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to all His surroundings. See you not, tried and bling saints. In Him is your life; from Him ever suffering believer, that to live in His presence is to comes the power, a never-ceasing supply for every be in the midst of power to meet all thy need. Very need of yours. He no fail,” said an old Scotchblessed is this when believed.

woman to me, when telling me of her oft-recurring “ In Thy presence is fulness of joy, at Thy right need and as oft-received supply. hand are pleasures for evermore” (Ps. xvi. 11). There is a third aspect in which this Power is And we are satisfied to look forward to this as to be looked at, viz., the way in which it is wholly future. But is there not some of it to be imparted to all who trust Him. This shall be enjoyed now? His Presence is power, and power shown, the Lord willing, in the next paper. Let for thee, sufficient to meet all thy need.

me close by a reference to an Old Testament stateVery similar is the case of the leper. “If Thou ment of remarkable interest, pointing, as it did,

. wilt, Thou canst make me clean.” “I will be thou so clearly to Him who is now the Divine Maniclean” is the instant response. And the power festation of this Power. It is in Ps. lxii. The is given (Mark i. 40, 41).

theme is Salvation, and after the statement of II. Who then can be saved ? say the disciples wrong and failure, with which we are so familiar, when our Lord makes the astonishing statement and the consequent warnings, the writer concludes that "it is easier for a camel to go through the with—"God hath spoken once; twice have I heard eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the this—that Power belongeth unto God” (ver. 11). kingdom of God” (Mark x. 23-26). His design He has Spoken—in the display of Power in all was manifestly, not merely to show how detri- ages, and under many circumstances; but on two mental are the possessions of time in steeling the grand occasions at Sinai and in Jerusalem - in

heart and drawing it off from dependence upon God, giving the Law, and in sending His Son, as His but to throw us wholly into God's hands for the Gospel of Salvation. Once more will He break solution of all our difficulties and perplexities, to silence when He who once came to die shall come silence our too-curious inquiries, and to lead us to reign. This last utterance of Power shall change into entire rest-fulness in Him. “With God all the whole aspect of the world, and prove that things are possible.Thine is the Power, and Son to be the God “Omnipotent to save ” all who Thine alone.

have believed His word and trusted Him for this III. Christ is both the Possessor and the Ex- Power. pression of His power. “Christ, the power of God"

HENRY F. BOWKER. (1 Cor. i. 24). Not merely the giver of power to all who are neither stumbled by the seeming weakness of the cross--nor scandalised by its humility

Hatice of Books. but He Himself, the apparently weak One, the Lowly and the Meek, is the Expression of this The Children of India. Written for the children might of God. Crucified through weakness, He of England, by one of their friends. Published by liveth by the power of God (2 Cor. xiii. 4). And the Religious Tract Society, 56, Paternoster Row, now as with the Authority, as we have seen, so London. Price 4s. with the might which nothing can withstand, He The brightest missionary book we have yet seen. is “the Power of God.” He possesses Omnipotence With such clear, vivid pictures before us we need (John xiv. 13). “Whatsoever ye shall ask, that never be in the dark as to Indian ways. Children will I do." Omniscience; John xiv. 11). Omni- will delight in it, but the interest will not stop presence (John xiv. 18; Matt. xxviii. 20). with them ; parents and elder brothers and sisters

IV. Christ is at the Right Hand of the Power will take it up, and we are sure that it will be the of God (Luke xxii. 69; Acts vii. 55). In the means of nourishing many a hidden missionary Central Place in the Universe. Exalted to be a thought. We may thank God for this fresh quickenPrince and a Saviour (Acts v. 31). The reins of ing to the rising interest in the mission field, and government are in His hands. From that supreme we earnestly trust that it will turn the thoughts position His commands are issued and uniformly of many of God's consecrated ones to the claims of obeyed. Take courage, then, ye weak and trem- the heathen.

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[No. 60.

God's Adventurers are His triumphant ones geons in their pathway. No. But the Angel —more than conquerors, compassed about with of His presence is quite enough to fill the songs of deliverance. At God's call they darkest dungeon with the light of His glory, adventure themselves upon Him, at His word, and strike off at His touch the strongest chains, and go forth, not knowing whither they go; and make the heaviest bolts and bars fly back knowing only that God knows, and they find and the gates of iron or brass to open of their themselves in the promised land, which is God own accord, and give to His triumphal prisoners, Himself in all His fulness.

with all their fellow-Adventurers on the Lord, The world's adventurers are not so. Colum- the greatest glad surprise. Or, better still, His bus-like, they may venture themselves upon presence in the heart, really adventured upon unknown seas, trusting to find a short way to without any outward sign, is quite enough to a known land, and find themselves intercepted lift His Adventurers above stocks, and stripes, by a land unknown, and by mistake discover a and darkness, and damp, and perils ahead, and new continent, a new world ; yet, even so it is compass them about with their own songs of delionly a new continent, a world ; it is not God.

verance, even while their feet are still fast, and Real, whole-hearted Adventurers upon God backs bloody and lacerated, with no earthly prosare conquerors, and more than conquerors ; | pect of anything better ahead. Yes, and quite compassed about with songs of deliverance from enough to make the earth tremble and quake the beginning of their course to the end. Not under His feet and theirs, the prison doors to that they have no famine times to pass through, open, the keeper to come to their feet; and, no storms to encounter, no rough seas to plough. better still, to the feet of their Lord. And so No. But having adventured upon God, at His they are more than conquerors ; compassed word, and accepted His call, and left their own about with songs of deliverance. boats and nets, and sources of supply, and given In truth, God's Adventurers, if only they are themselves up to the Lord of heaven and earth whole-souled and instant in adventuring themto follow Him wherever He leads, and do selves upon the Lord, and in obeying His voice, whatever He bids, they have Him with them do really find each vicissitude of their life, each

demand upon their service, turned to account always, even unto the end of the world; and by Him as His opportunity to make themunder His benediction they find famine times even though, with the Psalmist and the Apostle turned into times of glorious supply, and storms they are compelled to say, “We are killed all and waves made His opportunities of giving the day long,” yet with the Apostle they will the most heavenly peace by His own one- joyously add, “ In all these things we are more

than conquerors." creative word. And at once they are more than

And they will indeed be

compassed about with songs of deliverance. conquerors; compassed about with songs of Yes, even in dawn, and in the face of their deliverance.

troubles and perils. All glory to the Lamb ! Not that there are no persecutions, no dun

W. E. B.

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inquiring closely to whom the words are attributed.

It was Eliphaz the Temanite who said, “He disap"God bath chosen the foolish things of this world, . and the weak things, ... and base things, and things points the devices of the crafty, so that their hands which are despised, bath God chosen."-1 Cor. i. 27, 28.

cannot perform their enterprise." This is the more O God! I am so weak,

striking because we read at the end of the book, So prone to faint and fall,

“The Lord said to Eliphaz the Temanite: My How shall I dare to speak ?

wrath is kindled against thee and thy two friends; Canst Thou give me this call ?

for ye have not spoken of Me the thing that is My child, it is the 'weak things 'I must use; right, as my servant Job hath.” This shows that For then no flesh shall glory : thee I choose.” the Bible is not like any other book. The Apostle

takes one of those words, and simply says, “ It is But Lord, so foolish too, I know not what to say ;


From the same portion of the Scriptures--not
And even if I knew,
On my lips words die away.

from Eliphaz, but from Elihu-I would borrow my “My child, 'tis' foolish things' that I must use;

text, “Who teacheth like Him?” (Job xxxvi. 22.)

Our chief object in meeting here is to be useful For then no flesh shall glory: thee I choose.”

to one another-by helping each other to come to But then so base am I

a decision in our spiritual life. It may be said that One moment serving Thee,

each one of us has to come to some decision ; that The next I may deny

is to say, there is a further step to take. God is The Lord who purchased me.

ever putting us to the test. We are ever on trial I keep thee, child-e'en base things ' I must use; in one shape or another. There is always a further For then no flesh can glory: thee I choose.”

blessing to be got; and it is always to be got in the But all around despise,

very same way-by believing the promises of God And scorn a word from me;

and obeying His commands. I have no doubt that They know I am not wise,

there are many sitting on these benches who know My nothingness they see.

a great deal more about the deep things of God, My child, wilt thou not learn that I must use and about God Himself, than any of us on this Such things as are "despised'? thus thee I choose.” platform ; but we give what we have. On the Teach me this lesson, Lord,

other hand, how can we meet the need of the Teach me again, again!

advanced Christian, of the middle-aged Christian,

and of the young Christian, by one teaching! It Till on my heart Thy word, Graven with iron pen,

seems impossible. All that we can do is to lay Remain ; and thus contented, I may choose

down some general principles from the Word of To be weak, foolish, base, despised, that Thou may’st after all

, each one has to place himself under the God and to say: "this is the path." And then, direct and personal teaching of God. You may

hear the very best human teachers of Divine things WHO TEACHETH LIKE HIM ?| and yet not be truly, deeply efficiently taught.

“Who teacheth like Him?”—that is, God HimBY PASTEUR THEODORE MONOD, OF PARIS. “The wisdom of this world is foolishness with self. We must learn to turn from all other teachers, God. For it is written : He taketh the wise in their even those we most respect and love; we must do own craftiness.” Where are the words here quoted ?

as the disciples of John the Baptist did : they left In the book of Job, therefore we may feel that we

him and followed Jesus. And John was pleased ; are fully authorised by the example of the Apostle decrease and Christ should increase. When the are fully authorised by the example of the Apostle for the object of his ministry was—that he should in taking a text from the book of Job, without

disciples heard his testimony to Christ, they at * From a very choice collection of verses entitled “ Lays once left him and followed his Master. Likewise, of Lowly Service." By Georgiana M. Taylor. London: Morgan & Scott.

as regards those decisions that we have to come to, + Addreeses delivered at the Glasgow Convention. we must get beyond the mere province of wishing,




of admiring, or admitting that we ought to do such in our cap that we would call “holiness ;” someand such a thing; we have to do it. In order to thing very beautiful that people might look upon come to that point we need God's teaching, and no and admire us for. Ah, God is not going to give other teaching will answer. After we have heard us that. Holiness means conformity to Christ. It the truth expounded in such meetings as these, let means being emptied of one's self, becoming weak, us remember that we need to shut ourselves up becoming foolish, in order to have no strength id with God, and to ask of Him that He Himself no wisdom but His. It means seeing where we should teach us.

are; and, apart from Christ, we are nowhere. We What do we require of a teacher? First of all, have nothing at all but Him. It means, as we have of course, a knowledge of the thing he has to teach. been singing-oh, that singing ! have we really I need not say that all knowledge belongs to God, meant what we sang ?—“Anywhere "-was it not, He is truth itself—the living truth. It would hardly Everywhere He leads me I will follow on”? be sufficient to say that God knows the truth: lIe Are you sure of that? Are you ready to follow is the Truth. All truth belongs to Him, and by Him anywhere, everywhere? That is a great giving us His mind He gives us truth, gives us thing-to follow Him whatever it may cost you, reality, shows us things as they are. We may see

before those who are not in sympathy with you, them in a more or less distorted fashion. We see though perhaps you have to leave your present them very imperfectly, but God sees them as they situation for Christ's sake, though He sends you

He shows us the truth about Himself, first of far away, or gives you some very humble, unknown, all, and then the truth about ourselves, which we obscure work to do. Are you ready to follow Him are not ready to perceive, and are unwilling at first then? There are many who think the lesson they to admit.

need is a lesson in holiness, when the fact is they Further, a teacher must not only have knowledge need to be sincere-to be true. Do not pretend of the truth in itself, but he must know exactly what you want what you do not want. his pupil requires. Here, again, God not only knows A few weeks ago at Mildmay I told a very simple the truth, but He knows what particular truth we little story; as it seemed to be helpful to some, I need to learn at such and such a time. We are will give it to you. It was about a child I know, often greatly mistaken on the point. Here is one the son of one of my relatives. He had a bad habit who thinks, perhaps, that what he needs is to go that children often have-he was a little bit of a further into the consideration of the inner life, of boy—that of sucking his thumb. Well, he was the power of the Spirit, and so on. It may be that told he must give it up, and one evening in his what he just needs is to learn the A B C of the prayer he was heard to say: "O God, bless Edward, Christian life; that he has never felt his sinfulness, and make him give up sucking his thumb.” That that he has never trusted the Saviour in a true and was a very good prayer. But, after a pause, he living way.

If so, of course that is the first lesson went on: “O God! don't bless him, because he is for him to learn.

going to suck his thumb all the same." I think There are others who may be wishing for great there is a world of practical teaching in that. The things, who may be longing for progress in holiness. little fellow was more candid than we often are, and And surely they ought to be. In fact it is a great he understood that it was no use asking God to do mistake to consider any degree of holiness as a a thing for him when he was determined it should "privilege;" it is simply our duty. “Be ye holy, not be done. I fear that in more important matters a for I am holy.” But we may persuade ourselves great many are just like that little boy. We ask God that all that we need to make further progress in to deliver us from this or that, when all the time holiness is a little more light, a little more teaching.. there is a voice (although it does not express itself “We are perfectly willing, but we do not quite in the prayer) saying: “I shall go on all the same.” understand," we say. The fact is, we do under- Now, then, let God teach us. He will show us stand quite as much as we need to understand, but where we are exactly, and what we need. He we are not willing and we are deluding ourselves. will impart to us this knowledge. Many have We would like to have—excuse the word, it is the knowledge who do not know how to impart it to only one that comes to me—a certain feather to put others; they make very poor teachers. Indeed,






to us.


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we are.

they ought not to be teachers at all. But God is God can teach in such a way that He leads us to do able and willing to impart the needful knowledge the thing that is taught. He can not only make you

understand it, but desire it, and love it, and obey Again, a good teacher is one who has sympathy it. Oh! what a teacher is that. On this subject

. for the learner. All teachers have not got that, and of giving ourselves to God, or, in the words of the it is perhaps the greatest power in a teacher. The Apostle, yielding ourselves to God, there is no Great Teacher says: “Learn of Me, for I am meek teaching which can lead us to the point, which can and lowly in heart." He is a loving Teacher, a kind, make us do it if we have never done it, or continue gentle Teacher. And if He has to teach us many a to do it if we have begun, but the teaching of God lesson that will humble us and break us down, He Himself. It was “through the Eternal Spirit" will do it in such a way that we shall feel all that Christ offered Himself up to God—so we are the time that He does it in love. Do not be told. And we shall never offer ourselves up to God afraid of that Teacher. He knows you perfectly, effectually except by the Spirit of God. He must better by far than you know yourself ; He knows come and take possession. He must receive us as precisely the lesson you need, and He is able to we are. We cannot make ourselves ready. We make you learn it.

must ever say, in the words of the hymnHe will teach you by His Word. He will

“No preparation can I make, show you the meaning of that Word. He will

My best resolves I only break; make your hearts burn within you as He opens

Oh, save me, for Thine own name's sake, to you the Scriptures. He will, as it were, hold

And take me as I am." up the word against the light, so that you shall But taking us as we are, He does not leave us as understand it.

The great Teacher takes His pupils into He will teach you by His Spirit, appropriating fellowship, into partnership with Himself. Then the Word to you. In reading the Acts of the He shows us the truth, not only from the outside

, Apostles see how the Holy Spirit directs the Church, as it were, but from the inside. “The secret of how He directs believers, how the promise of Christ the Lord is with them that fear Him.” He takes is fulfilled, that He leadeth forth His sheep and us into His home and into His heart. He gives us goeth before them. Thus will he teach you by His more of His truth as we are able to bear it.

Не Spirit. He shall speak to you in your inmost heart shows us more of His love, and uses us more in as well as by His Word.

His service. It would be a great and glorious fruit He shall teach you by His Providence. In the of these meetings if each one of us said to himself book of Job it is especially His Providence that is now, “I will go to that Teacher. I do not always pointed out. “Who teacheth like Him?” When understand the others. I cannot always put this God sends you lessons, whatever they are, it is to and that together. I cannot find a form of words teach you of His love. When He sends troubles that will exactly suit me, and express the Christian and trials it is that He may teach you—that He may life. But there is One who does understand me, wean you from worldly things and draw you to Him- who knows me, who will give me the truth in the self, that He may make you stronger to glorify shape that is adapted to my mind, to my experience, Himself in you, that He may make further light to to my education. I will take Him for my shine in the darkness that may be round about you. I remember reading a letter from one who had Let Him only be your Teacher. Without Him no attended such meetings as these, and a passage in Providence can teach us. His Word does not teach it read somewhat as follows: “Now I have got us without Him. It must be God Himself through home after a few weeks. I enjoyed the meetings: His Providence, God Himself through His Word : I got some good in them. But I get much more then we shall be taught indeed.

good now directly from God. I find that the teachFurther, and finally, the teaching of God is ing of God—the teaching from His Word and from practical teaching. It is not meant simply to en- experience—is so much more adapted to me than lighten our minds, and lodge some truth in our the teaching we got in the meetings. Because," he memories. It is meant to act upon our will and went on to say, “ in these meetings there seemed to alter our lives. No human teacher can do that, but be a kind of iron rule laid down. It was all good

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