Evangelium Nicodemi

James Edwin Cross, J. E. Cross, Denis Brearley
Cambridge University Press, 1996 - 307 pages
In the course of this book Professor Cross presents the discovery of the actual manuscript source for the Old English versions of two biblical apocrypha, The Gospel of Nichodemus and The Avenging of the Saviour. In collaboration with four other scholars, Professor Cross explores the implications of this discovery. Here, parallel editions of the relevant Latin and Old English texts are given, together with modern English translations, and detailed discussion outlines the background to the Latin texts, and to the manuscript which contains them. The assembled material provides an insight not simply into the transmission of two apocryphal texts, but also into the mind of the single Anglo-Saxon translator who, it is argued, struggled in his own idiosyncratic fashion to make two badly spelt and incomplete Latin originals his own.

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The Euangelium Nichodemi and Vindicta Jaluatoris in AngloSaxon
as the manuscript source for the Old English
The style of the texts and the translation strategy
Editorial and translation procedure

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