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“And it has a nice meaning, too, dear. It means

THE WORKS AND THE WORD. 'brightness,' ” replied her mother.

“What did you mean by her lamp, mother ?” asked Nelly.

LATENT HEAT. “ Was it not her Bible, mother?” asked Dick. “I

Stir into Flame."--2 Tim. i. 6. R.V. Marg. remember reading in the Psalms, 'Thy word is a HEAT, I think, we may take as symbolic of two lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.'" things, or of two things specially, Love and ANGER.

“Yes, you are right, my boy ;'' said his mother, Even as there may be unholy love, so is there “and I am glad you understood what I meant." righteous anger. “Many waters cannot quench love"

“ Did the grandmother have a real lamp ?" asked | (Cant. viii. 7) because of its burning power. May.

“Lord, why doth Thy wrath wax hot against Thy “ She had a real Bible, darling; and I want you people ?" and in sympathy with his God, “ Moses' to understand that just as a lamp on a dark night anger waxed hot(Ex. xxxii. 11-19). Heat is conguides us in the right road, so, until we are in the tained in many things, in which we least suspect its bright light of Heaven, we have the Bible to show presence; it is not apparent, not manifested, not us the way there."

liberated, because the conditions necessary to set it “ Mother,” said Nellic, "you said the King had free are not fulfilled ; therefore it remains a hidden, promised to guide Zina, I thought He only guided sleeping, latent thing, and in that state powerless, so good people.”

far as its heat-giving action is concerned. God has “God sees the heart, Nellie. He knows us far made His Church a repository of heat; heat emanat. better than we know ourselves; and if we wish to ing from the fire of Deity, that is to be a power of love Him, He will guide us into all truth' (John life, of warmth, of burning, of love and anger. “So xvi. 13)."

then, because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold · Mamma, how was it Zina looked and could find nor hot, I will spue thee out of My mouth” (Rev. no message ?said Dick.

iii. 16), is the terrible changeless sentence of Jeho“Of what use would a lamp be to you unless it vah touching such an anomoly, as a Church with was lighted, Dick ? People often go to the Bible the power of burning, and yet not on fire. And it and find nothing there, because they have not the comes down very near our own day, for thus saith inward light God gives by His Holy Spirit." the same Sovereign Lord, “Because iniquity shall “But she found a light after, mother?

abound, the love of many shall wax cold(Matt. “When people are tempted, and turn to God's xxiv. 12), for to-day iniquity is "multiplied "(R. V.) word, He often sends them a message."

as never before in the history of the ages. God does “How was it she lost her lamp, mother ? people not intend the heat of His Church to be a latent don't lose their Bibles; and if they do they can get heat; when it is so, it is the altering of His purpose others quickly."

concerning her. He has concentrated His heat in “People sometimes, after they have once given her, so that from her may flow a wondrous caloric their hearts to Jesus, think they are quite safe, and of spiritual vitality to all with whom she comes in there is nothing more for them to do; and they let contact. But the conditions, which set free, that themselves fall into spiritual sleep; then by degrees which He has bestowed upon are not fulfilled.

h they mix again with the world, and do wrong things ; The great source of natural heat is the "There then they suddenly wake to find the Bible is all is nothing hid from the heat thereof” (Ps. xix. 6). against them; they can find no pleasure in it.”

But it is a remarkable fact, the sun's rays alone “I wish I loved reading the Bible, mother ; but I am like Zina, I want you to explain the words,"

never set fire to natural substances; they need the said Nellie.

assistance of burning-glasses, because when the rays “ You are young yet, my child; and the time will are bent through the glass, they are brought to a come, I trust, when you will have your wish," said focus, and thus at that point the light and heat are her mother.

increased. How beautiful is the parable! God “ And you will tell us another next Sunday, has given out, and wrapped up as it were His light won't you,

mother?” “Yes, dear, if God is willing."

and heat, in " the Church which is His body," to ESTA. the intent that now “ might be known THROUGH



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THE CHURCH the manifold wisdom of God” (Eph. of fire, giving out heat to all around thee. And if iii. 10. R.V.)

any are too .feeble to stand the mighty blows, Latent heat ! When anything contains heat, behold how tenderly the Lord deals with each. without feeling hotter for it, when it is heat not per- The daily fretting trouble, that rubs and rubs, may ceptible to our feelings, it is latent heat; and there is do for you the work of the hammer, or rather, of much latent heat in the Christianity of to-day ! the terrible strokes. Do not shrink from it. Think enough to set the world on fire were it set free, and it not useless. He is making the outer world to yet enough to make the angels weep, for it is lying correspond with the inner soul-world, which He hidden, dormant. Oh! when will the Christians only knows. He will make no mistakes. Yield, awake, arise, and “STIR INTO FLAME.”

only yield, and the gift in you also will be stirred How? Latent heat is brought out by action. into flame, to the glory of Him who gave it.

I., by chemical action; and, II., by mechanical And again, when you enter icy regions in the action ; each with its lesson of spiritual mystery. service of your Master-King-lose not courage

I. Many things, when their chemical constitution make ice touch ice, till the frozen parts are melted. is changed, either by the abstraction of some of their Set free the latent heat, you who have been set free gases or by the combination of others not before by God, and who have been set alight by the Lord united, evolve heat while the change is going on. -the Baptizer with Fire. This is true also, in grace, of the atoms which com

B. G. L. H. pose the one great whole of the Church. When things which compose their substance-their life

THE WHOLE COUNSEL OF GOD. are changed ; when the human is being abstracted THERE must needs be a downward career when to make make room for the divine, there is fire and we do not receive " the whole counsel of God," as flame; and when the divine is coming in, purifying revealed by Him in His Word. Jesus, the Son of

, and re-fusing all things to the image of God, there David, the Son of Abraham, and He only, is "the is burning and heat. Our life is fuel to the living, Light to enlighten the Gentiles, and the glory of purging fire of God. There is so little real heat, His people Israel." Japheth cannot be blessed because there is so little life laid on the altar. except by abiding in the tents of Shem. The tents

II. The two principal ways in which heat is of their own making afford no safety and shelter ; produced by mechanical action is by percussion and but the Church of Jesus Christ, built upon the by friction. Iron, if struck, will become red-hot; foundation of apostles and prophets, is a witness in and the act of rubbing two things together will the world of that other world or age in the spirit produce heat. To take an extreme case; two pieces of which we already live, and which we wait for, of ice will melt if rubbed together, because some of because we wait for Him who has promised to come the latent heat in them is made sensible, and melts again. The sun, which has set in the west, will the ice. Can we wonder at the crashing of the never there rise again ; in vain we gaze, expecting storm the Father allows to break over His own the light to reappear there. And, since the fall of people? nor at the suffering He would permit to man, there is no other hope of day and blessedness come upon them, if they were true to Him and the but from that new and marvellous sunrise in the surgings of His Spirit in their soul ? For being east-the Day-spring from on high-which, through true to God means suffering and glory. But we the tender mercy of God, hath visited 118. Ours is shrink

away from so much of it—we evade it; and not the rest or power of the First Creation, but the thus, instead of being fiery, glowing saints, we are the wisdom, and strength, and hope of the first

life and power of the Resurrection, separated from lukewarm, possessing only latent heat, and are Adam by that Cross of Christ; and God forbid that without burning, enkindling power of love, or we should glory save in the Cross of our Lord Jesus repelling power of holy anger to those who will Christ! Determined not to know anything save not yield, in the freezing circle amid which we Jesus the Messiah, and Him crucified, may the stand. Let the blows of the hammer of the Word Church declare Him in demonstration of the Spirit

The Holy Ghost Himself, by whom fall upon thee, trembling child of God, from the the Book was given, is the in-dwelling power of the arm of Omnipotence, striking fire from the cold Church, and His power is Christ, even the Christ of tenor of thy nature, till the spark spread into flame the Scriptures. ---Saphir.

and of power.

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of business, the employés, shopmates, customers, acquaintances-yes, " before them all?

Noah was surrounded by unbelievers and scoffers ; but he August, 1882.

lived for God, and obeyed His command before them all. 1. Text: " Before them all (Vark ii. 12).

So it was on Carmel, when Elijah, standing in the midst of These words seem superfluous. The story would have the thousands of Israel, boldly and uncompromisingly vindi. been complete, we think, without them. Jesus said to the cated the honour and supremacy of Jehovah before them all. man before Him “ Arise: take up thy bed, and go unto So, too, when Daniel and his three fellow-captives, having thine house. And immediately he arose, and departed to choice of submission to the God-denying behests of their his house." Would not this have sufficed ? No! The words enemies—or death, pobly preferred the latter, and went to must be inserted telling that he did so before then all. And burning fiery furnace and lions' den before them all. So also 50 thou are here. God had them inserted by St. Mark in with a postles and disciples of Christ in earliest times, against bis account of the occurrence.

whom both Jews and Gentiles were often "exceeding mad," Before them all. The man, a few minutes ago, was lying but who, nevertheless, by God's grace, lived the “All for on his bed in an atterly helpless condition. Four friends, Jesus” life, simply, fully, uncompromisingly before them all. believers, had brought him to the house where Jesus was ; In those days the profession of Christianity involves little and, inasmuch as the people thronged Him, and they could or no penalty to pay or persecution to bear. Going to church not approach the Lord because of tho crowd, they removed is an acknowledged propriety in the case of every one. the "tiling" (withdrew the awning overhead ?), and then let People do so as a matter of course. Bat, may not many of bed and man down into the midst before Jesus. There is no those who thus make a lowly "reverence," as it were, before record of any verbal request from the man or lis friends; the Cross on Sunday, be seen at the theatre or the opera on but Jesus understood. He knew their thoughts, and the Monday, the lottery-bazaar, or the ball on Tuesday; and desire of their hearts, yes and He “saw their faith," too. 80 on, until Sunday comes round again, when they become The response was not delayed. Pausing in His teaching, “religious" as before ? It is to be feared this kind of thing and while the eyes of all the people were fixed upon Him, may be seen everywhere. But it gives no evidence at all of He said to the map : “Thy sins be forgiven thee.” The the power of Christ to save, and wins no souls to Him. scribes objected. They did not recognise His authority to Oh for the life set right with God, the changed heart, the forgive sing. They were offended -as though in God's behalf. renewed mind, the altered course! The inquiry will not be, Jealous of God's glory, as they thought, they were angry with

“Who is that with the ring, and the shoes, and the best Jesus with "righteous indignation.” Very soon, however, the robe ?” but, “Who is that with the calm, heavenly peace in Lord proved that He had power on earth to forgive sing— his life, the holy joy, the patient forbearance, the anmar(Reader : Art thou forgiven ?)—by commanding the man to muring submission, the anfaltering confidence and trust, the arise, and go away to his house. In quick obedience to this intense sympathy with sorrow and suffering, the untiring zeal glad and welcome word, the man instantly arose, took up his in doing good, and the deep, yearning love for Christ and for bed, and went forth before them all. The evidence in proof souls ?” The healed one is " before them all,” and the eyes of the "authority" of Jesus was now apparent to every one. of many are fastened upon him. They do not care much for It were vain to object any more. Plainly, the man who, a eloquent speeches, or lovely hymns, or exquisite tanes ; but few minutes ago, was so utterly helpless, bad been “made that life—so changed, so bright, so “ made whole," so happy, whole.” There was no avoiding the “conclusion" of such an 80 heavenly-irresistibly impresses a conviction on their minds argument” as this. The people marvelled ; yea, they did and exerts an influence which may lead some of them, and more, " they glorified God.”

perhaps before long, to “glorify God." Now, suppose the man, ivstead of arising and going forth The life separated unto God, and lovingly and loyally “before them all," had contented himself with making a All for Jesus,” may be exposed to many a “sharp arrow;" speech or singing a hymn, or bad withdrawn without being and it may cost something, when surrounded by the unsym. observed by any one, would the same result have followed ? pathising, to be consistently faithful " before them all ;” but Is it not probable that the "righteous indignation" of the these all-assuring words meet the ear in every moment of scribes would have increased rather than diminished? But, trial : “Fear thou not; I am with thee.perhaps without speaking a single word, he let them all see the And by-and-by, when the whole world shall stand in th , great change Jesus had wrought in him. This was intensely presence of the Great King, each true-hearted follower of convincing.

Christ shall be called to God's right hand, and shall be wel. Oh, for this “ before them all,” showing forth of the work comed to the joy-yes, and also to the throne !-of his Lord, of the Lord in healing sin-sick souls! There is plenty of before them all ! “profession.” Creeds are said, prayers are responded to,

2. Full CONSECRATION. hymns are sung very sweetly to lovely tunes, sermons are

BEFORE THEM ALL." heard attentively and with appreciation, yes, and sacraments

Give unto the Lord the glory are partaken of; but is there always visible evidence of the

Due anto His wondrous Name, life having been set right with God, in the midst of the week

For His great and full salvation day people, at home, in the shop, the counting-house, the

Raise the song of exultation, factory, the field ; when surrounded by the family, the men

Tell abroad the Healer's fame.

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Laud, oh laud, the great Physician,
At His feet adoring fall,

Bible Study,
Manifest His gracious healing,
All His power and love revealing,
Give Him thanks " before them all."

Let them know that He batlı healed thee,

(LEV, XXII. 33-44.)
Let them see thou art restored,

Tuis was the last of the greater feasts ordered Give thy gratitude expression,

from the beginning-after the deliverance from Witnessing “a good confession,”

bondage. It was to be observed in the seventh To the glory of the Lord.

month of the Jewish year, answering to our early Though there be "a cross uplift it,

autumn, the end of September or beginning of For thy dear Redeemer's sake;

October. It was the close of the harvest season,
Though a Cbristless world deride Him,
Count it joy to stand beside Him,

when what we commonly call fruit-gathering, and Count it joy His “ yoke” to “take.”

in Palestine the vintage, was over. Before we speak

of it, however, in some of its typical teaching, let Let the healèd life adore Him So He shall be magnified :

us refer to a remarkable institution which was inIf He give a guerdon, wear it!

terposed between the Pentecost and this Feast of If He give a blessing, share it!

Tabernacles, and ask ourselves, Why?
And it shall be multiplied.

This was the great Day of Atonement. It was
Uoto Him in glad surrender

the seventh month of the year ; the number is signiYield the life Ho bas restored :

ficant-seventh. But before the feast, which reHis, in fullest consecration,

minded them both of deliverance and rest, could be Let Him seal His "new creation"

kept, a day of humiliation must be observed (Lev. “ HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD."

xxiii. 27). This had been preceded a few days before LUCY A. BENNETT.

by a solemn blowing of trumpets throughout the 3. INTERCESSIONS (Daily):

land-a memorial, it is called (Lev. xxiii. 24). It For

had a double purpose : to remind the people of a (a) The Union. That God may be pleased to use it for

past deliverance, and to recall to their recollection (6) The Members. That each one may be enabled to live

the constant need of repentance, humiliation, and All for Jesus faithfully and fully.

propitiation for sin. And so deeply do the Jews in (c) All Christians. That God may fulfil in them all the their dispersion now feel the solemnity of this day good pleasure of His goodness and the work of faith with that, although they cannot prevent strangers being power.

(a) Purochial Missions held this day, that many souls present, they generally request them to retire. The may be saved.

male members of the Synagogue wear the shrouds (e) Meetings held this day for the promotion of Holiness in which it is their purpose to be buried, at the amongst God's people.

service which is annually held on this day. This REQUESTS :

surely teaches all who believe in the Great Atoning Pray for

Sacrifice a lesson, too. In all our joyful acceptance "My aged friend, that she may be awakened and saved.” of present blessings and anticipations of future rest

My sister, a great invalid, that blessing mag rest upon and gladness, we need to remind ourselves of the herself (A. F.J. U.) and her work for Him."

cost at which we are redeemed, and of the watchful A young A. F. J. D., that he may be made a winner of

pathway of humility in which we are called to souls."

walk. A blessing on work for the Lord in my new sphere."

1. Let us now look at the simple ordinances com

manded for the observance of this singular festival. Grace be with you all. Amen."

They were to leave their usual habitations and

dwell in booths eight days. St. Paul's, Newport, Mon.

J. T. W.

These booths were to be constructed of branches of trees, goodly trees, thick trees, and willows of the brooks-the latter probably used for binding

His glory.

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the whole together. The palm is specially named thought, and believe that with Him we have all
among the “goodly” trees—that emblem of fertility things, so that our peace may be unbroken.
-standing ofttimes in a seeming desert-fed from 6. There is strength too in the Feast of Taber-
an unseen source--so beautiful in its development, nacles. Not without meaning is it said, “Take you
so grand a picture when its fruit is ripe, and yet so boughs of thick trees” (Lev. xxiii. 40).
sensitive in its nature that if its head be removed Freedom and peace are secured by strength. That
it dies. Fit emblem of the Church with the great name which is now as the strong tower—so encou-
source of its fruitfulness hidden, but ever depending raging to those who are sheltered in it-shall over-
on its Head for life and beauty and glory. There shadow all things then. It does so now to all who
was to be strength also in these booths—thick trees trust Him. “Who is he that shall harm you?”
were to be used and bound together by the willows (1 Pet. iii. 13) is the voice that whispers to the
-to which Isaiah compares the Church when filled tried and tempted soul in its following after Christ,
with the Spirit (Isa. xliv. 4).

putting fresh life into us, and sending us on our
Fertility, beauty, strength, and fulness were all way with courage and hope.
shadowed out in those booths.

7. But holiness is to be the crowning glory of 2. But what does the feast itself tell us of? The those millennial days—“There shall be upon the Prophet Zechariah answers the question (Zech. xiv. bells on the horses, holiness unto the Lord(Zech. 16-21). It shadows out the freedom, security, xiv. 20). peace, and holiness of millennial days. It is to be So universal is this to be, that all the vessels in remarked that whilst the stranger was on no account ordinary houses are to be used alike for sacred and to be shut out from its enjoyment (Deut. xvi. 14), common purposes. Nothing shall be unclean or yet it was specially binding on all “ Israelites common. The distinction between sacred and proborn” (Lev. xxiii. 42). Israel-true type of the fane shall cease. Church of the first-born (Heb. xii. 23)—shall for May we not anticipate this state of things by ever occupy a place of prominence and take the endeavouring to sweep away such distinctions now? lead among all the families of the earth.

“ Whether ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do 3. The Feast of Tabernacles, as we see, points all to the glory of God” (1 Cor. x. 31). We want to the future for its final blessing. But, like all the no other text. Forgiven, adopted into God's predictions and promises of the future, it has some family, living under the shadow of the Cross, having thing to say to the Church now.

a heart constantly cleansed from sin, let all we do 4. It speaks of freedom-when, all opposing forces manifest the Divine Life of Him who is at once our having been conquered and Israel restored and set Saviour, our Head, our Master, and our King. free, they shall be as safe in the field as in the

HENRY F. BOWKER. fortified house or tower. It will be after Christ's second appearing that this freedom will be enjoyed by the descendants of Israel, and now the echo of our Lord's words sound continually in the cars of

“KEPT BY THE POWER OF God."—Not by the all who listen—"If the Son shall make you free power of feeling, nor by the power of plans and ye shall be free indeed” (John viii. 36). Blessed schemes, nor by the power of religious duties, nor freedom from all the power of the enemy-whether by the power of faith, though faith is the channel

of judgment, condemnation, dominion, or restraint. through which the power comes to me. The mighty

He Free from the yoke by the anointing of the Spirit power of Jehovah is all-sufficient to keep me. (Isa. x. 27), free to serve by union with Christ does this by filling my heart with His love, ex(John xv. 4, 5).

pelling all my enemies, and fortifying my soul by 5. Then there is peace in the teaching. “My the continued presence and operation of the Holy

. peace," the Great Master calls it (John xiv. 27). Ghost. We may have many a trouble, but we are The peace of which He is the expression—" He is safe. Our bark may be tossed on the mighty deep, our peace” (Eph. ii. 14). This is the foundation of but God holds the helm, and the golden shore will all joy—the spring of all happy service. In Him

soon be in sight. alone we have this blessing. Let us grasp the


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