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But that the world may know the accomplished re- | but to present an offering because he is cleansed. demption, that the opened evidence may be spread In each case the blessing received within has an out before them—do thou, who hast the secret, take outward seal of evidence attached. So is it with the open evidence: Arise and walk.” An example the doctrine of God's word; Titus iii. 5, 7, gave of the twofold evidence is also found in Acts ix. the inward, ver. 8 gives the outward evidence. So 17-20: in verse 17 the secret evidence becomes wherever the Lord declares His blessings to us, He Saul's possession, and from that moment he knows calls for an outward proof of them to the worldthat he is “Known of God” (Gal. iv. 9); then, in Matt. v. 16 : “Let your light so shine before men verse 20, the open evidence is immediately added, that they may see your good works, and glorify your “Straightway he preached Christ in the synagogues, Father which is in Heaven;" John xiii. 35:

. that He is the Son of God."

Hereby shall all men know that ye are My dis3. Perceiving how plainly God intends His pur- ciples, if ye have love one to another;" chap. xiv. 8: chased possession to be stamped with this twofold “Herein is My Father glorified, that ye bear much

, seal, let us seek in our own souls for these tokens of fruit; so shall ye be My disciples;” 1 Pet. 9, 12 : grace, whereby both ourselves and the world shall "Ye are a chosen generation, ... a people for God's

a know that we are His. We need not linger long own possession (R.V.); that ye should show forth over the inward evidence; it is the immediate the praises of Him. . . . Abstain from fleshly lusts, possession of every believer.

“ As many as received .. having your conversation honest among the Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of Gentiles, that ... they may, by your good works, God, even to them that believe on His name." “He which they shall behold, glorify God in the day that hath received His testimony hath set to his seal of visitation," Keeping this connection in rememthat God is true.” “Verily, verily, I say unto you, brance, between the inward and the outward

Ι He that believeth on Me hath everlasting life.” evidence, well - nigh every page of Scripture will (John i. 12 ; iii. 33; vi. 47.) This is the secret show you them in immediate conjunction. Shall evidence, known on the authority of the Word of they not so be conjoined in our life? God to every one that believeth on the Son of God 4. We have often heard and spoken together (1 John v. 9-12). This is the one essential thing, about the joyous knowledge of Christ in our own the one special secret point, about which every pro- souls, as the cleanser from the guilt and the fessed believer is to examine himself (2 Cor. xiii. 5. deliverer from the power of sin (Luke i. 74; Rom. See also Titus iii. 5-7; Rom. viii. 15, 16; Gal. iv. vi. 22). But it is not for our joy, our comfort, our 6,7). A simple fact,known at first only to the Lord delight; it is for the glory of the Father in the eyes and the believing soul, the accomplishment in that of the world, that He calls and enables for the open soul of the gracious will of God our Saviour, “who evidence. Suppose that the plot of land is bought, will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the the transaction completed, the deed of purchase knowledge of the truth "—viz., that they are saved. given to the buyer, and hidden by him in his own This is the inward evidence of the purchase ; an bosom. There is no open evidence, nothing to tell evidence buried, as it were, in the heart of the pur- the world to whom it belongs; no one can know for chased possession--not now, as in the type, cold certain whose it is. What wonder, then, if men and dead earth, but a living soul, new-born of the should trespass there? And if the land of your Spirit.

heart, though the Lord's possession, shuts up in And now the Lord calls for a second, an outward itself all evidence of ownership, is it strange that evidence. Over and over again you can see how others should seek to use it for themselves ? Are He joins these two together, that none should put not hidden Christians a downright contradiction ! them asunder. It appears in every miracle that They are dark lights, and how can the world see to Jesus wrought. The blind receives his sight and walk when its light is hidden under a bushel ? knows that he can see, but he proves it by" following for the glory of the Lord His people are called Jesus in the way.” The deaf hears, and proves it to give forth the evidence that they are His: and by his answers. The lame is healed, and straight- He is glorified just so far as their light shines

He The leper is cleansed, and shows forth clearly. All trespassers on this land must be it by going to the pricst, not to be cleansed prosecuted. There should be

no gaps in its

way walks.

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hedge. The wall of God's own presence should enter into rest.” Observe, “Which have believed.” surround it; and the bounteous crops and fruitful It is an accomplished fact. Is it a fact in your trees should let all men know whose it is and whom experience ? " Dost thou believe on the Son of it serves.

No corner should be found in it that God ?” Again it is, Do enter," not hope that we cannot or will not bear fruit for Him.

shall enter some day. We must take care that we Fellow-Christians, the world will judge of the do not meddle with the grammar of Scripture ; and Master by the look of the land, will form its opinion especially treasure its present tenses. How is this ? of the Inhabitant by the appearance of the house. because “We which have believed, do enter into If the land, of which we speak, is barren, neglected, Christ, and dwell in His heart by faith. Does unfruitful, the lookers-on find fault with the Master: anyone inquire your dwelling place, Believer? it is we know that the fault is our own. The Lord has in Jesus. He is your home, no mere tent, an evergiven us the needful sunshine and the rain from lasting habitation. “You shall go no more out.” heaven, yet how much of the land has been un- Abide in His love, and you will indeed find rest fruitful ? Thus have we failed to give open evidence there. The Lord Himself beautifully describes this to the world as to the Possessor of our bodies and rest of faith in the closing verses of Matt. xi., and souls. Every word not spoken with grace, every His words verily drop as the honeycomb : “Come action not done for His glory, every thought not unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, and I will rest you.” Come all ye that labour.

, has been a hiding of our Master from the world. Everything is full of labour till we appropriate While the Lord is demanding open evidence, that Jesus as our own by faith, and know what we the world may behold the blessing of being the possess in Him. When shall my labours end? Lord's Possession ; and seeing, may come to ask how They end here. There is rest in the power of His they too may be His.

blood to cleanse and to keep us clean. Rest in the On this, the first day of our Convention, is it not power of His righteousness to clothe us, for which well that we should bring our hearts and lives to

we have neither to toil nor to spin ; it is woven the searching light of His word ? Shall we not

from the top throughout by the hand of Jesus. We ask whether our evidence has been open and plain,

have only to put it on. There is rest also in the or if our lives have contradicted our professed power of His indwelling presence ; “Christ in me,” allegiance to Him? Let us acknowledge all the is the power of God unto full salvation, the secret past failure to Him, humbling ourselves before Him. of victory over sin, and of a holy walk. But many Let us deliberately give up ourselves with an abso- who realise the rest of justification fail to see this lute surrender to Him as Lord and Master ; that the blessed rest of sanctification ; and yet is it not true whole ground of our being, that the whole circuit that spiritual growth can no more be the result of of our life, belonging to Him, and Him alone, may effort than growth in the natural world ? All be henceforth one continuous testimony to His growth is quite outside the province of effort and praise and glory.

labour. In order to grow in grace we have to secure but one condition, Christ dwelling in us as

our sanctification. What is practical holiness, but THE REST OF FAITH.

the out-come of the in-coming Christ: Christ show

ing Himself through the lattice of our daily life? I PROPOSE to speak to you for a few moments, or The more Christ is seen in us the holier we are. rather I ask God by the breathings of His Holy And not only do we have this rest from labour Spirit to speak to us through my lips (which are by trusting in the Lord ; we have deliverance from not mine but His), and may He enable us all to burdens as well. Life is a burdensome thing withsay, “ Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth,”—I out Christ, but the believer need not carry any say I propose to ask the Lord to speak to us on the burden. " Anxiety" and "worry" should not be Rest of Faith-a precious subject and a great reality in the Christian's vocabulary (1 Peter v. 7). in the experience of many of God's dear people, re, then, is est; but this blessed trust is not an experience to which God's own Word points us. all that is necessary for the rest of faith. “ Faith Thus it is written, "We which have believed do embraces God's commandments with obedience as


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well as His promises with trust.” Take my yoke now may we be sanctified.That is what we are upon you." What yoke? The yoke of a yielded gathered here for. That will lead to the practical will, and a consecrated life. Jesus is the one perfect holiness which is displayed in action. The question example of both. “I am come to do Thy will." for us is, What is the action that will glorify God “I delight to do Thy will, O my God.” He struck in all things? It begins in faithfulness, is carried the keynote of His whole life when He said, “Wist on in thanksgiving, and displayed in ministry. ye not that I must be about my Father's business ?” It is utterly vain for any to put themselves into He has left us an example that we should follow the ministry. It is only the Lord's chosen people His steps : and calls us to the full, absolute, and that are exalted to the priesthood of the most high entire yielding of our wills, and consecration to His God; as priests called to offer up spiritual sacrifices, service. There is something intensely solemn and the burnt offering of entire consecration, the meat. very costly to the flesh in this surrender; but there is offering of all our possessions, the peace offering of a brighter side; Jesus' lips pressed the cup that we absolute trust, and the trespass-offering of brotherly are called to drink, and He calls us to bear the yoke love and forgiveness. with Him; anything He calls us to do with Him is And then the question arises. What is this blessed. The yoke was easy to Him, is it so to you? ministry? It is expressed by several different words. Can you say, having taken the yoke, that you find In Romans xi. 13, St. Paul-using the same word it easy? The answer is the measure of your conse- as in 1 Timothy i. 12—says, “I magnify mine cration. If two bullocks are yoked together, and office," or ministry. Look at 1 Corinthians iii. 5: one goes in an opposite direction, or faster than the “Who is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers other, the yoke will be uneasy; even so unless our by whom ye believed ?” The same word is usedl wills take the same direction as the will of Jesus, here again. There are men who glorify the posiunless we take each step with Him, His yoke will tion which they occupy, and who are always not be easy to us, but thus it becomes easy indeed talking of the dignity of the ministry When St. and His burden light. The eagle carries a burden, Paul says “I magnify mine office,” he uses the word that of its wings; but as those wings carry it, it drakovia, which means a dragging through the dust, finds them light. The burden the Lord lays on us taking the dusty highway, trailing one's garments is as wings to bear us into His bosom,-into the along it till they become dusty in serving others, heart of Jesus,-above the turmoil of the world; so that the minister (èrakovos) of Christ is to be a and there we find the true rest of Faith filting us “ dusty man.” And this is the dignity which St. for the work of Faith, for the fight of Faith, for all Paul “ magnifies," and for which he thanks God. its exploits to the praise and glory of God.

For another meaning of the word minister, turn to 1 Corinthians iv. 1: “ Therefore we persuade men

as the ministers of Christ and stewards of the “I MAGNIFY MINE OFFICE.”

mysteries of God." Here the word is in the

original inpetal, which means the lowest rouers, All those present at this Convention are assem- those who sit at the bottom of the boat, and have bled for a very definite purpose, the promotion of the hardest part in the work of rowing. In 1 Cor. practical holiness. We have now reached the last ix. 13 we have the word épyaSouEvot, which implies day of the Convention, and I do feel that you must constant, continuous labour. In 2 Cor. ix. 10 we

. all have been moved to your heart's centre; and read, “ He that ministereth seed to the sover, if you desire to know what practical holiness is, both minister bread for your food, and multiply you must by this time be well aware that it is not your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your talking about holiness, singing sweet hymns, rejoic-righteousness." This word ministereth is used ing in sweet emotions. It is not a feeling, however of the man who furnishes the chorus for a beautiful; it is not that we should be able to go play, the crowning of the festival, and this is the away and say, “We have had wonderful blessings Lord's own prerogative which He also extends unto at Keswick. Great was the manifestation of God's us. This sacred ministry is the highest privilege presence among us." It is not any of this. We that God the Lord can bestow, but in order to have been praying, “Oh! Spirit of adoption, exercise it we must accept the call of God to



be nothing. Oh, that men rightly understood Christian families, for none are so utterly selfish as the office of the ministry! They look at the the Christian masters and households ? And do Church of the living God and ask for heroes, not Christian masters and mistresses tell me time dealing with the spiritual after the manner of after time that they will have no more Christian the earthly. My brethren, there has been one servants, for none are so idle, so careless, so ready Hero, and He has passed to glory, and you must to take advantage? The fact is we have all fordo as Christ did. “He humbled Himself and gotten the mutual union that ought to be between became obedient unto death, even the death of the the Lord's people. Will we take our true position

" Whosoever will be the greatest, let him of nothingness, of empty vessels, that the Master be the slave, the coulos, of all.” Before we begin can make use of? St. Paul recognised that there to talk about heroes within the kingdom, we must was one great work for him to do, to bring those become a kingdom of slaves. The Church of God living stones and lay them at the Master's feet. is wanting in slaves; and we are here in this tent, Too many of those who assemble at Conventions in the sight of God, to say whether we are willing like this, assemble simply in order that they may to take the place to which God has called us, the enjoy the meetings, the addresses, the singing, and place of slaves. Oh! let there be no more talk then they return to their homes more petulant and about heroes. That is not the want. The want of more fretful than they were before. Am I speakthe day is the want of men who will be great ing too strongly? My friends, I have heard this enough to be small enough for God to use them. said about Keswick and about Mildmay, and those The one charge that St. Peter implored us to accept, who go there, and I cannot refrain from saying it. “Neither be ye lords over God's heritage,” has been If these Conventions have been held for any purignored by too many. The servant has become the pose it must come out in this, that our lives are greatest upon earth, and the man with the black different. Else men may well say,

" What mean ye coat and white cravat has become exalted above by this service ?” Some are saying in their hearts, his fellows. We want men who will be contented "I ever thought that if I came to this Convention to be in the dust, even drawing their black clothes and got a great blessing from God it would just through the dust, if need be. How often, in gather-carry me over difficulties, and there would be no more ings like this, have I seen the eyes of a multitude hardships, no more work, but I should enjoy God's go up to heaven as they sing, “Oh! to be nothing." | presence.” Then you have never apprehended the Will you be nothing? that is the question. Are great truth of what your calling is. God wants no you ready to take the place of dogs, to whom the heroes, but slaves ; men set apart and sanctified to “Great is thy faith, be it unto thee serve. And then the question comes,

“ How can I according as thou wilt”? Oh! to have done with be thus sanctified ? The grace of our God is exceedthe pride of Christians, with the uplifting of man ing abundant with faith and love which are in Christ in the face of the Lord. My brethren, I thank God Jesus.” When you are engaged in work for God, when I am called to such meetings as these. Our remember it is not you that speak, but the Spirit great peril as ministers is that we should forget that of your Father that speaketh in you, working in we are nothing. The people allow us to get to the you mightily. St. Paul took classes, and was not top, instead of always being down on our faces afraid of them; he preached in the open air, and before the Lord; and so we have been losing sight was not afraid for his lungs and his throat. He of our true position. Shall we not say to God that stood upon Mars Hill, and contended with the we are ashamed of the past ? Has He not brought learned Greeks, and was not afraid of their wisdom. us to a true deep confession of our iniquity ? Oh, my friends, if Christians are to be blest of God,

Then there must be a deep true determination to it must come to this, that God the Lord takes so be yielded up to God from henceforth, proving the completely possession of them that He can use them mighty power of God with which He endows the entirely. Can we say, “ I am yielded up to Him?" least of His servants. Is God in the heart ? is God We do not know what a God we are dealing withthe Lord uplifted as Lord over all ? Oh ! Christians, what a Christ we have got. We have only touched

, do not the servants of Christian families tell me the hem of His garment. Shall I tell you why you time after time that they will give up going to are afraid to speak of God to those with whom you

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live? It is because you know you are not living as go forth to live, to speak, to die, to be His absolute His servant yourself.

possession.” This power the Lord endows us with. These meetings must not close with enjoyinent St. Paul abandoned all that he counted most dear. times only, we must come to the practical. You It was an absolute abandonment of his own being have been seeking to be something, as a proof that he might be able to look up and say, “ Now, that you have taken up so much of the Lord's Lord;” and each day recognise the Lord's leadertemple with self that there was no room for Christ ship. Is everyone in this great assembly prepared to come in, and now this grace of Christ which to give the Lord His due ? In heaven you will enabled Paul, so that he told others of pardon, of ascribe all glory to Him. But here on earth, while peace, of the life that was Christ, the grace that the world is wondering what the benefits of Chrisshowed itself as the Christ life, God is able to tianity are, let God see, and let the world and the give it you, for “God is able to make all grace devil see, that there is something in the offering abound toward you (we thought He was only just that we make; the burnt-offering of an abandoned going to help us over the most difficult places), that self. Let it be Christ in the life, Christ in the ye, always having all-sufficiency in all things, may utterance, Christ in the death, Christ unto the glory, abound unto every good work.” Then, the question as All in All, and then “I thank Christ Jesus my for us is, “Is God a liar, or is He true ?” The dark Lord, for that He counted me faithful, putting me cloud of suffering is over the home, and we begin into the ministry." to think of the future. But remember. “My grace is sufficient for thee." The command is

PARTING WORDS. not that we should be simply filled, trying to

SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 28TH. draw in to ourselves, to accumulate grace. That is not the secret of the Lord that is with them

We began by singing 247, with hearts filled with that fear Him. It is not that you shall give out

new light on the words, yet never be empty, but that you should be always

My heart is at the secret soarce giving out, and never full. Like the widow's

Of every precious thing!” oil there will be enough for the need, not a quantity The Rev. J. STEPHENS opened with prayer, and of treasure wbich you are to rejoice in hoarding up. then Mr. Bowker read a letter from M. Monod. It It is just as you and I forget self that we are filled, was strange and striking to see how he touched in a way that is marvellous. This grace of God is exactly on the chord which had been so manifest cause for unspeakable gratitude, and there is nothing during this Convention—the sufferings that must that pleases the Lord so much as the rendering of follow-even to quoting the very question of the thanks unto Him. If any of us are inclined to one Lord's to which Dr. Elder Cumming had led us the special sin we must recognise the fact that there is the first day, “Are ye able to drink of the cup particular grace for that sin, so that we may thank which I drink ?" One Spirit," was the thought God for that particular temptation, and prove with to many at this remarkable coincidence. rejoicing that the particular grace of the particular We

sang next 241, by one who was with us last Saviour meets the particular need of the particular year, and who is now finding out "the greatness of sinner. Why have we had so little fruit in the His loving heart,” in His own unveiled presence. past? Because we had not found that we were put Her very sudden call, and that of others who joined into the ministry; we were working for self-exalta- us last year, has helped to make all feel how very tion. Now let us thank God that we are put into near the threshold we are, and to waken the glad the ministry. Who can obtain this ministry? "I and joyous thought of “perhaps I may be the next !” thank God," says St. Paul, “ for that He counted or, "perhaps my Lord will return soon!" me faithful, putting me into the ministry.” Those Mr. BowKER, as is customary with the Chairman, who are " counted faithful" are blessed with faith- was the first to give his parting word. ful Abraham, who believed God, and it was counted 2 Cor. vi. 9, “ As dying, and behold we live." He unto him for righteousness. It is neither hope nor added a few words as to the suitableness of such a feelings, but the absolute committal of the whole text at the close of such a gathering. of your being. You say, "I take God's word, and The Rev. W. Haslam then gave 2 Cor. iv. 6,


It was


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