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with this Water of Life ? Nothing outwardly ; | believe on Him, and the Romans will come and take everything in the Saviour's plan of dealing with that away both our place and nation;" but when they soul. It was the natural sequence of what had gone rejected their Lord that which they feared came before. She had understood nothing, and He would upon them. Let Him be your Lord: it is desolahave lost His time had He continued thus. There tion, a desert, where we refuse Jesus Christ His was "something between." He must cut short the place : your joys become unto you a desolation, but exposition to come at the hindrance. He would make with Jesus there is no desert, but Life. Oh the her understand, and He could not until He touched folly to believe we can make ourselves happy: to her conscience and put His hand upon the wound. think that we are masters of the soil, we are our “Go call thy husband," --a religion where one own dupes, our own slaves! I remember once imagines one can adore and yet live on in sin, is seeing a sculpture of a man whose face bore the no religion. He wills that we should deliver impress of anguish and remorse; he was leaning on ourselves up to Him : open out to Him our lives, a spade, and looking back yearning after what he our relationships, our habits, and hold nothing in had lost. It was our first father-Adam—as he

He can never have too much of us. You came out of Paradise. He knew what he had have a disorder at home ; never imagine you can left; and do you think that that man would have adore. “Go call thy husband.” You will only thought twice had the door heen opened and he had know Him as a Saviour when you have accepted | been told to come back? Jesus Christ has opened Him as a Prophet. I heard one say “those who that door that we may go back to the Father's shut the mouth of John the Baptist will never home. hear Jesus." Christians shrink back when He would take them apart. Yes, we have sorrowful John xviii. 33-40, and xix. 1-12: “ Thou sayest moments by the well of Jacob, but we thank Him that I am a king. ... Jesus gave him no answer.” for them all our life; they do not last long. It is Pilate knew the way-knew what he had to do; better to be judged now than weighed by-and-by but he was not true to his convictions. He tried and found wanting. He judges us only that He to find out if there was a way of escape, but there may deliver us completely. It is good to be judged was no other. After that Jesus gave him no answer of the Lord, for when He judges us He will not -never a word. When we know the will of God, let us fall into the hands of men, and we shall have and will not take the path He marks out for us, if power as soon as we let Him take away all that we seek another way He will not answer us, be. weakens. He who has delivered me can deliver cause there is no other we must obey,—but if we you. Do not be afraid of the light: He knows choose to follow His way, do you think He will how to measure all things to our need, give your leave us? ... What foolishness it must have seemed selves

up, and let your hands hang down no more for that prisoner to stand before His judge, and in sight of the misery which surrounds you; He declare. “I am a king ?” What a confession of waits for a people who will believe in the compas- what He was; when every outward thing contrasions of God. Let us pass by the well of Jacob, dicted His words. Yet He had fear of none; it then our witness shall no longer be fruitless, we shall was the judge who feared in that court—he feared have power, and then it will be worth while to live! the people; he was false to what he knew was true;

he played into the hands of that people who soon Luke xiii. 34, 35.-" Ye would not; behold your after cast him out; he received what he thought to house is left unto you desolate." Living to rob God avoid ; and we who think to arrange everything of His own, stealing from our Creator, arranging our to please all, and to wound none, believe we shall lives, our time, everything for ourselves, we shall so escape. They will turn again, and rend you; and not profit. Everywhere the Christ has passed by, who then shall protect you, and gather you? Jesus and the house where there is no place for Him is did not fear His judge ; but He did not boast as left unto you desolate. Open your door wide—you Satan boasted when he gloried in the kingdoms of are afraid, if you do, your life will be ruined: you this world, “I am a king;”--that was all. None will be as a tree spoiled of its leaves ! Jerusalem could hinder Him speaking, as none could force thought so. “If we let Him thus alone, all will Him to speak. We are Satan's prisoners only when

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we are not the prisoners of Jesus Christ-when we all after their journey? Yes; that was all. A think to be free. Let us reason together” with babe, as they had seen many babes in the arms of the Lord. When we cease to manage our own the mothers of their own country. And they had affairs—which we never do rightly-we shall choose come all the way for that? To see a babe,--and the protection of Christ; and He will defend us their faith did not falter ;-they bent the knee, fell from ourselves—from our past, and for our future. down, and worshipped Him, the little child, rejoicing He only can; but He can. We are without moral with exceeding joy. In the region of faith in the worth without power to be true; only Christ can Kingdom of God, we never get what we expect or give us it back, and make us able to follow our imagine, just because no human intelligence can convictions.

ever form an ideal of what it is beforehand. Our

human thought must yield to the Divine. And Matt. ii. 1-12: A story of our childhood, but when they got back to “their own country,” it may full of blessed teaching. Those Magi, true to the be the greatest trial of all would meet them among light they possessed, were looking out for any their own people. What did you see? A child. message or sign their God might give them. Their Only a child for a King after all? Only a young eyes and ears were open to receive whatever He child. But they knew, they believed; they followed, might send them, and they were ready to arise they were true. And I think when we get up there when the call came-content to obey, and leave the in the glory we shall find those three high in heaven, rest to God. And they “came to Jerusalem,” who, with their little light and splendid faith, those three pagans, in the singleness of their faith, cast shame on many of us. “Many who are last and asked, “Where is He that is born King of the shall be first.” Jews ?” not—"Is He born ?" They had no doubt; When the light comes to you,

Arise.” If you but"Where is He?” And when Herod heard it are away from God, and He shows you your state, "he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with himn.” " Arise." If you are enchained by worldliness, Yet they had had the Scriptures; every Sabbath- and He says to you, break from that circle, “ Arise." day the Prophets were read in their midst; but they If He reveal to you the things in your house, remained unmoved. And now at the word of three your soul, which must for ever be left “behind,” heathen men asking after their own king—" for * Arise,” be true to your light and obey; or if not, we have seen His star, and are come to worship your end will be agony

and remorse,


you Him," there were gathered together the chief priests will find out too late that you have had but one life and scribes to find out where He should be born; to live. “ Arise ;” be blind and deaf to all but and they found it was written—"in Bethlehem.” your Leader, your Shepherd. See and hear Him, They might have known it; they were studying and leave all else to God. the Scriptures, but never looking for the Messiah till those three stood among them, and with their

Isaiah lx. 1: "Arise, be enlightened, for thy

, grand faith demanded of them “ Where is He?” | light is come.” “ Arise !” “I cannot; my habits, They had journeyed for years to behold Him, and my bonds, my nature, are too strong for me." It is when they came found His own people troubled at good, if thou hast arrived so far, to recognise thy their question and unheeding His approach. Yet powerlessness; thou shalt know, at least, the worth their faith did not fail, and they followed on, while of the Christ who hath redeemed thee from the the rest continued their studies, and remained un- ancient tyrant. “Let my people go that they may moved as before!“ And they, having heard, ... went serve Me," and Pharaoh was compelled to let them their way." How glad they must have been to be go. The world has been crucified to us by the once more outside that atmosphere of unbelief, bruising of the body of Christ, our bonds are broken, under the free canopy of heaven, and alone with through His Cross He has made us free. Not in our their Star! Their faith had withstood much, but efforts is there freedom; to Him be all the glory. the greatest test yet awaited them. “And lo, To escape from ourselves there is nothing but the Star went before them till it came and stood Calvary, and healing only in His wounds. When over the place where the young child was." A thou sayest “I cannot," it means too often, “I will young child? Yes; a young child. And that was not.” Thou knowest He is true, that He has power

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to deliver ; but there is below all thine excuses a that He could see all, yet so near that He became poison of mistrust towards thy Lord, as if, when Our Neighbour (notre prochain), and looked at the thou hadst given thyself to Him, He would abuse wounds close to, so close to that he was

“moved thy trust!

with compassion." He came on to that road to Oh, enter again into your true centre ; enter into bind up and heal; and the nearest (les plus proches) harmony; enter into Christ. Then that which is are those that have fallen lowest, though we have your cross in life, your difficulty, shall be “ fup" all been low enough to have a claim on the Healer. you, according to His word. All things are yours, Let Him undertake your healing, He has pity on when you are Christ's ; while you are not, all things you when you have no pity on yourself. The are contrary to you. Fear not to pass over into His murderer would console you after having wounded hands all the threads of your poor life; He will you ; but look in the Word, and see your bleeding know how to disentangle the most entangled skein; wounded self, and have pity. There is no healing provided that you keep none of it in your own hands. till you have been in the hands of the Good And the Lord Jesus can bring into our life what the Samaritan ; and He will not heal a little, He will world can never bring.

save us to the uttermost. His is a perfect healing, John xii. 32.—“And I . . . will draw all men unto and till you are healed you cannot heal sin-sick Me.” Many things are drawing us, attracting us, souls or lead them to Christ. No other charity can

" there are voices on all sides, and there are moments

ever touch the real wounds of our brethren nor heal

them. From whence comes which are moments of crises in our lives ; when we

the selfishness of hear the various voices; and it is a question which Christians ? They are not near enough the heart of we shall follow. " And I

will draw.” Every Jesus, and they have not learnt to despair of themvictory gained by looking unto Jesus ; we become selves. When you have despaired of yourself, you more and more drawn, attracted to Him ; and less will despair of no other, and when you have been and less drawn or attracted by other things, and healed, you will believe in healing for all. Chris

who then we become deaf to other voices and blind to tians are those who fulfil the mission of Christ; other sights-“ Save Jesus only." First an act, give themselves no rest in seeking the lost. And


To those then an attitude of faith. When danger is at hand, to whom are we to be neighbours ? Jesus, who sees afar off, signals it to us, and we

furthest off. “To whom much is forgiven, the signal back to Him and are kept; it does not touch same loveth much.” us then ; and can no more draw us away. 1

The echo of all to some of us was this : Luke x. 30-37. — The road to Jericho was

“In blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplydangerous one, infested with robber-bands, and ing I will multiply." travellers passed that way in peril. It is a picture "I have blessed,

yea, and thou shalt be of our life in the world. We are all on that road, blessed." and we have fallen among thieves, and have been

B. G. L. H. hurt and covered with a thousand wounds; and May 12th, 1882. —the greatest injury of all—we have been robbed of love towards our God. The child who has no taste for His father's house is a lost child; it will

UNION OF "ALL FOR JESUS" DISCIPLES. go anywhere else rather than home; and a heart that

June, 1882. is a stranger to its Heavenly Father is a heart spoiled

1. Text: I have called you Friends" (John xv. 15). of its greatest treasure. We have been wounded unto

What a delightful designation,-surely one of the most death. We have no love. It is enough to take one precious of all! How much it implies ! word, to see that, e.g., when we speak of the duty basis of true friendsbip: and Jesus and His “friends” are

Now Sympathy, springing from mutual knowledge, is the of religion (vers. 31, 32). Let us not throw too in sympathy. That is to say, more exactly, they love His many stones at the priest, the Levite ; if we are far thoughts about everything, and rejoice as feelings correspond.

ing to His own exclusively possess their hearts. off from God, we cannot bear to look at the misery This sympathy strengthens into lore. Friendship without and sin which surrounds us from near. There is

love is an empty term; it is merely acquaintanceship. But

Jesus loves His friends, and His friends love Him-yes, only One who can bear to look at it; One so high up dearly, deeply, devotedly. He loves them. Greater love





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could not be than His: He has laid down His life for them, 2. FULL CONSECRATION : and says to each of them, “I have loved thee with an ever

MY FRIENDS." lasting love." Ah! yes,

Dear Saviour, Thou hast said it,
“ The love of Jesus, what it is

That we are friends of Thine;
None but His loved ones know."

Thy sacred lips have uttered
They know! Praise God, it has been revealed to them, and

The words of grace divine, it fills their hearts with joy. And they love Him.

Else we had never dared to claim love Him," they say, “because He first ved us." His first;

The blessed, the assuring name. then theirs, when His is understood and shed abroad in their

O happy is the servant bearts by the Holy Ghost. Thus there exists a deep, strong,

Who standeth at Thy gate, enduring attachment between Jesus and His friends.

Who calls Thee“ Lord" and "Master," And great is their mutual joy. He rejoices in them, and

Content to serve and wait : they in Him. St. Peter says their joy in Him is “unspeak

Great, great indeed had been our bliss able." It is the truest, brightest, holiest joy of all ; a fore

Though we had known no bond but this. taste of the "fulness of joyin the home beyond. Othe

But Thou hast brought us nearer, joy of being able to say of Jesus, " This is my Friend!

In Thy surpassing grace, Now: Friends of Jesus-Make much of Him. He has

And given to us a better, gone into the Holiest of all to appear in the presence of His

A more exalted place: Father in the behalf of His friends. Each one may say, “He

Our joy all former joy transcends, is there for me." This fact is full of comfort. Every moment

For Thou dost call us now Thy friends. He bears our names on His heart before God-thinking of

In fellowship with Jesus— us, caring for us, securing our present and eternal welfare.

O joy beyond compare ! Let us make much of Him: He is an unchanging Friend.

To us Thy heart is open, Sometimes, professed friends are found fickle and unreliable.

And we are sheltered there : Their friendship is firm one day, slack the next, and gone

The treasures of Thy grace revealed the third. Not so with His. He remains the same, yester

The floodgates of Thy love unsealed. day and to-day and for ever.” He is also an unfailing Friend. We may tire even dear friends by our "continual coming,"

In sympathy with Jesus ! so that wo may almost read in their countenances, “ What!

O may we faithful be; here again ?" But we shall not weary Him. His sympathy

No glory fave Thy glory, is exhaustless. His generosity is unbounded. He loves to

No life apart from Thee : help every one of His friends to the full measure of their

Thy praise our ever blest employ, peed-up to the brim,* as one may say. Other friends may

Thy sorrows ours, and ours Thy joy. be most tenderly kind, coming to us in our troubles, weeping

In sympathy with Jesus ! with us, and doing all in their power to comfort us—but

Then we Thy friends will take their loving ministrations may, nevertheless, fall far short of

To be our friends, and precious our need. It is different with Him. O the rest, when the

For Thy beloved sake: weary bead is indeed upon His breast! (the intense relief

In them may wo Thy loved ones see, wben “I am with theeis sweetly whispered to the soul!

And love them—they belong to Thee! We know it is He wbo is able to do for us "exceeding abun.

LUCY A. BENNETT. dantly”; yes, and purposed, too.

3. INTERCESSIONS (Daily): His old friends make much of him. It is specially charac.

Forteristic of those who have known Jesus long, that they think (a) The Union. That God may be pleased to use it for of Him with intense devotion, and speak of Him in terms of His glory. deepest, most grateful, love. It is very sweet and profitable (b) The Members. That each one may be enabled to live to listen to them. They bave much to say; and what they All for Jesus faithfully and fully. say is, evidently, so beartfelt and real.

(c) All Christians. That God may fulfil in them all the His young friends should make much of Him. Some do. good pleasure of His goodness and the work of faith with One Sunday night, in an after-meeting, a little girl, who was power. kneeling with many others at one of the free benches, was (d) Parochial Missions held this day, that many soulo asked if she loved Jesus." She instantly raised her head, may be saved. looked up at the speaker with a sweet, happy smile, and (e) Meetings held this day for the promotion of Holiness replied, “Oh, He is such a dear friend to me!" I think I amongst God's people. may say that Jesus specially loves His young friends ; and is REQUESTS : ready to make their lives so bright, and their hearts so glad.

Pray forJust another word. The friends of Jesus should make

“Me (A. F.J.U.), that I may receive the fulness of blessing." much of one another. David loved to show kindness to

My brother, that he may be brought to Jesus.” Mephibosheth for Jonathan's sake. Let all who are dear

"Me (A. F.J.U.), commencing work as a Scripture Reader, to Jesus be dear to us for His sake. The Church of Christ that I may be filled with the Holy Spirit, and be blessed to is a great Society of Friends; and the friends should be


souls." friendly among themselves, as well as towards Him. While

" A member (A. F.J. U.), that she may exercise full trust, looking lovingly at Him, we should not look askance at and receive fulness of blessing." one another; and, while seeking eagerly to draw nearer and

"Myself (A. F.J. U.), on the 4th of June, when I shall nearer to His feet, we should be careful (may I use (D.V.) receive priest's orders, that I may be fully and perthese commonplace words ?) not to tread carelessly on one fectly consecrated to Jesus.” another's toes—that hurts. And so, the needed word 3 : each

" Increased blessing on my Bible classes, and on work our ears, “ Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and among warehouse women in the City." clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all “Our poor distracted country (Ireland), that God may malice; and be ye kind one to another-for, ye are my graciously over-rule these dreadful troubles to His glory.” friends."

“Grace be with you all. Amen."
* πληρώσει -Phil. iv. 19.
St. Paul's, Newport, Mon.

J. T. W.

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Bible Study.

with the meat-offerings, as given in Lev. ii., has
one very remarkable word in it, which is full of

meaning. It is “full ears corn beaten out of THE FIRST-FRUITS OF THE PASSOVER.

" full ears.”

The word used in the Hebrew is (LEV. XxuI, 10-14).

“Carmel," the fruitful mountain, corn grown then IMMEDIATELY succeeding the Passover was the Re. in garden-ground-a chosen spot-of careful cultisurrection, and indeed a part of it. Emphatically the vation, and precious fruit as the result. What care Resurrection. It was as necessary a part of our Lord's the Spirit of God takes to convey to us His thought work that He was to rise again, as it was that He of Christ—are we equally careful to receive the should die. As we know, He is “the Resurrection instruction? and the Life" (John xi. 25)."

4. But the sheaf of the first-fruits was to be waved But if His death was shadowed by the Passover before the Lord, to be accepted for us (Lev. xxiii. 11). His Resurrection was shadowed by the First-fruits, So Christ, having been lifted up as the Sacrifice first which were offered on the morning after the Pass- of all, was raised from the dead, accepted, as our over Sabbath (Lev. xxiii. 10-14).

justification (Rom. iv. 25). Seen only by His disIn Palestine, the place of the institution of all ciples first of all, as the true witnesses of His Life, these typical offerings and sacrifices, the first green His Work, His Death, His Resurrection, hereafter ears of the barley harvest were fully formed by the to be waved, or seen, by all (Zech. xii. 10; Rev. i. 7). time of the Passover. This is what is referred to. 5. Let one thing further be noted respecting the Let us look at it for a moment.

First-fruits of the Passover. It could not be offered 1. It was the morning after the Sabbath. That until the promised land was reached (Lev. xxiii. 10). Sabbath-day-that “high-day,” as the Jews justly This may seem a self-evident truth, having reference called it (John xix. 31) which intervened between only to the fact that no harvest could be hoped for or the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. It was the reaped so long as Israel was in the wilderness. It morning after this, that first day of the week, on is, nevertheless, full of significance. If the crossing which our Lord rose from the dead. This was the of the Jordan and the settlement in the land tell us day of the offering of the First-fruits.

of rest in the midst of conflict and victory—then the 2. We are not left in doubt as to its meaning, full meaning of our Lord in the first-fruits is only and Who it is that is here represented. In that fully received and enjoyed when these things are systematic unfolding of the great facts and doctrine experienced. While wandering in the desert, howof the Resurrection which Paul wrote to the Corin- ever important the lessons there learnt, there is but thian Church he fixes the meaning for us, and feeble apprehension of Resurrection-blessings and attaches the symbol to the person of our Lord in Resurrection-power. His Resurrection-“ Christ the First-fruits” (1 Cor. If Crucifixion means death, Resurrection means xv. 23).

Life; but it is the Life of Joy and Separation-Joy 3. The details of the institution are well worthy in Him who is our Life (Col. iii. 1-4); Separation of a close and careful examination : green ears of unto Him who is our Lord and Master. corn fully developed. The freshness of the returning Christ's ” (1 Cor. iii. 23). To be possessed is better season, the beauty of the reviving creation, the glory than possessing. We have both. Let us joyfully of the hope of the coming harvest, are all here put claim our privileges as risen with Him (Col. i. 1), before us. But lest we should forget the cost at and as joyfully take the place of ministers, stewards, which these blessings are procured, the use that was servants, sons, and friends. to be made of them is significant. They were to be When we come to the Pentecostal First-fruits we fresh, parched, and beaten or rubbed out (Lev. ii. 14). shall see what God is demanding of us. Meantime How truly do these words describe Him who is our hearts shall respond to God's demand—“Seek the First-fruits of them that slept (1 Cor. xv. 20). the things which are above, where Christ is, seated Pure, tried to the uttermost, and so tested that at the right hand of God" (Col. i. 1). nothing but the fulness of all that is perfect was

HENRY F. BOWKER. found in Him.

The description of the first-fruits in connection

" Ye are

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