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It is not a mere dream of what Jesus is, it is a word ; upon that you can build. Just what you want, child of God, that you may live a pure and peaceful life. It is not some ecstasy or rapture ; it is a word-luild upon it. Oh! that we might all from this day forward yearn to sit at Jesus' feet and hear His word.

Mr. Müller tells us that half a century ago (he had been a Christian before) he awoke to the conviction that he did not sufficiently value the word of God. He took his Bible, and fell on his knees before the open book, and for three hours he stayed there-read, marked, learned, and inwardly digested ; and he says that God taught him more in those three hours than in three months before. From that day to this it has been his habit often and for long to « sit at Jesus' feet and hear His word.” And the oatcome of all this is that his spirit is just as tranquil as Mary's; that with his thousands of orphan children and scores of other operations - missionary and literary, public and private-upon hand, there has been not a particle of Martha's spirit visible in this man of God. Go and do thou likewise. Like him, like Mary, sit at Jesus' feet and hear His word ; and, like them, you will rise up to be tranquil, calm, and trustful, and to soar above the clouds in the clear view of God's smile.

So Christ has answered the question, Which was right, Martha or Mary? If you have been sitting at His feet, you have heard His word about them, their cares, and their characters, and you know which of these characters He wants you to cory. You know it very well, for He has been saying, “One thing is needful, and Mary hath chosen that good part which shall not be taken away from her.”

I find that I have to take exception to the way I spend my time again and again. It is often misspent, mistaken, misapplied ; but I never have to find fault with myself for spending too much time in prayer or in reading the Word. When I do find that this is my fault, then I shall begin to think I must look at Martha, and do as she did. Till then, the place for me is Mary's, at the Master's feet. Say, shall it not be yours? Would that it could, you say. There is nothing upon earth I should like so well. I long to read, to pray, to meditate. I envy those who can go to frequent services and special meetings. But I am not my own master, and duty calls me elsewhere. Then, if it be duty, in God's name do it. We would detach none from that. In many cases it is not the Martha work but the Martha spirit Christ finds fault with. Still, He has pronounced upon that spirit. He has decided this case, and we must accept His decision ; but we must do more, we must act upon it. It is a far easier thing to condemn Martha than to copy Mary ; but that is what you and I must do if we are to please Jesus.

My life is Thine, Lord Jesus,

Bought with Thy blood Divine, And given to Thee with gladness,

No longer mine, but Thine.
My heart is Thine, my Saviour,

Not part, but all Thine own,
Oh, it is sweet to know that there

Thou hast Thy royal throne.
My body I have yielded,

A sacrifice to be,
Oh, keep me pure and holy, Lord,

A temple meet for Thee.
My members, too, are Thine, Lord,

To Thee I all resign,
Then use them for Thy glory now,

And live Thy life through mine.
Thine is my reputation,

And it is safe with Thec,
Whate'er Thou makest it, dear Lord,

Must be the best for me.
My house is Thine, Lord Jesus,

And all that I possess,
Use it for whatsoe'er Thou wilt,

Thou comest but to bless.
The gold that came from Thee, Lord,

To Thee belongeth still,
Oh, may I always faithfully,

My stewardship fulfil.
My time is Thine, dear Master,

Each moment of each day,
To suffer, wait, or work for Thee,

Till time shall pass away.
My will is Thine, my Father,

“Thy will be done” in me, Thy "sweet, sweet will" my God and Lord,

Works always lovingly.
Yea EVERYTHING is Thine, Lord,

Let this my portion be,
That I have nothing of my own,

And yet have all in Thee.
And make my life, Lord Jesus,

Brightly for Thee to shine,
That word and deed, that look and tone,
May witness, I am Thine.





Many poets, it is true, whose inspiration was not

drawn from the fountain that flowed on Zion's hill, “ The fire shall ever be burning on the altar; it shall never

have written sweet verses of praise to the God of go out.”- Lev, vi. 13.

Nature; but the fire of love of which they have We may well imagine with what reverential awe spoken has not been the true fire. When, however, the young priest of the ancient Jewish Temple must the heart has felt the love of God in sending His have viewed the fire upon the altar, with which Son; when it has been sprinkled with the peacesuch a solemn charge was connected. The fire in speaking blood of Christ, then the fallen temple of question had originally been lighted by a miraculous the human heart is repaired; the Holy Spirit redisplay of Divine power. It had had, too, so to enters it; the flame of love begins again to blaze speak, a mysterious immortality, having come down on the altar; and the Christian then may be said for centuries without being extinguished. How to receive the charge-"Let the fire ever be burning anxiously, therefore, would a priest alive to the within thee ; let it never go out.” importance of his trust tend the sacred flame; how he

That a fire may burn clearly it must be supplied would watch that the fire was kept supplied with fuel with suitable fuel, and the mercies of God furnish of the right kind and of the proper quantity, and how us, so to speak, with an inexhaustible forest of he would guard, by night and by day, that nothing material for replenishing the fire we are was allowed to come near the altar which could considering. Our great Creator's mercies in Creathreaten the blazing flame with the catastrophe of tion and Providence of themselves supply us with extinction.

unceasing motives to love. Amidst human mounHow loving is our Heavenly Father: Not con- tains the summit of Chimborazo rises in magnificent tented with simple admonition, He gives animation pre-eminence; and so the mount of God's goodness to His precepts by clothing them in the beautiful springs aloft into the blue empyrean and above all dress of symbol. Under this type of the ever. the everlasting hills with this distinction, that it burning altar fire, for instance, who does not at once is always growing larger and larger. All calcularecognise a clear and expressive emblem of the tion and measurement of its height is baffled; no Christian being a priest commissioned to keep the human trigonometry can scale it. The briefest flame of the pure love of God always burning in contemplation of it, were our hearts true, should his heart? It may be profitable briefly to pursue cause them to burst into flame and call upon all the subject, and its practical teachings.

that is within us to praise and magnify God's holy When our first parents walked together in i Paradise there was no occasion to remind them

The love of our Redeemer in stooping down from of that charge, to keep the altar fire burning. It the throne of His glory to rescue us from the curse was the very joy of their being to be always and dominion of sin, and to raise us to everlasting loving and praising God. Every object of beauty life, is another material which should feed the fire which they saw around them ministered the of love. Like, too, those fires in king's chambers, material of adoring gratitude and love. Milton's which are made not with common coal, but with

, well-known hymn, which he has placed in the costly and fragrant woods, our Lord's kindness mouth of our first progenitor, doubtless, does not, should enkindle a flame not only of the purest but in its flowing language, overstep reality. In an of the most incense-breathing glow. A Scottish

. evil hour, however, sin entered the human temple, poet has used language, when speaking of the object brought a consciousness of guilt with it, and of his affection, which might with still and with instantly man's hallelujahs were quenched as fire more propriety be employed, when applied to the is quenched by hissing water. The flame of love all-gracious Saviour :and praise expired; and where there had been

“It heats me, it beats me, previously a cheerful glow, blackened ashes alone

It puts me in a flame, remained to tell the tale. Many strange fires, not

To think of Him, to speak of Him, commanded by the Lord, have since burned on the

To mention but His Name." altar; but the true flaine---so far as man's natural The condescension of the gracious Spirit in coming powers were concerned—then went utterly out. down into the renewed heart, to take up His abode




there, is also a consideration which should raise the holy William Law. When dying he said : “ Take flame of love like oil poured upon a fire. When away these garments; I feel a flame of love to God royalty has visited a subject's home how is the event springing up within my heart that will burn to all remembered, and the memorial of it transmitted to a eternity." distant posterity. But lately, in visiting a noble- That water applied in sufficient quantities will man's mansion, the apartment which a king had extinguish the fire that was blazing cheerfully but a occupied centuries previously, was pointed out as moment before on the domestic hearth is an everyan honourable distinction. But what is this to day fact with which we are all familiar. In like the dignity implied in the Great Creator Himself manner, open and allowed sin will act as an immetabernacling not for a day but for ever in the heart diate quencher of the fire of divine love in the soul. of His redeemed ones? Condescending love like How did David's trespass in the matter of Uriah this should indeed beget love, and cause the altar put out for many a long day the flame of divine fire to blaze with renewed lustre.

love in his heart, and change his songs of praise A fire to be kept in vigour must be stirred, and into the wailings of remorse? But modern chemistry meditation is the act by which the spiritual fire we reveals that there are other subtle, and almost are considering should be kept in healthful condi- impalpable, agencies beside water which will extintion. It was while the Psalmist mused that the guish fire. And so there are secret sinful influences fire became hot within him. Communion with God which approach insidiously, and which, if allowed to and converse with Him in the reading of His Word gain dominion in the heart, will gradually put out will, when rightly maintained, have the same effect. the fire of holy love, or cause it at least to burn It was while Jesus walked and talked with His with sadly diminished power. Undue mixture with disciples, and opened up the Scriptures, that their worldly company, foolish conversation, frivolous hearts burned within them. Fervent prayer, turned reading, unbelief, unholy tempers—these, and such by faith into answered prayer, is also the true coal like things will, if not guarded against, transform the for the heart's altar. Many a fire is extinguished fire upon the Christian's heart from glowing vigour by the violence of the wind, but no storms of into a feeble, cheerless, smoking thing. sanctified adversity can put out the fire of Holy May the reader and the writer, then, ask themLove wben God has kindled it. Such currents will selves, What is the condition of the fire within ? only cause the flame to burn with more intensity May we, too, ask the Lord to stir us up to holy and with purer lustre. How brightly did the fire watchfulness. May we at the same time cast our of love burn within the heart of Paul in the care in this matter upon our great High Priest, who dungeon of Philippi. How visibly did its flame first kindled the flame of divine love within

and shine during the dreary darkness of his shipwreck. who alone can properly guard the sacred fire. May How again did the same fire glow in the breast of He minister to us the supply of the Holy Spirit, the sainted John, when the Saviour illumined with that that Divine Comforter may,

like the man whom His presence his convict cell at Patmos.

Christian saw in the House of the Interpreter, keep recent times the dreary coast of Patagonia, a water- the flame in fresh lustre by pouring secret supplies logged boat, absence of food, the want of friends, of oil upon it. Blessed Spirit, breathe upon this the proximity of savage tribes, all these many fire! Arise, O south wind, with thy gentle gale; waters could not extinguish the flame that glowed in and even if it be needful, 0 north wind come, with the heart of the missionary Surgeon William when thy invigorating breezes, that the fire of divine love, he wrote with feeble hands in his diary that not a from a feeble, flickering thing, may spread into moment sat heavily upon him ; that the irradiation a steady flame, and minister heat, radiance, and of divine love cheered him, and that he would not comfort to all around us. exchange his condition for an emperor.

" Jesus, Tbine all-victorious love Death itself has proved utterly unable to extin

Shed in my soul abroad;

Then sball my heart ro longer rove, guish this flame, and has, on the contrary, only

Rooted and fixed in God. made it burn the more clearly. So was it in the

Oh! that in me the sacred fire

Might now begin to glow, case of the sainted Frances Ridley Havergal, in our

Burn up the dross of base desire, own day; and so was it a century ago with the

And make the mountains flow."


In more



We are


comfort there is in the word : The day's portion for its day. That word takes away all care for the morrow most completely. Only to-day is thine;

to-morrow is the Father's. And the people shall go out and gather the portion of a

The question: What day in her day”—Ev. xvi. 4, zsarg.

security hast thou that during all the years in which The day's portion in its day: Such was the rule thou hast to contend with the coldness, or temptafor God's giving and man's working in the ingather- tions, or trials of the world, thou wilt always abide ing of the manna. It is still the law in all the in Jesus ? is one thou needest, yea, thou mayest, not dealings of God's grace with His children. A clear ask. Manna, as thy food and strength, is given insight into the beauty and application of this only by the day; faithfully to fill the present is thy arrangement is a wonderful help in understanding, only security for the future. Accept and enjoy, and wherever one, who feels himself utterly weak, can fulfil with thy whole heart the part thou hast this have the confidence and the perseverance to hold on day to perform. His presence and grace enjoyed brightly through all the years of his earthly course. to-day will remove all doubt whether thou canst A doctor was once asked by a patient who had met entrust the morrow to Him too. with a serious accident, “ Doctor, how long shall I How great the value which this truth teaches us have to be here?” The answer, “ Only a day at a

to attach to a single day!

so early time," taught the patient a precious lesson. It was led to look at life as a great whole, and to neglect the same lesson God had recorded for His people of the little to-day; we forget that the single days all ages long before-The day's portion in its day. do indeed make up the whole, and that the

It was without doubt with a view to this, and to value of each single day depends on its influence on meet man's weakness, that God graciously appointed the whole. One day lost is a link broken in the the change of day and night. If time had been chain, which it often takes more than another day given to man in the form of one long unbroken to mend. One day lost influences the next, and day, it would have exhausted and overwhelmed makes its keeping more difficult. Yea, one day him; the change of day and night continually lost may be the loss of what months and years of recruits and recreates his powers. As a child who careful labour had secured. The experience of many early makes himself master of a book, when each a believer could confirm this. day only the lesson for the day is given him, would Believer, would you abide in Jesus ? let it be day be utterly hopeless if the whole book were given by day. You have already heard the message him at once; so it would be with man if there were moment by moment; the lesson of day by day has no divisions in time. Broken small and divided something more to teach. Of the moments there into fragments, he can bear them ; only the care and are many where there is no direct exercise of the the work of each day have to be undertaken the mind on your part; the abiding is in the deeper day's portion in its day. The rest of the night fits récesses of the heart, kept by the Father, to whom him for making a fresh start with each new morning; you entrusted yourself. But just this is the work the mistakes of the past can be avoided, its lessons that with each new day has to be renewed for the improved. And he has only each day to be faithful day,—the distinct renewal of surrender and trust for the one short day, and long years and a long life for the life of moment by, moment. God has take care of themselves, without the sense of their gathered up the moments and bound them up

into length or their weight ever being a burden. a bundle, for the very purpose that we might take

Most sweet is the encouragement to be derived measure of them. As we look forward in the from this thought in the life of grace. Many a morning, or look back in the evening, and weigh soul is disquieted with the thought as to how it the moments, we learn how to value them, and will be able to gather and to keep the manna needed how to use them rightly. And even as the Father, for all its years of travel through such a barren with each new morning, meets you with the wilderness. It has never learnt what unspeakable promise of just sufficient manna for the day for

yourself and those who have to partake with you, * Extract from a very valuable and suggestive book ineet Him with the bright and loving renewal of entitled “ Abide in Christ,” by A. M. (See Notices of Books at the end of this number.)

your acceptance of the position He has given you

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in His beloved Son. Accustom yourself to look apart is an unceasing and ever-increasing growth upon this as one of the reasons for the appoint- Each day of faithfulness brings a blessing for the ment of day and night. God thought of our next; makes both the trust and the surrender easier weakness, and sought to provide for it. Let each and more blessed. And so the Christian life grows : day have its value from your calling to abide in as we give our whole heart to the work of each day, Christ. As its light opens on your waking eyes, it becomes all the day, and from that every day. accept it on these terms : A day-just one day And so, each day separately, all the day continually, only, but still a day-given to abide and grow day by day successively, we abide in Jesus. And up in Jesus Christ. Whether it be a day of the day makes up the life. What once appeared too health or sickness, joy or sorrow, rest or work, of high and too great to attain, is given to the soul that struggle or victory; let the chief thought with was content to take and use "every day his portion" which you receive it in the morning thanksgiving (Ezra iii. 4), " as the duty of every day required.” be this: “A day that the Father gave; in it I may, Even here on earth the voice is heard : “Well done, I must, become more closely united to Jesus.” As good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful the Father asks, “ Can you trust Me, just for this over few, I will make thee ruler over many ; enter one day, to keep you abiding in Jesus, and Jesus to thou into the joy of thy Lord.” Our daily life keep you fruitful?" you cannot but give the joyful becomes a wonderful interchange of God's daily response, “I will trust, and not be afraid."

grace and our daily praise : “Daily He loadeth us The day's portion for its day was given to Israel with His benefits ; " "that I may daily perform

I in the morning very early. The portion was for use my vows." We learn to understand God's reason and nourishment during the whole day, but the for daily giving, as He most certainly gives, only giving and the getting of it was the morning's work. enough, but also fully enough, for each day. This suggests how greatly the power to spend the We begin to number our days, not from the sun's day aright, to abide all the day in Jesus, depends on rising over the world, nor by the work we do or the the morning hcur. If the first-fruits be holy, the food we eat, but by the daily renewal of the miracle lump is holy. During the day there come hours of of the manna, the blessedness of daily fellowship intense occupation in the rush of business or the with Him who is the Life and the Light of the throng of men, when only the Father's keeping can world. The heavenly life is as unbroken and conmaintain the connection with Jesus unbroken. The tinuous as the earthly; the abiding in Christ each morning manna fed all the day; it is only when the day has for that day brought its blessing ; we abide believer in the morning secures his quiet time in in Him every day, and all the day. Lord, make secret to distinctly and effectually renew loving this the portion of each one of us ! fellowship with his Saviour that the abiding can be kept up all day. But what cause for thanksgiving that it may be done! In the morning, with its It is a maxim in the doctrines of holiness, that freshness and quiet, the believer can look out upon the holy soul is crucified to its own virtues, although ,

The the day. He can consider its duties and its tempta meaning of this saying is this, the holy soul is so

it possesses them in the highest degree. tions, and pass them through beforehand, as it were, crucified to self in all its forms, that it practises the with His Saviour, throwing all upon Him who has virtues without taking complacency in its virtues as undertaken to be everything to him. Christ is his its own, and even without thinking how virtuous manna, his nourishment, his strength, his life : he it is.-- Fenelon. can take the day's portion for the day, Christ as his, God requires a constant co-operation—a co-operafor all the needs the day may bring, and go on in tion moment by moment—what some writers have the assurance that the day will be one of blessing

described as living to God by the moment." It and of growth.

is a universal law, unalterable as God is, and

lasting as eternity, that no created being can be And then, as the lesson of the value and the truly holy, useful, or happy, who is knowingly and work of the single day is being taken to heart, the deliberately out of the line of Divine co-operation learner is all unconsciously being led on to get the even for a moment. Accordingly we are to con

as consecrated to God.

sider every moment secret of “day by day continually " (Ex. xxix. 38).

7. C. Upham, D.D. The blessed abiding grasped by faith for each day


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