When Jews and Christians Meet

Jakob Josef Petuchowski
SUNY Press, 1 janv. 1988 - 190 pages
When Jews and Christians Meet captures the present state of the Christian-Jewish Dialogue, in which it is taken for granted that good will has been established and that Christians and Jews have a great deal in common. One can now appreciate the basic differences which remain between Judaism and Christianity without fear of giving offense. With this assumption, a number of Jewish and Christian scholars address several questions. For example, they ask what the future goals of Judaeo-Christian studies should be, and how the ecumenical aspirations of leading Christian and Jewish theologians can be translated into practice on a level which can be appreciated by the men and women in the pews of synagogues and churches.

In addition to such theoretical considerations, the volume offers illustrations of how Bible study can be undertaken in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament by Jewish and Christian scholars addressing passages, hitherto considered controversial, with both a commitment to objective scholarship and a rootedness in their respective religious traditions. Jeremiahs prophecy about the New Covenant and some of the Apostle Pauls statements about the Jews furnish the material for that joint enterprise.

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Between Faith and Skepticism
Where are We Going?
An Israeli Perspective
Pastoral Aspects of the JewishChristian Dialogue
JudaeoChristian Studies
3134 in Judaism
An Exposition of II Corinthians 312
446 and Romans 117
10 141
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Jakob J. Petuchowski is The Sol and Arlene Bronstein Professor of Judaeo-Christian Studies, and Research Professor of Jewish Theology and Liturgy at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has written or edited over thirty books.

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