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to the after meeting which closed the day at 9.30 It was when the alabaster box was broken that each evening, during which scarcely any left their the whole house was filled with the odour of the places, showed increasing interest from day to day. ointment: so our dear brother is the alabaster box,

The singing of the hymns, the prayers that were so which has been broken by death. On that the frequently offered, the addresses, the Bible readings whole Convention might be filled with the fresh -all formed a continued stream of blessing, which odour of his sacrifice; that there might be such a flowed onward without interruption. To the praise sense of the presence of God, such a sacred sense of the Lord let it be recorded that throughout the of the nearness of God, that every heart might be Convention no jarring word was heard—no ele- overcome by the power of the very present God ! ment of discord, seen. The Lord was there over- Surely it will be our prayer throughout the whole shadowing each meeting by His presence, and Convention not only to ask special blessings for our carrying home to many hearts the instruction, the selves, but for that bereaved house, that he being guidance, the deliverance they were seeking. dead might yet speak, and that the odour might fill

It was a noteworthy feature in this Convention that house, and that every room in it might be filled that those who gave their testimony-and they with the fragrance of the nearness of Jesus : and were many-gave it from hearts broken by the sense with the precious savour of His servant's faithful of the Lord's goodness, and filled with the con- life, so that every child in it should follow, and fill sciousness of His presence. “Not I, but Christ” | his place as a ministering servant, and that He was the tone throughout.

would fill them with power from on high, and guide There was the evident knowledge in almost every and keep them all. The circumstances of the case, that it was an oblation they had offered to Funeral, solemn as they are, are but the putting Christ in presenting themselves to Him, accom-away of the poor clay clothes into the wardrobe of panied by the awe which the acceptance of the earth, whence they shall be brought forth one day Sacrifice uniformly inspires.

all transfigured, and transformed suddenly into the All this calls for deep gratitude, much humilia- likeness of His glorious body. Let us solemnly tion, and increased watchfulness that the adversary glorify God for His call. Let us make use of it to gain no advantage, but that such blessings may live a more Christ-life. I know what was in his abound on every side, until the whole Church is heart, that we who gather here should accept the brought back to that state of consecration and fulness of Christ, and have the strength He gives. devotion to the Great Master which niarked the I was permitted to see him several times in London, early days of the Pentecost.

and saw his entire patience, the perfect peace and Most of the old helpers were there, with some sweet rest on his poor wasted face and wasted frame. additions to their number. May the Lord multiply There was the same quiet saintly smile, and, though these additions greatly! The call for labourers is knowing how ill he was, and of the meetings where great, the stream of applications for meetings increas- he could not be, there was still the same calm smile, ing Will all who are pressing onward help by as if he were already in Heaven; and indeed he was their prayers, their sympathy, and their testimony? so near that it might be said of him, as of another It is not possible to re-produce the proceedings man, that he always lived so near Heaven that of the Convention in full, so a selection of the when God called him he had not far to go. addresses only is given in the following pages. Now I would just add one word from Zech. x. 1.

H. F. B. Ask


of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain; so the Lord shall make bright clouds, and

give them showers of rain, to every one grass in BRIGHT CLOUDS.

the field," so appropriate to us all here. “Ask ye

of the Lord." You see the whole thing depends We have been invited to the feast: and now the upon that—" Ask ye :" and if we are to have any head of the house himself has left us and gone within. blessing here, it must be by asking: and I do He is in the brighter light of the glory, and we beseech you that there should be a deep platform are still in the shadow, but it is the shadow cast by of prayer this week, that there should be a solid Christ Himself, who stands between us.

basis of prayer in all our meetings, not only herë



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bat alone all through this week. Let us lie low blessings, know it by His Word. Our glorified before God in supplication, and then He will open brother saw them, and knew they were to be had, us the windows of heaven. Then the heart of our and believed and received far beyond most, and brother will be rejoiced by seeing that his people many another now above believed and saw. are receiving blessing even by his very absence. But do not be satisfied with "bright clouds," with

Pray then, first, with deep humiliation of spirit. seeing these bright visions of peace and holiness. There is not any other effectual prayer : there is Many are, and they go away saying, “O yes, I see not any other prayer heard in Heaven, but the there are such blessings. I am quite convinced of prayer with the sacrifice of a broken spirit. Let it.” But God also promises showers of rain. Now us see to it that we pray from a position sufficiently do not be frightened at showers. Do not be terrilow from which to appeal to Him. Then, not only fied at a darkened heaven, and heavy clouds. If pray with humiliation, but with expectation, as if your own heart is opened up to you, and you see God were very near, and as if He were going to do things you little dreamt of, do not shrink from it; great things for us. You know what it is in a it is a sign of God's near Presence. I believe that house where one is lying dead; God seems so near ; the deepest blessings are the crushing blessings you always feel as if God were in every room, and which break us down, and lay us low, and make us you move about in hushedness of spirit, not only ready for whatever He sends. hushed by the presence of death, but by the First, He will show us the bright clouds and presence of God.

He has been so near, and visions, and then the darkening of all the land with fetched His child away Himself, and left such an heavy clouds; but after the visions, and the peniatmosphere behind Him. Let us bury ourselves in tential tears, He gives the “green grass." And this the dust at His feet, and beg Him to reveal is for "every one." Each of you must have this. ,

. Himself to us here. “Said I not unto thee, that, Not only penitential tears, but the "grass in the if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the field,” which means resurrection life, new deep life; glory of God ?" God is here, and He has promised which means Heaven itself, God come down to earth, we shall see : let us believe to see, and now, this living on earth with us : and all this for the good very night, that we shall see the power and the of others, for the pasturing of the flock of God; presence of God. Let it be a believing night. that friends should see, and be the better for it;

And again, not only must it be a prayer in humilia- that the world should see the sign of God about us, tion, and with expectation, but it must also be the and should draw round to see. prayer of appropriation. Let us put both hands It is for everyone. Then leave not to-night, I out to take. Let us be like a child, who sees its beseech you, without resolving by the grace of God father with bread, and it runs up to him, “Father, that “there shall be green grass for me." He has give me a piece ! ” with both hands stretched out. promised, and I will not let Him go, and there shall It does not put its hands behind, when it says, be green grass in my field to glorify Thee, O God “Give me.” So let us put out our hands without a

our Father! shadow of doubt or hesitation, and let us run up to Him and ask Him because He is present, and because

WHAT WILT THOU ? we believe He has promised. You see we are to ADDRESS BY DR. J. ELDER CUMMING, OF GLASGOW. “ask,” because He has promised. “Ask ye of the READ Mark x. 47-50. Then comes the verse I Lord rain in the time of the latter rain." Do not want to press on your attention, the 51st—"And say, There is no need to ask, because He has Jesus answered and said unto him, What wilt thou promised.” Nay, my brother, ask just because it is that I should do unto thee ?" And another passage the time of the latter rain ; ask with simplicity of in this chapter, vers. 35-41. Now it strikes me faith, and with determination of desire.

that at the beginning of our Conference it may be What has God promised ? “So the Lord shall well to fix your attention upon this question-the make bright clouds ”—bright visions of hope, of question which the Lord puts both to the blind man perfect peace, and holiness and purity, such as we and to His apostles who were prepared to ask an did not believe could be had down here. You can extraordinary thing of Him, “What wilt thou that not get them, unless you know that there are such | I should do unto thee?” In other words I should


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like to be made the means to-day of bringing before early ; John was taken late ; James put to death your consciences the question: What is your pur- by Herod ; John passing through his Patmos, pose in coming to this Conference? What object passing through that time of weakness and old age have you in view? Is there anything you especially when, as tradition tells us, he was carried out to the need? Have you come to get any one definite meeting, and could say nothing but, "Little children, thing? What wilt thou, oh Christian, that Jesus love one another." The Lord indicated that in order should do to you !

to get the glory that was in store for them both, Now just a word as to the second narrative. there was great suffering. Were they willing to

The blind man knew perfectly what he wanted, pay that price? and he answered with great faith that he wanted a So much for the narrative. Now let us turn to miracle done on him, and the definiteness of his what we may learn from it, as by a dialogue between desire and of his request gets the blessing at once, Christ and the soul. The Lord is in the tent, and obtains it in a moment.

like the one of old it becomes a most holy place. In the other passage the mother (as we find from The Lord is here to-day, and to each disciple He is another Gospel) of Zebedee's children joins with putting the question, “What wilt thou that I

" her sons in making the very extraordinary request : should do unto thee?" " Grant that these my two sons may sit, the one on Dear friend, will you answer the Lord what you thy right hand, and the other on the left, in thy do desire ? kingdom." Now there is a bad element in that 1. One soul I can imagine to answer in sincerity, request, and there is a good one. The bad was the “Lord, I have come here in order that I may underpersonal vanity of it, the thought of self and the stand this teaching, which hitherto I have failed position self was to get, the desire that self should fully to comprehend. I am told that there is a a sit, the one on the right hand and the other on the power in the Holy Ghost to enable me to live much left. The good element was twofold—a wonderful closer to Christ than has been my experience in the faith that the Lord was a King who yet should reign, past. And I have come here in order that I may and a love that longed to be near Him, close to Him, study this question more fully, and that I may His hand on either side touching them. That is the obtain an answer. That I may know if it be posgood element. Now, in the answer the Lord drops sible for me to receive the Baptism of the Holy the bad element altogether, but the disciples don't Ghost.” Is that, oh Christian, thine answer to the pass it by. The ten were much displeased. But Lord ? Thou dost desire to inquire? If so, wait the Lord fastens at once upon the love that breaks on the Lord, be silent before Him. He will teach through the request, and rejoices in that love. thee. No one who comes to be taught by the Lord Seeing the loving desire to be near Him, He thinks shall go away without knowing something of the of nothing else. He so desires the heart of His secret of the Lord. people, that if they give Him that He is satisfied, 2. What wilt thou ? An answer comes from and He answers,

“You don't know what you ask. another soul, “I desire to have power over temptaYou want to have a share in my glory?" Can tion, power over care, power over evil. I know it ye drink of the cup that I drink of, and be baptised is possible. I have friends whose life I have with the baptism that I am baptised with ?” The observed. But the other day there walked upon disciples are thrown at once upon conscience, and these streets a holy man, whose life has convinced they say, “Lord, whatever Thou sendest we are many that there is a power in the Lord to keep ready for.” They put their will on the side of men above the petty cares of life? May we not Christ, and then the Lord gives the promise, “ Ye learn this lessson from his life? To such a soul shall indeed drink of the cup that I drink of.” the Lord answers, “Do you know what you ask ?

He does not say whether He is going to give Do you know the way to this blessing? Canst thou them the great honour they covet. He does not drink of the cup that I drink of, and be baptised tell them whether it is prepared for them or not. with my baptism?" You know the Lord's cup, you But if they drink of the cup, the Lord will show know the Lord's baptism. Art thou able? Nay; how far they are prepared ; and we know, accord- thou art not able: but art thou willing to put thyingly, how they did suffer, James was taken self into the Lord's hands?

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3. And that brings me to a third class. What what Christ? Do you mean the Christ of the cross, wilt thou, oh Christian, that the Lord Jesus should the crucified Christ, as He hung there, saying, “ My do unto you? The answer of many would be, God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” Is “Lord Jesus, I have got something of the blessing that the Christ that thou wouldest be made like! and I would have more ; indeed I must have more; Or is it the Christ of the agony in the garden, oh, I have not found it to be a joyful time. I kneeling in Gethsemane. “My soul is exceeding asked that I might walk in the way of peace, not sorrowful;. . not My will, but Thine be done." knowing that the Lord meant me to walk in the that the Christ you would be like? or is it the man valley of the shadow of death. Ever since I came of sorrows? “Behold and see, all ye that pass by, into possession of a fuller blessing there has been if there be any sorrow like unto My sorrow !" Is humiliation, there has been grief, and if I ain to that the Christ you would be like? That is the have more blessing what will come ?"

fellowship of His sufferings, to be like the man of Dear friends, I believe that many are halting just sorrows. To be a man of sorrows walking beside at this point. They are like David of old. He the Man of Sorrows. Do I seem to be hard in laying was full of joy bringing back the Ark. “Oh, what down the conditions of the higher life? Do I seem a blessed time it will be when the Ark of God comes to make it less inviting than it seemed before ? up to the city of Zion!" But on the way Uzziah There is no easy way, no royal road to full conseput forth his hand to the Ark of God, in direct dis- cration, to the fulness of the Spirit of God. If obedience to the law of Moses, and on the spot God there had been, the Lord Jesus would not have struck him down! And David was afraid of God been the Man of Sorrows. We must go down to that day, and he said, “I dare not have the Ark with the dust ere we can be lifted up to the throne. me, it is such an awful presence." Christian, canst Nay, the Lord will take us down with Him; He thou say before the Lord this day, “I am not afraid will empty us bit by bit. of what the Lord will do ?” The test is this, wilt We began this Conference as it were in death, thou put thyself into the wounded hands of Jesus, and every soul that would pass into the fulness of and He will make you able for baptism. Oh! I Christ must begin by the death of self, by yielding know how blessed it will be ! The sweetness that up all to Him. is in that cup of blessing!

But, oh! remember He was something more than 4. Another soul may answer unto Jesus, “Lord, the man of sorrows. There was more in the Lord's I desire that I should be melted into love. Thou heart than sorrow. The wondrous infinite joy, the knowest what I have been ; Thou knowest that joy of holiness, the joy of Heaven and eternity. baneful self of mine. Thou knowest that heart of To be made like unto Christ is not merely to be bitter evil. But now I would have all that taken made like Him in His sufferings; but, oh! it is to away, and self put in the place of death.” The be made like unto Him in His glory, to be made Lord will do that, Christian, it you will let Him; like unto Himself. Can


drink of the cup ^ " and the love of God will be shed abroad in our What wilt thou that Jesus should do unto you? hearts by the Holy Ghost. But oh! it takes a fire [A question was sent up by some one in the to melt the soul into love, and when we sing, Conference, which there was not time to answer Spirit of burning, come,” I wonder how many then; but a few lines may be added now in people think of what it means. I wonder how explanation. Is there any difference between many, if it were indeed written in letters of fire drinking of the cup and being baptised with the before their eyes, would have asked the blessing ! Baptism?” The “cup" is frequently used as a Spirit of burning, come! Think well, Christian, symbol: generally, of a man's portion ; specially, before you present that request. I do not say you of the portion of the wicked. In this last reference should not do it; but I beg you to consider what it it means the wrath of God against sin, as may be means, and to be sincere in what you ask of God. seen from Ps. lxxv. 8; Isa. li. 17-22 ; Jer. xxv. 15;

5. Yet one word more, " What wilt thou that I and in Rev. xiv. 10-16 ; i. 9. The subject is a shall do unto thee?” The last answer of the soul very difficult one: but is not this the true explana“Lord I would be made like Christ.” Oh,

Oh, tion of the cry in Gethsemane, when the Lord Christian, wouldest thou be made like Christ ? But asked to be relieved, not from the death on Calvary,



nor merely from the anticipation of it in Gethse- which was open ”-would be kept in some public mane, but from this element in His suffering "the office, where any intending purchaser or creditor cup” of the Lord's wrath against sin? Afterwards might find authoritative proof as to the lawful He says, “The cup which My Father hath given Me, ownership of the land. shall I not drink it?" (Johrn xviii. 11). Still the The application of the story is just as plain. cup of God's wrath ; but also to Him, the Father's The Church of God is that “which He hath purgift. This seems the meaning of the cup. The chased(Acts xx. 28); the redemption money was “

Baptism” seems to mean Death. The three not silver and gold, but “the precious blood of passages which bear most closely on the meaning Christ” (1 Pet. i. 18, 19); and the purpose in view are Luke xii. 50; Rom. vi. 4, 3. The image is was “ that He might redeem us from all iniquities, derived not from sprinkling, but from immersion. and purify unto Himself a people for His own Going down into the darkness of the River of possession, zealous of good works ” (Titus ii. 14, Death, and rising on the other side.]

R.V.). The witnesses were Pontius Pilate (1 Tim. vi. 13); Judas the betrayer, compelled, even as

Pilate was, to own the value of the payment (cf. THE TWOFOLD EVIDENCE.

Matt. xxvii. 4, with John xviii. 38; xix. 4, 6); (JER. xxxii. 6-17.)

and the centurion confessing the divine price (Mark (BIBLE READING.)

xv. 39). There remains the twofold evidence of

the purchase, for which we must surely seek some The words of the Lord are pure words, purified counterpart in the Lord's redemption of His people : seven times ; His judgments are a great deep ; His " for whatsoever things were written aforetime were commandment is exceeding broad; therefore we written for our learning;" “ All these things hap

' may search into them many times and yet at every pened unto them for types.” search find fresh light and glory. Taking the 2. In 2 Tim. ii. 19 you will find the doctrine of passage just read as an example, we see at the first a twofold evidence of the soul's redemption exactly glance its grand, simple, surface lesson. At a time detailed. “ Nevertheless the foundation of the like this, of distress and suffering through the siege, Lord standeth sure, having this scal: The Lord the Lord encourages His people's hearts; He fills knorreth them that are His. And, Let ereryone them with confidence in His coming deliverance; that knovelh the name of Christ depart from iniHe gives them such trust in Himself and His quity." You sometimes find that a seal has two power, that they will pay ready money for the impressions, an upper and an under, each used for ownership of land which the enemy actually holds a different purpose; one, perhaps, engraved with the in possession. “Ah, Lord God! there is nothing arms, the other with the crest, of the owner.

So too hard for Thee."

this seal of God's foundation has two impressions : But underneath this surface lesson we can dis- one, the upper, secret between the soul and the Lord cern other precious truths, deduced from New Tes- its owner—"the Lord knoweth them that are His;" tament usage of words here employed— Redemption, the other, the lower, open evidence to all the world Purchase, Inheritance, Price, Witnesses; words as to the ownership of the pardoned soul-"let full of teaching concerning the Lord's dealings with everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart the souls of His people.

from iniquity." An illustration of this doctrine is 1. The story itself is very simple. Into the found in Matt. ix. 2-7_" Jesus said unto the sick court of the prison his uncle's son comes to Jere- of the palsy: Son, be of good cheer, thy sins be miah, and offers him for purchase a field in the forgiven thee.” That conveyed the secret evidence country of Benjamin, just now in possession of the to the happy possessor of pardon ; but the world Babylonian army. Jeremiah accepts the offer, around did not believe, because they could not see, weighs out the money, and in the presence of wit- this evidence. “Then saith He to the sick of the

“ nesses signs two copies of the deed which transfers palsy, Arise, take up thy bed, and go unto thine possession of the land. It would appear that of house. And he arose, and departed to his house." these two copies one

" that which was sealed It was as though the Lord asked, “ Whether is easier would be kept by the purchaser, the other--" that for Me, to give the upper sexl, or the under scal?

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