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PAGE PAGE Power of the Blood of Christ, The. Part II. Rev. A. Deliverauce in Trial


Murray Fulness of the Spirit. Part I.


Recent Glasgow Convention, The. Rov. E. W. Moore 4
Part II....

Sacrifices of God, The. Rev. C. A. Fox

104 Part III.

Sanctification. Rev. W. Haslam

214 God's Adventurers

Searching the House. Rev. E. W. Moore

86 Pentecost ...

Sine Quà Non, The. Rev. E. W. Moore

73 Presence of Sin

Sons of God. E. H. C. ...

75 Progress

This one Thing I do. E. M.

215 Purity


Victory of Self-surrender, The. Rev. C. A. Fox 128 Self-life and the Christ-life

Walk on the Waters. Rev. E. W. Moore

48 Sinning and Sinfulness

Watch. Rev. H. B. Macartney

68 What new Doctrine is this?

Wbat is Consecration ? Pasteur Theo. Monod

225 Who teacheth like Him? Pasteur Theo. Monod

222 Who Touched Me? Part I. Rev. E. W. Moore 123 ARTICLES.

Part II.

143 Cleansing by the Blood of Christ. Rev. E. H. Hopkins 70 Without Holiness no Man skall see the Lord. Rev. Conflict and Victory. Rev. E. H. Hopkins 115 E. H. Hopkins

31 Contentment. Rev. J. B. Figgis

Working and Shining. Jane Woodfall

32 Consider your Ways. Pasteur Theodore Monod 203 Five Royal Benefits, The. Rev. C. A. Fox

53 Germ of Life, The. Rev. H. B. Macartney


MISCELLANEOUS. Glorious Possibilities of Faith. Rev. C. A, Fox 88 Brief Memoir of the late Canon Battersby

183 God's Preparations. Rev. Hubert Brooke 131 Clean Heart, A

145 God's Pruning. I. J.

98 Christ Indwelling... Good Land, The. Rev. Hubert Brooke 45 Entire Obedience...

97 Grace for Grace; or, the Divine Doubles. Rev. C. A. Few Words by way of Caution,

103 Fox ... 23 Funeral Sermon. Rev. J. B. Figgis

185 Grieving the Spirit. Rev. H. B. Macartney 34 Glasgow Convention

196 His Presence is Salvation. Captain H. Baring 27 | Glasgow Convention, The late

217 If thou canst believe." Rev. C. A. Fox

God's Pruning

98 Into the Sanctuary. B. G. L. H.

Hindrance and its Removal, A

136 Jewish Sacrifices, The. Dr. Elder Cumming ...


114 Lord our Dwelling Place, Tbe ... 231 Purity

58 More ready to Hear than we to Pray. Rev. J. A. Jacob ]33 Receive ye the Holy Ghost

96 Oar Heavenly Country. Rev. C. Graham

84 Union of All for Jesus' Disciples Power of Faith, The. Rev. C. Bowen...


39, 58, 78, 98, 118, 138, 158, 178, 198, 218, 233 Power of the Blood of Christ, The. Part I. 43 White Garments. Rev. C. Graham


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Bright and Fair
Children of India, The
Christian Womanhood
Glory begun
Highway of Holiness
Lectures on Romans
Loving and Beloved
New Start for a New Year
Raising the Dust
Thirsty Still
Thoughts in the Valleys
Who Touched Me?

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Alexander Bowen, Rev. G. Bowman, Hetty Butler, Mrs. Frith, Rev. W. Gossner Gurpal Hall Hare, Maris James Langé Leighton Luther Macmillan Müller Murray, Rev. A. Preston Saphir, Rev. A. Spurgeon Vaughan, Rev. J.... Westcott, Canon ...

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POETRY. After the Conference An Angwer to “ A Cry in the Dark" By the Grave of Canon Battersby Christians compared to Clouds ... God's Chosen Things In the Cross of Christ Life of Faith, The Message Answered, The ... New Year's Morning, 1883 Realised Communion, &c. Sanctified ... Song of an Aged Christian, The Story of a Cloud, The Take Time to be Holy • Take Time to be Holy" Thought in Sickness, A ... Thorn in the Flesh, The... True in Him and in you ... Trust Two Alabaster Boxes, The



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Addresses by

Rev. E. W. Moore
Rev, H. Webb-Peploe

Rev. C. A. Fox

Notes by one present
Addresses by

Rev. E. H. Hopkins
Colonel Sladen
Rev. Dr. Elder Cumming
Rev. H. C. Bowker
Rev. J. B. Figgis...
Rov. J. Riddell
Rev. Canon Battersby (The late)
Rev. E. W. Mooro

Pasteur Theodore Monod

Notes by Mr. II. F. Bowker
Addresses by-

Rev. C. A. Fox
Rev. Dr. Elder Cumming
Rev. Herbert Brooke
Rev. Colin Campbell
Rev. H. Webb-Peploe

Rev, J. B. Figgis ...
Parting Words

Testimony Meeting ...

Addresses by

Rev. C. A. Fox
Rev. Dr. Monro Gibson
Rev. Evan Hopkins

Pasteur Theo. Monod

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Rev. C. A. Fox

Notes by Rev. Colin Campbell
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Rer. J. A Jacob
Rev. Colin Campbell

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All Things New
Christ in you, the IIope of Glory
Delighting in God
Gentle Gentleness
He abideth Faithful"
Heart Broken and kept Broken, The
In Him was Life ...
Single, Simple, Simplicity
The I of St. Paul...

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[No. 50.


WHETHER is greater, deliverance from trial or heavy, crosses light, crosses of all shapes and deliverance in it? the quenching of the fur- sizes. But now came the transfer. Permission nace fires or the calm walking to and fro in was granted to exchange their crosses, but no their very midst uninjured and unscathed ? man might leave the ground without one. A Trials we must have in one form or other here. cross of some kind they must have ; but since He who expects to go through this world with they were discontented with the choice made out them will soon find himself rudely un- for them, they might improve upon it if they deceived. It is true that from some forms of could. A scene of confusion followed. Each suffering Christians may be exempt; for all man tried his neighbour's cross only to discard sorrow, sooner or later, is traceable to sin, and it as more galling than his own. Shift and try the Christian, so far as he is saved from sin, and vary as he might, not a man in all that will be saved from the sorrows that sin brings company but found he had gone from bad to with it. But the sins of each contribute to the worse. Their own burdens, after all, were the sad total of human trouble, and in a world like best suited to their backs; and it was with a this, where for the most part selfishness reigns sigh of relief that our discontented friend supreme, and the whole moral framework is awoke to find his wished for deliverance had disorganised by the workings of evil, it is idle ended in a dream. It is not by fretting against to think we shall not be called upon to suffer our trials that we shall find deliverance from both for our own sins and for the sins of others. them. Nay, God has a purpose in every trial That all men are tried it needs no argument to which cannot be fulfilled without it. Could prove. The question before us is what is the we but believe it, the cross which galls us most highest form of deliverance from trial ? One is precisely that we most are needing. It is thing is certain, a grumbling discontented spirit bitter medicine perhaps, but the Good Physician will not help us. Some of us may remember sees that nothing less would so avail as to effect the story of a complaining soul who thought all a cure. Let us be still, and presently we shall men happy but himself. The cross he carried find, it may be, not deliverance from our troubles crushed him while other people's burdens were but deliverance in them. but light. Falling asleep one day he dreamed To embrace the cross instead of shrinking his wish to change his lot for others at last from it, to welcome the thorn instead of fretting was granted. He found himself in the midst over it, to accept the yoke instead of rebelling

concourse of people each carrying a against it, and then through death to enter into

Gathered together on a vast plain they life, from that very thorn to gather roses, in seemed to wait a signal from some unknown carrying our burden to be strong, is not this hand. Suddenly the command was given, and a greater thing than to pass through life, if in a moment each man threw off his burden. such a thing were possible, exempt from thorns The ground was strewn with crosses---crosses and cares, and crosses altogether ? Certainly


it is, but how, you ask, is such deliverance The butterfly did not see the glass, and secured? what power is that which meets and expected every minute to be caught; and the brings to nought the pressure of surrounding sparrow did not see the glass, and expected ill ? that does not destroy the foe, but catches every minute to catch the butterfly, yet all the every fiery dart he hurls? There is but one while that butterfly was as safe as if it had answer to the question ; let Scripture give it. been miles away, because of the glass between “What ailed thee, oh thou sea, that thou fleddest, it and the sparrow. When shall we learn that and thou Jordan that thou was driven back? there is just such a security against the assaults Tremble thou earth at the presence of the Lord, of sin and Satan for him who abides in Christ ? at the presence of the God of Jacob” (Ps. cxiv. - Christ will really surround us by His in5, 7). It is the presence of Christ that saves. visible but mighty presence, if we will but “ His presence is salvation.” (See Ps. xlii. 5, let Him. What do we know of it? Are margin.)

we Christ-enclosed ? Does He hide us in the “They say there is a hollow, safe and still, secret of His Presence? (Ps. xxxi. 20.) If so,

A point of coolness and repose,
Within the centre of a flame, where life might assails us, we shall be able to sing--

then, whatever the trial or temptation that dwell Unharmed and unconsumed, as in a luminous " In God I have found a retreat, shell,

Where I may securely abide, Which the bright walls of fire enclose,

No refuge or rest so complete, In breachless splendour, barrier that no foes

And here I intend to reside. Could pass at will."

“Oh what comfort it brings, They say that in the whirl of the cyclone

As my soul sweetly sings, there is an inner circle where no sound or

I am safe from all danger breath disturb the calm. And even so there is

While under His wings.”

E. W. M. amid the storms of circumstances, or in the leaping of the fiery tongues of trial, a charmed sphere of perfect peace for him who hides in AN ANSWER TO “A CRY IN THE DARK." Jesus. Peace, Perfect Peace, with sorrow surging round ?

THERE need be no darkness, why is it night?

Look unto Jesus, for He is thy light. On Jesu's bosom nought but calm is found.”

Ah! sorrowing one, I've trod that strange way, If this be so shall we cry of every grieving With heart lone and restless, sadder each day; thorn, “Let this thing depart from me”? Shall Struggling with doubt, and rebellion within, we not rather count it joy to be able by it to test

Yearning for freedom from care and from sin ;

Longing for rest; oh! my God, could there be anew the reality of our hiding-place ?

Rest for a rebel,-a sinner like me ? Some of us will remember a sweet story told

Bitterly weeping, I went to my Lord, some years ago, which simply illustrates this

Pleading the promises of His sure word; secret of safety in Christ as a strong tower from

Like thee, I cried, “ Let my wanderings cease,'

Lord Jesus give me, oh, give me Thy peace; The lady who told it said that she was

Take all I have, take my body and soul,

Worthless the offering, yet Thou hast the whole. awakened one morning by a strange noise

Take me, my Master, and never again, of pecking or tapping at the window, and, Give me back to myself. Jesus shall reign! looking up, she saw that a butterfly had found

“I yield up to Thee,” the keys of my heart, its way into the room, and was fluttering in

Reveal to me, Saviour, all that Thou art; fright against the window pane, while outside Enter each dim recess, fill with Thy light a sparrow, seeing the butterfly but not the All that for years has been shrouded in night."

He hearkened and heard! and entered the door, glass that protected it, was pecking violently

To dwell in my soul, and go out no more. at the window pane in its vain attempt to

He can do it for thee, trust His sweet word, catch it.

Enter just now in the joy of thy Lord.

every foe.

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