-"the Alan Lord Jesus ! Thou hast bought me,

Christ Jesus.” Not like Simon Magus, who thought And my life, my all is Thine;

that the gift of God was to be purchased by money. Let the lamp Thy love hath lighted

Jesus knows that God's gift of power over sin must To Thy praise and glory shine

be purchased by blood; by His own precious blood. A beacon, 'mid the darkness,

Remember that Pentecost was preceded by Calvary Pointing upwards where Thou art;

by only fifty days. It is a very solemn thing—this The smile of whose bright presence

power purchased at the expense of the blood of Is the sunlight of my heart !

Jesus Christ. He is the great power of God. Do It cost Thee much, my Saviour,

you want power ? Then will you permit this Man From sin to set me free,

to reign over you? Wilt thou give this Man room ? May my life be one sweet savour

Wilt thou go with this Man? Will you be all His, Ascending up to Thee;

always His, and only His? Then, indeed, you will That those who do not know Thee,

be full of power."

“ But still in darkness walk,

That there is great power, and that God has May be won to know and love Thee

power, Scripture is full of. As you know, there is When they see my tiny spark.

the sevenfold ability of God. I will run through the passages briefly. First, He alone is able “to

open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof For every trial God sends, He gives sufficient (Rev. v. 3, 5). I believe that this should really

come first, for it is God, in the person of the Lamb, grace for its endurance; but He promises no grace who is alone able to loose the sealed Book, and to to bear anticipations with, and we little know how

show us the power of the Person within. Then very large a portion of our mental sufferings arises from anticipation of trial.- Adelaide Newton.

Address given at Crayford, April 18th, 1882.


comes His sevenfold power—(1) "God is able to word here is a different one from the others, and make all grace abound towards you” (2 Cor. ix. 8). means authority. But I do not see the distinction But what for? It is not that we may store it, or between them to be so sharp as some do. If Christ keep it for ourselves, but that we may spend it-gives me authority, He also gives me power that is “may abound to every good word and work." This enclosed in that authority. Then He not only gives is His only reason in giving us grace. All grace is power for admission into, but He gives power over. given to spend. Even the verse in Micah-"Truly “Behold, I give you power over all the power of I am full of power by the Spirit of the Lord "—is the enemy” (Luke x. 19). He knows there is only given for this,-"to declare unto Jacob his plenty of power of the enemy all around you,“ we

, transgression, and to Israel his sin ” (Micah iii. 8). wrestle with principalities and powers," and He God gives fulness only for work and service. He does not make little of it, if you do. Then He not wants us to do great things for Him, for nothing is only gives power, but when? It is in my infirmities. small which is done for Him. Even the common, “Most gladly, therefore, will I rather glory in my daily home things may become great with the glory infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon of God. “Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of me" (2 Cor. xii. 9). In our infirmities, just the

, God." Then be full of that power, my brethren. very things we are trying to escape ; but if we did, (2) Then, when we have prayed, we find that He we should escape from the power of Christ. It is is "able to do exceeding abundantly above all that just because we are so broken, and powerless, we ask or think" (Eph. iii. 20). (3) Then, “He and we can do and are nothing, that the power of is able to subdue all things unto Himself” (Phil. Christ rests upon us. As in the holes and crevices iii. 20); even to make our poor, vile body like unto of the sea-cliffs the birds build their nests, so it is His glorious body. Then why not here and now! in the crevices of our wounds and our weakness, in (4) “He is able to keep that which we have com- the very brokenness of our eing, that the Dove of mitted unto Him” (2 Tim. i. 12); but He is not God builds His house, and makes a habitation for able to keep unless we commit. Let there be a full Himself, so that there is room for even Deity to committal to Him now, and then believe that He is rest. Then He gives power to raise us up, even as able to keep. Strange that so many would rather He raised Christ from the dead (Eph. i. 19), and trust to keep ourselves than trust to Him to keep also to work within us (Eph. iii. 20); and, again,

Then He is not only able to subdue and to He has power to garrison us, and keep out all other keep: but (5)“ He is able also to save to the utter- powers, to keep us secure within Jesus our fortress most” (Heb, vii. 25); that is, from the beginning (1 Pet. i. 5). of conversion to the crowning in glory. He hath Further, not only is God able Himself, and has promised, “My sheep shall never perish, neither power to transmit power, but there is also a fourshall any man pluck them out of My Father's hand.” fold power for each believer. He will with the (6) “He is able also to succour them that are temptation make a way of escape “that ye may tempted” (Heb. ii. 18); therefore we must expect be able to bear it” (2 Cor. x. 13). We thinkto be tempted. And (7) “He is able to keep from "If I were only in another place, or other circum

“ falling” (Jude 24). Observe in all this that God stances, I should be able to bear. This temptation keeps the ability in His own hands, and thus forces is peculiar to me, and I cannot escape.” My dear us to keep very close to Him. He gives us the friend, with erery temptation there is a way of Person of Jesus, and to possess Him is to possess escape, that you may be able to bear. Cry to Him, Power. He is the Resurrection-power in the soul, and in answer He will show it you, and you shall be and that is to be endued with the Holy Ghost, able to bear. There is a way of escape in all; and if because wherever He is, the Spirit rests upon Him; there be not any other way, there is always the way and where the Holy Ghost is, there Jesus is revealed of escape upward by prayer, right up into the bosom in power.

of God. Then He gives us power to “comprehend God is not only able to do all this for us, but with all saints ... the love of God” (Eph. iii. 19). He is able to give power to us. “As many as Perhaps you think that is not much. My dear received Him to them gave He power to become friends, it is very much. We want this prayer to the sons of God” (John i. 12). I know the Greek be fulfilled in us. If we know more of the love of


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shall go

God to us, we shall understand more about loving my brother, if you are out of power. The Bible is Him and our brethren. Do you know the love of full of them. Take one, and hold it, and say, God? Love is power, and God is love. I want to “Lord, here is Thy I.O.U., I have it from Thee, know it more. O my Father, is there any father now fulfil it to me." Demand it of Him ; claim it like unto Thee, to take the prodigal close to Thy of Him. The Lord does love those who, in the heart and choke his words with Thy kiss, and to simplicity of a child-like faith, come to Him with

clothe him and feast him at once! I know Thee, one of His promises, and say, like His own Son, O my Father, and there is none like Thee. Yes, "Father, I will." Again, Presence is power. To and if we would only believe more in His love, and be with the Lord Jesus Christ, that is power. when we had done wrong go at once and confess it, Suppose you were in debt and difficulty, and you we should have more power with others. Believe had a rich friend with you, who you knew would me the power we want is love, and if we love Him be able and willing to relieve you, with what more, we shall overflow with love to others. We almost gladness you would open out to him all your shall love at every pore, we shall conquer by love, huge, heavy debt, conscious that He was able to rid we shall win by love, we shall endure by love, we you of it. How soon your burden would go ! Now

forward by love, we shall bear by love, for we have such a One with us here. Blessed Lord “God is love.” (3.) Then we shall not only be Jesus, art Thou here amongst us, or art Thou not? able to comprehend, but able to stanıl. That is the And if Thou art, shall Thy people now receive power ability He gives : ability to stand against all the from Thee? My dear friends, the power we want wiles of the devil (Eph. vi. 11). And again, is simply the Presence of Jesus. Then the Spirit “able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked” is Power. The Father is the source of power, the (ver. 16). Why don't we stand, why don't we Son is the channel of power, but the Holy Ghost is quench? To do it we must be armed in Christ power. It is the Holy Ghost flowing out through from head to foot; we must stand behind our the broken heart of Jesus, by the channel of His Shield, the shield of faith. God knew we could wounds, out from the great Father-Heart of God, not use the shield quickly enough ourselves, and so that gives the Church its life. He gives himself

I will be thy shield.” “I am thy to His people that they may know His power, and shield.” Yes, and it was pierced on Calvary with have His life. It is God's own self which is the every fiery dart, and now He loves to go out to life of His Church, and of each individual believer. battle before His children, and to receive and He gives Himself to be your better self, so that you quench all arrows aimed at them. Stand behind can say, “I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.” Him then, and we shall be able to quench all. Then, will you follow me here? Solitude is power.

II. Now a few words on the Secret of Power, Not many believe this. Remember Jacob : when

Knowledge is power: “that ye may know he was “left alone,” he was made a prince. We what is the exceeding greatness of His power to must be alone with God, if we want to know what usward who believe" (Eph. i. 18, 19). Again, power is. There must be a seeking solitude. There union is power.

You know the blessed sevenfold was a man in a Welsh farm-house, and the time of “ togethers” crucified, quickened, raised, seated, the meeting had como, but he did not appear. suffering, workers, and by-and-by glorified together. They went to call him, and thought there was Food is power. I believe that many people cannot someone in the room with him, for he was talking. do God's work simply because they do not eat And there was. The Angel of the Covenant was enough : they do not feed on the Word of God. there, and he knew it, and was pleading with Him, “Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of God, there “I will not go down without Thee; I will not let is no life in you." I must eat continuously, Thee go except Thou bless me.” And when he always; there must be a constant sacrament going came down from his solitude with God, he bore on on between my soul and my Saviour. There him the impress of having been with God, and he must be evermore feeding on this bread. The spoke with mighty power. Believe me, that beyond Promise is power. The whole Bible is a great all other power is the power of the one who has the cheque-book, full of cheques waiting for you to solitude of God about him, who bears in his looks fill in, and claim as you need it. Cash a promise, the solitude of God. Yea, and sorrow is power ;

He says,

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