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God has graciously visited His people. We sive estate, but you may never have explored have seen the manifestation of His power, not its resources. It is one thing to own the only in the conversion of sinners, but also in property, but another thing to know what it the reviving of saints. We have seen His contains. Just under your feet, hidden a few hand put forth in bringing multitudes from inches beneath the surface, there is, let us say, darkness to light, and we have seen Him call an immense deposit of mineral wealth. It has those who are His children, often in a very been there for centuries, but you have only just brief space of time, into an experience of joy, discovered the fact. You at once become the liberty, and power they have never known possessor of great riches. But in what way? before. So God has been showing us what He Has any addition been made to your estate ? means not only by the blessing, but by the Surely not; but by the uncovering of the surfulness of the blessing of Christ. To those face, the hidden treasure has become available. who know anything experimentally of this Just so with Christ. You have received experience, these words have no mere shadowy God's unspeakable gift, and yet you may be meaning, but are full of power.

comparatively ignorant of the riches of grace “The fulness of blessing," you say. “But and glory stored up in Him. What, then, is

" have I not all in Christ ? At conversion what needed? Any addition to Christ? Not so: did I receive? Was it not God's unspeakable but the unfolding of the treasures hid in Him, gift? Did I not receive Jesus Christ the Lord, the unveiling of His resources provided to meet and in that Gift is not every spiritual blessing your need, not only of pardon and acceptance, comprehended ? 'All fulness dwells in Him;' but also of purity and power. You have reI received Hiin. Salvation would have been ceived Christ as your salvation, your justificanothing to me apart from Him. I received tion; have you trusted the same Christ as your Christ. It was not that I received a part of sanctification? It is the office of the Spirit of Christ. It was not that I received something God to reveal Him thus to us. “Now we have out of Christ. But it was that I received received not the spirit of the world, but the Christ Himself. How then," you ask, “can I Spirit which is of God; that we might know expect to receive something more, something the things that are freely given to us of God.” in addition to Him? Why press on me the Thus things bestowed become things revealed, necessity of seeking another blessing, when that the things revealed may become things God has blessed me with all spiritual blessings enjoyed. in Christ?"

But another objection. “Is not this blessing Is that your objection ? Is this the difficulty progressive? If by the fulness of blessing you in the mind of any? I would say in answer, it mean sanctification or holiness, surely I must is one thing to receive a gift, it is another thing not look on it as something to be received at to know its worth. You may possess an exten- once? Surely I am not taught that this gift is something to be accepted suddenly, by one act were at an end; as if “ Fight the good fight of of faith? Is it not a process to be carried on faith” were a superfluous exhortation, with no throughout the whole course of my life ?” Is real meaning for the believer. Now here let that your objection? Well, first of all let us us not confound two distinct things. There is distinguish between two things that differ. We conflict and there is rebellion. Do you call that must all admit that no argument is needed to conflict when your will is in a state of resisprove that the true Christian life is a life of tance against God's will ? Surely not. Do endless progress, of continual advancement. you call that conflict when you are struggling But do not confuse the two things—growth, in your own strength against some evil deand that which is the condition of growth. sire? It may be the conflict of a Christian, Look at a tree in its normal condition; we see but it is not, properly speaking, Christian three things--life, health, and growth. So in conflict. To fight the good fight of faith every believer there ought to be three things. we must fulfil certain preliminary condiThere is life-that is regeneration ; there is tions. And what are these? We must stand growth—that is the development of life. But on the right ground. We must occupy the there is health—that is life in its vigour—that victorious position. We fight not in order to which is essential to growth. As life and gain the victory but by faith taking the posihealth are essential to the growth of the tree, tion of victory already gained by Christ for us, so fulness of blessing or fulness of life, which we fight from it, and not for it. The good fight is spiritual health, is essential to spiritual of faith consists in retaining the position we growth.

thus take by faith. “Stand fast therefore in “I am come that ye might have life.” How the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us long did it take you to receive that gift? free.” “ Take unto you the whole armour of

But again, “I am come that ye might have God, that ye may be able to withstand in the it more abundantly." And how long will it evil day, and having done all to stand.” Satan's take you to receive that gift?

great aim is to get the Christian to doubt, for by Your little child is sick and ceases to grow. getting him to doubt he succeeds in dislodging You do not expect it is going to spend all its him from his victorious position. But to condays in gradually getting well. The sooner it tinue trusting is to fight in faith. Let the beis restored to liealth the better, for the sooner liever take this true position. “Strong in the it will

begin to grow. If the Lord Jesus were Lord and in the power of His might,” and the visibly present on earth you would bring that evil within will be kept under by the power of little sick child to His feet; and with this God, so that instead of battling with self, he is expectation, that by His touch your little now free to fight against the enemy without. one would be instantaneously healed. You This is conflict, but it is not rebellion—it is the would not object to the cure because it came good fight of faith. suddenly:

Lastly, it may be urged, is there not a danger Just 30, what Christ did for the bodies of here of spiritual pride ? Danger certainly there men, He can and will do for their souls. There is; there are dangers all along the line of is such a thing as instantaneous spiritual healing spiritual blessing. In proportion to the amount ---getting your whole inner being so adjusted of privilege enjoyed there is danger. Let us be that you begin to grow with a vigour you never on our guard ; never forget that our true place knew before. This is the blessing multitudes is down in the dust at the Master's feet; never of God's children need. This is to have life in let us forget we ourselves are nothing; let us its fulness.

recognise the danger, and trust our blessed But again, another objection : “Is there to Master to keep us from falling into it. And be no conflict?” Some speak as if all warfare one thing to keep us from falling, is seeing the

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true ground of our glorying. This is not in self THE FULNESS OF THE BLESSING: HOW in any sense but in the Lord alone.

TO APPROPRIATE IT.* M. Theodore Monod made use of an illustration at the last Dublin Convention, which may

The title of the subject this morning is very help us here. If a piece of iron could speak simple-how to appropriate, how to make our own, what could it say of itself? I am black, I am that which is not in us, but that which is in another. cold, I am hard. But put it in the furnace, and This means that it is in the other, and it equally what a change takes place. The blackness is means that we need it, and that we are desiring to gone, the coldness is gone, and the hardness make it our own. You have heard where the fulis gone! It has entered into a new experience. ness is, you know in whom it dwells; and we are And yet the fire which brings about the change here asking that the fulness may be made our own, is a distinct thing from the iron. And if the that God may supply all our need, not according to iron could speak it could glory not in itself but our ideas, or our merits, but according to His riches in the fire that makes and keeps it a bright in glory by Christ Jesus. We are referred to many and glowing mass.

portions of the word of God, and first of all to one So Christ is the sole object of our glorying in 2 Kings iii. 9-17.



What does this indicate to us as the first thing The moment we begin to boast even in the effects of Christ's indwelling we get away from that we are to do in order that fulness may come out

of emptiness, and abundance out of emptiness? the ground of all true glorying.

“Make this valley full of ditches." What ? make a dry valley in the land of Moab full of ditches, and

turn your eye towards the place where rain did NOT MY OWN.

not come from, and where streams did not come My Saviour and iny Lord, to Thee I give from, and where any surplus supply did not come

This heart of mine, to be henceforth Thine own. from? Yes “make the valley full of ditches". No worthiness have I to make my plea,

for what reason? For none upon earth that any No right of gift save Thy command alone. man could assign. The only reason asked for in But this I have, and marvelling at Thy grace,

heaven was one-"Thus saith the Lord.” When I hesitate no more-Thou lovest me!

that comes, reasons, and means, and probabilities, I recognise Thy right to this poor heart,

and measures proportionate, and ordinary calculation, Thy right supreme, and yield it unto Thee.

all come to an end. Thus saith the Lord, “Make

this valley full of ditches "--capacity, capacity, Oh! reign therein, and keep it wholly Thine;

capacity, consisting not in ability, but simply in Make every pulse unto Thy blessed will

emptiness. To beat so full, so true, that evermore

So in the next chapter, when the prophet stood My spirit Thou mayst sanctify and fill.

face to face, not with the wants of kings, and of JEAN SOPHIA PIGOTT.

great hosts, and of a multitude of cattle, but with the wants of one lonely widow; still it was the same

law, “Borrow vessels of thy neighbours-empty KESWICK CONVENTION REPORT.

vessels, not full vessels-borrow not a few." What Full reports of Addresses delivered at this Con-was again wanted was emptiness-capacity, as I

, ference we hope to give in our next issue. Orders have said, not consisting in power, but consisting should be sent early to avoid disappointment. —ED. solely in want, obvious want, recognised want, and

confessed want; above all, in accepting and believing God is as faithful to cleanse as He is to forgive, want ; for these ditches were not made there, and and He is as much pledged to the one as to the these vessels were not brought there, except upon other. He must eminently desire His people to be the faith of this—"Thus saith the Lord.” The clean, for whilst forgiveness restores the sinner to

* This and the following Addresses were delivered at the God's favour, purity restores Him to God's image. recent Mildnay Cooference.

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emptiness was according to the fulness. The want much better, but at all events men of flesh and was according to the supply.

blood, and with just the same temptations, and danIs not this valley full of ditches? Has not the gers and weaknesses as we have, prayed that the preparing power of the grace of God been making Lord would grant to them according to His riches in the valley full of ditches? Is there not here and glory. It is not according to their deserts, but there a pining, yearning, longing, praying heart, a according to what He is, according to His riches in heart that does know the gift of God, and who it is glory, “that ye, being strengthened with all might that speaketh to us, a heart that does say, “ Lord, by His Spirit in the inner man, may be able to give me the living water, give me of Thy fulness," comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and and wherever there are these ditches we may expect length, and depth and height, and to know the love to see the power of God come into the midst of us. of Christ which passeth knowledge.” You say, “I The prophet said, “Ye shall not see rain or wind." cannot know what passeth knowledge. That is a There will be no external sign, but there will come paradox.” No, it is not a paradox; and when you the water, and the ditches will be filled, and the say, "I cannot know what passeth knowledge, you proof will be that the men will drink, and the cattle say what is not correct. You don't know what will drink, and the work will be done. So will it passeth knowledge! The eye knows the sun, but

, be this day. The Lord is in the midst of us. All the sun passes the knowledge of the eye; and the fulness dwells in Him. Our prayer is, Enlarge eye, by a fulness of light, can never mako a day; our faith's capacity wider and yet wider still, and but the eye can be so filled with the fulness of the then the fulness that is in Thee will fill our souls.” sun that the whole body shall be full of light. He will fill them.

And so the sailor knows the sea, but the sea passes The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us his knowledge; and the botanist knows the plants, full of grace and truth. He was full, and “out but the plants pass his knowledge ; and every bapof His fulness have all we received, and grace for tised child of God, upon whom has come the Spirit

We do not receive His fulness in the of the Saviour, knows the love of Christ; but the absolute sense. In that sense we never can make love of Christ passes his knowledge—passes all it our own. Our fulness, can never be more than knowledge. So may we comprehend this love of the fulness that He speaks of: “ The water that I Christ which passes knowledge, that we may be shall give you shall be in you a well of water filled with all the fulness of God-filled out of His springing up into everlasting life.” It springs up fulness, filled by His power, filled so full that God not from me, but from the Lord, the Head, the should pronounce us full. Fountain. A fountain we can never be, any one But remember, mechanical fulness is one thing,

We can only be a receptacle. He will not vital fulness is another. Fill a pitcher with milk magnify the receptacle against the fountain, and this evening, and to-morrow morning the pitcher say that the receptacle is so large that the fountain will be full. Fill a babe quite full with milk this does not suffice to fill it. The fountain does suffice morning, and before to-morrow morning the babe to fill it and make it overflow. Out of His fulness will want more. All vital fulness demands a conhave all we received, and how? “He came unto His stant supply.

The trees of the Lord are full of sap; own and His own received Him not; but as many not sap enough only for the roots and the trunk, as received Him, to them gave He power to become but for the bark, the twig, the branch, and the the sons of God, even to them that believe in His topmost bud or leaf. So with us. The trees of name.Receivo Him and you receive fulness; the Lord are full of sap; but to be full of sap they receive Him and you receive power; receive Him must draw every day from the heaven above and and you receive wisdom, and might, and all things, from the earth beneath, and they must never interfor “ in Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead rupt the drawing. There must be a dependence bodily.” In Him who is the Head of all princi- that is perpetual-never interrupted. The moment palities and powers are ye made full.

the cedar of Lebanon felt it was so strong it could Then ask to be made full, and ask it now. The do without the air, the rain, the sun, and the soilApostle, speaking for people just like us, people that it could live upon its own power and glory-it certainly not worse than we are and perhaps not' would soon cease to be full of sap. Do not wait


of us.


upon nature. We are at the feet of Him who is The Spirit in-dwells, and Christ in-dwells us above nature, above sin, above inability, above all by the power of the Holy Ghost. our ill deserts.

You must have noticed that the Old Testament Now His fulness is present in the midst of us. Scriptures are those which reveal the strong men to If we but touch the hem of His garment power will be weak, and the New Testament Scriptures are proceed out of Him. You shall see no tongues of those which reveal the weak men to be strong by flames. You shall hear no rushing mighty wind; the power of the Holy Ghost. The Old Testament but the water will come and fill all the trenches is the book of the broken law, and, therefore, the that are in this valley, and the water that He shall curse; the New Testament is the book of the fulfilled give you shall not only be in you a well of water law, and therefore the blessing—the fulness of the springing up into everlasting life ; but he that be blessing. And it is because weakness is the chosen lieveth in Him, as the Scriptures hath said, out of workshop of our Divine Master that He calls the his belly shall flow rivers of living water. Filled weak things of the world to be His chosen followers. to overflowing you will prove the glory of the The army of Christ is of five ranks, and those ranks picture in the text-"My God shall supply all your consist of five deeper degrees of weakness. God need”— the glory of the Scripture that saith, “ He has chosen the fools—foolish things of the worldis able to make all grace abound toward you, that to confound the things that are wise. He hath ye always having all sufficiency in all things, may chosen the weak things of the world to confound abound unto every good work.”

the things that are mighty; and base things, and despised things, and things that are not, to bring

to nought thing that are, that no flesh should glory ADDRESS BY REV. C. A. FOX ON THE SAME SUBJECT.

in His presence.

And that means this, that in the MANY of us during this sacred time of conference midst of the five ranked armies of the King of may have been uttering the words which King kings there is the eternal presence.

. David uttered of old, “I am this day weak though Christ is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, anointed king" (2 Sam. iii. 29). Many hearts here, and sanctification, and redemption. We have all perhaps, have realised what the greatness of the in Him. Brethren, shall we not be strong? “When possession is in our blessed Lord Jesus ; have heard, I am feeble,” saith the Apostle, “then am I able.” indeed, with holy joy of the fulness of blessing ; Blessed word! God hath appointed that the way and yet they say this very evening, “I am weak of strength should be by the bread of heaven. Those though I am indeed anointed a king.” It was when only are strong who eat of this blessed bread. If King David had lost his great friend Abner that he you eat little you have little strength—the Word uttered these words. It is often when an idol is of God is the bread. If you keep your faith down, removed from us that we find how weak we are. half-starved, you have no strength, no power; everyMay God grant us to-night His power and His thing becomes impossible with you. Faith eats blessing, and enable us to stand in His strength, deeply; faith hath a great appetite, and demands and to go forth in the power of His might. continual supplies of God's Word, so that you may

Our blessed Lord spoke very plainly when He said, grow your own faith. I know some people say “I am come that ye may have life, and that ye may that faith is only to be had of God. I acknowledge have it more abundantly." Yes, it is the coming of it fully; faith indeed is the gift of God in every Jesus that brings us this life. It is the entering of sense. But God hath appointed that we should Christ into the heart that fills the heart with this grow our own faith. How? “ Faith cometh by life. It is the opening of the whole being to this hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." You Lord Jesus that is the fulness of this wondrous may grow your faith by feeding it on the Word of blessing. Brethren, are we doing it this evening ? | the living God. Oh, brethren, let this evening be Has it not too often been death without Jesus ? a grand occasion for faith feeding on the living Has it not been coldness and darkness without Word, believing every single word that God speaks, Jesus? “Why, then, art Thou gone up, blessed no matter what we think of it-just believing, only Jesus ?” “I am gone that thou mightest have life, believing, and then the victory is sure. and have it more abidingly." Yes, and it is abiding You remember, when the poor woman came to

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