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this Mediator is jealous ; He gives not His sheep into they would not permit you to get through; then other hands, He keeps them under His special care ; remember you have only to settle all between you for every day's work, every difficult region of life, and the Saviour. When you made a full surrender in every sorrow and trial, we have to do with Jesus. of yourself to Him, then He undertook to keep you. The most degraded with whom we ourselves would Let enemies be ever so many, we have to do with not come in contact, ould approach Jesus, they were Jesus, and not with our enemies. It is His affair; received, answered, helped, when they came into con- and when we are resting, trusting Him, He will tact with Jesus. “We have to do with Jesus." take charge, and none will be permitted to pursue

“What shall we then say to these things ?” What us. His terror, His mighty hand, shall come between is our conclusion ? What are the consequences ? “If us and the difficulty. Only let us be open to GodGod be for us, who can be against us? He that ward, everything discovered before His eyes, spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for enemies will let us go through, and in safety. us all, how shall He not also with Him freely give Take 1 Sam. vii. Samuel was judge, and Israel us all things ?” (Rom. viii. 31, 32). Freely, merci- had been oppressed by the Philistines twenty years. fully give, without merit, to people who are not They cried, and they suffered, and Samuel said, “If worthy to receive anything, or to come in contact ye do return unto the Lord with all your hearts, with Jesus. God gave Him to us, and what He has then put away the strange gods and Ashtaroth from given up God cannot keep. He cannot withhold among you, and prepare your hearts unto the Lord, any good from His people, His heart does not permit and serve Him only, and He will deliver you out of Him. The Father's heart of God constrains Him. the hands of the Philistines ” (ver. 3). They did We will take some instances from the old Testa- Then came the enemies. When you go home ment. Once more let me remind you of Israel from the Convention, and see all the difficulties rising before Ai. Jericho had been conquered by them, up, and the devil says, “You shall not get the victory," and now they were defeated before Ai. Why? remember we have nothing to do with the devil; we Because they must have to do with God, and have nothing to do with the evil of our own hearts, we must have to do with the Lord Jesus. If or with enemies, visible or invisible, but only with we find we have no victory over sin, or that we Jesus, for the past and for the present, and the Lord cannot go through the day's work, there must be will make His thunder heard. Then Samuel offered a some real reason for it, hidden perhaps from us, but burnt offering, and as he was offering, “ The PhilisHe knows it. We must go to Him, humble our- tines drew near to battle against Israel”- they often selves before Him, ask Him to show us the cause. come near after days of blessing—“but the Lord The Father is always ready to tell His children the thundered with a great thunder on that day upon the reason if they do not know it. If the passage is Philistines, and discomfited them; and they were not open to His heart, that matter must be settled smitten before Israel” (ver. 10). first. Israel could not stand against the enemy The last passage, from the New Testament, I will because they had accursed things with them, which bring before you is 1 Cor. iii. 21-23 : « Therefore must be taken away. We must get into the attitude let no man glory in men, for all things are yours.' of a soul that is consecrated to God, and has nothing We have to do with Jesus, we have not to do with to do with the world ; then there is victory.

There is one Guide, one Mediator; we have Turn to the life of Jacob (Gen. xxxv.). He went to do personally with Him. If you are Christ's you. back to Bethel ; the moment was come that he was are redeemed, and so become His property for ever; about to build an altar to God. “Then Jacob if you are Christ's in a plain, full sense, then all said unto his household, and to all that were with things are yours. There are many children of God him, Put away the strange gods that are among who have been delivered from fear of death, but they you, and be clean, and change your garments.” fear life—they have a fear of following. There is that Then we read, “ they journeyed; and the terror of visitor coming! You do not know how you shall

the cities that were round about them, testify before that cousin, or relation, who has auand they did not pursue after the sons of Jacob"(vers. thority over you. You are Christ's. Do not fear2-5). Now you are about to go home, and you see all things are yours" : "The world, or life, or

“ a multitude of cities—difficulties which look as if death, or things present, or things to come "-all



God was upon


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must serve me; all is arranged to serve for my the painter, you were the means, through God's good, to make occasions for me to prove the love, Providence, of saving me from ruin, and my wife and kindness, and power of my God.

will be much pleased if you will let her call on Life is ours from the moment we are Christ's ; you.” “With great pleasure,” Mr. A — replied. therefore let us keep “looking unto Jesus.” We The wife came the next day, and said, “ More have to do with Jesus. He has conquered the than twenty years ago you held some meetings for world-do not fear life-let us honour Jesus, and preaching at Mr. B-'s house at M—. You go on with Jesus, He will bring us safely through frequently spoke to my husband, who was then a life and death to His Eternal Kingdom by His young man; you were the means of keeping him mighty power.

out of bad society, and finally, through your

instrumentality, he was led to Jesus. You may WAITING AND TRUSTING.

forget, but one night you dined at Mr. C-_'s

at M- After dinner you offered to read and "Let us pot be weary in well-doing: for, in due season, we shall reap, if we faint not.”Gal. vi. 7.

pray; the servants were called in; I was also And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, servant there. You spoke of the joy of a truethat bringeth forth bis fruit in due season.Ps. i. 3.

hearted obedience to Jesus; your words went home “We are not born merely to be happy, said to my heart ; I became converted, and subsequently Mr. M—. We are something higher than the married my present husband. Some years after butterflies, who come and go with the flowers and we went to America, joined a Christian church,

, the sunshine. Our very sorrows work a good and remained at Brooklyn for some years, saved money, wise purpose, though we may not have the wisdom returned to England, bought some land, built a to fathom it. Look at the coal we burn, giving us house, and are now living on our own freehold. We warmth and light; thousands of years passed before call it your house, and often speak of you and pray men were born fitted to use it; the ferns and palms for you.” that formed it flourished and grew, yet none were The same Mr. A- was travelling in Switzerthere to know the purpose of its growth and change land, where he had been working for the Lord for save God who provides for all. Who shall say that

some time.

There was much opposition; his faith future happiness may not spring from present sor- became a little weak, and he grew wearied. One rows and weariness? Do not our very errors serve evening he had been asked to preach in a house two to make us what God would have us to be?"

miles from his hotel, and he was unacquainted with

the road; he had given an address on the previous Mr. A-- was residing at an hotel not far from evening in a Swiss church. After walking for some London; he had been unwell for ten months, and time he stopped and looked around, hoping he might was wholly incapacitated from serving the Lord in see some one from whom he might make inquiries any way except “to be still and know that He is as to the road; presently a woman appeared, and God." His Christian life had been one of great he asked her to tell him the road to Mr. L-'s activity, and he was now to be taught other loving house. “I know the way well,” she replied, “and lessons. But God knoweth our frames, and “He I am going there.” “I am glad you know the stayeth His rough wind in the day of His east way," rejoined Mr. A—-; “but do you know the 'wind."

way to God through Jesus Christ ?" "Yes, indeed,"

” “ Mr. A was in his dining room whilst some she replied ; “ you opened my eyes last night at the painting was being carried on outside the window, Swiss church, and that is why I am coming to the which was open, and he drew near to ask some ques- meeting this evening." tions as to the time the painting might take before Trust in the Lord, and do good. it was finished. The painter whom he addressed, Commit thy way unto the Lord. instead of answering him, looked at Mr. A- Wait on the Lord; be of good courage; and He steadfastly, and said, “I beg your pardon, Sir; but shall strengthen thine heart. I have been looking at you for some time. Are you Through trusting, committing, and waiting, comes Mr. A- who lived some twenty years ago at Resting in the Lord. M-?” “ Yes," was the reply. “Then, Sir,” said Reader, Are you “Resting in the Lord?


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UNION OF “ALL FOR JESUS" DISCIPLES. And further, the eyes are ever watching His hand, the ears MONTHLY NOTICE.

listening to His word, the heart longing to obey the faintest March, 1882.

expression of His will. No thought of compromise, no 1. Text: "I an the Lord's(Isa. xliv. 5).

desire for a moment's delay, no wavering of the purpose to This acknowledgment may well thrill the heart with joy. give fullest effect to His expressed will; ob, how lovely is true Let the fact be simply, clearly, definitely apprehended, and loyalty ! then willingly and gratefully expressed, and the exultant 4. Service.—This is one of the sure results of true conseAlleluia !may be added of praise and joy and love. cration; and the service to which we are called is not partial Yes, “ the LORD's.” The creature belongs to the Creator,

in character but universal. It includes everything. Not a the redeemed one to tho Redeemer. Every one is the Lord's. thought, not a wish, not a word, not an act outside the service. There is no escaping the fact. Object to it, dispute it, deny Whatever our position in society, or our calling in life, or it-it remains a fact notwithstanding. "Thou art Mine" our circumstances in the world, we are to be alway serving settles the question for ever. God's claim stands firm, what the Lord; yea, we serve even as we suffer according to Ilis ever our treatment of it may be—whether we accept it or will, as we are tried in His furnace-fires, as we endure His not. Praise God, not a few accept it; and straightway the chastenings. But there will also be the service of seeking glad response is heard, I am the Lord's"!

the advancement of His cause, the salvation of souls, the Here let us pause. The words are easily spoken. We can prosperity of Zion. “Lord, what wilt Thou bave me to do ?” sing them, in the well-known hymy, with much appreciation. is the loyal and loving inquiry of him who is the Lord's. We can, in a lively way, reply to an inquiry on the point and His hand is ready to seize the plough, to raise the banner, say, “ Yes, I am the LORD's.” But the words involve much. to cast the net, just as the Lord may require. He longs to

1. Surrender. - The invitation “Yield yourselves unto on the Lord's errands of mercy, to speak the Lord's God” naturally follows the acknowledgment of His claim. messages of tender love, to plant or to prane, to sow or to In His love, and with purposes of infinite compassion and reap-anything in the world to which the Master may see fit grace, He desires the surrender to be made. He wants our to call him, and for which He may graciously qualify him, hand to be placed in His, our heart to beat in sympathy with and to do which He may be pleased to enable him. The joy His, our walk henceforth to be in closest fellowship with of serving will ever delight the heart and brighten the life. Him. Nor merely this, but He would have us entirely in His “My meat,” said Jesus, " is to do the will of Him that sent own bands, so that His purposes concerning us may be Me, and to finish His work.accomplished, and that He may use and bless us freely. Full All this is involved in the acknowledgment, “ I am the surrender, therefore, is necessary. He can then fill our minds Lord's." And more, namely this : what God will be to him with His thoughts, our hearts with His love and His will, who thug surrenders and submits to Him; yes, and also what our lips with His words, our hands with His work, and our He will do for him and by him, as he loyally lives to Him feet with His errands. He would use all our faculties as and serves Him. God's holy Word is full of intimations "instruments of righteousness.” He can, and He will, do so of His fixed purpose on these points. He tells us, over when they are surrendered to Him, and left utterly in His and over again, how He will guide, sastain, instruct, hands. And more: He will fill as with Himself, as "temples comfort and bless; how He will deliver from the power of of the Holy Ghost.”

the enemy, keep from falling, and defend in every time of 2. Submission.—This is as necessary as the surrender. danger. In very many places wo are assured He is "able" Convinced of His infinite wisdom and love, it may uphesi- to do for us—oh, so much! yea, “exceeding abundantly tatingly be made. The heart may trust Him to exercise all above all that we ask or think”; as though inviting us, in authority over us, and to give full effect to His will concern. the full trust of our hearts, to interpret the words as having ing us. His will is good. His authority is rightful. Loving the meaning and force of so many sure and certain promises. submission must alway result in blessing. He wills to bless. I am the Lord's!”-oh, joy! I am safe. I shall be He rules to give effect to his purpose of blessing. Oh, it is preserved from fear of evil. I shall lack no manner of thing altogether wise and right to submit, yea utterly. He is that is good. No weapon that is formed against me shall entitled to the submission ; and our own highest welfare and prosper. The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me. happiness will surely follow. True, it may sometimes be He will be with me "alway,” —that is to say, all the days and difficult to say, " Even 80, Father ; " but, confidence in His all the way. And, by-and-by, where He is, there I shall be unfailing love and wisdom will strengthen the trembling lips also. I am the Lord's!” Alleluia! Every misgiving is and still the troubled heart. Grand the confidence of one of at rest. Every fear is gone. I can rejoice with joy unspeakold, Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him." able and full of glory. Henceforth victory over all enemies,

3. Loyalty.—Loyalty is lovely, even when exercised towards triumph in all conflicts, prosperity in all service, praise an earthly sovereign ; but loyalty towards our heavenly King under all circumstances ; no darkness, no doubts, no defeats! -oh, how surpassingly lovely! It unhesitatingly accepts His I am the LORD's!” He will take care of, provide for, and will, implicitly renders the instant obedience, is perfectly bless His own, supplying all my need, and making His satisfied with whatever He may say or do. This is heavenly! strength perfect in my weakness. Let Him do with me what In th, life of consecration, no other will is acknowledged He will. Only let Him use me, and be glorified in me, and except the Lord's in all affairs of His kingdom, no other fill my life with His praise-yea, with Himself ; for, “I am authority obeyed, no other hand watched or word beeded. I the Lord's,” ALLELUIA !

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"My beloved sister (A. F.J. U.), that she may be sustained SUBJECTION.

in serious illness, and restored to health, if the Lord's will.” (Isa. xliv. 5).

“One nearing death at B- that he may give clear I am the Lord's! O joy beyond expression,

evidence of being on the Rock.'' ( sweet response to voice of love Divine;

“ The work of the Y. W. C. A., Liverpool. Faith's joyous “Yesto the assuring wbisper

Ten members of the A. F. J. U. at A-- and B-, " Fear pot: I have redeemed thee; thou art Mine." This the transforming word which faith receiveth, that God may bless us still more abundantly, and our work The message which the childlike soul believeth.

for Him." I am the Lord's! because His blood has bought me,

“ Blessing on

our work for the Lord near DThe purchase of His death of cruel shame;

(Ireland).” I am the Lord's! because in grace Ke sought me,

Blessing on our sister and her husband, now en route for
And gave to me His Spirit and His Name:

India, and also on their work and service for Jesus."
I am the Lord's by ties which none can sever,
He loved me first, and loveth on for ever.

“Grace be with you all. Amen."
I am the Lord's! It hushes every murmur,
It soothes tbe fevered spirit to its rest;

Neuport, M0n.

J. T. W. I am the LORD's! It is the child's rejoinder,

Who knows and feels the Father's will is best :
The first glad cry of soul-emancipation,
Tbe highest note of praise and exultation.

Bible Study.
I am the Lord's! It is the glad confession
Wherewith His bride recalls the happy day

When love's I willaccepted Him for ever-
The LORD's''-to love, to honour, and obey :

All the institutions of God are full of import. It meaneth every joy with Him divided,

Taken most commonly from the circumstances and And every wish and care to Him confided.

things of daily life, they are full also of simplicity, I am the Lord's! O eagerly and gladls,

and, by the honest and devout inquirer, easily Triumphantly and gratefully, we sing; I am the Lord's! It is the rock unfailing

understood. The commands of God concerning To which our storm-tossed souls in darkness cling : Leaven is one of these. We all know what It is the new creation's first confession, It is the glory of assured possession.

leaven is and its frequent use in household ser.

vice. It has been thought by many that the I am the LORD's! Yet teach me all it meaneth, All it involves of love and loyalty,

interpretation of its meaning is to be found in Of boly service, absolute surrender,

two opposing thoughts-good and evil. A careful And unreserved obedience unto Thee : They nearest draw to joy's sublime perfection,

examination of its use in Scripture will, I think, Who seek it in the depths of full subjection.

dispel this thought. It is always used to represent I am the Lord's! Yes ; body, soul, and spirit, –

evil. Let us look into some of the passages of O seal them irrecoverably Thine, As Thou, Beloved, in Thy grace and fulness

Scripture in which it occurs.
For ever and for evermore art mine;

1. We first find the word in the record of the The everlastingness of love transcending

institution of the Passover (Ex. xii. 15-19). Not In everlastinguess of glory ending! LUCY A. BENNETT (A. F. J. U.).

only was no leaven to be used in their food, but 3. INTERCESSIONS (Daily):

none was to be in their houses. This command is For

more stringently enforced in Exodus xiii, 7, for (a) The Union. Tlat God may be pleased to use it for there it is commanded—“ Neither shall there be His glory.

leaven seen in all thy quarters." (b) The Members. That each one may be enabled to live

Christ was the Passover (1 Cor. v. 7), and Christ "All for Jesusfaithfully and fully.

was represented in the bread as well as in the (c) All Christians. That God may fulfil in them all the good pleasure of His goodness, and the work of faith with Lamb—so we readily understand that that which power.

was typical of Him could have no evil in it-but (d) Parochial Missions held this day. That many souls none was to be seen in all other quarters. Where may be saved.

He is all sin must be put away. If we stand on (e) Meetings held this day for the promotion of Holiness

holy ground, and we do--if we have the indwellings amongst God's people.

of His Spirit and are thus reckoned as holy, let us REQUESTS :

be holy (1 Cor. iii. 16, 17; 1 Pet. i. 14-16). Pray for

2. In the command respecting the three great “Guidance and blessing in ministering to a dear child of God in deep depression."

festivals which were to be annually observed, we find very significantly the leaven mentioned in leges. “ The destruction of the flesh” (1 Cor. v. 5). connection with one of them only. The first fruits If we will not “mortify the deeds of the body " by were to be presented on the morrow after the the power of the Holy Spirit (Rom. viii. 13) then Sabbath connected with the Passover (Lev. xxiii. must the great enemy be permitted to work his will, 10-14), the first day of the week-the resurrection a spectacle awful to witness and most awful to the day. This was to be accompanied by a meat- sufferer. This comes of allowing the leaven to exeroffering of fine flour, but no leaven is mentioned. cise its power. “Purge out the old leaven” is the It represented the resurrection of the Slain One-command, “ that you may be a new lump” (ver. 7), the true Passover, which was spotless and perfect. and in the following verse the leaven is defined as But after the counting of fifty days "a new meat- malice and wickedness, in opposition to sincerity offering ” (Lev. xxiii. 16) was to be presented. and truth (ver. 8). Let these words be pondered Remarkable words, not always noticed—a new meat in their full meaning. offering. In what respect new? Like the great

5. But now let us look at the Parable of the offerings of the Passover, it was to be “first fruits;" Leaven in Matt. xiii. 33, about which so much has but here comes in the difference—it was to be been written. The analogies of Scripture, as well mingled with learen (Lev. xxiii. 17). It was the as the structure of these parables, and their fartype of the Pentecost, when the Church was called reaching extent, covering as they do all the promiout-an offering to the Lord. The leaven was to nent features and characteristics of the Kingdom of signify that it was imperfect, still having on it the Heaven, through all time to its final development taint and consequences of sin, of which leaven is in glory, demand that the leaven here as elsewhere the emblem. This is one of the true replies to be interpreted as an emblem of evil. those who talk about sin being eliminated from Let us look at the terms made use of. The them. The Church is holy-constituted a holy woman is an emblem of the Church. She takes thing-its Head is perfectly holy, it has the in- the leaven and mixes it with the meal. All heresies, dwelling of the Holy Spirit, and as long as its whether of doctrine or practice, have been introduced members abide in Christ they display this holiness into the Church by its own members, most comin their measure; but it waits the manifestation of monly by its ministers. the sons of God (Rom. viii. 19) to be perfectly like

It is hidden, referring to the subtlety by which the Great Master (1 John iii. 1-2).

so many of the deadliest heresies have been taught. 3. No leaven was to be permitted in the meat- In “the meal”—the Church—as we have seen, offering (Lev. ii. 11). The meat-offering represented is the new meat-offering of Lev. xxiii. 16. “Till Christ in the perfection of His character, and we the whole is leavened.” This is in harmony with know that no sin entered there. He was pure, all the predictions respecting the Church's course. undefiled, spotless, separate from all evil. “In Him Highly privileged as it has been and is, a frightful was no sin."

and almost universal apostasy is to be its last phase. 4. Leaven is used in the New Testament—first, All the prophecies and all the teachings of our Lord by our Lord in Matt. xiii. 33 ; and, secondly, by and His Apostles point to this as the final developSt. Paul in 1 Cor. v. 6-8. Let us look at the latterment of evil previous to the end of the dispensation. first. We see the Apostle rebuking the Corinthians

Who, then, is the faithful and wise servantvery sternly for the laxity of their discipline in faithful alike to the Master and to his fellowpermitting a great sin to be committed in their

servants wise with the discerning eye and the midst without sufficient reproof and punishment. understanding heart-who? Self-sufficiency and self-glorying were at the root of Let each of us gird up our loins, stand upon our their laxity and blindness. He demands that the watch, hold forth the word of life, and shine with offender shall be delivered to Satan for the destruc- the Light of Life, so given freely to us in Christ, tion of the flesh, since no less a discipline will waiting for His appearing. now suffice. We see, even now, this awful but

HENRY F. BOWKER. needed chastisement from time to time administered by God Himself, in those cases where great sins have been committed in the midst of great privi

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