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your affections) and your mind (the seat of your how David testified to this fact.

“ Thou art my thoughts). He will control our thoughts, and so hiding place; Thou shalt preserve me from trouble ; garrison them in Christ that they are brought into Thou shalt compass me about with songs of captivity to the obedience of Christ. It is in Him deliverance." as in a fortress that we find abundance of peace. “My hiding-place," that is safety; Thou shalt

But once more. Peace is often lost owing to preserve me from trouble,” strength; Songs of conflict. Not necessarily owing to the conflict deliverance," gladness. And Isaiah says, “ Behold, itself, but owing to the way in which the believer God is my salvation! I will trust and not be afraid ; engages in it. How often the believer engages in for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my the warfare on wrong principles, and uses wrong song." "My strength and my song." Many see methods.

the salvation and the strength, but they forget the The good fight is the fight of faith. Nothing is song. If you have Christ formed in you the hope easier than to step out of faith into feeling; out of of glory you should have the song. Let there be faith into sight or sense.

What follows? At once gladness in all you do and say. there is failure. It is no longer a fight of faith. We read in the 72nd Psalm : “In His days shall But when we are in our true position-in Christ, the righteous flourish, and abundance of peace so under Christ's control—we have the benefit of His long as the moon endureth." Almighty power, and the force of the assault is No doubt that has san important prophetic appliborne by Him. He takes the strain and the burden ; cation, but with that I am not now concerned. I whilst the believer passes into His triumphs, and is believe it has a very important spiritual significance. kept in perfect peace through it all. The child of Do you give your days to Jesus as well as your God then understands the meaning of Asa's words : talents? You say, “I am going to give this day to “Lord, it is nothing with Thee to help, whether with the Lord; but to-morrow I have some special busimany, or with them that have no power ; help us, ness for myself !” Exactly. Oh! to have every O Lord our God, for we rest on Thee, and in Thy day a day of the Son of man upon earth. That is name we go against this multitude. O Lord, Thou the secret of continuous peace. To give Him always art our God; let not man prevail against Thee." the pre-eminence. Every day the Lord's day ; in Against us ? No; against Thee! Why? Because which we say, “Lord, what wilt Thou have me to the battle is the Lord's. How often we have looked at do ?” “ Thou shalt have full control.” “Fulfil the battle as ours, and have asked that man shall not Thy good pleasure in me.” Then shall we have prevail against us. But perhaps you are not wholly abundance of peace. Let the presence of the Lord on the Lord's side ; and this may be the secret of in His people become a living bright reality. Then your failure. If you want continuous victory you we shall find abundant and abiding peace. must be on the side of Him who knows no defeat. Let us now endeavour to answer the question, · Art thou for us or for our adversaries ?" said, “ How am I to enjoy this peace ?" There are conJoshua. “Nay; but as Captain of the host of the ditions. Some people object to conditions. But Lord am I now come.” The question is not whether there are conditions in the matter of salvation. Faith the Lord is on your side, but whether you are on is a condition. And so, when we come to the matter the Lord's side.

of holiness, and progress in holiness, there are conIII. Once more, Peace in connection with Christ's ditions all along the way. First, then, I would say presence. “ These things have I spoken unto you Let there be no reserves.

In the end of the ninth that in Me ye might have Peace.” In Me, not chapter of Luke we read of a man who came to through Me, out of Me, or from Me, but in Me. Jesus, and said, “Lord, I will follow Thee; but-"

The soul's dwelling place is the very presence of Many people go as far as that, and there they stop. Christ, the secret place of God's tabernacle. It is They get the blessing only when the but is removed. in that dwelling place that the deepest, truest, and One says, “ Lord, I will follow Thee; but I do not most satisfying peace is found.

want others to know it. The fact is, I am afraid, It is not so much what He gives as what He is. of being thought peculiar; I am afraid I shall “He is our peace," and He says, “Lo! I am with be misunderstood. There are friends whose good you always even unto the end of the world.” Sce opinion and esteem I greatly prize, and I am afraid

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that, if I am out-and-out for Christ, they will shun face, and say, “Yes, Lord, yes, I will go all lengths and avoid me.” Now, what does God say to such with Thee—and now

Here I am.

“I see now," said an one? “Walk before Me, and be thou perfect." one, not long since, “the secret of abundance ; the

“ Another says, "Lord, I will follow Thee; but I am secret of always having a full supply. It is simply to

I not willing to give up one thing. In the first place, live in the land, for my Father says, "Dwell in the I am not sure that there is any harm in it." Has land, and verily thou shalt be fed.” It is in the land anyone asked you to give it up? "No," you say; the "abundance" is to be found. Simply abide there.

" “ but I have not felt comfortable about it." Then Abide in Him, in whom all fulness dwells, and you it may be the Lord is dealing with you about it. will have enough and to spare. Yield yourself to And God bids you lay aside not only sins, but every Him now for this; give yourself to Him without weight, in running the race set before you. It may reserve, generously, cheerfully, promptly, and then

, not be a sin; but is it a weight? Is it hindering the Lord, will undertake to meet all your need, and your progress, or marring your influence? If so, you shall know what it is, day by day, and right on that settles the point. You must let it go. Then, to the end, to live in the ABUNDANCE OF PEACE. after all, ofttimes it is not the thing itself that stands in the way, but the act of clinging to it. Sometimes God puts His finger upon some object

“ NOW YE ARE CLEAN.” very dear to you to bring you out into a sphere of

(Concluded.) greater usefulness. Look at Abraham and Isaac. I We are afraid because we do not know His do not read that Abraham idolized his son ; but the mind, nor apprehend where He means this cleantime came when God said, "I want you to give Me ness to be. We would place it in Heaven, and your son, your only son Isaac, to offer him up as a He speaks of it on earth ; we would have it as a burnt offering." What did Abraham do ? At once consummation, and He makes it the commence he responded to God's call, and gave him to the ment—the very first step in sanctification, in real Lord; but the Lord gave him back again to Abra- Christian life and living,—but a preparation for ham. And so God may be putting His finger upon Pentecost, though we should have written it something in which there is neither any harm nor possible only of ages after. Shall we wonder at any hindrance, neither a sin, nor a weight, in order such an absence of the Spirit of God, of the spirit that you may consecrate your will to Him. Yield of fulness, and power, and discernment, in the it to the Lord and He will bless you with the children of God, when most of us are cavilling at abundance of peace.

the very threshold of it all over questions which Once more-another says, “Lord I will follow must be answered—rather truths which should be Thee, but I am afraid that I shall be called to suffer." | accepted--before any Pentecostal tide of blessing This is to have hard thoughts of God. You think can flow in. that, if you put yourself wholly into His hands IIe Take a well-known instance “ written for our will be cruel! Why, He is your Father. Whatso- learning," upon whom the ends of the world are ever is loving and tender in an earthly parent is —“the priests went into the inner parts of the just a faint reflection of the infinite love that dwells House of the Lord to cleanse, and brought out all in our Father in heaven.

the uncleanness that they found in the Temple of Secondly, let there be no distrust. God wants the Lord” (2 Chron. xxix. 16). Then, and not you to give yourself to Him that He might fulfil till then, they were in a position to “serve "—to His good pleasure in you, that His will may be done “ minister" to "worship,” to offer the burntin you. His will is your truest happiness. Let us offering upon the altar. Cleansing is the very

“ Lord, take me, and do Thy will in me; use beginning ; the very first thing—till He can say of me as Thou wilt.” What God requires is that you us, “Now ye are clean," where can we be in the should be at His disposal, without any conditions. path of mighty works He has prepared for us to

Lastly, let there be no delay. Some here may be walk in ? Surely standing at the gate, barely saying, “When I get to my room I will give myself having entered into life, and without knowledge wholly to the Lord.” Nay, let it be now. A few concerning the eternal purposes He had willed to moments may be sufficient. Just look up into His carry out “hy His Church "-(Eph. iii. 10)-50

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am I

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wondrously transformed into a “co-worker” with makes a stand before we yield, and often we turn Deity (2 Cor. vi. 1). Oh, how long He waits, and back for years wandering, instead of going forward. how His heart must yearn over us, sorrowing with You know I speak the truth. How often God in a depth of grief which He only can know, who only His faithfulness flashes some new light upon us, and can count the cost of what we are losing by our we are untrue to it, untrue to God, and every ray slowness to believe, our petty frivolity, our paltry of light that reaches us which we do not follow littleness--occupying ourselves with atoms of time ; leaves us in deeper darkness than before. How do regardless, even ignorant, of the very things to fulfil I know it is so? I will tell you. When a soul which we are called into spiritual life, with our thus abandons itself to the will of God, with no hands hanging down and feeble knees, instead of other thought or care beyond complying with that our loins girded, our lamps burning, and being like will at whatever cost, beyond hearing and doing it, unto men and women who wait for their Lord. with no longer a question “do I like it,'

After the cleansing, the “burnt-offering began." able,” or anything else with self or “I” in it, Very few of us have literally got to this. It means simply following and obeying, if it be to dust a death; it means being consumed, and being consumed room or win a city, then—what then? The power

1 by a living fire. And here we shrink back, shrink of the Living God, the fire of the Eternal Spirit, from contact with the burning flame. Human nature comes down upon that soul, not only consuming will always count the cost ; and how often souls but re-creating ; where was the earthly, infusing the come up to this very point and then deliberately heavenly, where there was the human, bestowing turn back. They will not lie down helpless, bound, the divine, so that whithersover that soul shall all that they are and have on the altar to be burnt go; as with the “ double torrent" of living water up! No wonder, you say. Listen ! “ And when Life shall come. That is how I know, for there are (Heb. “in the time ") the burnt-offering began the not many who thus bring nought but the Spirit of

Life and the fire of the Holy Ghost wherever they song of the Lord began also." If we have not

go. There are some, but you can number them by taken that step of utter self-abandonment, if we units, yet such would the Lord make every member have not laid there on the altar helpless, that all of His body the Church! Just to be this I am our self-life may be consumed, our desires, our yearning, yearning--are not some of you? But oh, reputation, our very influence for God;

where are we? Afraid almost of being "clean," know, nothing ; nothing of the liberty of a slave till then how can He make us a power in the earth ?

how much further off being filled with God! Yet of Jehovah, therefore nothing of the power of We mourn the "mighty works," and we do not a child of a King, and nothing of the joy of that take the first step! song of the Lord. But if we have ! He is stooping I will just pass on to you what some one said to low to rejoice over such a soul with exceeding joy, by one wonderfully filled with the Spirit of God;

me the other day, it has not left me since, uttered to delight in it, as He rests now in His love, to joy it made me tremble, lest reading my half-heartedover it even as He says “ with singing.” The song ness, the doubt should ever be realised. of the Lord begins. Is it not worth while at any this

“ You know the way ; cost to wake such a song as that, to have the Christ

I WONDER IF YOU “resting” over you "satisfied”? Even though the


In other words. Afraid under any circumstances cords of love are closer drawn, which bind your for any consideration to grieve the Spirit of God, broken will and dying life to His bleeding heart even though He may lead you into what will cost and eternal glory.

you everything you hold most dear, and make you Do not misunderstand me. I know there is a

the offscouring of the world—"a spectacle unto the sense in which Christ only is the burnt-offering sake, will you be still going forward leaving results

world, and angels, and men,” a fool for Christ's well pleasing to God; I know it is the altar alone

to God? which sanctifies the gift. But though we are dead This is being true to God, and nothing less than in Christ to sin and self, there is often a very

literal this!

But it means also power with God and with working out of the injunction to “mortify our

men to prevail in this present world, and being members," simply for or because

glorified with God in the world to come! we died,”—a You know the way.

I wonder how many of practical fulfilling of that is true of us in Christ.


will be true to God ? And there are things about which our will often France,

B, G. L. H.


It was

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It was

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to set every restless heart yearning for the abunAPRIL 18tu.

dance of peace, which was shown to be so full, so

possible, and so present; and it did stir every already
Unto Him shall the gathering of the people be.” rested heart to deeper praise; that such “Peace is a
Wherever that is true, there must be blessing ; Person,” and that person the Eternal Saviour God,
wherever that is true, there must be rest—the deep and therefore secure and abiding. (A full report of
rest of
in the

this Address will be found on page 89.)
of His

And it was true at the little Crayford gathering.

The after-discussion was very interesting, brisk, unto Him.” He was the first presence crisp, and short; several bringing out points we all recognised, and we found it was so by the quiet want to remember. peace of the room beforehand.

No silence was

Mr. Moore spoke of the double peace of Isa. called for, but there was silence, scarcely any talk- xxvi. 3 (marg.), the peace of justification, and the ing, but rested and expectant waiting, one of the peace of sanctification. Then he, too, reminded us signs which is sure to follow when the name of the that “Peace is a Person,” saying, “I love to say to city is, “ TAE LORD IS THERE.”

my soul that this man is the Peace when any AssyIt was such a markedly restful day, filled with rians come into the land.” It is so deep that outer

the dew of His blessing,” that we feel as if it troubles do not shake it. As one has said, “ It is should be shared, at least in some degree, with not the waters outside the vessel which sink her; what those who could not be there. It was part of our we have to dread is only that which gets within." host's loving and quickening words at the opening Others, too, spoke of little things being brought that we should take away as much as we could. under His rule, and how weighty cares-_" PostFor this was not like some gardens or feasts, where office,” or “Woolwich Arsenal”—could be calmly the permission was, “Eat as much as you like, but met when He was supreme. take none away,” but a feast from which we were Mr. SHERBROOKE then brought up Isa. 1. 10, and not only allowed, but charged to take away as much Micah vii. 8, as cheer to faith, to trust on even when as we could, and to “ Learn for the profit of others, without realisation. To him they met the case of a to be distributed afterwards."

fully obedient servant who was without realisation. The subject for the three meetings was a very | Trust on, then, in the dark. wide one: Abundance of Peace, Abundance of Power, Mr. HOPKINS said: Yes, if the darkness did not Abundance of Hope. Mr. Blackwood's opening mean being shut out of communion with the Lord, words were an immediate recognition of the presence but only the darkness of providential circumstances; of the Lord Jesus, and that gave the tone to the and Mr. MOORE then quoted a saying of Dorothea whole -- one of solemnised gladness. Then came Trudel, “ We may sit in darkness, but take care the kind words of welcome, spoken from the shadow that the darkness does not sit in us." of sorrow, making us all remember to ask that the Mr. Savage then put the two songs together Lord might make of this cloud His chariot, wherein which were sung at the Lord's birth, and on His He should ride into deepest soul-recesses, and fill day of triumph : “Glory to God in the highest, with His glory, His comfort, and His rest.” Mr. and on earth peace” the one, and “Peace in Blackwood then said, “ It is blessed to meet for Heavenin the other, showing peace made in communion with saints; but what I want, and heaven, and made known on earth ; but the chief what you want, is to have communion with God.” thought was glory to God. Let that be first with And he closed with this, “ It is a common saying us, and peace shall follow. when Parliament meets, to say that the House met The closing words were from Mr. Fox, who said, for the dispatch of business. Let it be for business' “ If we have peace,

it will show itself in deep res!, that we meet now-definite business between God in behaviour, in look, and in speech. This is someand our souls, and not merely the talk of the lips, thing much deeper than the enthusiasm which may which tendeth only to penury.”

be of the flesh. “Come unto Me, and I will give The prayer and hymn which followed were in the you rest," that is the rest of justification; then same spirit of recognition of His presence, and then further, “ Take my yoke, and ye shall find rest.” the first speaker opened the subject. It was enough The whole secret is in being under Christ. There

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power. Will

is not anything which keeps a man in rest as being crowning in glory; able to succour when temptedunder Him, that is, under IIis will. His grand, then we must expect to be tempted; able to present majestic will is always calm, and if we are the little us faultless. In all, He keeps the power to Him

self. vessel resting on it, we shall be at rest, and at peace.

He not only has power, but He gives power. The reason why so many find it so difficult to keep Power to enter into sonship; power over evil. And up this rest is because they will not accept His will when? In infirmities (2 Cor. xii. 9). Many try in common circumstances. Accept His will in all to escape from them ; but if they did, they would things, and you shall have rest. You will find out escape from the power. It is in the crevices of the that there is no such deep rest as that which can be wounds and our weaknesses the Dove of God de

rocks the birds build ; so in the crevices of our enjoyed under tremendous pressure of care; the scends and makes a habitation for Himself. deepest rest is under the Cross, as He found when He has a fourfold power for each : to escape from He said, in His grand calm, “ The cup which my yielding to temptation (1 Cor. x. 13), upwards, by Father hath given Me shall I not drink it?" He prayer, if in no other way; to comprehend His love

with all saints; to make you able to stand ; and, had said before, “Let this cup pass !” I do love further, able to quench (Eph. vi. 13, 16).

, , my Lord for it. He is so human that He is not What is the secret of Power ? Knowledge is power afraid of saying that there is a deep shadow on His (Eph. i. 18). Union is power, sevenfold union of

. path. We sometimes speak as if it were all un-blessed “togethers," crucified together, &c. Food broken sunshine ; but the shadow may be the deeper tween God and the soul, or there can be no power

is power; there must be a continual sacrament be. sunshine, because we rest in His will. Accept His in the life. The Promise is power. Cash a promise, will as superior to our sunshine.

my brother, if you are out of



presence Mr. BLACKWOOD then pressed upon us the ques

is power. Solitude is


follow me tion of our reason for wanting the abundance of here? Remember Jacob “left alone,” made Israel. peace; is it that we may work for Him better ? the failure of speaking at a meeting, which casts

Suffering is power. Yea, and defeat is power ;

like Prayer then followed from several, of which this

you at His feet, and you find out that there is sentence sums all, Reign Thou in us, and we shall power in humiliation. And I would add that death then rest in Thee."

is power (John xii. 24): “If it die .... much The afternoon subject was “ The Abundance of


The signs of power are that the man who has Power," a vast one indeed, and as Mr. Blackwood

it is himself concealed, and only Christ is seen. He quoted word after word of Him who cannot lie, who has it is always saying "Come," like Jesus, from Col. i. and Eph. i. and iii., &c., not only always winning and pleading with others, by life offering but pledging power to us, the thought and voice. cane, Where shall we begin? How can we grasp the Holy Ghost ? The] Holy Ghost is compared to

How may you know the man who is filled with and then the resting answer came, “If Peace is a

water, and the man filled with Him is fertilising Person, Power is a Person too!" and we have Him, and refreshing ; He is compared to wind, warm but we claim Him, and we count on opened eyes to see powerful ; to dew, falling silently, and covering next how to use Hinn.

that on which it falls. And is there anything of It was Mr. Fox who opened the subject, starting the Dove about you -- gentleness and submission from this ground, “This Man is the great Power of one to another? And of fire? so that you can say, God.” We shall have the address fully later, so

" The zeal of Thine house hath eaten me up." only touch on it now.

God raised Jesus from the grave, exhausted, He divided it thus : the Source of Power, the maimed, wounded, spent, all His blood poured out, Secret and the signs of Power.

yet in a few hours He raised Him a new man, unHe reminded us what a solemn thing Power was; exhausted, complete. That is the power He has that Power was purchased by blood. Pentecost was for us, and that is the measure of the power He will preceded by Calvary by only fifty days. Then came give us when we are wholly submitted to Him. the sevenfold ability of God first. He alone able Discussion followed shortly, and soon ended. to open the book, and to loose the seals, and “Power belongeth unto God,” and this God is our reveal the power and the Person within. Able God!" Shall we join them together? Oh, let it to make all grace abound-not to store, but to be so with each one present ! spend ; able to do exceeding abundantly, above our [The Addresses on the Abundance of Power, by asking; able to subdue—then why not here and Rev. C. A. Fox, and the Abundance of Hope, by now? able to keep—but He cannot keep, unless we Rev. E. W. Moore, we hope to publish in our next commit; able to save from the conversion to the issue.- En.]


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