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discouraged " until the whole of His property is look up to Him with, Thou winnowest my path!
cleansed from its chaff, and the heap of wheat in I take this as Thy way of purifying me from the
“His garner" is "purely purged." But He is so chaff about me!"
tender as well, that He fans with such care, “that There are three things we want to know. (1) A
not the least grain shall fall to the ground" (Amos winnowed way: a daily path made so clear of daily
ix. 9). So His wheat is both secure and pure. Is chaff that He shall be glorified ; that “those which
there any one else we can trust so well? He has observe me" (Ps. xxvii. 11 margin) “shall find no
had long experience, and He "stays His rough occasion " against me. (2) This is a visible result,
wind in the day of the east wind” (Isa. xxvii. 8.), but we want to go deeper, and have a winnowed
and yet will not shrink from sending a vigorous will : a will in entire sympathy with His, a will
breeze if there is any sign of chaff or mould in the alongside of His, freed from the chaff of self, and
good grain.

of choice independently of Him; a will like His
In the Scriptures "chaff” is generally used of who said, “I delight to do Thy will ;” “not My
those who are not His people (Ps. i. 4; Jer. xxiii. will, but Thine, be done;" then (3) the result in
28; Dan. ii. 35, &c.). But when David speaks winnowed work; less perhaps in amount, but more
of his path being “winnowed," I think we may pure; work without mixture of motive, but done
take the chaff which the Lord is separating from alone for Him; careful, thorough soul-work with
us, as not necessarily representing evil things. Chaff others, and no mere superficial talk; words written
has been the support and the sheaf of the good solely as given by Him and with no desire of
grain, but it is useless when the grain is ripe. credit; all and everything done as seeing “ Jesus
And as we ripen there are things about us which only."
have to be dropped, even though not sinful in them- He will and can do all this, so let us from now
selves. These are just the things which are some- henceforth“ rear an altar to Him in the threshing-
times so difficult to decide about, the childish things floor” (2 Sam. xxiv. 18) ; let the place of winnow-
which have to be put away, the "weights" (distinct ing be the place of worship; may the place where
from “ the sin ") which have to be laid aside. It He separates become the consecrated place, and the
is specially from them that we need the wind of very threshing-floor become His temple : the very
the Spirit to clear us, and as we trust Him fully, spot once filled with the cleansing wind shall become
and leave the waving of the fan entirely in His the one filled by His consecrating glory. Say now,
hands, things will drop off which we could not have “Lord Jesus, I see Thee alone as my winnower;
torn off. He knows how to separate things from keep me looking beyond the fretting fan up to the
us which diminish the value of the grain, things Hand that holds it when my purposes are scattered,
which make our service less efficient. And we do enable me to trust Thee that it is only the chaff which
want to be of the utmost possible worth to Him.

is being loosened and lost: and though in my Then, as for the things which we and anyone Hand until Thou hast Thy full gain in the grain

ignorance I may ask Thee to cease, NEVER stay Thy else can plainly see to be sinful about us, the win- being throughly purged !" nowing is very likely to come through others. It may be gently, and with loving purpose; and it

Once I was sensible of my lameness, but did may be roughly, and unkindly. But even such not know that Jesus was to be my whole strength, will work His will in freeing us from chaff if we as well as righteousness. I saw His blood could accept it as from Him. Then we shall not try to purge away the guilt of sin, but I thought I had some “hasten our escape from the windy storm and natural might against the power of sin. Accordingly

I laboured to cut away my own corruptions, and tempest” because we know that even “the stormy

pray away my own will, but I laboured in the fire. wind is fulfilling His Word” of complete cleansing. At length God has shown me that I cannot drive

Let us accept this New Year the blessed fact, the devil out of myself, but Jesus Christ-blessed that He is winnowing His precious grain, and will be His name!--must say to the legion, “Come out." winnow until He has throughly purged His floor. I see that faith alone can purify the heart, as well as When a blast of sharp words meets us, or an be my All in everything—in wisdom, righteousness,

purify the conscience, and that Christ is worthy to unpleasant gust in home cares, or a very difficult sanctification, and redemption.—Extract from John breeze of someone's unkind temper stirs us, let us Berridge's Life.

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LITTLE daily worries

Press upon my heart, Overcharge my spirit

Till the tear-drops start. I can only bring them,

Mighty LORD! to Thee, Asking Thee to give me

Loving sympathy.

Little golden mercies

Flit across each day, Gilding every shadow

Lying in my way. Then I bring my gladness,

Loving LORD! to Thee, Thankful for the sunbeams

That Thou sendest me.

A THANKSGIVING MAN. “Giving thanks always for all things.”—Eph. v. 20.

" In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ concerning you.”—1 Thess. v. 18.

AN EXTRACT. WHEN you know more of my husband,” said Mrs. Foster, you will discover that his whole life is a holiday. He enjoys shutting himself up in his room to study and to read. He enjoys a walk with his children. He enjoys visiting the poor. He enjoys his duties as a clergyman. And though I am not always contented for him, though I think he should have had those honours in his profession which have been lavished on men with less ability and less learning, yet he is never discontented himself. Shall I tell you his secret?

He is a thanksgiving man.

"You too, Mr. C., must have much to thank God for; and in thanksgiving to God does there not blend usefulness to man, and such a sense of pasture in the usefulness as makes each day a holiday ?"

Mr. C. replied, “I believe man arrives at his highest state of moral excellence when labour and duty lose all the harshness of effort--when they become the impulse and habit of the life, -when, as the essential attributes of the beautiful, they are, like beauty, enjoyed as pleasures, and thus, as you expressed it, each day becomes a holiday. A lovely doctrine, not perhaps so lofty as that of the Stoics, but more bewitching ; only very few of us can practically merge our cares and our worries into so serene an atmosphere.”

“Some do so," rejoined Mrs. Foster, “ without knowing anything of asthetics, and with no pretence to be Stoics, but then they are

" Christians.” “The world says, we cannot expect to have such pure motives, none but enthusiasts expect it. Christ says that He expects it, because He has put it in our power to have such pure motives for being good. It is our guilt that we are selfish. He, and He only, can take out that spirit of self-seeking, and give a spirit of love and holiness in its place; and it is because He can do it that we are accounted guilty, if we are not renewed in the spirit of our minds, and changed from serving self to serving God."- Memorials of a Quiet Life. Reader, are you a

Thanksgiving man?
Are you a Christian ?

Little daily sin-flakes

Fall upon my soul, And I fear the darkness

May o'er-shroud the whole. Then I flee, confiding,

Precious LORD! to Thee, For Thy blood can cleanse me

Fully, perfectly.

Little weary moments

Full of faithless care,
Cost me many a heart-pang,

Hinder me in prayer.
But I kneel in sorrow,

Grieving o'er my sin, That my LORD's sweet promise Failed


trust to win.

There I find a refuge

In a loving LORD, Gladness in His promise,

Comfort in His Word;
Hidden thus in JESUS,

All my life shines bright,
All my heart is sunlit,
Full of joy and light !




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means by being separate from sinners" and "not conUNION OF “ALL FOR JESUS” DISCIPLES.

formed to this world.” And God's people are to “walk even

as He walked." Christ was in the world, and in the very February, 1882.

midst of sinners continually, possessed of one, all-absorbing, 1. Text: Be ye separate(2 Cor. vi. 17).

dominant purpose-pamely this : " to seek and to save that

which was lost.And this is, similarly, to be the dominant Separation is of the very essence of consecration. There may, of course, be separation without consecration ; but there purpose of our lives as followers of Christ, as respects our

position in the world and our relation to the unsaved. can be no true consecration without separation.

In intense sympathy with the Lord Jesus, believers will ever The separation of consecration may be regarded as, at once, have “ this one thing” to “do," namely, to live out His a severance and a surrender,

will; and this is His will—the salvation to the uttermost of Firet. The separation is unto God. The redeemed one

those for whom He died. For the furtherance of the great belongs to God.

Thou art Mine,” expresses God's claim intention of His incarnation and of His sufferings unto death, most distinctly. But the claim is sometimes disregarded, or

His people will be content to be utterly separated unto Him, at all events by no means fully admitted, perbaps for a long while after conversion. When it is recognised, and sea, will rejoice in it

. What “beating the air” it is to attempt

to draw the line, wbether “bard and fast” or elastic and preesed upon the conscience and the heart by the Holy Spirit

, loose. Some will run it so as to exclude theatres, balls, and there can be no rest until the response is made-a reponse pot

races; others add “ dress" concerts; while others still find of mere words, whether spoken or kung, but of currender to they must also exclude certain classes of "entertainments." God. And the surrender must be one of unqualified sub

What would Jesus do ? As for voluntary association with mission. Reservations will invalidate it. It must be both the people of the world for purposes of amusement, entertainvoluntary and complete. “ Yield yourselves unto God," is the Divine invitation. A full surrender is required of spirit consecrated life, how can it be? It cannot ! They who have

ment, or recreation, in the cases of those who would live the and soul and body, mind and heart and will, time and talents the mind of Christ will be in the midst of sinners, and yet and faculties and powers ; all, being God's, are to be upre. servedly surrendered to Him, and left with Him utterly for will be intensely compassionate towards them, as He was ;

out of sympathy with everything not of God, as He was ; His control, and use, and service. «« Ye are not your own,"

will be possessed of the desire and purpose to seek their says the Apostle Paul, “for ye are bought with a price ; salvation, as He was; and will be occupied, as opportunity therefore glorify God in your bodies and in your spirits, is given, with the one great enterprise of leading them back which are God's."

to God, as He was. The plea is sometimes heard, “ But we Bat, in this separation, there is not only the being surrendered unto, there is the severance from. From what? Here hope to leaven the people by thus mingling with them and opinions differ ; but what have we to do with "opinions”? vill be in the other direction. The standard of the true

joining in their recreations.” Impossible! The " leavening" a line must be drawn," it is evident-(a “bard and

Christian life—the life of full, uncompromising, upreserved fast line,” is deprecated energetically)—but who is to draw it? Here differences arise : one thinks this the right reply, God's word, be it remembered)—is at once lowered by com.

consecration to God—(the only standard set before us in another that. But what place lave man's thoughts and deci- pliances such as these ; and not all the singing of consecration sions in the matter? Should we not turn away from man, hymns, or profession of consecration ideas, will apraise it and look only to God-seeking to know His will: and must not the expression of His will settle everything? And has again, nor can it be upraised while they continue. Come He not expressed His will on this most important point ? out from among them, and be ye SEPARATE,” saith the Lord.

It is surpassingly blessed to be separated to God, and, Surely He has ! In the passage of Holy Scripture connected with the words at the head of this notice He has most dis possessing the mind of Christ, to follow in His steps. Here tinctly revealed it to us. He asks us what possible "fellow. is perfect peace. Here is overflowing joy. Here is strength

of confidence. Here is rest! “I am sure that a life given ship” or “communion” or “concord” can we have with the world or the people of the world ? And then He adds, up to Him in everything must be grandly powerful,” writes “Wherefore, come out from among them, and be ye separate." from all that is not of God, and the loyal, loving, entire sur

one. It is ! God's own power is in it. Given the separation Very clearly God would have His people separated in sym-render to God, and you have the life that is lovely, influential, pathy, fellowship, and voluntary and unnecessary association,

heavenly-God's own ideal! from the world—that is, from whatever is not of Him. hearing this, one exclaims, " Then we must needs go out of 2. FULL CONSECRATION. the world altogether.” Another says, regretfully, “I cannot see why I should turn my back on all my former friends." And a third suggests, “We must all become ascetics." But did

(2 Cor. vi. 17.) Christ go out of the world ? Did He turn His back upon any

Holy, happy separation ! one ? Was He an ascetic ? And yet, was He not thus

They alone are truly blest “separate "—separate from sinners, and separate, too, from

Who from all besides retiring, all that was not of God? We have in the life of Christ the

And Himself alone desiring, distinct and definite exposition and illustration of what God

Find in " Jesus only " rest,

Here "




Jesus calls to separation,

Bible Study.
And Himself bath led the way;
His own life the explanation,

His own life the illustration,

No. V.
Who is ready to obey ?

We close these brief notices of the Holy Spirit's
Blessèd Jesus, make us willing,

manifestation with some short statements of the Thus “ without the camp” to go

manner in which He has fulfilled all the promises Unto Thee in glad subjection,

given us by our Lord respecting Him. Unto Thee in Tby rejection,

In doing this, one almost trembles at the thought Unto Thee from all below!

of attempting such an effort. If the Incarnation of Separate from all that grieves Thee,

our Lord be such an ineffable mystery that we are lost Separate from sinners," too;

in its contemplation, this is only second to it. Our Yet, like Thee, for sippers caring,

Lord was the Servant of His Father in carrying out
And, like Thee, with sinners beariug,
Asking, “What would Jesus do ?"

the great purpose of the revelation of the Godhead,

and the redemption of mankind. The Holy Spirit Unto Thee! Beloved Master,

has undertaken to become the Servant of the Father Nearer, nearer let us be :

and of the Son in carrying on the work.
Unto Thee in consecration,
Unto Thee in separation,

Let us look, then, at some of the ways in which
Ever, only unto Thee !

He is doing this great work.

LUCY A. BENNETT. 1. He was to convince “the world of sin, of 3. INTERCESSIONS (Daily):

righteousness and of judgment” (John xvi. 9-11). For

Every rebuke of conscience, every desire after that (a) The Union. That God may be pleased to use it for His glory.

which is true and holy is from Him. (b) The Members. That each one may be enabled to live

The compunction of heart (Acts ii. 37) and the All for Jesusfaithfully and fully.

repentance unto life (Acts xi. 16-18) are alike His (c) All Christians. That God may fulfil in them all the work. And here let us observe what this grace of good pleasure of His goodness, and the work of faith with repentance really is. It is often confounded with power.

sorrow for sin, but it is a step beyond that (2 Cor. vii. () Parochial Missions held this day. That many souls

10), and, moreover, a step of vast importance. We may be saved. (e) Meetings held this day for the promotion of Holiness

are saved by virtue of the death and sacrifice of amongst God's people.

Christ, but if repentance be a needed accompaniREQUESTS :

ment of the faith by which Christ is received, then Pray for

it is of unutterable importance that we rightly The conversion of a widow's son, at present sorely tempted. I understand the meaning which the Spirit of God The restoration of one who has backslidden terribly.

has attached to it. Many catechisms have attempted A worker for Christ, that she may know, experimentally, the “uttermost” of His salvation.

a definition, and perhaps the best is that of the A member of the Union now on her way to India, that God

Church of England, -"Repentance, whereby we may use her for His glory, both on the voyage and wherever forsake sin.” That is it. The true doctrine of reHe may locate herself and her busband in India.

pentance is that in coming to Christ we must A suffering member, that she may have grace still to

distinctly understand that we have done with sin. glorify the Lord in the fires of her severe affliction.

We take up our position as children of God, in Much blessing on a mission to be held (D.V.) by the writer of this notice, at Weston Turville, from February 26th

whom the Spirit of God has undertaken to work to March 6th (inclusive).

out an entire deliverance from it.

2. The Holy Ghost gives to all believers spiritual "Grace be with you all. Amen."

freedom (Rom. viii. 2). Free from sin and its

penalty--death ; free to serve also in all joy and Newport, Mon.

J. T. W.

fulness (Rom. viii. 4).

3. The Holy Spirit bears witness to our adoption To pursue the ways of God with a guilty conscience is into the family of God; for this leading of the Spirit Satan's great receipt for perpetual failure.-J. H. Evans. to fulfil the will of God proves our Sonship (Rom.

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viii. 14-16). The same truth is taught in the first us—and until the day dawn and the shadows flee Epistle of John, running all through it.

away for ever (Cant. ii. 17), we are under a seal 4. By Him also we have access to God (Eph. ii. which none can break, and none can tanıper with. 18). The provision for this has been made by the The other command is, “Quench not the Spirit” Forerunner (Heb. vi. 20), who has entered within (1 Thess. v. 19). This surely, as the context implies, the Vail,—and is there now as our Great Inter- refers to our possible conduct in hindering His action cessor. Here, too, led by the Spirit, we offer our in others. If this be a true interpretation of its prayers. In no other place does the King give us meaning it implies an awful responsibility. We audience; that is His throne, where we meet-the can resist the Holy Ghost (Acts vii. 51). Can we trysting-place for the Lord Jesus and all who believe quench His light? It seems so, and this is done in Him. Nor let us forget, when we go there in when the dawning light is beginning to be seen in faith, that the Holy Spirit maketh intercession within others, and we, from ignorance, prejudice, or wilfulus, while Christ receives and takes in the petitions ness" quench " it by our disparaging remarks or we offer (Rom. yiii. 26).

discouragements. May the Lord give us a watchful 5. By Him also is the Unity of the Church secured and discerning and humble spirit, that we commit (Eph. iv. 3, 4). Each member when called is united not this awful sin ! to the Body ; and, compacted together, maketh in- 9. But, finally, let us look at the weapons which crease, to the edifying of itself in love (Eph. vi. 13). the Holy Spirit most commonly wields for the accomWe are one in Christ; let us maintain the union by plishment of His great work. “ The sword of the constant acts of forbearance, sympathy, fellowship, spirit

, which is the Word of God” (Eph. vi. 17). and love. He binds us in love (Col. i. 8), and This is confirmed by a passage in the Epistle to the maintains us in fellowship (Phil. ii. 1).

Hebrews (Heb. iv. 12). It is not doubted but He

speaks directly to the spirits of all in whom He 6. But further, we are enjoined to walk in the dwells

, though His voice is not always heeded or Spirit (Gal. v. 16), live in the Spirit (Gal. v. 25), even heard, owing to the driving hurry of our lives seek to be led by the Spirit (Gal. v. 18), and to be or the noise of the world in which we too often live, filled with the Spirit (Eph. v. 18; John vii. 38, 39); the lines of the revealed Word, which was all given

but His teaching and His guidance are always along to judge of ourselves by the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. | under His direction and inspiration. v. 22, 23), and to pray in the Spirit (Jude 20).

But what are His demands? I can only indicate 7. Moreover, it is the Holy Spirit that watches them. A close study of the Word—the fine ear over the bodies of the departed Saints, to quicken which is quick to discern the Master's Voice, the them at the first Resurrection (Rom. viii

. 11), just closeness of fellowship and walk which find their

humble position which keeps us at His feet, the as He quickened the Body of our Lord on the chief joy in knowing and doing His will—the morning of His Resurrection from the dead (1 Pet. watchful spirit which receives the warning of iii. 18).

approaching or surrounding evil — and keeps us 8. But let us not forget that the commands are looking to His guiding eye (Psalm xxxii. 8), and not a few which tell of warning lest we stay the finally -- though the list is not exhausted ”- the action of the Spirit or hinder His work. Two of waiting posture which will not move till the Guide

leads the way. these passages are remarkable, “Grieve not the

There is one further thing to be remembered Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the when we open our mouths to teach or

to preach to day of redemption " (Eph. iv. 30). The command others. It is said that on the day of Pentecost and the reminder are equally significant. The first

' they spake as the Spirit gave them utterance tells of what I may venture to call His sensitiveness. (Acts ii. 4). This waiting for guidance as to words

as well as thoughts, we do well to ponder. It is We may indeed ask with one of old, “ Will God thus that the blessed experience of some of the indeed dwell with men on earth ?” (2 Chron. vi. 18.) saints of old will be realised. “ He did let none of The answer we can give is, Yes! not only with them His words fall to the ground” (1 Sam. iii. 19). but in them. How watchful should we be then

A calm, quiet, expecting, believing attitude will

secure this, and its fruit is very blessed. lest He hide His face, and refuse to lead and guide

I have refrained from touching on the blasphemy any longer. But the use of the word sealed, repeated against the Holy Ghost (Mark iii

. 39), but will do here from Eph. i. 13, is a further call to obedience this, if desired, on another occasion. to His voice. - Sealed." Then His mark is upon



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