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APRIL, 1882.

[No. 40.

So we

The walk in newness of life, defined in a in the newness of life we are impelled and word, is that of keeping step with our risen regulated and kept above cold and heat by a Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our power power within. Aye, and the parable holds for it is that of our Lord Himself, the Resur- good also in this that as our chronometers are rection and the Life with us and in us, recog- portable, yes, pocketable for us, so we, too, can nised, accepted, rested in, and followed gladly be borne along in the hand and heart of our by us.

Lord at His pleasure to our great joy and In step-keeping with the Lord we, in the delight. newness of life, are like a good chronometer In one great thing, however, the two are which is made, adjusted, and kept in action in totally different. The chronometer is altogether harmony with the sun in the heavens. We a thing of human workmanship ; while we, in are made new, not by the power of man, but our newness of life, are altogether a creation of by the power of God; adjusted also and kept God. Nay more; the mainspring, regulator, by the same power through faith in our Lord and compensator in us is not a creation at all, Jesus in harmony with God, like Enoch of old, but the Lord Himself — the Uncreated, the and like our Lord Jesus Christ Himself in the Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, Only Wise God, days of His walk with God while in the body our Saviour Himself-dwelling in us. amongst men.

see that the power in the newness of life is the Like the chronometer in its time keeping newly-recognised presence of the Son of God with the sun our step-keeping with the Lord moving us through faith. And we see, too, in newness of life is in things both little and that while the watch is complete in itself, our large. As the chronometer marks seconds tick completeness is not at all in ourselves, but in by tick, and minutes and hours one by one, Jesus, in whom dwelleth all the fulness of the and so moves on in harmony with the sun Godhead bodily, and who dwells in our hearts through days, months, years, life-long, so in by faith. each step, and in all things in the newness of Well may the "walk in newness of life, life, we keep step with our Lord, and so fill up therefore, be a step-by-step walk with God, as days and years and life as a whole in harmony it was with Enoch. For it was the very same with the Lord in the little things of the every- power with Enoch, and in Him impelling him day life as truly as in the great changes that in the walk and keeping him in step with God mark the eras in our course.

through his three hundred years' walk, that at Yes, and in yet another respect the similarity last took him to glory without dying; and with obtains. As the chronometer is impelled by Elijah it was the same power working in him, its mainspring within, and has in itself its own and making the heavens obedient to His word lever and its own compensatory arrangement to withhold their rains those years, and again to prevent variations from heat and cold, so to pour out their fulness on the earth ; and

BY REV. C. A. Fox.*

that also brought the fire from heaven con

“ LIFE MORE ABUNDANT.” suming wood, offering, altar stones, water, and all at Carmel, which afterward took Him up to

We are here to-day to speak on the passage in heaven in the chariot of God. So with us, and John x. 10. Let us turn to it," I am come that in us, it is the very same power keeping the they might have life, and that they might have it fire burning on the altar, and the feet moving more abundantly." You will find that the contrast in all the onward stepping, which in due time is here between the false shepherd, who came to and the Lord's own way will take us up with steal, and to kill, and to destroy—who came to take

– Him — the all-power of Jesus with us, and life; and between the True Shepherd, who comes within us, even unto the end.

to give life. How then is this new presence received ?

You will also find that in immediate connection Does anyone ask this? The answer is, by

with it are the words, “I am the Door.” He is the first looking to Him in the dark that He may Door, the only entrance. And, thank God ! He leaves make all light about it, by the manifestation of the Heaven-Door wide open, and all Heaven rushes Himself to you, in His real, though invisible, to earth; the bright light of Heaven rushes in to presence always with you, and in you as all in this dark earth, lying in the shadow of death : and

we can hear the blessed music of peace as it comes all to you, even as He has already manifested in to us, we can realise something of eternal peace, Himself to you as your loving Saviour, who the deep calm, the wondrous security of those withloved you and gave Himself for you.

in the open door of Heaven. Let it be so to-day, O This first; and this will constrain you to Christ, the Door! Let the whole power of God give yourself over into His hands, as you are to rush in, and fill our empty hearts ; let the full be altogether, always, in all things His own. brecze of Thy living breath come in and inspire us

This second; then will He quickly strengthen all, those who speak and those who hear. May you with the might of God by His Spirit to every eye be fastened upon Thee, and may all “rereceive Christ in your heart by faith to go no ceive something" of Thee now to Thy glory! more out for ever, and will enable you to send See, then, “ Life more Abundant” is just this, down the roots of your faith deep into the rich

" I am come.” It is the Christ who has come ; it soil of His love, and to comprehend the breadth is the Christ who lives, and it is He who, at the and length, depth and height, and to know His cost of His own life, has laid again the cable of life love which passeth knowledge, and so to be beneath the deep of death, and linked us anew with filled with all the fulness of God.

the Eternal Throne. It is He who binds us to God; This third; then you will see and know in He who re-connects the broken line and joins us

with the true life again, and unites us with the very yourself the continuity, evenness, fulness, being of God. We were alienated from the life of beauty, blessedness, grace, and glory of the God; now we are joined to Him by His life. “I walk in newness of life, and this will be a

am come that they might have life." Let Him grand pentecostal Easter to you.

in then, O dead soul, let Him in !—impoverished W. E. B.

soul, let Him in !—0 every forsaken, feeble, blind,

half-withered soul, let Him in !–O soul paralysed The first great point to establish in order to ascer- in every limb, let Him in! Let in the Christ, and tain the error of anything is to obtain a perfect that is to know and to have "life more abundantly." knowledge of what is true and right. That which is right must be singular, while the counterfeits may have already answered—It is THE LIVING CHRIST.

You say—“What is this life more abundant?" I be endless in number and variety. A banker once said, on being asked how he knew a bad note, “I It is God in the soul : God free within you, God at never consider whether a note is a bad one. I full liberty within ; it is God answering the doorascertain whether it be a good one." If I know what

“set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth, and kcep is right, it is very easy and simple for me to reject the door of my lips”—it is God wielding the sceptre that which does not answer thereto.- The Christian Friend.

* Address at Stafford Rooms, February 17th, 1882.

of my will ;—it is God using all the furniture of my irritable thing in your heart; in connection with being, God using every faculty, God looking through your brethren's suspicion of you ; in whatever surthe windows of my eyes; and He always keeps a rounds you, begin now, and live it in the face of living light in His Temple. The living Christ is God, in the face of the world, and you shall know the Priest who has lit the altar-fire; He is the one that there is “life more abundant." who will keep it "ever burning."

If you ask me further, How to expend it? I Let Him in, and all else will go out. Just as at answer, Let it go to the furthest province of your the opening of His ministry, and again at its close, being; let it extend to the least thing in your He went into the Temple and drove out all that common life. Let the little things in daily life be defiled, with a scourge of small cords," so He will brought under its power; and you will have a new now use all the tiny frictions of everyday life, the world open before you—a wondrous widened sphere very things we are trying to avoid, and twine them will lie before you to be explored-new enlarged into a scourge by which He shall drive out every- provinces will be revealed to you. Let it into the thing defiling:

dark places of your being, where there is no light, Let us see how we are to let Him in, so that we no joy ; let it into your crosses and trials. Do you may know "I am come.” Admit Him by broken- say, They are the things which hinder, which have ness of spirit. I dwell greatly on this point; for I kept out, the “life more abundant”? Nay; but do not believe in the grace which is all simple ease. they are the very things for the Life to enter into. Admit Him, then, by brokenness of spirit-of your They are the very tracks and waymarks by which whole being. Let all the bolts and bars and barriers God comes in; the very means by which He will crumble away at the touch of the living Lord. Then fill you. All the trials and crosses and perplexities, submit to Him. Submit to Him who has so loved and all your wants—everything—He means to be a you, and whom you love,

vessel to receive His wondrous life. Do you say, “ Content to hold love's banner fast,

you have little room? Nay; your wants are room. And by submission win at last."

Let there be plenty of room for Him to fill. I et Love, and love only, can submit. You know it at out this wondrous life which first you have let in. home, you know it everywhere, that if you love you , ,

You ask me again, What is this “Life more can submit. Then commit all to Him. Love can

abundant ?” I answer, It is the living person of commit too. You have done so once, then do it Jesus ; it is God standing up in our poor contracted

It is

mortal being ; God standing erect within us. again. Let " Faith embark her all

not that He sends forth into us some of His great Upon some ancient promise of the Word,

attributes and power from His Throne, but He says, Blind sense discarding."

I am come." Let Him in then; and say, as He Push out some single raft of promise, and float out comes, "Lord, I am not worthy that Thou shouldest on the great deep of Himself, on His power, on His come under my roof, but enter and take possession peace, on His love; and God will do all, and be for ever." all in all to you. Then transmit what you have;

This Life is a Person-_“I am come !" this Life transmit by testimony, by trial; tell it out, speak is Peace—“He is our Peace;" this Life is Powerof it to others, that they may know to His glory that “that ye may know the exceeding greatness of His there is “life more abundant."

Power;" and this Life is Grace" this grace You ask me again, How to enter this life? I wherein ye stand"-stand knee-deep in His grace, answer, Live it! How to enjoy it? I answer, I beseech you! This is Life more abundant, and Live it ! How to enlarge it? I answer, Live it ! this is what God gives you, and has come that you How to entail it? I answer, Live it! How to might have, and have to-day. maintain it, to communicate it, to manifest it? I Why did Christ live so short a life? I answer, answer, Live it! There is only one way for all ;- He did not come to live; He came to die, and then Live it! Begin now from this moment in your He ascended into Heaven, leaving us His life, that actual experience, in some definite instance before we might live His life here, while He lives ours in you, in connection with the trouble which will meet the Presence of His Father. . Then if we would live you as you leave this room ;' in connection with that this “Life moro abundant,”: there are two things

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needed-a dead self and a living Christ. Then dying." If you keep to the dying side God will we shall know the abundance of life. In the Old give you the other, and He will live out in your Scriptures we read often of abundance—“The mortal flesh the life of Jesus. Look up, and see abundance of pardon, of peace, of truth.” But they Him above, and see Him in His free, glorious life. are all passive ; it is all that we receive ; while That is it which you shall have now, and know under the New Testament they are active, we not what it is to be not only ankle-deep, but knee-deep only receive, but overflow; we have "life more and loin-deep-yea, self-deep-in His grace, and to abundant."

float away upon God in living power and peace. Many are crying out for a baptism of the Holy Do you ask how you may become covered with Him? Ghost. But do you remember that there is another Lie flat down in the stream, that your whole self may baptism before it? “I have a baptism to be bap- be covered ; let each faculty be equally low: net tised with, and how am I straitened until it be like some men, who are very humble about some accomplished !” What is it? It is the baptism of faculty, but very proud about another; but let the blood, of death : that is the way to the baptism of whole being lie prostrate in the stream of God's the Holy Ghost. And if you ask how this life mercy, and you shall find out what it is to enjoy more abundant is to be maintained, I answer that “Life more abundant." it must be supported and sustained by the baptism There is a further blessed truth about this life, of death-_" always bearing about in the body the before I pass from this question. How is it to be dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus, maintained ? “He that loseth his life shall find it.” might be made manifest in our body.” That is This is God's wondrous principle—that unless you are your only power to live; and the reason why you willing to lose your life you cannot save it. You ask don't get any answer to your prayer for a baptism how to maintain this life more abundant. I answer of the Holy Ghost, is because you have not been - .“ By always bearing about the dying." You ask through the baptism of death. Even Christ said, how to keep on and increase this life more abundant. "I am straitened until it be accomplished,” and I answer—"By dying yourself.” You do not see the what of you? You must be broken down to the distinction, perhaps. The first is that we see that very dust before He can baptise you with the Holy Christ died on the Cross, and that in Him we died Ghost. You must be like the corn of wheat which once for all (2 Cor. v.). The second is that we die “abideth alone" until it die, but when it dies, it ourselves, daily. Many do not hold this. But I bringeth forth a whole harvest.

believe this the more I see of others, and the more I Do you believe in this, my brother ? You say read—that after we enter by faith into the life more "Oh, yes! I believe in the death of Christ on abundant by the death of crucifixion with Christ, Calvary”—yes, but God believes in your death too. that there then comes the “daily dying" of ourselves By faith we must die each one personally in the in every common thing of daily life. Through death of the Living One. It must be as true of us everything we are to learn and practise the discias it was of Christ, that we have died with Him on pline of dying. And I am the more sure of this by the cross: and from this alone starts that wondrous seeing that those who do not agree with me about it life-life out of death.

hold it in practice, and they are perpetually dying Do you say—“Yes, but I am so often inter- to self daily, after the complete death with Him at rupted in this death ; I am so constantly hindered the outset. in it." My dear friend, those things you call inter- I can only refer you to one passage on this in ruptions are the very things to bring it about. If passing. In the fifteenth of John, where Christ you submit to be "always delivered unto death,” says, “I am the true Vine," and that we are the and when you are spoken against to say, “ This is branches to bear fruit, and remember that we are as it should be, my Lord; this is part of my dying, ordained to bear fruit, then He stimulates us to taking every failure and disappointment as part of it by telling us that we shall glorify God by it, it, then you will be accepting the reality of death, saying, “Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear

, and you shall know the life. It is utterly useless much fruit,” thanks to His holy name. Then, if to speak of “Life more abundant,” unless you grasp we bear fruit, what does He say?" He purgeth it, for ever this blessed truth of death-of “ daily that it may bring forth more fruit.” And what is


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the purging but pruning, and what is the prining your poor heart ; let Him out to do His own glorious but discipline, and what is the discipline but dying, work—to live His own free life. Let Him out as daily dying? It is the Lord cuttingoff this and that, once you let Him in. Do not hide this talent in staying, checking, controlling, guiding. And it is yourself -- the worst piece of earth you can hide my Father's knife, for He is the Husbandman, and it in. I can trust it in His hands. See what a blessed Thus, do not hinder, do not hoard ; now, do not position the child of God is in, He is on the Vine, waste God's grace. Many have their emotions moved, on the Christ, and the Father uses His knife upon but they do not use it to go at once, and do some him. He is between the Christ and the Father. I special service. think he is not in very bad case: between the Christ I would add, do not go away from hearing God's who died for him, and the Father who prunes him. voice. I believe in hearing God's voice. I believe Permit Him, then, to do what He will with His own; that my God, who has written to me in wondrous say to Him, "Lord, do as Thou wilt with me. I do lines of living light in His Word, is “the Father of not know what is good for me, and I am always spirits," and that He can hold fellowship and comflying from it, and trying to get what I think good.munion with my spirit. I know it; and every child Do as Thou wilt, every day and now, according to of His who has ever lived with Him knows it too, Thine infinite wisdom."

and they must be living at a very low level if they I would add a remark on how to help on (if I do not. “ The Spirit beareth witness with my may use such a plain word) the life abundant. spirit” is a reality. Oh, the sweet accents of the Remember God has laid on this great stream at voice of my Jesus! It is the voice of my Beloved stupendous cost, and it is ready, and He is yearning in my soul! “My sheep know My voice.” They that it may break out and submerge us. Don't do, dear Lord, and they treasure it. It is sweeter you think that it is on our side the hindrance is ? than all other voices to them. Listen to His voice One thing is this. You have seen heavy rain wash- then, as you read His Word. He speaks in it, and ing roofs, and cleansing all; but if there is an ob- beyond it where it is not sufficiently clear for struction, say a nest, in the channel, there it does common details and special guidance. He will tell mischief. Is that what we are doing? Building you distinctly what is to be done. He takes you our nests in what should be an open channel for apart, and teaches you Himself. Listen for His the Spirit of God, causing hindrance by building our voice. Let there be silences to hear it. Do not nest on the minister, setting our heart's affection on despise the dearest thing in heaven or earth. him, in the channel which ought to be free. Then, like the angels," hearkening to the voice of His again, do not hinder the blessed streams of grace by Word.” Expect to hear it. unbelief, do not hinder by hesitation, but when He Faith has two parts--one half is appropriation, tells you to do anything do it. Go forward without the other expectation. Expect, thon, to hear God's hesitation. Again, do not hinder God's stream of voice; expect great things from Him. Turn to one life abundant by intentional deafness. You read of His promises in Rom. xv. 13, 14—“Now the something in God's Word which you see at a glance God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in beapplies to you, and you pass over to something else lieving, that ye may abound in hope, through the which applies less. Oh! how God's Word leaps power of the Holy Ghost. And I myself also am out upon us sometimes, and holds us; and yet we persuaded of you, my brethren, that ye are also full tear ourselves away, and seek the green pastures of of goodness, filled with all knowledge, able also to comfort when He wanted us to hear the striking admonish one another," See the sevenfold fulness warning. Then do not hinder. And do not hoard of blessing we may expect from God-hope, joy, the grace of God. So many come to meetings like peace, faith, power, goodness, knowledge. This is this, and feel a deeper depth rising within them, the grace of God! And on that word grace let us and

bay, "I see that now-I am getting more expet turn to a most wonderful passage—“They which rience;" and they go away and hoard. They do not receive abundance of grace shall reign in life" live it out. This hinders ; for you cannot get more (Rom v. 17). “Shall reign in life!” Can you call of the life abundant until you let out. Let God out your life a reign? We speak of the “reign " of my brother! The Christ cannot be kept captive in | Queen Victoria-and, thank God, it has lasted for


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