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to “ good night,” but one gleam suddenly shot out,

away ?"

and ye shall receive”; “ Trust in the Lord at all have compassion on us and help us.' At once the times.” And last (and this came home most to me), responsibility of the case was thrown back upon

him“Your Heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need self by Christ's answer. It is not a question of how of all these things.” “And I have a wealthy much I can do, (' with God all things are possible') Father,” I said, starting up, “and He knows; I but of how far thou canst reach in expecting, "all will trust Him out and out to supply all our needs, things are possible to him that believeth.” Then for He has only to open His hand and satisfy the came the flash of enlightenment, when he saw that if needs of every living thing." Slipping down on God's mighty power were not exercised on his behalf it

" my knees at that bedside I did trust Him as I had would simply be because he failed to grasp by faith never trusted before-put myself, and my husband, what was within his reach, and boldness of faith, and my children, and our wants, right into His mixed with consciousness of weakness, came right hands, and I rose from my knees that light, and from the heart in that cry which must thrill through joyous, and young- I can't tell you! If I had known hearts in all ages, Lord, I believe, help Thou there was a bag of gold down stairs I couldn't mine unbelief.' So, 'man's extremity is God's have felt more glad, and I went down saying to opportunity.'" myself, “Yes, my Father is a wealthy Father." The fire had sunk low, was almost giving us the Next day was Sunday. My husband went to “good night,” but one gleam suddenly shot out, chapel as usual (I had nothing left of out-door and lighted up my friend's face. I fancied it rethings). As he came out he met an old friend, who flected the very expression that must have shone in said to him, “ I'm glad our own minister preached that father's face. There was the mixture of joyous to-day, for it's the last time I'm like to hear him certainty that had ventured all on God, with the fear for many a long day.” “Why are you going that the old unbelief might reassert itself if the gaze

! “Yes, off to Southport, got a good place were not riveted on Him. Her words came slowly, there; by the way, have you got work?” “No, " Again He has made use of a human friend to though I've sought it high and low this many tighten the grasp when it was relaxing." Need I months.” “I shouldn't wonder if you got my place add that the result proved that the Saviour had not if you lose no time about it.” Early next morning turned away, saying, “He could then do no mighty he applied, and got his friend's place, where he has works because of her unbelief” ? been ever since. But that's not all. During the day his old master came to offer him the place he

THE WORKS AND THE WORD. had had so many years ; and, before the week was out, he had another very good offer besides; and I knew it was all to show me I was right in

FLAME. saying, "My Father is a wealthy Father.”'

Just a thought about this work-full of lessons. "That thought, of God's watching and interest in A flame consists of three cones, an inner or hollow her every-day life and difficulties, seemed to have cone, filled with an invisible vapour, and in which worked itself out into the reality of Jesus Christ's no combustion takes place; an intermediate cone, in presence in her home at all times. She so vividly which the hydrogen is chiefly consumed, and from felt Him mingling with her every-day work, en- which the most illuminating power is derived, the couraging, reproving, comforting at every turn. burning gas raising the particles of carbon to white

"It had been a crisis, and at the moment of extreme heat, upon which the power to give light depends ; need she had realised that all power lay with God, and lastly of an outer cone, in which perfect comand that His power would fill any channel that faith bustion takes place, because of its freer contact with supplied. It seemed like that moment when the the oxygen of the air, and in which the carbon is poor father in the Gospel cried out, “Lord, I believe, principally consumed; this cone gives less light but

' help Thou mine unbelief.' He had brought his greuter heat. afflicted boy to Jesus, with a very faint hope ; for So we have here a three-fold cord"; a treble had not the disciples, who could cast out other meaning in what to a casual observer is one thing. devils, failed here and with more despair than ex- I. A place of PROTECTED REST. pectation in his tone, said, 'If Thou canst do anything, II. A place of BURNING LIGHT.

L. T.

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III. A place of consumING HEAT.

enemy, nor the enemy who "as a roaring lion" (which And in all it seems to me it is Deity that is fears the fire) " walketh about seeking whom he may shadowed forth ; Gop HIMSELF would be our Abiding devour” (1 Pet. v. 8), “That wicked one toucheth Place; He is The Light who dwells in light "that bim not” (1 John v. 18) who is kept of God, "lest no man can approach unto," and He is the "con- any hurt it I will keep it day and night.” And suming Fire” which purifies and burns up all that surrounded by that wall of fire “we walk in the is not brought into union with Himself.

light as He is in the light” (1 John i. 7). We walk In the Word we find the flame in these three in Ilim, the Light, and men see not us but the light aspects, sometimes all, sometimes one or the other burning as it shines. specially dwelt upon. 6. The voice of the Lord For III. "the Light of Israel shall be for a fire, DIVIDETH the flames of fire ” (Ps. xxix. 7). We will and His Holy One for a flum.., and it shall burn" glance at I.,--we cannot press every detail, but may (Isa. x. 17) “with the flame of a devouring fire” (Isa. we draw out the preciousness of the reality given xxx. 30), setting the mountains on fire (Ps. lxxxiii. us in symbol.

14) and devouring every "green tree in thee" Ezek. a point of coolness and repoje

xx. 47), everything that hath life, that the cry Within the centre of a Flame!”

may be " unto the Lord" (Joel i. 19), who is purifyIt is the place where the Lord is “in a flame of ing thus the dross of humanity by the fire of Deity, fire" (Ex. iii. 2; Ps. xviii. 12; Ezek. i. 4, 27; Dan. purifying it from His own redeemed, that they may vii. 9; Rev. i. 14, 15, &c.). This place of flaming be a people " for His own possession.” That He

{ fire. He who “did wondrously” “ascended in the may make them also a power in the earth. “ As He flame" (Judges xiii. 19, 20; Isa. ix. 6). It is a is.” He maketh “ His ministers a flame of fire” place, into which nothing, not the finest particle | (Heb. i. 7), so dwelling in the hidden centre, that can penetrate from outside,-filled by an invisible nought but the burning, enlighting, heating flame is vapour, shut in by fire.

I would like to say a

seen! To be so covered by fire is to be a power word about that vapour. We are told that a man, (Joel ii. 3 and Obad. 18). if he plunges bis hand into water, can, while it Let us not shrink from taking that wondrous remains damp, thrust it harmlessly into molten central place He has made ready for us—à very metal or boiling lava; the only sensation of which king's pavilion of perfect rest ; let us lie down there, he is conscious being that of touching a soft velvety and dwell there with the King; letting His glorisubstance. The heat turns the moisture into ous light shine, and submitting and permitting our vapour; and the only thing with which his hand chole being to pass through the fire of His love, that comes in contact, in that burning furnace, is the that only may be retained which He suffers to dwell enveloping protecting vapour which causes the with IIim in the "secret place." Let it be even softness he experiences. Such a "habitation" has so, for all that does not pass into the fire will our Lord prepared for us where He would have hinder the light; there will be smoke, but no us diell, “ He uttereth His voice.

and causeth brightness. the vapours to ascend” (Jer. x. 13). “In the secret Let yourself burn with fire. He will not let you of Ilis presence" He shall cover thee. All that be consumed. A paradox as ever, yet true (Dan. iii. touches us must touch us through God if we are there. 27). “When thou walkest through the fire, thou In that blessed "secret place of the Most High,” we shalt not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle are safe, guarded from all pestilence, physical and upon thee” (Isa. xliii. 2). There will be a change moral, in the midst of which we stand day by day; of elements; the human yielding to the Divine, the " It shall not come nigh thce.” Unshadowed thus carthly giving place to the heavenly, till, abiding in we dare only view it from afar off. Thy Refuge the light, beholding His glory, “we are transformed must be thy Habitation (Ps. xci. 9), O Church of into the same image from glory to glory” (2 Cor. God, if thou wouldst be able to accomplish that for iii. 18). which thou art still a sojourner and a stranger!

B. G. L. H. II. Outside this inner circle is the barrier of fire. “For I, saith the LORD, will be unto her a wall of fire round about " (Zech. ii. 5), through which no

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is the worst error.” In Rom. v. 2 we see the place

for hope, “Being justified by faith we have peace All men hope. To blot hope out of our horizon with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,” &c., and would be like blotting the sun out of the sky. rejoice in hope of the glory of God.” When we Where is there any human enterprise that is not are justified by faith we can begin to hope for the stimulated by hope? It is in hope that the plough- glory that is yet to be revealed. And this is again man ploughs the field. It is in hope that the sailor a test; hope can only be exercised upon something ploughs the main. Every enterprise undertaken is we really desire. The one great object of hope is entered upon in the hope of some fruit, some the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, but what effect reward, some harvest. To say " There is no hope," would the announcement of the second coming of is to sound the death-knell of human effort. When Christ have upon some of you? Would it be a the physicians round a bed of sickness pronounce source of joy unspeakable, or of anxiety and alarm ? the words, “There is no hope," we feel at once that Just now there is a revival of interest in the

prothe time for exertion has passed away. If we may phetic Word. Thank God for it. It is one of the not hope we cannot work.

signs of the times. There are many diverse and It would be strange indeed if a motive which has sometimes conflicting theories of interpretation. But 80 potent an influence in temporal concerns should the question is not so much whether you accept this have no proper sphere of exercise in spiritual things. view or that, but have you a heart for the coming The fact is that hope occupies a most important One? Oh ! are you longing to hear His chariot niche in the temple of truth, and exercises a mighty wheels? Will it be the best and brightest news to influence upon the soul that surrenders itself to its you to hear that Christ is coming? to see the signs power.

of the coming of the Son of Man ? Here we have the Apostle Peter speaking of it. Then the resurrection body is an object of hope for Peter has been called the Apostle of hope, Paul the us, as it was an object of hope for the Lord Jesus. Apostle of faith, and John the Apostle of love. It is He who says in the 16th Psalm, "My flesh also Peter is the Apostle of a suffering Church, and he shall rest in hope." It is not sufficiently rememencourages them to endure by placing before them bered that the life of the Lord Jesus was throughthe proper objects of their hope.

out a life of faith, and that in uttering the words, He points out to them the connection between “Father, into Thy hands I commend My spirit,” suffering and glory, and, indeed, sums up the teach. He closed His life by an act of faith. Recollect ing of the prophets as a testimony to the suffering everything depended upon the resurrection of the of Christ and the glory that should follow. Let us Lord Jesus Christ. He went down into death under a examine for a few moments this principle of Chris- cloud, by reason of our sins and guilt (which were tian hope, and observe (1), the objects to which it is imputed to Him), and He left it in the Father's hands directed ; (2), the grounds on which it rests, and to raise Him from the dead. Although He said, (3) the influence uhich it is intended to exert, an "No man taketh My life from ME.

I have power to influence which will enable us to test our own lay it down and to take it up again,” immediately spiritual condition, and inquire how far we ourselves He adds, " This commandment I have received of My are abounding in hope to-day.

Father," &c. Yes. The Lord Jesus lived a life of I ask you to observe that nowhere is a happy faith, and His last act was an act of faith ; though death-bed presented as an object of hope. Forgive- His Godhead was never, and could never, be absent, ness of sins is not an object of hope, it is an object yet its mighty attributes were held in abeyance, and of faith. Our creed is right. “ Brother Martin," He lived a life of faith upon His Father. said an old monk to Luther when, still in darkness, Again, eternal life is an object of hope (Titus i. 2), he was struggling with the burden of his sins, (although it begins on this side the grave), and that "Don't you know your 'Credo,' 'I believe in the for-. because amongst other blessings is included perfect giveness of sins '? Forgiveness of sins is received likeness to Christ. “I shall be satisfied when I

. through faith, not through hope. Misplaced truth awake up in His likeness.” “We know that when • The substance of an Address delivered at the Crayford Him as He is.” And yet again an object of hope

He shall appear we shall be like Him, for we shall see Conference.


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is the inheritance mentioned in the passage we have We see then that the Christian's hope starts from read (1 Pet. i. 3, 4).

resurrection-ground, and that it is linked with resurThese are some of the objects upon which the rection-life. But something more may yet be said Christian's hope is exercised.

about it. There is a wonderful passage (Col. i. 27), But let us turn to the grounds upon which it in which Christ in us is declared to be the hope of rests. This is all important. Men may have a strong glory. This is the truth which will make us hope hope and yet rest on a wrong foundation, We for heaven; for it will give us the foretaste of it. read in “ Pilgrim's Progress" of one named Let it never be forgotten, “ if Heaven does not enter

· Ignorance, who companied with Christian and you, you will never enter Heaven.” Some years Hopeful for a time. He had much to say on ago, in my wanderings abroad, I fell in with two his own behalf, and was confident of accept- French pastors, who told me of the difficulties they ance at the end of his journey. When at length had in their work among Roman Catholics. “We Christian and Hopeful came to the river, they had often,” said one of them, "have Roman Catholic their conflicts and their fears ; but when Ignorance priests who come and say to us, We should like to

} reached the bank a ferryman named Vainhope was enter your religion ;' but I always reply, 'Oh, that there with his boat, and helped him over without is not the right way of looking at it. It is of no any difficulty. So he came up the ascent to the city use for you to enter our religion ; our religion must and knocked for admittance, but when asked for his enter you.'' Thank God for the movement for the certificate had none to show, and presently was promotion of holiness which is stirring the churches. bound hand and foot and taken away. “Then,” says But let us learn the lesson of the French pastor, and Bunyan, “I saw there was a way to hell from the take care before we enter the movement that the gates of heaven as well as from the City of Destruc- movement enters us. I remember very well when tion."

first the momentous truths of the ind welling Christ May God deliver us from vain hopes. You know and the purity His presence ensures were pressed the names of many of them—the good opinion of on my attention, that I was much perplexed and others, our own religiousness, our moral character and troubled by the conflicting opinions and arguments uprightness, the general mercy of God, a fancied that I heard on all sides, until at last I wrote to a ability to turn to God at a dying hour. These and dear friend, who is not far off me in this Conference such as these prove the ruin of thousands ? But to-day, and said,

Butto-day, and said, “Some tell me this theory is what are the grounds of the Christian's hope ? The wrong, and others that; but one thing I know, first and most important is the resurrection of the Colossians i. 27 is a glorious reality in my soul as Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. The resurrection it never was before." Thank God no one could rob is the keystone of the Christian Arch. Disprove me of that; and I am here to testify to-day that the it and our faith is vain, we are yet in our sins. living Christ revealed within the soul by the Holy “But now is Christ risen and become the first-fruits Ghost is the secret of a holy life (Gal. ii. 20) and of them that slept."

of abounding hope. His resurrection is not only God's sign manual to III. But let us hasten on to note the influence our pardon, it is also the example and the pledge of hope exerts upon those who exercise it. And first, ours. Nay, more, when Christ rose from the dead hope will have a sobering and separating influence. He did not rise alone. You know how Adam's If we are to have much by-and-by, we shall be sleep gave him his bride, and so the death sleep of content, like Patience in the Allegory, with a little our Emmanuel, the Second Adam, gave Him His here. If our affections are set on things above, we bride the Church. Already we are “raised up to shall be content with a moderate share of things gether and made to sit together in heavenly places" below. In Heb. xi. we read of the men of faith in Him, and if we know this, not merely as a judicial that God was not ashamed to be called their God. position, but as an actual experienee, we shall have Why? Because they confessed that they were no difficulty in abounding in hope. It will be the strangers and pilgrims upon earth. most natural thing in the world to long for the time Does it not follow that if they had forgotten their when “Christ, who is our life, shall appear," and pilgrim condition He would have been ashamed of when“ we shall appear with Him in glory." them. The Lord give us to be "unworldly because

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we are other-worldly.” May He give us to know

FRAGMENTS FROM LYONS. the separating power of hope ! Again, hope has a

I THINK we feel in Lyons, this week, something purifying influence. “Every man that hath this hope of what Luther must have felt after Staupitz had in Him purifieth himself, even as He is pure" brought a new light and liberty into his life. Though (1 John iii. 3). If we were called to the court of in a different age, and on another level perhaps, it an earthly sovereign, we should find it necessary to has been the same thing. God has sent us a message make proper preparation. If we are looking for –a stronger ray of light to awake and arouse, and ward to an abode in the palace of the King of kings to illuminate a path of freedom to those who are we shall feel our need, not merely of a title to enter bound. And those who saw can never be as though His Presence, but a character to enjoy it when we it had not come, whether they avail themselves are there. A title without a character would be a of the way of escape or not ! The message, too, came curse, and not a blessing. To see God, we must be by a true messenger, one sent of God, one whom we pure in heart. To enjoy Him, we must be like all know, Pastor Stockmayer; and it has been Him. To say we are hoping for His appearing, and beautiful to hear in this great city, burdened with not purifying our souls, is to make it manifest that its sin and woe, and deluded with its false peace, we are deceiving ourselves and endangering our the strong words of truth going forth and piercing souls. Thanks be to God, He is not a hard master; the darkness ; and to see the spiritual discernment He does not reap where He has not sown, nor which beheld the evils where they lay, and brought gather where He has not strawed. “All His biddings them fearlessly forth to the light, that they might be are enablings.” He makes provision for heart purity. reproved; and that healing might follow. It was If He tells us to cleanse ourselves from all filthiness ploughing in a hard ground, but the furrows were of flesh and spirit, it is only after He has said, “I deeply laid. And for ourselves, too, they have been will dwell in them and walk in them, and I will be days of blessing and of taking fresh courage. Help your God.” It is His dwelling and walking within has come to understand the battle-field, and where that will cleanse and keep us clean. “ The king, we are in the battle. sitting upon the throne of His glory, scattereth away " The first notice you may have of anything being all evil with His eyes" (Prov. xx. 8).

done, may be an increase of the force opposing you. The effect of Christ's entrance into the heart is When the enemy is attacked he sends out auxiliaries, purification. You may compare it to the effect of a and God will send you auxiliaries in helpers or by lamp or light brought into a dark room. Let the

prayer. . . . Serve on in faith, with no power, and room be as dark as you please, but bring in the every real act of faith will bring down power, lamp, or light the gas, so far as the light prevails so whether you are conscious of it or not.” I wish I far is the darkness driven away. But if anyone could tell you all that the Lord gave us day by day ; were to say, “I do not want the light,” and tried but I can only send such fragments of the words to do without it, what would the effect be? Dark- spoken as I remember them, very freely translated. ness would return. Christ is the light of the world. May they come to you with the unction with which Let Him possess the soul, and the darkness of sin they came to us! will flee before Him. Yet if anyone supposes that The first subject was Jacob's Well, and in it, as in he has any purity or holiness of his own, or that others, seemingly disconnected contexts were shown he can do without the blessed Master for a moment, to be but a part of one mighty train of thought in he will soon discover his mistake.

Finally. Hope has a stimulating and sustaining the Great Master's mind. power. As the anchor enables the vessel to ride out the storm, so, when hope is in lively exercise, we John iv.-" What a treasure this woman had be. shall be able to sing-

side her; what a response to all her need—the Water "In every high and stormy gale,

of Life was before her! But to have exchange of My anchor holds within the vail."

life with Jesus we must pass again among the ruins May the Lord help us to exercise hope, and abound of our life. When the Lord asks you anything, do in it. It is the sure hope, the steadfast hope, the

“If Thou hast

anygood hope, the hope that maketh not ashamed a not be afraid of what He asks. hope laid up in heaven for us.” God grant it for thing to give me, give it me” (ver. 15). “Go, call Christ's sake. Amen.

thy husband,” was the answer. What had that to do

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