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we find that, after hearing of the sickness of a loved “Not for a while” (Luke xviii. 4). This is the one, He abode two days in the same place, and history of all unanswered prayer for spiritual bless that not until Lazarus had been in the grave four ing, for ourselves or others. We have prayed over days, did He raise him from the dead. and over again, yet no answer has come, and we are Jesus waits still. He sits on the right hand of tempted to give up in despair, saying, “ Hath God God, until His enemies be made His footstool forgotten to be gracious ?” (Ps. lxxvii. 9). The solu- (Ps. cx. 1). As the Good Shepherd, He waits till tion of the difficulty, however, is rather to be found in each wanderer is gathered ; as the Bridegroom, these words, “ Not for a while.” The parable from until the Bride is prepared for her Husband which they are taken teaches us that" delays are not (Rev. xxi. 2), when He will come again and receive denials.” The poor widow who implored, vengeance her unto Himself (John xiv. 3). When we each went again and again to a judge “which feared not think how God had waited for the possession of God, neither regarded man,” and at length her our hearts, drawing us to Himself with the “bands importunity prevailed. How much more shall He of love” (Hosea xi. 4), can wonder if He who “delighteth in mercy" (Micah vii. 18), and would have us to wait for the accomplishment of who invites His people to pour out their requests His purposes, in providence and grace? Waiting is before Him (Ps. Ixii. 8), grant their petitions, even one of the lessons in Christ's school, a method “though He bear long with them.”

which He frequently chooses for the discipline and Among the numerous promises we have of answers education of His scholars. to prayer, we are never told when the answer shall Waiting teaches us to recognise God's sovereignty. be. God is never in a hurry, but is a waiting God. If we could be sure of getting what we want We can trace this alike in His works of nature and directly we ask for it, we should forget to look grace. Science tells us that the days of creation, upon it as gist from God; our prayers would when the earth was being prepared for man, were become demands; and we should look upon His long ages in duration. The buried coal lay below free gifts as our right. in the earth for centuries, ere it was discovered and By waiting we learn dependence upon God, as in used by man. The seed sown in the ground dies, no other way, if ve wait in the spirit of the and remains unseen for weeks and months, before Psalmist when he says, " Behold as the eyes of there is the faintest sign of its growth, and the hus- servants look unto the hand of their masters, bandman needs long patience before the harvest is so our eyes wait upon the Lord our God, until that ready for the sickle.

He have mercy upon us” (Ps. cxxiii. 2); looking In God's purposes of grace, we find the same law away from earth, expecting only from Him (Ps. of waiting. No sooner had sin come into the world lxii. 5): and we may be sure this expectation will than the promise of a Deliverer was given ; but not be disappointed, for “they shall not be ashamed there was a long interval before its fulfilment. The that wait for Me (Isa. xlix. 23). The whole promise was made to Abraham, that his seed should creation wait upon God, depending on Him for their possess the land of Canaan ; yet not until the reign meat “ in due season ” (Ps. civ. 27, and cxlv. 15); of Solomon, and then only for a short period, have and shall man, who alone of all God's works can the children of Israel been in full possession of their know Him, and for whom He has not spared His inheritance; which leads us to believe that there is a only Son (Rom. viii. 32), depend upon Him less to still more complete fulfilment of the promise in satisfy his needs ? store for them.

Waiting exercises our faith and patience. These The Son of God, during His life on earth, knew increase by exercise, as the muscles of our bodies what it was to wait. We can imagine how, in His grow stronger by use. In waiting, God would have infinite love, He must have longed to accomplish us give Him our trust and confidence as to the time the gracious purpose for which He came; yet He and way in which He will accomplish His purposes; passed thirty years in comparative obscurity, doubt- believing that all things will eventually "work less continually grieved with the sight of sin and together for good” (Rom. viii. 28). He “knows" suffering around Him. Among the instances that cur patience (Rev. ii. 2), and recognises our faith as we have of His waiting during His public ministry, work for Him (John vi, 29).



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Waiting brings us near to God in prayer, as This is a condition of successful prayer.

If we are nothing else does. Sometimes our hearts grow luke- waiting for spiritual blessings for those among

whom warm, and our prayers cold. Then, if we are led to our lot is cast, we may

more in this


than desire some blessing, which brings us often to Him in any other, by testifying of Christ by our lives; in earnest supplication, we learn anew the power of manifesting His power to keep from sin, to give prayer. Like Abraham, in intercession for Sodom, peace and consolation in trouble.

Thus we can we draw near to God (Gen. xviii. 23).

show the reality of our faith, more than by words. Waiting brings us into union and fellowship We are to wait hopefully. Hope is a steppingwith Christ. Let us remember this to our comfort stone to patience. “If we hope for that we see not, when we are waiting for answers to prayer, con

then do we with patience wait for it” (Rom. viii. 25). cerning those we love. In interceding for them, we “ Hope with a goodly prospect feeds tho ese are engaged in the same work as our Great High

Shows from a rising ground possessions nigli,

Shortens the distance and o'erlooks it quite, Priest above, who " ever liveth to make interces

So easy 'tis to travel with the sight." sion” (Heb. vii. 25). God waits that He may be And what firm foundations we have for our hope; gracious (Isa. xxx. 18). Thus we wait with Him the promises of God; the character of God, who as well as for Him.

withholds no good thing from them that walk We are all naturally so impatient, and God, uprightly (Ps. lxxxiv. 11); and the experience of knowing what a difficult lesson waiting would be Ilis people. for us, has not only enforced it by commands,

With this hope we may even wait joufully, but encouraged us by promises of what the re- rejoicing in hope” (Rom. xii. 12), as the disciples

who, when waiting for the promise of the Holy sult shall be. “ Wait on the Lord; be of good Ghost, bad " great joy, and were continually courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart" praising and blessing God” (Luke xxiv. 52, 53). (Ps. xxvii. 14); “They that wait upon the Lord So we may rejoice as we look forward to promised shall renew their strength” (Isa. xl. 31); “ He blessing, which, though it may “ tarry long," must shall exalt thee” (Ps. xxxvii. 31): and as to the desire of our hearts in this world, yet He

We cannot tell when ; God may not give us


may the certainty of the blessing coming, we have the have a “ surprise of joy” for us in a very short promise, “ Though it tarry wait for it, because it time. Meanwhile we can praise Him for His faithwill surely come; it will not tarry” (Hab. ii. 3). fulness, who will give it us at the right time,

Our attitude in waiting should therefore be rest knowing that in due time we shall reap in joy the ful. “It is good that a man should both hope tears (Ps. cxxvii. 5).

seeds of prayer, which we have sown amid many and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord”

While we are waiting, God is preparing us for the (Lam. iii. 26). We are so fond of clinging to our blessing. We read of certain villages, that Jesus burdens when God would have us cast them on could do there no mighty works because of their Him (Ps. lv. 22) and rest (Ps. xxxvii. 7). He unbelief.' Unbelief hinders. Let us limit God

no longer, but open our mouths wide that He would have us treat Him as a Friend, in giving

may fill them' (Ps. Ixxxi. 10). Let us beware of them to Him. Who does not know the sad hap- retarding the blessing. God may be saying to us, piness of being allowed to share a sorrow with a According to your faith be it unto you.” Can we

I friend. It is one of the privileges of Friendship. answer “ Yea,” to the question "Believe ye that I

am able to do this?” (Matt. ix. 28, 29). If we have “cast our burden " on God, do not let

Meanwhile God is also preparing the blessing for us rob Him by taking back what we have given us, and will give it directly it is ready for us, and Him, but sit still until we "know how the matter

we for it.

" Since the beginning of the world men will fall” (Ruth iii. 18); like Mary, sitting at the feet have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither of Jesus, hearing His words (Luke x. 39). Some. hath the eye seen, o God, beside Thee, what times, when called to wait, we restle ssly long to do He hath prepared for him that waiteth for Him” times, when called to wait, we restlı ssly long to do (Isa. lxiv. 4). We know not God's dealings now, something which we think may bring about the bat we shall know hereafter (John xiii. 7): and desired result; but generally our strength is to when we see “ face to face' we shall doubtless sit still ” (Isa. xxx. 7), though always in readiness praise Him, not only for blessings bestowed, but to follow Him, if He shows us the way.

for lessons learned in hours of waiting.

A. M. V. We are to wait “abiding in Christ(Jolin xv. 7).

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Lord.” “ Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, THOUGHTS ON CONSECRATION

whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth MEETINGS.

in Thee ” (Isa. xxvi. 3). So we would again

repeat, it is “according to your faith” (Matt. The object of meetings upon this subject is to ix. 29). gain help by looking into God's Word to see that What is the great need of a soul after conversion ? the Lord Jesus Christ not only came to bear our It is still—Salvation. But have I not got salvation sins on the Cross, and deliver us judicially from already? Yes! Salvation from the sentence of the their penalty, but that He is willing to be to His broken law is yours; but not salvation from the people a Saviour from sin, and is prepared, if they threefold enemy-the world, the flesh and the devil. will trust Him, to keep them from sin, and give Now,it is at this point, you will find the battle begins. them the victory over habits, temptations, failures, The believer longs to live for Him who has given by which perhaps, hitherto, they have been con- His life for him ; but unseen enemies, hitherto tinually overcome. Ps. lvi. 13 : “ Thou hast deli. slunbering, now appear, tempting from within and vered my soul from death, wilt Thou not deliver from without. How is salvation from them to my feet from falling?" Ps. cxix. 94: “I am be obtained, and how are they to be overcome ? Thine, save me."

By “the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be Just as the unconverted, but seeking, soul thinks able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked " that it must work and labour in order to obtain (Eph. vi. 16). salvation, but finds in God's Word that it is What do you mean by the shield of faith ? pardoned by simply resting on the finished work Faith becomes my shield, when it claims from of Another, so the believer, who after conversion God what He offers, viz., power to keep me from desires to be kept from daily sin, is perplexed until sin. God says, “ I will keep thee.” Faith says, he sees that he also is to obtain deliverance in a "I thank Thee, Lord; then now I will expect to be similar way; and that God calls upon him for kept;" and thus, forth with, faith commits the a second definite act of faith, in order to obtain this keeping of the soul to God, and claims from Him deliverance; just as definite an act of faith as at the victory. first brought him into the enjoyment of pardon and We know that nothing God offers becomes ours peace.

until the hand of faith grasps and appropriates it It From the Scripture quoted above, it is clear that is so with salvation at first; we are saved from the we may expect to be thus kept, and God confirms sentence of condemnation, when we appropriate this by Prov. iii. 26 : “ The Lord shall be thy the death of Christ in our stead. In the same way, confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being we obtain deliverance from our " after-foes," when taken.” Ps. xxv. 15 : “Mine eyes are ever unto by faith we accept the victory of Christ over them the Lord, for He shall pluck my feet out of the as our victory, and trust in Him fur continual net.” 2 Thess. iii. 3 : “ The Lord is faithful, who triumph. shall stablish you, and keep you from evil." Also But on what ground is this victory ours? Jer. xxxi. 10: He ... will gather him, and On this ground, that Christ has fought and conlieep him as a shepherd doth his flock.” And quered for me ; and now, realising that He and I are Isa. xxvii. 3 : “I, the Lord, do keep it. I will water one, and that I am in Him, I claim to occupy His it every moment; lest any hurt it, I will keep position of victory; I fight, not for victory, but from it night and day." And Matt. i. 21: " He shall His victory; I pursue a conquered foe, one that Ile save His people from their sins." But God only has conquered. gives, what the hand of faith will claim. "According In illustration, see Josh. x. 24, 25 : “Put your to your faith be it unto you."

feet upon the necks of these kings. Fear not; . . . for Peter

says, “ Commit the keeping of your soul thus shall the Lord do, to all your enemies against unto Him." Paul said, “I know whom I have whom ye fight.” His command is, “ Put your feet trusted, and am persuaded that He is able to keep upon their necks." He conquers, not I, but I enter that which I have committed unto Him." David in and claim His victory as mine. See Rom. xvi. says (Ps. xxxvii. 5), “ Commit thy way unto the 20 : “The God of peace shall bruise Satan under

Your feet."

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He does it, but must have my feet to Eph. v. 18:“Be filled with the Spirit.” Luke thus exhibit His victory. *

xxiv. 49 : “Ye shall be endued with power.” If I am thus to reap through Christ all the Gen. xxxii. 28 : " Thou shalt have power with advantage of His finished work and accomplished God and with man.” victory, does He not then demand something from me! Before getting this power, we must have the

Yes, indeed. After appropriation, comes consecra- purity; but when we have purity, power for His tion. Nothing less than the entire surrender of service immediately follows. Thus it is — peace,

- , my all, my will, and my self to Him. At first, purity, power. with His victories, and my gain in view, this God cannot use an unclean instrument. Isa. lii. surrender may appear easy. But soon, I begin to 2: “Be ye clean that bear the vessels.''

When we discover a multitude of idols, dearer to me than I have got a new heart, our prayer must be, “ Create had realised, and secret sins now shine out in the in me a CLEAN heart.” 2 Tim. ii. 21:“A vessel light of His countenance. All must go; I may not meet for the Master's use." flinch nor draw back. Heart-searching work this ! Have we seen this before ? “ There's more to All for Jesus? Yes! All. Count the cost. Each follow" thing we know that can come between us and Him, Do we possess this deliverance from self and sin, and so break our communion, must, one by one, be and the gift of power for service ? HAVE WE GOT it ? brought out and openly surrendered ; not abandoned With some, so great has been the salvation thus remerely-abandonment may be to remain an enemy ceived, that they have called it a second conversion. -full surrender means giving up to Him, on the This is impossible, as there can be but one new same principle as, “Cast all your care on Him," not birth ; yet it is no less a definite act of faith to cast all your care away. Some would forsake sins claim Christ as your Saviour-deliverer from the only, not also bring them to Him, and confess them. power of present daily sin, than it is to claim Him God says (Prov. xxviii. 13), “Whoso confesseth as your Saviour—the Substitute who suffered in and forsaketh.” “If we confess our sins," &c. your stead. He wants to be your present daily (1 John i. 9.) When this searching process has deliverer, as well as your past deliverer. thoroughly done its work, when all has been sur. Now to the point. Will you let Him be this? rendered, and the precious blood has purged the It is a case of “only let Him." He wants to be. heart, then the Lord by His Spirit comes in to dwell. He will be. He asks you for but one thing, a “ The Lord whom you seek, shall suddenly come to definite act of faith to claim Him as such. You His temple.” Then we find we can say (Ps. cxvi. 8): understand it now ;-if you have not had this “ Thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine transaction with Him - He waits, He has done eyes from tears, and my feet from falling."

His part, He now waits for you to do yours. A Thus, God's order seems to be peace, then purity. definite act of claiming Him as your Deliverer. New birth, conversion, forgiveness - this is peace. Surrender, consecration-this is purity.

Perhaps this blessing is yours. You may have When these two are ours, we are fitted for His found Him to be a deliverer from daily sin, but use, and for such use He will add power (Acts i. 8), you in some way lack a very full enjoyment of your “Ye shall receive power” (see margin), the power possession. Too many are in this position. We of the Holy Ghost.”

think we can show you the cause of this lack.

When God by His Son, reveals any truth to us, To be very practical : take the case of my quick temper. Something aroused it. Over and over again it has conquered He wants us to tell it out to others—to openly How shall I become continuously victorious ? The

How often moment I am conscious of my foe, I at once lift my heart to acknowledge what He has done for us. the Lord. I present my shield of faith and say, “ Lord, this we find when an unbeliever is brought to Christ, that temper is one of the foes Thou hast conquered. I CLAIM from there is no full realisation of forgiveness or assurance Thee power to overcome. I trust Thee to keep me from being surprised into one hasty word.” Thus, trusting Jesus, I am of possession of Eternal Life, UNTIL an open conkept, I am victorious. Surely this is a very practical way of fession is made before men ; but after this act of dealing with a foe. And if the Lord can thus keep us rictorious for five minutes, He can keep us for half an hour; confession, God seems to give a full rest, peace, and and if for half an hour, can He not for the whole day? Thus our daily life becomes a continual path of victory instead of defcat.

When we obtain a blessing, unless we own it

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before men, we are likely to lose it or the enjoyment entered, Beersheba in the long distance from Jezreel is of it. What we give, we keep; what we keep, we reached. Still the fugitive presses on; until at length, lose. “ Whosoever shall confess Me before men, foot sore and weary and dejected to the last degree, he sits him will I confess also before My Father which is down under a japiper.tree in the wilderness, and wishes for in heaven” (Matt. x. 32). “For with the heart man bimself that he may die. This is Elijah! Here he is, the believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth prey of deep depression; forgetful of the past, giving all confession is made unto salvation ” (Rom. x. 10). up, wanting God to take away his life. God has not once

It is evident, therefore, that when God gives any- failed him. Not to any extent at all has one single foe thing to His children, He calls for a definite open prevailed against him. And God bas given no intimation or act of acknowledgment to confess it. There is no indication of withdrawing His havd, or ceasing to stand by such thing as concealed blessing. God does not him. And yet he is utterly prostrate under this juniper-tree, conceal His blessings ; nor would He have Ilis in sheer despair! Elijah's trust is gone! Like Peter, long children conceal what they have received from Him. after, he sees only' waves' and ' billows' in which he feels If you

have found Christ to be a deliverer from himself' beginning to sink.' A while ago, Elijah saw in the self and daily sin, through just handing all over to giant • wares' only scope for the exercise of the almighty Him, confess this blessing before men, and you will controlling power of Him in whom he trusted. • Wares ! have a full enjoyment and realisation of it such as

(he might have exclaimed), 'what are waves to God-my you have never had before, and God will use your God ?

Now, the wrath of an angry woman is to him life and testimony as a means of blessing to others.

utterly overwhelming: there is no standing against it: fear paralyses him,- sea, he tells God he does not wish to live

any longer,-he would rather die at once! Ah, his trust is UNION OF 'ALL FOR JESUS' DISCIPLES.


I ask: Ought the child of God ever to be depressed ? His November, 1882.

privilege is to trust always. Can trust and depression co. 1. Text: 'He. sat down under a juniper-tree; and he exist ? Do they not mutually exclude each other? If I am requested for himself that he might die' (1 Kings xix. 4). trusting, can I be depressed ? If I am depressed, can I be

This is Elijah ! One is startled, perplexed, disappointed. trusting? Is pot trust preventive of depression, as well as Awbile ago we saw him on Mount Carmel surrounded by its antidote; and its far more excellent use ? the thronging thousands of Israel, undismayed by the bold Perbaps the people of God of all times have known much audacity of the worshippers of Baal, and confidently appeal of this ‘juniper-tree' experience. Was not Jacob beneath ing to God to vindicate His own honour and confound its dark shade when he exclaimed, ' All these things are Baalim. We saw him, too, immediately after the grand against me'? And Job, when he opened his mouth, and demonstration of the supreme majesty of God which followed cursed the day of his birth'? And David, when he so lost his appeal, taking God's hand and earnestly pleading for the heart as to cry, 'Oh that I had wings like a dove, for then sorely-needed rain,-yea, refusing to be denied the request would I fly away and be at rest'? And Jeremiah, when he of his lips. We saw him entering Jezreel—the chariot of said, 'Cursed be the day wherein I was born'? And Jonah, Ahab closely following-while the heavens above grew black when ‘be wished in himself to die' because his gourd had with clouds and the welcome deluge began to descend. withered ? And in how many instances from their days * Great, grand man! God has stood by thee; has responded until now bave God's people, forgetful of their privilege, to thy appeal, heard thy prayer, established thy word ! given way to a similar spirit of deep depression and despon. Thou art going to sing thy “ Alleluia” now, and wilt go dency. “Father,' said a little boy, who had climbed upon forward in greater strength of dovotion than ever to serve his parent's knee, and got within his arms, when he beheld him thy God!' Ab, how quickly may eager expectations be in a paroxysm of overwhelming grief,' Father, Is God dead ?' brought low! We look for still further proofs of all. Oh tbat a similar startling inquiry might reach the ear of every courageous trust, and unfailing, unflattering confidence in one of God's children when, alas, they make the juniper-tree those whom God has greatly honoured. But alas, we are their refuge in times of trouble ! • When'? But why often disappointed. Instead of invincible courage we see should it ever be their resort ? It grows in the wilderness :' depression. Instead of the impetuous advance, as of a but the Land of Promise' is for them, where they may warrior flushed with victory, we hear doleful laments and ex. restfully rejoice in the Lord 'all the day long.' pressions of despair.

We mark Elijah's great mistake. He should not have lost Thus it was with Elijah. Possibly he was in danger of heart, should not have fled, should not have asked God to being exalted above measure by the great events at Carmel, take away his life; all this was wrong. He should have and God may have seen fit to leave him to himself for a remembered how wonderfully God bad stood by him in the season. Elijah was nothing without God. See: there he past, and have firmly trusted Him still. is, filled with craven fear, fleeing from the face of an angry Is not his privilege ours also ? May not God's people woman! On and on he speeds, on and on, still further and trust Him firmly, fully, under all circumstances, and at all further away from the scene of danger, out of reach of times ? God is not dead'; no, nor afar off'; neither has Jezebel's furious rage. Samaria is traversed, Judea is | He'forgotten to be gracious '; and that which He has pro.


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