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The Eighth Keswick Convention has just Sanctifier, let us as clearly and emphatically been held. We believe it may be said with bear witness that Christ alone is our Sanctificatruth that in no respect has it come short of tion, and we, who believingly yield ourselves to those that have preceded it, either as to spiritual Him, are the sanctified. power, or practical results. God is manifestly It is not of the process of which we speak leading on His people to far greater things. when we declare that the believer's sanctifica

Looking back upon these successive gather- tion is perfect and complete, but of Christ ings of God's children, we ask what progress Himself. We must receive a perfect sanctifihas been made—first, as to the practical ap- cation-or

, in other words, the “Holy One ”. prehension of the doctrine of holiness, and, for holiness of heart, just as we accept a perfect secondly, as to the methods hest calculated to Righteousness-or the “Just One”—for the bring believers definitely into the realisation justification of our persons. of their privileges ?

It is thus that the Spirit glorifies Christ in We believe great progress has been made in progressively sanctifying our characters-just both these directions. As to the doctrine, we as He glorifies Christ in the justification of our believe the Church is beginning more clearly persons. To say that the Holy Ghost is not to recognise what God means by Holiness; honoured in such teaching is to betray sad that instead of regarding it simply as a process, ignorance of the whole subject, and to fail to wrought in the heart of the believer by the recognise the fact that the glory of the second Holy Ghost, holiness, in its primary and most and the glory of the third Persons of the important aspect, is as much the gift of God as Trinity are inseparable. “He shall glorify Me: that Righteousness, by which we stand justified for He shall take of Mine, and shall declare it before Him, is His gift. That it is not, in the unto you” (John xvi. 14, R.V.) first place, to be regarded as a thing, or an in- To ignore Christ when we speak of sanctififluence produced in the soul, but a Person, the cation, and to dwell only on the Holy Spirit's Lord Himself, received and enthroned in the work, is to be occupied with a process wrought heart. In short, that just as Christ is made of within us. This sooner or later leads to unGod unto us Righteousness, so He is made of healthy habits of introspection, and then to a God unto us Sanctification or Holiness ; not in condition of dejection and miserable depression a representative sense merely, but as an in- —or to the opposite extreme, a spirit of selfdwelling Life, possessing, controlling and puri- complacency. But if, instead of a work within, fying the temple of our hearts.

Christ, as the Holy One, occupies our thoughts, While it is the office of the Holy Ghost thus a healthy tone is restored to our spiritual conto reveal Him, it is the office of faith so to stitution—the Holy Spirit is honoured, and we receive Him. The process of being sanctified are preserved from the evil of glorying in ourfollows, of course, as the result.

selves. While we testify that the Spirit alone is the We believe the number of those amongst



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God's children, who are recognising these great any cost were invited to confess that desire by facts of revelation, is rapidly increasing. standing up, whilst others remained in prayer.

Then as to the other question-the methods Deeply solemn were these moments of silent best calculated to bring distressed and longing confession, as scores stood up in that tent filled believers into a definite experience of Christ's with praying souls. So again, after an interval, all-sufficiency, to fill to the full their every need. those who had received definite blessing were We believe the Church has much to learn on invited publicly to acknowledge it by standing. this point. But we would acknowledge with One who received a very remarkable blessing gratitude what our Heavenly Father has already at this Convention thus writes :-“I was obliged taught many of His children. The truth is, to stand. . . There I stood—a silence persouls longing for a life of liberty and triumph vaded the whole assembly for a brief moment. need as patient and tender dealing as sinners It was broken by the leader simply, slowly, and seeking salvation. They must have their “after- pointedly, repeating these words 'He saith— meetings” as well as anxious inquirers after He saith. He hath said, I will never-never pardon and peace. A decided step in this leave thee, nor forsake thee.' "Think of that!' direction was made at the last Keswick Con- The power of this word fell full upon me. I vention. Very solemnising was it to see so was completely overcome, incapable of stirring, many, with intensely earnest faces, waiting or of utterance. All I knew was I believed upon God at these “after-meetings.” It may every word of it, and the light and joy of be well to indicate briefly the nature and Christ abiding of my abiding Saviour -I purpose of these meetings.

never remember to have realised. . . . I cannot They were seasons of solemn heart-searching. speak of rapture, I cannot say I have exubeYet they were times of calm restfulness before rant spirits, but I joyfully realise I am now God. Time was given in silence, for everyone in Christ and Christ in me—the Hope of to know and see his true condition, for a deli- Glory'. . . and that He will keep what I berate casting of one's all upon the altar, for have committed unto Him.” a believing grasp of some one or more of the In mos;, if not in all, cases of definite blessfacts the Scripture reveals, for a letting down ing, it is instructive to note that that which of one's soul with all its need, cares, and weak- gave relief was not so much what man had ness, into Christ for His keeping. The soul said, as some statement of God's word--the thus seeking a truer life was led out to express Scripture. its desire, audibly in some verse of a hymn, in In no other way, as it seems to us, can we the attitude of prayer, and then being brought hope for blessings to be really permanent. Let face to face, so to speak, with some portion of the soul be brought to rest on some Divine God's Word, was led to confess its confidence declaration, on some statement of fact, or some in the language of faith, in some appropriate unfailing promise, and at once it has a solid refrain. A3 it was said, those thus waiting basis to stand on. This is true of all classes of were invited to spend a “believing time” upon anxious souls-sinners seeking salvation, or some given declaration of Scripture.

saints seeking the fulness of blessing. There was

an entire absence of all mere We thank God for the progress thus made ; fleshly excitement, and yet to many these quiet for God's gracious leading during these days and seasons were moments of the intensest joy. years of His reviving grace. May we be kept

But there was another feature in these after- in humble dependence upon Him—in a willing, meetings. They afforded an opportunity for obedient attitude towards Him, to follow as He personal confession either of need felt or of leads, and to obey as He commands. blessing received. Those who were really earnestly desiring to receive “the blessing" at




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Keswick Convention.

spread wish for cleansing each temple were a sign of

the Master's return. JULY 24TI TO 29Tu.

There were more teachers this year than last. We

greatly missed the voice and look of Pasteur Stock“Praise the Lord, for IIe is good, for His mercy mayer, whose far in-reaching and penetrating revealendureth for ever!” It is impossible to begin even ings of God's truth are rarely equalled. Instead of a small outline of the Keswick Convention in any him, we had the joy of welcoming Pasteur Theodore other way than by praise ; praise to the Lord for Monod, whose simplicity is the simplicity of depth, what He showed Himself to be. This has marked and his power of making things so obvious was a our week here with an indelible seal. “ It was great help to many, and cleared many puzzles. Jesus Himself” is the voice in which by one In the preliminary meeting on Saturday evening consent the praise was given, whether in the open (22nd), Canon Battersby laid very great stress on this testimonies, or in the individual face-to-face thanks- promise, “ I will guide thee with Mine eye,” asking givings. It is not so much thanks for “the blessing" for much prayer that every speaker might be near as a “clearer view of Christ” that makes the joy- enough to catch the hint from the Lord as to what ful looks: and “the Cleanser," rather than the he should say, and what line should be taken. It “ cleansing;" the “Holy One,” and not only was most markedly answered, and from the opening

, "holiness ; "-in short, “ Jesus Himself," personal, meeting on Monday evening one thought prevailed, living, present Saviour, has been the whole sum- and Jesus Himself was presented. At this meeting mary of all the teaching this week : and we see that it was very striking how at once we were, so to speak wherever we go we have the blessing in a very por: plunged into the very deep of truth ; no shallow table form, for two little words hold all we have waters to wade through first; but we began where seen, and all we shall ever see now and for ever- so many Conventions often end-on the death-side “ IN HIM; and we have Him.

of Christian life—and His death was showed forth It was the eighth year of the Convention, and not only as our atonement, once for all, but also M. Monod happily remarked that, as the eighth day pressed as a continuous fact in our lives by our of every feast which God ordained in Israel was the daily dying.” crowning day, so we might expect this our eighth year to be a grand time of blessing. And indeed it Our first meeting opened with prayer by Canon proved so, just because the Lord Jesus was so mani- BATTERSBY, and then he read Psalm xlvi., with its festly exalted, and held in His only proper place, triumph-cry of “The Lord of Hosts is with us !" “in the midst;" the centre round which our lives —grand ground to start upon. should revolve. Did not this prove that the Holy Our first hymn was No. 310. Spirit was very fully present ? And therefore, on And then Canon BATTERSBY repeated again Psalm this eighth day, as of old, there could be offered the xlvi. 7, 11, and said : First I would say to you all, special burnt-offering of joyful se f-consecration, to Welcome, in the riame of the Lord. Well-come in which all the seven days previous had led up. its old meaning, and I trust we shall all know it in

The eighth year suggests another thought. The that sense. Why is it that we have come here? seventh year was the Sabbath year for the land the To be blessed, and to be a blessing. We have Lord cared for, when there was nothing to be sown come for new, fresh blessing from the hand of God. or reaped (was our last year's gathering something And I do desire that to be a blessing may be a like that to any ?), and the eighth year they might more prominent thought than ever before. How sow again, and “eat yet of old fruit.'

“old often we have failed here. How often we have fruit” we enjoyed, the Bread of God come down been shut up when we ought to have been open from heaven, unexhausted yet in His power to sus- fountains.

“ The Lord of hosts is with us." Mr. tain and satisfy. Then the ninth year ; that was to Fox has often told us who God's hosts are. (1 Cor. be the year of the new fruit. Shall it be so with us? | i. 27, 28.) These are, in the truest sense, the Sal—that He shall have come before another year, and vation Army of our God. We don't need a badge give us to drink with Him the “new ” wine of the to show we belong to this army, let us prove it by kingdom. It does seem as if the longing, wide- our lives. Are we going to be the Salvation Army?


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We have been fond of sermons and conventions. this your meaning? Die, then ! and then as you I fear we have not been like God's hosts, content look up the Holy Ghost descends; then


hear to be " weak." We have been too strong for Him the voice you look for, “ This is my beloved son, in to use, and we need to get down from our pedestals; whom I am well pleased.” But as you long for this, then the Lord will use us. We read in this Psalm I beseech you in God's name, my brother, take God's of the heathen. They are all around us, and we way, and be willing to go through the baptism of are here to carry on the Lord's fight, that all may death. Then shall result this, as with Jesus—“He be brought under His sceptre. “The kingdoms began to be about thirty years of age;" that was the were moved," but His voice did the work. I pray age when a man could perform the full Priest's work. that the result of this Convention may be to turn Let us be willing to die with Him, that He may out a fresh army of faithful soldiers and servants to consecrate us for full priestly work and close comfight the Lord's battles.

munion with Him. Rev. W. HASLAM and Rev. E. H. HOPKINS both Then prayer followed, asking that He would show followed in prayer, asking Him that He would bring us where we had been living the self-life, that we us to the point of breaking down, that He might might be willing that it should end. alone be exalted.

We sang Hymn 110, and then Mr. Fox followed Canon BATTERSBY then asked whether those who in exactly the same line, pressing deeper the same had been travelling to-day had any message to give, thought-death with Christ for life ; death in Him received on their journey. Then came what follows, for fruitfulness. “I have a baptism to be baptised words which proved the very key-note of the whole with, and how am I straitened until it be accomweek, whose vibration ran through every gathering. plished !” and one of the clearest reasons why we

Rev. H. WEBB-PEPLOE opened with powerful were straitened was because we refused to accept the words, of which the following is but an outline: I baptism of death, and to reckon ourselves dead. And would ask you to turn to Luke iii. 21-23. “ Jesus our first gathering ended with the prayer, “ Oh let also being baptised, and praying, the Heaven was the awe of Thy holy presence subdue us, and humble opened, and the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily us to the dust. Then shall we no longer live but shape like a dove upon Him ; and a voice came from die, because we have seen God. • No man shall see Heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in My face and live.' Nay, Lord, but sce Thee we Thee I am well pleased. And Jesus Himself began must, and therefore die we will !” The solemn to be about thirty years of age." The baptism which words found many an echo, and these two addresses Jesus went through was not only outward, but con- gave the tone to all, and the subject was followed tained a deep spiritual reality of death. “ Thus it be- out by all who spoke, with one voice, so clearly cometh us to fulfil all righteousness." It was death and definitely, doctrinally clear and pointed, as in advance, so to speak : and until each one of us who well as pressed as an experience, that we could go are gathered here in earnest desire for the power of on to resurrection before we ended, and to the the Holy Ghost have been through the same bap- joyous Ascension thought of His realised perpetual tism of death with Him, there is no possibility of presence in its unbroken joy. Heaven being open to us, or the Spirit anointing us. Death in sin is the condition of each unregenerate man since the fall, death for sin is the Divine require- The early meeting was very blessed. Canon ment, fulfilled in Christ, and then the death to sin, the Battersby's first words of prayer at this and each, death of self, is the position of each believer. To never failed to bring the calm of listening upon be blessed here there must not only be the thought us, because they were always spoken from the of Heaven opened, but a deliberate yielding of self peace of the rest of God. The addresses were short, unto death, fulfilling all righteousness by entering for nearly half the time was spent in the mere readinto the death of Christ, and realising that the old ing of the requests. Yes, people knew that God life is done away. This must be done voluntarily was here, and saying, "Ask of Me.” Following the on our part, as well as judicially on His.

needs of others was the best way of gaining for So to-night, being baptised into His death, we ourselves. may see Heaven openeil. Come and see God. Is This day a very searching address from M.




Monod, on the defeat of Ai, brought many low The after-meeting was very solemnising. Through before Him, and unveiled before Him. “ What gold, the words of His servant, Rev. E. H. Hopkins, the what garment, hinders my victory, Lord ?” was the Lord broke down the last resistance of many Chriscry after it. At a later meeting, one of Mr. Peploe's tian rebels! Oh, that there should be such a thing vast but definite addresses impressed deeper all we had possible! Thank God, His word proclaims gifts, heard. He brought it close to us that consecration

even for the rebellious." was not one act merely, but should be carried on moment by moment, and was only an act as you

WEDNESDAY. would call breathing an act. It was the activity of This day the power and presence of the living faith. The basis on which consecration was demanded Lord was even more felt. The early meeting could was that He says: “All things are yours.” The same begin with a praise hymn already, for the Lord could Epistle says : “Yo are not your own;" marvellous heal "immediately,” since His people were ready paradox, only to be explained as it is accepted. and empty. Then followed a word from Mr. Bowker, All His unsearchable riches mine, and yet nothing which we would like to give in its entirety, so is mine, not even myself, not one faculty is mine to forcible, clear, and pointed, on the same subject use.

along which all the speakers were so distinctly led, Much prayer followed, that the paradox might be -on 2 Cor. iv. 10, 11; how the bearing about the fully learned ; and an address by Rev. E. W. Moore dying preceded the manifested life, and reminding which immediately followed, on “God is faithful, us that it was the submission of the willthe centre by whom ye are called into the fellowship of His of the being—which was the “dying daily.” Son,” reminded us of one part of it-fellowship in The Bible Reading at 9.45 was in Mr. Peploe's His death ; and it is because we are so slow to die hands, taking in a grand view of God's meaning of that we enter so little into the glory of fellowship death, from the word “crucified” in Galatians. I with His risen Presence. Everything is included have been crucified” (ii. 20); “Ye have crucified in the Cross. When we look at it, we see a Dying the flesh" (v. 24); “ the world is crucified unto Man; look again, and see a Present God; again, me” (vi. 14). Will you any longer try to escape and see the sin of the world ; further look, and lo, God's intention for you? The prayer which folyou see yourself there with Him, crucified, and your lowed gave us as the sacrifice He asked for, acceptown life ended; and pardon, peace, purity, and ing the nails of painful circumstances, the piercings power are included there.

of daily providences, as all part of God's way of The evening meeting was a memorable one. Rev. working out His will of death for us, without which Hubert Brooke began by God's use of a thorn-bush He cannot manifest the life of Jesus in our body. such as we, and how He makes it a place for His If you evade the death, you escape the life ! The fire to dwell in. Mr. Fox then followed, from Hosea power of the Spirit made many see what it meant : v. 13, showing the estimate God has of His own and, oh, may He keep us always accepting the

presence, in that He says, “I will return to My small things in life which bring about the experi· place." The chief point which the Lord the mental and continuous fulfilment of what He has

Spirit pressed home through the next words, " until done as an accomplished fact once for all in every they acknowledge their offence,” was the power of believer, in crucifying Him with Christ. the great remedial force of confession; the breaking At the 11.30 meeting Canon Battersby read poropen the shell of self and laying the soul bare before tions of a letter from one whose voice has long Him, exposed without protection to His searching been familiar to many, Mr. T. Croome. It was gaze, entirely at the disposal of His mercy.

written under very solemn circumstances, the writer The conclusion was irresistible-will you yield to not knowing how soon it might please his Lord to Him now? Do you want the power of His presence end his long trying illness by calling him to Himto be restored or quickened ? Yield, then, now, and self. Thus penned, under the possible shadow of confess; come now to the Cross, the place of death, death, the words of long and tested experience came and you

will find Him. He says, “I will return to with the greater weight, as he thus writes :—“The My place," and His place is Jesus. God is always experience of death, crucifixion with Christ,' is

, at home in Jesus; go there and find Him.

as real as it is rare with Christians. It is the great

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