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the destruction of sin, but for the salvation of the NOTES OF ADDRESS BY DR. ELDER unjust. But I would like to understand more tho

CUMMINGS. roughly the force of the condemnation of sin in the flesh of Christ. " He that hath suffered in the

PERTH-SEPTEMBER 13TH-EVENIXG. flesh hath ceased from sin." I do not understand

(Sent by a Lady.) that saying yet. When our sins were laid upon our

Epu, 11. 13.-" In Christ Jesus." Lord what took place was a condemnation of them. The sins of His disciples were then sentenced to be This expression, “In Christ Jesus," or its destroyed. So you see how intimately our justifi-' equivalent, occurs eleven times in this chapter and cation and our sanctification are connected ; justification when we apprehend it deeply enough is

the first chapter of Ephesians. the virtual execution of our sins. It is the sentence

1. In Christ Jesus is the place of Pardon. All of God to slay our sins and to save our persons. men need pardon. All men must begin with And here we stand between two ultras. It is the pardon. When once the eye of a sinner is opened evil extreme of Romanism that it deprives sanctifi- to see himself, the first thing he sees is sin.

It is cation of its legal grounds; and it is the evil of an ultra-Protestantism that it stops short at the act of

a most strange and awful thought that in every justification, or omits the very close nexus between

unrenewed heart there is such a mass of evil and it and sanctification ; the connection is not insisted corruption that God can see nothing else, and yet on so much as the distinction. The judicial sen- that till God touches the heart man does not see it. tence passes into effect, and all that passes in our

I do not know that there is any sight so awful as sanctification is adjudicated in our justification. It

that which a man sees when he comes to look into takes place personally in our union to Christ, but it is all virtually contained in the life and death of his own heart. You have heard or read of a man Christ Himself. God's pardon of our persons and going out of the light into darkened places where

. the execution of our sins both take place in our

no light has penetrated for a long time. When the being (as the Apostle says)“ crucified with Christ”; door is opened and the light streams in what a nor can I ever consider justification and sanctification farther separated than as a legal sentence, and the sight it is! Noxious creatures creep out of sight actual execution of it. Christ came to “condemn on every hand. What a picture of a man's heart sin in the flesh ;” and that the law could not do, when the light of God first breaks in upon it, .. because it was “ weak through the flesh.” But the and he looks back upon the past. . . . And therelaw could always say of sin that it was a moral evil; fore we begin with the need of pardon. Oh, my and so it becomes an important question, in what sense it could not condemn sin. The Apostle also God, how shall my sins be taken away? Is there tells us that “the strength of sin is the law.” The any way of escape from them on this side of the law, therefore, which is its strength, cannot condemn grave? Where is the place of deliverance from the it. It denounces it and is wroth against it. But it past? Then you see the Cross, and by an act of cannot destroy it. Rather the opposite. The law faith you place yourself in Christ, and there, there may pass sentence on the wrong-doer, and even place is pardon, free, complete pardon, so that I can now him under the ban of the empire, as in that old face all the past, all that Satan brings up against German sentence of outlawry, “ We turn thee forth me, standing in Christ Jesus as the place of pardon. upon the ways of the world, and no man can sin 2. In Christ Jesus is the place of Assurance. against thee.” But I have no doubt that when the conscience of the Christian escapes far too freChrist "made His soul an offering for sin,” the sen- quently in our practical addresses. There are those tence then went forth that all sin atoned for was to who occasionally think that they are the children be put out of being,-out of existence. The of God, and have drops sometimes of brightness and only difficulty with me is why glorification does not gladness in their lives, but no settled assurance. immediately take place on our union with Christ, If you want assurance you may find it in Christ because the immediate point of union with Christ Jesus. It is marvellous that, with the word of God should be perfect holiness and blessedness. But before it, a soul should doubt at all, and still more God has so planned it that there must be an order marvellous that the soul should go on doubting for in the development of our lives

years whether it is a child of God. Take the whole "Wisest God says, No

of Christ with the simple hand of faith and you This must not yet be so.”

will find there pardon and assurance. And the Christian has to realise (what it is some- 3. In Christ Jesus is the place of Peace. I sat times very hard to realise) that he is now seated last night on the platform, and was surprised to see with Christ in heavenly places while he is fighting so many anxious, burdened faces, so few full of peace away upon earth.—The late Dr. Duncan, of Edin- and joy. Many faces full of doubt and anxiety, burgh, in Colloquia Peripatetica.

showing that the hearts within had not fully

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entered into peace, and yet few remained to the after-meeting. Do you want safety? In Christ

UNION OF 'ALL FOR JESUS' DISCIPLES. Jesus there is perfect peace and safety. There is no danger in the everlasting arms. We have heard to

December, 1882. day of our soldiers in Egypt who have won a great battle. What would be the state of mind of a 1. Text : The Lord hath blessed me hitherto' (Joshua soldier who had entered that field of battle know- xvii. 14). ing that he was in peace in Christ Jesus ? One of This was a praiseful acknowledgment. In the period of rest and calmness.

time covered by the ‘hitherto' a variety of incidents had 4. In Christ Jesus is the place of Holiness. The occurred, and the experiences of life bad been of divers kinds. great want of the Christian Church seems to be the There had been dark days as well as bright, rough places as want of personal holiness. How low is the level at well as smooth, circumstances that caused pain as well as which the Church of Christ is living! Let us others that gave pleasure. Enemies, we know, bad presented humble ourselves as we realise how far we have themselves in Israel's onward way, who could not be prevailed been living below the level of that vocation where- on by mere persuasion to stand a side.' No: they had to be with we have been called. Is not this your desire : confronted and overcome. The sword was found useful then,

Lord, let me draw nearer to Thee”? Then, dear and the belmet, and the shield, and the breastplate. Yes, Christian friend, that is what you may have. The and the presence of Joshua bad been most inspiring as the Lord is ready to give it. First of all let me ask, conflict began and went on, antil the cheer of victory pro“ Are you willing to have it whatever it may cost claimed that the route was again clear and the 'Advance' you

?" It will cost you your sins. If God shows might again be sounded. Under such a leader, victory after you that there is something in your heart or life victory might well be expected ; sea, bis army might en. that is evil, are you prepared to give it up for the courage the conviction that there should be 'No defeat,' for Lord's sake, to say, "Take that, Lord Jesus ; I am

was not God with bim according to His word, and might not willing to give it up to Thee.” And then that the promise be relied on 'I will not fail thee, por forsake solemn prayer,

“ Lord, show me what is wrong; thee, and was it not known to every man in the ranks that search me, o God, and know my heart ; try me and

the Lord fought for Israel'?—Ah but there had been defeat. know my thoughts, and see if there be any wicked Even Joshua himself was distressed. He ‘rent his clothes,' way

and lead me in the


and deplored before God that Israel had been compelled to Oh the solemnity of the touch with which God

'turn their backs before their enemies.' Something was lays His finger upon something which

may be very dear to us, or which we have forgotten, or which is wrong. The enemies might have been vanquished. The so interwoven with our circumstances, and says, Jericho. Bat God's 'conquering right hand' was not with

victory might have been with those who recently had taken That is the thing; on that depends whether you Joshua and his hosts at Ai, and hence this reverse. There will have the deeper blessing of a consecrated life.

was a cause, a 'secret thing' (known, however, to God) im.

peding Israel's advance, weakening their sword arm,' making A CRY IN THE DARK.

their hearts fail, and at length causing their ignominious SURELY the love to me

flight. God responded to Joshua's cry of distress, and told That, though my sin remains

him wby this disaster had occurred. Then came a great Unshaken, strong as death must be

searching of tents and of hearts; and by and by, the accursed And can unbind these chains.

thing' baving been diecovered and put away, Israel's vic.

torious career was gladly and grandly resumed. Yes, on they It is when I reject

went' from victory unto victory. At one time, Joshua called Thy grace, and doubt Thee so,

on Israel to put their feet on the necks of conquered kings. That-ceasing mercy to expect

Hostile armies were utterly defeated. Cities were destroyed. I fall before the foe.

Kingdoms were subdued. In short Joshua, at the head of To Thee my soul I give;

Israel, 'took the whole land." So, all God's dealings with His Help me to trust Thee more :

people were wise and right and good ; and the grateful acknow. Thy love is proved in that I live,

ledgment was heard 'The Lord has blessed me hitherto.' For I have sinned before.

Hitherto,'—i.e., 'to this moment and this place; from Stretch out Thy faithful hand

the beginning of the days, the journey, the campaign, the And draw me to Thy breast :

service, the discipleship, until now. God's dealings with me Astray and in a thorny land,

have been of divers kinds-among them chastenings, trials, I pant for want of rest.

rebukes—but He bas blessed me all along.' Ob, surely this Bring me, O bring me where

is the right view to take, and, taking it, there will certainly I still may bide in peace

be the praise. O keep me, Lord, for ever there,

We have reached the last month of another year. We And let my wanderings cease.

consider the past, and review the way with its incidents. We H M. T. mark where we went for a season in darkrees; but we also


see the lovely sun-lit region through which we sang 'the 2. FULL CONSECRATION : Lord's song' with increased delight. We remember the

'HITHERTO. exact spot where, alas, we fell: and we well recollect, too,

Hitherto the Lord hath blessed thee, that portion of the way where, very specially, our hearts

Glory to the great 'I AM'! burned within us,' as He took such rains with us in our

Hitherto the Lord hath saved thee, dulness and slowness to believe,' and explained to us certain

Glory to the bleeding Lamb!

Hitherto the Lord hath led thee; sorely perplexing mysteries, and instructed us still more

Glory to the Spirit be! perfectly in the things concerning Himself. Thus we note

Glory, everlasting glory the various incidents and experiences marking the bitherto,'

To the Holy Trinity ! -reviewing not merely the closing year but others preceding

Hitherto the Lord hath helped thee, it, and taking in items of trial, chastisement, disappointment,

Raise the 'Ebenezer' pile ; Borrow, as well as those of gladness and prosperity. And

And from henceforth He will guide thee

Onward through the little while.' oh, the love-awakening conviction that God has been blessing

Hitherto the Lord hath kept thee, all along, through the entire course of the hitherto'!

Hath 'forgiven until now': Whatever the nature of His dealings with us, He was intent

And the lifted hands are resting opon blessing us. Whatever He did, He blessed us. In

Still in blessing on thy brow. short, He did nothing but bless us! He instructed us

His the waves,' and His the billows' blessing us ; rebuked us — blessing us; corrected us—blessing

Dashing wildly thy frail barque ;

His the arms so all-sustaining us; encouraged us-blessing us; weakened us (we were too

Which upheld thee in the dark. strong in ourselves)—blessing us ; made us able to serve, and

His the power of grace triumphant, to fight, and to run the race-blessing us still. He humbled

Bringing rebel ‘Nature' low; us, and that was a blessing; showed us how ignorant we were,

His the love which sought and found thee,

And will never let thee go! and how unprofitable, and how we failed, and came short of the right mark,'—and that, too, was a blessing. He caused

Hitherto the Lord bath blessed thee, rough waves to rage and swell around us, until we were at

Through the ‘fire,' and through the 'flood”;

E'en the curse' is changed to blessing,' our wits' end, and made all His billows (mark, His !) to go

For the chosen ones of God. over us: He appointed for us circumstances of fiery trial

Every · Via Dolorosa,' or let other hands heat some furnace one seven times more

Every pathway lone and dim,

Tendeth unto benediction, than it was wont to be heated, and then Himself came and

When we tread it after Him! stayed the flames, so that they did us no harm, no not so

Hitherto the Lord hath blessed thee; much as to singe a hair of our head : and, in due time, He

Bring each weary load of care, brought us out into a wealthy place':--and that was all only

Lay it at the feet of Jesus— further and fuller blessing. He removed our dearest idols,'

Cast it down, and leave it there. and drove the money.changers' from the temple of our

Sing to Him the 'Alleluia'

Of a restful, trusting heart : heart, and cut the cable which prevented our utterly launch.

Bless thou Him; in mutual blessing ing away' for 'the other side,' - still blessing us. He showed

Let the dying year depart ! us that we had by no means experienced the 'uttermost' of

LUCY A. BENNETT.* His salvation; and that the holy life, as set forth in His word, was a glorious possibility : so that we had no rest day or night until we came ' up higher,' and believed in Ilim for full


Forsanctification-an experience we had, unbelievingly, reserved for heaven, or, at all events, the millennium ;—and that cer.

(a) The Union. That God may be pleased to use it for tainly was a blessing. Ho marked our (perhaps disguised) self-sufficiency and pride ; and saw our 'stiff-neck,' and heard

(6) The Members. That each one may be enabled to live our boastful words ; and, taking us in hand, taught us to 'All for Jesus' faithfully and fully. sing None of self, but all of Thee'; and, by His Spirit,

(c) All Christians. That God may fulfil in them all the enabled us to learn of Him who is meek and lowly in good pleasure of His goodness, and the work of faith with heart'; and oh, how great and real a blessing was that! In power. short, now that we rightly consider His dealings with us

(d) All Missions held this day, that many souls may be

saved. His rebukes, chastenings, teachings, trials; and mark how waves and storms fulfilled His purpose of love concerning us;

(e) Meetings held this day for the promotion of Holiness and note how every dark tunnel was in the homeward route, amongst God's people. and had sunshine above it and at the further end-we can REQUESTS : see most plainly that He bas of a truth been blessing us,

Pray forunceasingly, from the very first unto this day.

'A blessing on the work in my husband's parish (in There has, indeed, been much in the past whereof we are

Scotland).' now ashamed: but as for Him, may not the grateful acknow

Miss Bennett's new volume (* Alleluia Songs ') is dedi. ledgment be made by every one of us—for surely it is true cated to the members of the A. F. J. U. The price is 18. -The Lord hath blessed me hitherto !' Then -ALLELUIA! | Partridge & Co.

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His glory.

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Me, that (if it be God's will, and for His glory) an im- 2. Not the chosen people alone were to be the pending, overwhelming trial may be averted.'

This they were My husband, that both himself and his ministry may be recipients of the Great Salvation. more fully blessed. Also for the conversion of my six slow to learn. Do not we, who among the Gentiles children. Also for direction in my own work for the Lord, have been made partakers of the grace, need someand His blessing.'

• My Bible Class for servants, that the ansaved may be times to be reminded of this great truth? awakened.'

The selfishness of our Christianity is too apparent • The full consecration of my son, a clergyman.' My dear brother, who holds sceptical opinions, and is -our sympathies too limited.

“ All the world," addicted to drink ; that he may be saved.' "My husband, who is sio king, that Jesus may be very

every creature," "all nations,” are included in precious to bim.'

Christ's command, when He leaves to His Church

the great commission (Mark xvi. 15; Matt. xxviii. 4. PRAISE :

19). For• Blessing on our Gospel Temperance Mission at Band

So the momentary pause is to summon all the A ; ourselves blessed also.'

world—by anticipation—to sing the same Hallelujah • Much blessing on the Mission for which prayer was asked which the Church has taken up. in last Notice.' Spiritual healing (Luke xiii. 11.13).'

Then the Church takes up the strain again. His His teacbing and IIis keeping ; also for subduing a foe. within.' (Slaying? or ejecting ?)

mercy is vast, and His truth endures. Now Ps. cxviii. 1-4—His mercy endures for ever.

As far 'Grace be with you all. Amen.'

reaching as His truth.

3. Those whom He blessed--as in Psalm cxv.St. Paul's, Newport, Mon.

J. T. W.

the house of Israel, the house of Aaron,-those that fear the Lord, are now called upon to triumph in Him. His mercy

endureth for ever." No stinted Bible Study.

measure of blessing has been given, no stinted

measure of praise is to be rendered. PRAISE.

The Great Sufferer now speaks, "Out of the

strait I called on Jehovah.” Was not this the PSALMS CXVII. AND CXVIII.

strait He referred to in Luke xii. 50 ? Surely it There is a break in the Hymn of Praise—not in

But the Lord was with Him. He comforts praise itself—but in its range. Hitherto it is in Himself in that awful hour with the knowledge that Israel, the Land of Promise—in the Temple—but help was near. His enemies encompassed Him on now, in Psalm cxvii., the call is to the world. "All every side, but Jehovah was His strength and song ye nations," "all ye peoples" (ver. 1). The past --His salvation. That right hand that never fails and the future alike supply the theme. “Vast has to get the victory was upon Him. In the midst of been His

mercy,” "the truth of the Lord endures His sufferings le sees the door of Righteousness for ever" (ver. 2).

ajar. Soon to be opened as their result (vers. 15-20), Jerusalem was the centre and the home of praise, that the Righteous may enter in. as it was the place of the greatest manifestation of The voice of thanksgiving and the triumph are God's power and glory; of His gifts and goodness; both at hand. The builders appointed at the first the scene of the Great Sacrifice and the witness of - the family of Israel-may reject the Corner the Resurrection which testified to its acceptance. Stone, but it becomes the Correr Stone in spite of Much of this was but in anticipation when the them. It is all the Lord's doing,—the suffering, Psalm was written.

the deliverance, the triumph. That day, the Resur

. 1. This teaches another lesson of praise

rection Day, which He had made for triumph and “ Glory to Thee for all the grace

glory, is the day of exultation and gladness in I have not tasted yet.”

all ages to come. The loud Hosanna to the Son When the heart is hushed with the consciousness of David is heard from afar, and draws nearer and of Christ's presence and wells over with the thought nearer, till the shout is echoed back, “ Blessed is He of His love, then the promises become facts; the that cometh in the name of the Lord” (ver. 26; future-where the Lord has spoken-a very present Matt. xxi. 9). thing.

4. But one more reference in the midst of all this



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praise is made to the Victim, “Bound with cords, ruthlessly points out my faults?" Yes, correction even to the horns of the altar" (ver. 27); the is the first "love-mark" (Mark x. 21). “And if willing sacrifice, the perfect obedience, are both He loved, would He so sorely chasten?” And the complete, and nothing remains but the quiet utter- answer comes from the family of Bethany, whom ance of the heart, “My God, My God, I will thank " He loved," and therefore tried. And if He loves,

“ " Thee, I will exalt Thee. Oh! thank the Lord, for He cleanses (John xiii. 1-10). It is Christ's “duty" His mercy endureth for ever.”

to His “loved.” And He claims John. So the At the commencement of His sufferings it was, " love-marks” are correction, chastening, cleansing, “My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me!” Now at claiming. Do we bear these "marks of the Lord

“ the close of them it is, “ My God, I will thank Jesus”? Thee." Significant result !

The Overcoming Life. By Rev. E. W. Moore,

. 5. But the lesson to us who are the partakers of M.A. London: S. W. Partridge & Co. Cloth, ls. the benefit--so eternally secured,- What is it?

It will be a pleasure to many of our readers, The Lord hath given light (ver. 27). Not to as it is to ourselves, to find that our friend and

. Him only, but to us who believe.

contributor, Mr. Moore, is publishing a little book What does this demand ? The same result.

on the Christian life. We hope to notice it more The Christian life, if it be worth anything, is one fully next month; meanwhile we insert an extract of sacrifice. Have we the full blaze of light which from its pages in our present number, and warmly tells of pardon, deliverance, keeping, victory? The commend it as coming from the pen of a true call to us is, “ Bind the sacrifice with cords.” Let

witness. not your life be easy, luxurious, wayward, fitful, careless—bind it to the Great Altar, and take all the

Conquered and Kept ; or, the Gospel for the consequences. He will accept the sacrifice, and the Defeated. This is a second New Year Book, by the voice of praise and thanksgiving shall take the place Rev. C. A. Fox. It is a reprint of two addresses of doubt, of fear, of uncertainty. “Oh! thank the which have appeared in these pages: “The Place Lord, for His mercy endureth for ever.”

of Blessing," on Gen. xxxii., and “Confession and HENRY F. BOWKER.

Committal," on Hosea v. 15. We are thankful that others besides our readers will have the opportunity of reading words which have already proved the

finger of God to bring down many into the low Botices of Books,

place, which is alone the Place of Blessing.

The Prince in the Midst. By Sophia M. Nugent. Christ's Love- Marks.". A New Year's Address. London: James Nisbet & Co., 21, Berners Street. By the Rev. C. A. Fox. London : S. W. Partridge Price 1s. and Co., 9, Paternoster Row. Price 1d.

This little book will be welcomed by many, and Our readers will gladly welcome another book its pages cannot fail to find an answering chord in from one whose pen, as well as whose voice, has all “yielded” hearts, and to awaken a deep yearning been so much used by the Lord. This little book in those still afar off, after the blessed results of is not less full of the power of the Spirit than the crowning Him Lord of all. We cannot commend former ones, and we warmly commend it. It begins it better than by giving a few lines from the Preface with the following questions : “Blessed love-marks (aptly called "The Grace"), by the Rev. C. A. of Jesus! How precious they must be! Yea, how Fox:-priceless ! But how may I know them? Where “Although I should have preferred that this may I find them? ... Spirit of the living God, opening page should be left blank, on the principle answer me, I beseech Thee, for His love's sake !" that a good silence is the best preface to full speech; And He does answer; and when we can see them yet, as a clergyman, I cannot refuse to say grace upon ourselves, it will be a blessed new year indeed. before meat, especially as I cannot but recognise at The answer is given from the four, and only four, of the first place the invisible presence of the Master,

, whom it is distinctly said, that “Jesus loved." Are and the royal bounty of His table here spread before any asking, “ Can He love me, when His finger so us."

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