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regenerated. But we are not born with evil pride is the essence of impurity. He lacks habits. And yet how many regard their habits humility and love. of sin in the same light as they regard the evil If we would be like God, let us seek to know nature whence those habits spring.

our union and fellowship with Christ as the We must not conclude that, because the evil Holy One, for it is only as we know Him, and nature can never be eradicated in this life, honour Him as such, that we can live in the therefore, these evil habits must cling to us to power of that anointing which is ever flowing the last. Every evil habit may not only be from the Glorified Head to the skirts of His

. resisted and triumphed over, but by a believing garments. recognition of Christ's indwelling it may be entirely removed.

A CLASSICAL illustration of the two ways of resistThis is the cleansing of the desires to which ing temptation is found among the beautiful myths we refer. There may be such a manifestation that cloud the dawn of Grecian history. In the of Christ to the soul as the “Holy One,” that wanderings of Ulysses after the taking of Troy, the all these evil inclinations may be withered up.

wind drove his ship near to the island of the Sirens,

somewhere near the west coast of Italy. These He who is our Purity purifies our hearts by His own indwelling. We believe God's children enchantresses were fabled to have the power of are being brought into a more intelligent, Scrip- that he died in an ecstasy of delight. When the

charming by their songs anyone who heard them, so a tural, and believing understanding of this bless. ship of Ulysses approached these deadly charmers, ing. That there are dangers in the direction of sitting on the lovely beach endeavouring to lure him self-deception in connection with this truth we and his crew to destruction, he filled the ears of his are free to confess. But there are dangers all companions with wax, and with a rope tied himself along the path of the Christian life. Our great to the mast, until he was so far off that he could no concern must ever be that we keep close to the longer hear their song. By this painful process they Word of God.

escaped. But when the Argonauts, in pursuit of the Following the experiences of Peace and Golden Fleece, passed by the Sirens singing with Purity, there comes that of Power-power for entrancing sweetness, Jason, instead of binding service. An apprehension of Christ as the himself to the mast and stuffing the ears of his men “Just One,” brings the soul into a position of with wax, commanded Orpheus, who was on board acceptance, and "being justified by faith we the ship, to strike his lyre. His song so surpassed have peace with God.” An apprehension of in sweetness that of the charmers, that their music Christ as the “Holy One,” brings the soul into seemed harsh discord. The Sirens, seeing them sail a condition of closest fellowship with God, and by unmoved, threw themselves into the sea and were having the thoughts and desires of the heart metamorphosed into rocks. They had been conquered cleansed, we are now ready to receive that melody. Here is set forth the secret of the Chris

with their own weapons. Melody had surpassed anointing” which flows from the Holy One, tian's triumph. Joy must conquer joy. The joy of and is the secret of all true and effective service. Before the heart is cleansed from the pleasures of sense.

the Holy Ghost in the heart must surpass all the

When all heaven is warbling in “self” that defiles our actions and mars our the believer's ear, the whispers of the tempter grate work, God will not give us the power we may be upon the purified sensibilities, as saw-filing rasps carnestly craving to possess. We have realised the nerves.--Steele. the peace, and we have prayed for the power, but the purity is the link that has been want

Tuere is a joy which is not given to the ungodly, ing in this golden chain of blessing. We have but to those who love Thee for Thine own sake, not yet experienced, it may be, the privilege of whose joy Thou Thyself art. And this is the happy purity. Satan has light, and he also has power. life, to rejoice to Thee, of Thee, fur Thee : this is But he has both, in connection with pride, and it, and there is no other.-Augustine.





A CLEANSED CONSCIENCE.* to what we believe to be right. A judge on the (HEB. IX. 13, 14.

bench interprets the laws of the land, he does not

make them. Now this seems to me to be the We were reminded by one of our brethren that office of conscience. But there is a wider sense the Old Testament is a picture book, and I feel that (1 John iii. 20, 21):—“ Beloved, if our heart conthis is especially true with regard to the Mosaic

demn us not." The word here translated “heart," ritual. In these two verses we have special refer- is surely an equivalent to the word rendered ence made to one of the most important institutions science” in the passage we are considering. The of the Levitical dispensation,--the ordinance of the literal meaning of the Greek word for conscience in red heifer. If we would understand the Apostle's Heb. ix. 14 is consciousness. If your consciousness meaning, we should read the chapter in which this condemns you, there is something wrong within. ordinance is described—the xix. of Numbers.

God is pointing His finger toward that which your I would ask, in looking at these two verses (1), conscience tells you is wrong, and is awakening you What is the special evil contemplated ? (2) How to the need of a purged conscience. is the purification that is necessary effected? (3)

Now turn to Num. xix. 11. There you will find Why is purification so indispensable?

if a man even touched a dead body he was unclean. I think we find the answer to this last question And then, in the 15th verse, “ Every open vessel in the 14th verse—“ Dead works.” God needs with no covering bound upon it is unclean.” What worshippers and workers. What a terrible possi- vessels there are in our poor tent of clay! Vessels bility that living ones can bring forth dead works ! of imagination, of memory, of affection, of under(1 Cor. iii. 12.) Men may build upon a true founda- standing; how ready to contract defilement by cye tion, but it is possible even for true believers to build

and ear.

In this ordinance there is a special refeon it what may be burnt up--wood and hay and

rence to defilement by contact, and in the miry stubble, which will not stand the test of fire. Oh, road of the world how hard to avoid splashes ! what solemnity this adds to our work! Works done

What provision is there in God's Gospel for a out of communion with Christ are not such as He

cleansed conscience ? He proposes that our concan approve of. Being done apart from Him they science should not condemn us (1 John iii. 21), and have the brand of death upon them, because death

as I know that this is liable to abuse I wish to have is separation from God (as we heard yesterday). We may be working for God, and yet we may be my hands upon the rail of Scripture. Here the

Apostle John helps us. He does not say we are out of communion with Him ; our work may be little

absolutely pure; but he does say we are in that better than an anodyne to our conscience. In such condition in which we can have “ fellowship with a case, however active we may be, the record con- the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ,” and cerning us is-dead works. I do not say God will

are experiencing the power of the cleansing of the not use the works of those who are out of com

precious blood. munion with Him, for He uses even the works of

Now we might speak much more on this subject, His enemies to his glory; but He will not recognise but I pass rapidly on to the remedy. them, will not reward, will not approve any of

The Epistle of Hebrews is an epistle of contrasts. which He is not the Author.

What is the special evil contemplated? What is The writer of the Epistle says, “If the blood of bulls

What is the special evil contemplated? What is and goats, and the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the the evil needing purification? It is defilement of unclean, sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh, conscience. I feel we sometimes under-rate the how much more shall the blood of Christ importance God attaches to the office of conscience

purge your conscience from dead works to serve the in the soul of the believer. What is the office of

Living God ?" And let me just say, in passing, conscience ? Conscience cannot decide what is right that the Apostle is not speaking of the sinner but Paul before his conversion thought he ought to do of the believer. He is speaking of the cleansing many things contrary to the name of Jesus of Naza

power of the blood of Christ as contrasted with that reth. No! conscience cannot decide what is right, of the blood of a bull or a goat in the Levitical but conscience can tell us if our actions


sacrifices. Oh, I pray you, reflect on it. This * Address delivered at the Kegwick Convention, blood is sacred blood. It is sacred, for it is the



Just as you

very blood of God—the very blood of the Eternal

GUIDANCE AND GOING.* Son. All blood is sacred. “Whoso sheddeth man's blood by man shall his blood be shed ;” but this blood is infinite in its power to cleanse the thoughts There is one question, I doubt not, uppermost in of your hearts—it is infinite in its efficacy. Inward the minds of all—How we may keep this blessing sins are the trouble. Here is the remedy. “How we have now received ? Rest in it. much more shall the blood of Christ purge your would keep a chair in this tent by sitting upon it, conscience."

What do we understand by the application of so the only way to keep in the place of blessing is that blood? I understand by it the application by to occupy it, to use it. Again, to keep the blessing, the Holy Ghost of death to sin. Why have we you must be kept yourselves. The best way to keep failed ? Because we have not apprehended the is to take care that you are always receiving blessing. power of the application of the death of Christ,

This blessed Divine way always answers. the death to sin, to sins of the heart and affections in the inmost soul.

And it is also true that you may keep the blessing Were we not reminded that the believer is dead by spending it. Spend, and you shall certainly to sin ? How is it that we have not all of us seen keep; keep, and you shall certainly lose. The only our privileges ? Is it not because we have not apprehended the power of the blood to cleanse—the way to keep is to spend the treasure which God power of the application of the death of Christ to gives you. What are these treasures; these unsin. Oh ! let us not linit the wondrous results of searchable riches ? In whom do we receive them ? that death, nor the power of the Holy Ghost to apply In one word, the Purse of God is Jesus Christ. that death to our sins of consciousness.

“Freely ye have received, freely give." Children of How is the purification that is necessary effected? God, go on spending, don't be afraid, go forth and

In Numbers xix.—that wonderful chapter full of teaching there is this order given for the applica- spend on; there is plenty more in Jesus Christ. Rich tion of the remedy. “A clean person shall take Christian, spend freely to-day, and you shall have hyssop and dip it in water, and sprinkle it," &c. plenty more to-morrow. Spend Christ, spend Christ! Hyssop, the simplest plant in Palestine, emblem of

Again, keep the blessing by intense humility, faith ; running water, symbol of the Holy Ghost in which is the bord of all virtues. If the bond be living power; this sprinkled on those defiled, and the sprinkling thereof procuring the restoration of broken, all the graces will fall asunder. Many think the soul. Our brother pointed out the difference little of other Christians, and speak with scorn of between the cross and the mercy-seat. We come to them if they are not up to their higher level. But the mercy-seat after we have received pardon at the

are they higher if there is scorn? The only way to cross, and our Great High Priest sprinkles us ever with His blood, and cleanses and keeps us clean.

preserve the blessing is to hold all in the bond I am sure this is the path into real usefulness of intense humility, accounting others better than and holiness. I am sure the Holy Ghost does apply ourselves. I think of the frets of daily life, the jars, the blood. I believe the blood does cleanse. I the unkind cavillings, the cold suspicions, the cruel believe we need the application of the blood to the words and insinuations—how these break the bond sins of the heart. It is blood alone that cleanse it; it is only blood that can reach it. “Oh, the of all virtues, and are no part of the Christian precious blood has reached me.” Can we sing it armour. Half the blessing we do acquire is lost by from our hearts?

this want of charity. In Numbers xix. there is a very solemn statement, John Baptist is the only precursor of Jesus. “He - whosoever failed to purify himself was to be cut must increase, but I must decrease.” If you are off from the congregation; and (verse 22nd) whatsoever the unclean person touched was to be unclean. willing to decrease, Jesus Christ is sure to increase. Is it not a solemn thought that if we turn away where a John Baptist goes before, Jesus is always from the cleansing power of the sprinkled blood we sure to follow. This is a true way to test your own are not only injuring ourselves, Lut also we injure spirituality-by the depth of your own humiliation others ? Dear friends, your influence will always be in the sight of God and your neighbours. just what you are. We all are affecting everyone near us unconsciously. Oh, what an argument

Again, keep the blessing by shining. We like a to receive and to experience all our God can give good light. We like the flaming up of a sudden us lest we injure some dear brother and sister; and burst of light. We like to go to distant places to they should say to us at the day of judgment (before shine ; but do we like to shine at home, to give the Bema of Christ), “ Your influence kept me back from blessing which I can never recover to eternity. * Address delivered at the Keswick Convention,


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light “to all that are in the house? Are we afraid the Lord of life and death. He has got all the to shed our light at home, because others will say keys, the absolving keys; the keys of all the that we are not living up to our light? Let the universe, even of death and Hades, are hanging from light shine into every room of the house ; let each His girdle. Keep close to the man with the keys, person be a light, and the house shall be filled with and recognise that you are living with a Living light-why, then, it will be a Light-house. Let Person, that you are dealing with One who knows, there be light in every window, and the mariners, who can see and pierce you through and through. still tossing and wrecking on the deep of sin, shall “ Thou God seest me.” This is the Divine revelasee it, and make for it, and be saved.

tion, this is the most safe protection and all we want. Also, we keep the blessing by confession. I think In large towns the jewellers' shops now have no it of the utmost importance that there should be shutters at night; inside all is left illuminated; thus confession if there be failure. If the glow of un- any thief would be seen at once. So it should be broken peace and joy and victory fails, if there is a with Christians. There should be no shutters failure from the full light, many are ashamed to say between themselves and the light, between themso, but gloss it over, and try to blind God's eyes. selves and God. Thus would every thief be easily They say, “ It was not failure, it was an infirmity, detected. If you

thus wear the armour of light” it was a slip, and not worth, and therefore not detection would be certain, and ejection must follow requiring, a definite act of confession. “My foot at once. had well nigh slipped." If there be failure, confess Now you ask, How should we know a man full to God at once, and if in connection with your of blessing? We should know him by the bright brother, confess to him also. Undo the trespass as tenderness of his eye, by the gentleness of his ,

, far as possible ; undo the wrong. “Confess your demeanour, by every bitterness giving way, by the faults one to another.” Yes, many confess to God. calling in of all invective and caustic words ; it They see that it is divinely needful to confess to would be seen in the dove-look, and in the dove-like Thee, O Lord; it is Thy most remedial force in the wing bearing messages from God to man; by his

; world ; but it is also needful to confess to one bold fearlessness; by his open-eyedness; by his another. That breaks the man down. I was erectness of conscience seen in face and walk. speaking the other day with a man of the deepest, Now, I would put before you, to help you as you closest walk with God, and I asked him, “ What leave, these words from Numbers ix., “So it was do you

think of confession ?” We have heard his always.” What was “always ” ? The cloud was confession in this very tent, and his answer was, always on the tabernacle. By day and by night. “ I could not live without confession.” If I men- There was no removing of the cloud. When was tioned his name, you would see how close he lived it the cloud descended ? “On the day that the to God, and how he confessed his faults—such tabernacle was reared up.” If you are His tabertrifling faults, as we should say—with such utter racle, as

ever you become so, you are shame and brokenness that it humbled me to the covered and concealed henceforth, you have not that very dust. God appoints this remedy for sin and barefaceness you had in the world; you are covered failure (do not think that I am suggesting failure); with the tender bloom of the shadow of God. if it should occur—go back with your failure to it was always, and the cloud covered it by day, and the Throne, and see the King, and the King will be the appearance of fire by night.” And how long seen to be the High Priest on the Throne, and He did the light last ? “Until the morning.” Through Himself the Altar, and the King will be ready to all the dark night God will shine. When it becomes forgive in the person of Jesus.

dark, the cloud burns into light, so it is light in the Perhaps some of us are now beginning to feel darkness, and in the day the fire turns into the cloud like the poor African woman who said, when she to shield and shelter and shadow. first heard of Jesus, “ This is He Who has come to When the cloud rested, the children of Israel me so often in my prayers, but I knew not Who it rested; this is another deep truth, that the child of was,”—you are beginning to find out Who it is you God can only rest when God rests. They rest for are dealing with, Who it is to Whom you have com- salvation when God rests in Christ on the atoning mitted yourself. It is to the Lord of glory, it is to | Cross. There was rest in Creation, but the rest of

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6. So

would you

redemption is greater and better still. Rest when

Rest when only be the gazing eye, but also the listening ear. and where God rests. The source of all Christians' " At the command of the Lord." These words are restlessness is because they won't rest when God seven times repeated in these few verses. Chrisrests; they want to start on, or else they let the tians say, “We cannot hear the Voice of God cloud go on while they remain still, and then they except by the written Word.” But you want become restless. A restless Christian is a very further details, and I believe that God speaks dangerous person; he does God a great injury. A behind the written Word as well as through it. Christian should carry a sabbath about with him He is speaking also in the details of our common every day, in his voice and way and work. How life, if we will only listen. God is a Father, and I

, rest

your child ? Not by tearing up and cannot believe that any Father who lives in the down the room, but by being at rest yourself— by house with His children would only correspond the gentle swayings of sabbatic rest. My Lord with them. Yes, the Spirit witnesses with our knows how to rest His children; He cradles them spirit, not only in the great crises of our life, but in the calm of His love, and brings them into the also in the common daily details of our pilgrim Sabbath of Himself. It is a blessed resting ! homes.

Again, when the cloud stood, the people stood. For this guidance there must then be the eye The standing of a Christian is where Christ stands. fixed, the ear listening, and the pilgrim spirit He stands as Victor; He has been right through maintained. The Lord does not remain in one the battle-field, and says to you, “Now stand where place, because we would cling to it. When we I stand." It is one of the distinguishing marks of cling to the vessel God empties us out. There the British army above all others, that it can stand must be a change. God Himself is the only one to under fire of the enemy; so it should be the mark cling to. This is what God will do with us about of the army of the King of kings, that under fire of guidance—"80 it was alway." Again, Ps. lxxi. 16, scorn, sorrow, failure, defect, or trial, it can stand. comes in very closely here. If God is going before

Observe that if the resting be all right, and if you, trying you, leading you, and when you hear the standing be all right, then the moving will be Him say “Wilt thou go with this man?” will you all right. If you would know about guidance, not answer--" I will go in the strength of the Lord stand and rest where God has put you. This was God.” Will you trust yourself to Him for time and the attitude of the children of Israel, as day by day eternity ; for guidance, and provision, and clothing!

, the cloud rested—but suddenly when the mystic Will you trust Him to choose your path, your cloud softly, silently, sublimely lifted—they kept home, your friends, your work? This is the way every eye fixed upon it, not on Moses, not on to live with God hourly and continually. Yes, Aaron, not on the standard bearers at the corner of you are willing to praise and rejoice when you each tribe, nor yet on the Tabernacle, not even, we say

“ God keeps me moment by moment;” but see, on the Church itself, but on the Lord alone, remember also that you must watch, and follow

, Supreme over all, dwelling in His pavilion cloud ! Him, and live with Him moment by moment. They could not have known where they were to go.

See in these words then, God thinks a great deal of people “not knowing." I. Faith's determination—" I will go." The first “ Abraham when he was called, went out, .

word He said unto us was, “Come unto Me," and not knowing whither he went.” Write it down, that done, He then says, “Go." “Go ye into all Angel of the Covenant, Abraham was obedient when the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.” I called him. Let it be engraved in the covenant Are you ready to go at the call of the Master ? His of God's records for ever, that here is a man who “Go” is between the first “ Come” of conversions obeys Me when I call; he indeed is the Friend of and the last blessed " Come " of eternal entrance : God! How blessed to be in close communion with “ Come, ye blessed of My Father.”

“Go ye ; . . God, to be within call of God, to obey and go out and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of with Him whither you know not, because you know the world.” He travels all the way

with with whom you go! This is to be indeed a hero of every road, even with the humblest pilgrim. "I faith.

go; Thou goest with me, and I am bound to Let me also refer to this, that there must not go with Thee; where Thou goest I will go."


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