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Minister, and had done a good deal of the work | Moody (and do pray for those two servants of God, myself, and I found now that He must be absolute in their coming visit to London), but I was conscious Monarch. And so He is now, and shall remain so, of much failure afterwards. Then the Lord brought and though I don't say that I am very far on yet, I me blessing through that word in 1 John i., “ The am on the right line of rails now, thank God, on blood is cleansing ” from all sin now, if we confess. which He can lead me on.

The difference is, that before I was jealous and Mr. Wm. SLOAN : For many years I was seeking envious when I heard of others getting blessing in something better than I had, and then I met with their work, when I did not. But when the cleana book which convinced me of a much nearer sing came, then it made me glad when I heard of standard to the New Testament style of Christian other servants being used, and I could praise the being possible than anything I knew of. A friend Lord for it. Then I was much troubled with irrita. came to stay with me, and I prayed that he might be bility. That also I took to Him, and now I do not a blessing. I thought he was not very orthodox, and, know what it is so long as I let Him keep me ; as soon like a cautious Scotchman, I began to question him, as ever the consciousness of sin comes, I take it to the and put what I thought a test question : "In what precious blood and it is cleansed. Then I wanted relation do you think a Christian stands to the law?” a more continuous keeping : and I heard, “Behold, He said, "If you will let me alter it to this, I will I stand at the door and knock ;” and I said, “I answer it, -In what relation does a Christian stand will let the dear Master come in," and Ile has to the law principle? The Christian living under come in and is in my heart, and I have trusted all the law principle sets to work to bring a response to to Him. Now He keeps me trusting, not only the law, to its 'thou shalt' and 'thou shalt not;' myself and my home-life, but my business life: but he fails continually, then he returns and repents, and when there are clean hands kept in business finds forgiveness and mercy, and begins all over then opportunities come in it for more direct spiritual again.” This just touched my case, and I found my service. Yes, the Lord is good! life was made up between these two points-failure Rev. T. H. Pigott: The Lord opened to me His and confession; always going back and forward, and coming soon to take His people, and I saw that He never getting any further. It was because I was wants to present His Church holy and without trying to live under the old covenant, when I blemish, and that could not be unless each indiought to be living under the new covenant. I was vidual member of the Church were holy : and if in the wrong place. One day I was thinking it each is to be holy, the Holy One must indwell us ; over, and reading Heb. viii., when my eye fell on the dear Master must come in, and He did, when the “I will ” of verse 10, “I will put my laws I laid everything on the altar and we come to the into their hearts," and it brought out to me in a end of ourselves. When He is within He gives a moment the contrast between the “ I will” of grace glorious full deliverance from all evil desires and and the “ thou shalt” of law, and I saw my place even thoughts. That is what I mean by a clean was under His“I will." I do not say my life has heart, which He gave me. Two things I would been unbroken victory since. I had to learn another say if we want the blessing-one is, there must be lesson, and that was that I had not only a faithful secret waiting upon God every day; meetings are Promiser who puts the heart right, but I had also to not enough. We should make a point of an hour come to Him to keep it right, because a heart that is or an hour and a half every day alone with God. put into a right attitude may slip out of it, if it is The other thing is, Don't dislike any one. not kept looking unto Jesus. Now again Í thank sure that hinders the blessing in many. Him for blessing received last night.

Mr. William Govan: I have no good to say of May I say that you must get that which will myself, but much good to say of Christ. My satisfy you from His Word. Peter could not walk experience may help some, as it is somewhat difon the waves until Jesus said to him, “Come.” St. ferent from those who have yet spoken. About the Paul said to Timothy what I would like to leave year 1875, this question came to the front. My with you,—“Remember Christ Jesus," remember Christian life was very unsatisfactory, and my heart the Person of Christ, risen from the dead; and if went out for some way of deliverance, and I went you remember the Person, it shall not be long before and said, “Lord, give me holiness, at whatever cost." you walk in liberty, for you cannot remember Him, IIe took me at my word, and He did put me to and go on sinning. Like a little boy who, in behalf great trials. Now He has brought me to this, that of another, prayed this morning (his father told me), I do not say, “Give me holiness at whatever cost," “Lord, give him the full blessing." He was asked, but I say, "Lord let me know Thee at any cost," “What do you know about the full blessing; have because if I have Him I have all. Look for the you got it?" He said, "No." They said, - How Lord Himself. At that time I had a very fluctuating do you know?" and he answered, “Because when experience, the Lord came and spoke to me often in Jesus comes marching in, the naughty will go His Word, but I think I must be the most unbelievmarching out."

ing fellow in the tent, it took so long for me to Mr. ALBERT HEAD: I was converted through 'trust. One verse He gave me was, Arise, shine,

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for thy light is come.” At first I thanked Him,

GLASGOW CONVENTION. but after a while I began to doubt again, because

(CONTRIBUTED.) my feelings were not what I expected them to be,

The Second Annual Convention for the Deepenand I put my feelings first. The last night of the year I was very depressed and miserable over it. ing of Spiritual Life, was held in the Queen's I was at a little meeting, and when I was asked Rooms here from Tuesday, 11th, till Friday, 14th, if I had anything to say, I said “No, I have of September. There was the usual Preparatory nothing." After a while a verse came to my mind, Meeting on Monday evening, and after that there “ Speak to the children of Israel that they go were three meetings each day, one in the forenoon, forward,” and I said that I had something to say the afternoon, and the evening. now, and as I said it, the light shone in like a flash, and I saw that they must be defeated and

The addresses were delivered by Revs. Hubert dead in themselves before they could go forward, Brooke, J. B. Figgis, Charles Graham, William that going forward meant leaving all their own | Haslam, E. H. Hopkins, Theodore Monod. Mr. resources behind, and just trusting everything to H. F. Bowker took the chair at all the meetings the Lord's keeping and caring. That helped me a

as usual bit, and I said, “ Lord, it isn't a matter of sickness except the after-meetings, which were or poverty, I must have Thyself.”

conducted by the Rev. Evan H. Hopkins. Then this verse came to me, “O that Thou It is too late now to express a welcome to our wouldst rend the mountains and come down !” | Fathers and Brethren from over the Border;' and then this one, "The voice of my beloved ! but it is not yet too late to tell them how much we behold He cometh leaping upon the mountains, and skipping upon the hills," and I saw that Christ was

appreciate their efforts on our behalf, and benefit far more anxious to come to me than I was to have by their teaching. If they only knew how highly Ilim, and He gave me such a filling that night as I we esteem them in love for their works' sake, they never had before ; and so again and again He comes would deem their labours light, and these will be to me and speak in a voice I can hear, and that I entirely forgotten by them when they see those to know—it is generally a new insight into Scripture. And it makes a difference in my life, and I have whom they have been speaking entering into “ the uniform victory over voluntary sins, and such a con- fulness of the blessing of the Gospel of Christ.” sciousness of His presence as if He were standing by. Within the last two months two of those who Forgive my going on. Just this—A young man were expected to be present have joined the General

came to me and said, "I have had this verse pressed Assembly and Church of the First-born. The on my heart for you, “Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat; but I have Rev. Canon Battersby and the Rev. William prayed for thee. And Satan will be very busy the Gibbie, minister of the parish of Dunlop, in Ayrnext half hour, but do not fear, the Lord will see shire, entered the Master's presence within a few you safe through."

weeks of one another. Each of them had lived I believe that when God is going to give that He gives us the faith to ask for it, and that He is not long in his parish, Mr. Gibbie forty years, and able to give blessing unless we are in some way pre- Canon Battersby upwards of thirty. They were pared for it, and then it comes suddenly. A friend each (to borrow the phrases coined by M. Monod of mine was praying, "Lord, Thou wilt do it," and all and Mr. Haslam), “walking texts," " in large at once he lifted up his face, and said, “ Lord, Thou type.” The former seemed to be the living expresdost do it," and the power came down and filled him, sion of “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose and that young man has grown more in twelve months than I did in twenty years, because he went mind is stayed on thee;" the latter lived “that I in fully to have the presence of God. Count the might by all means save some." They would have being filled with God's presence as the one thing rejoiced very greatly to see the work of the Lord worth having. Count the cost, will you — nay, prospering as it is doing, but most likely they know how can you ? On your side it is not worth count- all about it by this time. ing, and how can you count Him, and He

May the absence of says

I will come ! “It is expedient for you that I go away, friends, beloved and trusted, lead us to depend more for if I go not away the Comforter will not como ; and more upon the Friend than sticketh closer than but if I depart, I will send Him unto you.” And a brother, who will never leave us ! if the Comforter is with us, then Jesus is there.

The three principal meetings of the day were held Mr. BOWKER gave us a parting word, which had been given him by a friend, adding, Whatever else in the large Hall. The attendance was very gratiyou forget

, remember :-Christ only, Christ ALWAYS, fying, and showed a decided increase upon that of and Christ ENOUGH!

The forenoon meeting, although the

last year.

smallest of the three daily ones, was nevertheless there are many more witnesses for Christ. On this a very good one. The afternoon one was better, account the speakers were free to take the existence and on all occasions the evening meeting was un of the blessing for granted, and in their addresses comfortably crowded. But not only was there an


up such questions as these—What is the blessincreased attendance as the day wore on, but also ing? How is it received ? How is it retained ? as the week passed by. All the meetings on the How is it increased? How is it hindered ? How Friday were much better attended than those of is it lost? Tuesday. Great numbers came at night, whose

The results of the meetings are very practical, duties prevented them from being present during and are already making themselves felt amongst us. the day; and the interest seemed to be quickened Men and women, young and old, rich and poor, as the end drew near. On Friday evening, just as have stood up in public, when the opportunity Mr. Bowker was rising to give out the opening was afforded them, in order to give expression to hymn, he was informed that the larger of the two their desire to have Christ in His fulness, and to halls down stairs had been filled with an overflow express their resolve to give themselves fully to of people, who had tried to get into the large hall Him. The young are being satisfied early with and failed. It was then arranged that the Rev. God's mercy; and they shall rejoice and be glad all Dr. Elder Cumming, of Sandyford; Mr. Robert their days. The old are finding that whereas weak Wilson, of Carlisle ; and several others, should faith hopes to go to heaven, strong faith brings go down to the Pillar Hall. Upon entering this heaven to them. The rich are discovering that hall they found it as crowded as the one they they have nothing out of Christ ! and rich and poor had just left. There must have been altogether alike, receiving Christ in His fulness, are entering 1,800 or 2,000 people present that evening.

into the experience of the Apostle, to which he As regards the addresses it might be worth while referred when he spoke of having nothing, and yet noticing that they are changed to meet changed possessing all things. circumstances. There is not the same need now

Ministers and other Christian workers, who had that there was at one time for the continual reite-already received the blessing were present at this ration of the statement, that “sinless perfection” Convention to renew the covenant and wait upon was not taught. That scare is over. The


of the Lord. Nor did they come alone. Members "perfectionism” is raised now only by those who of their congregations, Bible classes, and prayer are diligently seeking for reasons why they should meetings came with them; and these also have not join this movement for fuller consecration and received Christ, and surrendered self. They havo higher life. It almost seems as if some people now returned to their various spheres of labour to feared "perfection" more than sin. Is it not in form new centres of this new life. If they will their case an idle fear?

only abide in Christ, and not forsake the assembling Another feature worthy of notice in the addresses of themselves together, they will turn not Glasgow is, that the speakers do not require to dwell so much alone, but all Scotland upside down. “ Thanks be on the fact that this definite blessing really exists, unto God, who giveth us the victory through our as once they had to do. Men see it for themselves Lord Jesus Christ.”—“Not I ; but Christ.” now, and are bound, whether they receive it or not,

More ministers than one were gladdened by to acknowledge its existence. It may be easy members of their congregations coming into the enough for them to answer an argument or upset a vestry on the Sunday after the Convention to tell theory, but it is impossible for them to ignore the what great things the Lord had done for them, truth when they see other men living it. When and to offer their services for any work that their the unclean is made clean, when the censorious and minister would give them to do. They felt impelled the proud become meek and lowly in heart ; when to speak for Jesus to everyone they met. the slothful become diligent in business, fervent in As a direct result of this Convention one minister spirit, serving the Lord ; then men see testimony to in Glasgow is going to have a mission-week in his Christ that cannot be gainsaid. Through the bless parish for the deepening of spiritual life, and he is ing of God upon this teaching there has been for to be assisted by five or six of his brother ministers some time this testimony in our midst; and now who have been attending the Convention,

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In another church here on the Tuesday after the UNION OF ALL FOR JESUS'' DISCIPLES. Convention five ministers and five laymen met,

MONTHLY NOTICE. and spent the day in prayer. Much blessing was

October, 1883. received before they separated, and much more has

1. Text: 'He that soweth and he that reapeth may been received since, and “still there's more to rejoice together' (John iv. 36). follow."

Fellow-workers in the Lord's great 'field,' here is a lovely leeson for us.

We know what the tearful seed-time is. We Another result is that a movement is being made

can appreciatively sing the sacred song that has the refrain, in Glasgow for meeting at stated times to wait upon Toiling on, toiling on,' in it. Our 'bands' have often felt God, until He open the windows of Heaven and very much as though they would greatly like to hang down' pour us out a blessing, that there will not be room for awhily, and our knees 'bave seemed to grow strangely enough to receive it.

weak and 'feeble' (for we are yet young-or feel so, at all The teaching at the Convention was marked by events); and the thought has occurred, that we had better

turn away from that leavy' field,' upon which the sun was definiteness of aim; and, consequently, the results not then shining very brightls, and which presented so few that followed were definite results. A definito features of encouragement and hope. Thank God, however, blessing was offered, and definite steps of consecra- cheering gleams shot out, presently, through the opening tion and faith were taken.

clouds; and birds sang here and there a cheery note; and one One cannot help noticing the difference between found it good to look up ’now and then, as one went plodthe results of a Convention such as this, and the ding on; and, by-and-by, the day improved, and the work

became less dreary, and hope revived, and-here's the results of Conferences where no such definite bless harrest! See how the sickles gleam in the autumn suaing is spoken of or sought. From the latter people shine. Mark the rich produce of the once unpromising return to their homes—as the disciples returned from field. Try to compute the preciousness of the overflowing the Mount of Transfiguration — pretty much the yield. Wbs, you cannot wait for the Service of Thanks. same men as when they went up. They have been giving,—sou feel you must begin to pour forth your praises apart from the world for a little while ; they have field' is full of those who rejoice together. Or, it may

The reapers are sioging, and you are singing, and the seen some of the glory of the Lord; they have been be, some of those who toiled at the ploughing aod the sowoverpowered ; but the effects are transitory and ing have passed away without seeing any ingathering at all, fleeting, and as they pass away they leave regrets no, not even so much as any promise of harvest fruits. You for the glory that hath departed.

remember the tears they shed as they sowed the seed in the But from this Convention, and those like it, men

cold ground. They did, indeed, go forth' weeping,' and bad rejoice to go down into the world again. There their discouraging tvil. Again and again, they tried to

to'lock up' very earnestly and often, as they went on with is an intense eagerness in some to get back to believe they could see just the tiny beginning of the upshoottheir daily life, in order that they may put in ing of the tender blade, but it was all a fond mistake. And, practice the truths that they have newly learned; in awhile

, the Master-who had felt for them much all along in order that there may be put forth in them by the said it was time for them to come home, and rest, and weep Holy Spirit the power that is in Christ. After

no more ; and they had their reward, all the same as though

they had brought the golden sheaves with them. But, was Pentecost the disciples did not harbour regrets that their labour in the field' lost? Oh, no! Some of us, lookthe baptism of the Holy Ghost was past, they rathering op, rememberingly, after they were gone, saw what would rejoiced that they had received the Holy Ghost, have gladdened their longing eyes: we saw the blade appear, that Ho was in them, and that He would abide and the wheat-stalk growing apace, and in due time the ear with them for ever.

filled with the ripened corn. Now men are entering into

Years ago, at the close of a mission service, the missionthat joy by coming to Christ, and abiding in Him.

preacher approached the friend tbrough wlose influence and “Now unto Him that is able to keep you from efforts the services were being held. llis face was radiant falling, and to present you faultless before the with joy, for God had given a great blessing that night. presence of His glory with exceeding joy ; to the Ah, but there was a greater joy, still, in store for him. The only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, preacher led forward a dear young man wbo had, that night, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen."

19 given his heart to God. He was the friend's only son-only

child. The father's voice faltered, and tears filled his eyes,

as he embraced his son. Now, which beart, at that moment, The Addresses of Pasteur Theo. Monod, and knew the deeper, intenser jog—the sower's, or the reaper's ? others who took part in the Glasgow Convention, Surely, of the two, the heart of bim who had been sowing will appear (D.V.) in future numbers,

the seed for seventeen or eighteen years! That son is now,

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pass at all.

himself, a sower and, we trust, a reaper too, -gathering in

Bible Study. souls to Christ.

In 1871, a pastor invited the venerable Robert Aitken to come and bold a mission in his church. You will find the

POWER. people like a field of corn, dead ripe, ready for the sickle,' "All Puwer is given unto Me in heaven and on earth." urged the pastor. The dear old patriarch came, and reaped

Matt. xxviii. 18. (so to speak) with both hands. I have not witnessed such We are crying out for Power. It is a good an outpouring of the Spirit for thirty years,' wrote he to sign-if it indicates that we are feeling our weaka friend. Ob, how the sower and the reaper rejoiced together' over that great harrest! Do you ask · Which of ness. A friend wrote me a few days ago as follows: the two rejoiced the most?' I think I might reply, confidently, 'The man who had been plougbing and sowing, and

—“I am wanting to be getting low and weak watching and waiting, all along the previous sixteen years !! enough to be used.” This is how power comes.

Nearly fifty years ago, a Christian mother wrote to one of There are mainly two words translated power in Ler sods, 'I often pray, with many tears, that all my children may be saved. There was a long season of sowing and the New Testament. The one-signifies what we of waiting ; but

, by and by, barvest time arrived, and divors commonly call — Might-Force ; the other, Authority reapers brought in the sheaves, and laid them at the Saviour's feet. The mother's prayers were all ansvered, the desires —freedom or liberty to act. Our Lord uses both of her fond beart all granted; and oh, what 'Alleluias' are words, but, as we should expect, with discriminabers now, in the bright and better land!' Yesterday, as one was led to Jesus at the very spot where these lines are tion. It is this last word— Authority-that we dow being written, what loving mention made he of his pious will look at just now—leaving the other for future mother and her prayers fur bim. She has long gone bome; and the thought has come to me that, perhapo, she idquired

examination. Authority, so translated, suggests of the angels, yesterday, as to who the repentant one was, liberty to act-arising from moral causes either over whom they were rejoicing. Imagine her joy on being removed or in exercise-the fitness of things. Our told. Mine was great; but oh, surels, hers was far, far greater! The 'sower' and the reaper,' in this instance Lord's use of it is instructive. In the passage put at again, rejoiced together.'

Now: Go on, all yo dear waiting and longing servants of the head of this paper He seems to tell us that the the Lord! There is joy in store for you – oli such joy! Yo power so bestowed was a gift newly conferred, long for the ingathering, and sometimes fear it will not come to and the subsequent statement indicates its purpose,

But it shall ! Remember, that which you sow is ' incorruptible seed.' Cheer up! The harvest will be by- “Go ye, therefore, into all the world, and preach and-bs ; perhaps ere long: God has arranged everything the Gospel to every creature. He Himself, as the Himself, and will give the increase. Some of you may never have much reaping work allotted to you ; but never mind! Son, was the eternal, rightful possessor of all the In the end, and throughout a long and glad eternity, the attributes of Deity ; but this Authority or power Bowers and the reapers shall rejoice together.' ALLELUIA ! 2. INTERCESSIONS (Daily):

was given on behalf of His people—“Go ye there(As bofore.)

fore"-"All obstacles are removed--all hindrances REQUESTS : Pray for

taken out of the way—the reins of Government One afflicted with epileptic fits twenty-eight year:: 'That it may please God to heal me ; and, tilling me with His Holy yield to me—I am with you, go ye.”

are in my hands ; Principalities and powers must Spirit, will enable me to live All for Jesus !' One suffering from heart disease : • That I


be We must look at a few of the places in which strengthened for His service-if His will.'

'Ny Class; ' also, that ‘a shower of blessing may come down the word is used and see if we can gather instrucupon the parish' (in N.B.).

tion and help from them. Before we do this let it •Me, a Deaconess, that God may bless me in training as a and in preparation for Zenana work.'

be noticed that on one remarkable occasion, the two purse, • Work for the Lord in our Soldiers' Home.'

principal words translated power are used in the 'Me, that He will use me when laid aside, and re estab.

He had been casting out an evil Jish my health-jf His will.'

spirit-and it made a strong resistance-acknow3. PRAISE :

ledging the Messiahship of Christ. Our Lord For God's

's mercy and love in saving my son, for whose conver. silenced him and cast him out. “They were all sion prayer was asked in a previous Notice.'

amazed and said, What a word is this—for with 'His strong support and upholding presence all through my present illoess—the pain of which has been agonising.' authority and poucer-He commandeth the unclean

"Wonderful blessing in the Morning Watch to twenty-two spirits and they come out” (Luke iv. 36). Here members of a Y. W. Institute!'

* Greatest blessing to me ever since Aug. 12th, when God authority and might are both ascribed to Him. gave me to know His uttermost Salvation !'

As a punishment for sin, a permissive authority had • Guidance in perplexity-as requested in last Notice.'

been given to Satan, and we know how cruelly and Grace be with you all. Amen.'

successfully he used it. So we find him saying to our St. Paul's, Newport, Mon.

J. T. W. Lord, when tempting Him with the splendour of the

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