A new picture of Paris; or, The stranger's guide to the French metropolis


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Page 177 - It is thus one of the most extensive as well as one of the most ancient volcanic tracts of Europe
Page 6 - ... onze. 12, douze. 13, treize. 14, quatorze. 15, quinze. 16, seize. 17, dix-sept. 18, dix-huit. 19, dix-neuf. 20, vingt. 21, vingt et un. 22, vingt-deux 23, vingt-trois.
Page 418 - It differs from the panorama in this respect, that, instead of a circular view of the objects represented, it exhibits the whole picture at once in perspective, and it is decidedly superior both to the panorama and the cosmorama in the fidelity with which the objects are depicted, and in the completeness of the illusion.
Page 256 - The gables of the four fronts are pierced with trifoliate windows, and decorated with sculptured figures, roses, and medallions of Abelard and Heloisa. In this chapel is the tomb built for Abelard, by Peter the Venerable, at the priory of St. Marcel. He is represented, in a recumbent posture, the head slightly inclined and the hands joined.
Page 248 - Behind these are thrown the smaller bones. This avenue conducts to several apartments resembling chapels, the walls of which are lined with bones, variously and often tastefully arranged ; and, in the centre of the chapel, or in niches in the walls, are vases and altars, some of which are formed entirely of human bones, and others are ingeniously ornamented with skulls of different sizes. One or two of these altars are of an antique form, and composed of the solid rock. They stood here before these...
Page 2 - Europe, so that wherever the traveller may be, he cannot be very far removed from his supplies. " The value of the notes is reduced into foreign money, at the current usance course of exchange on London, at the time and place of payment, subject to no deduction for commission, or to any other charge whatever, unless the payment be required in some particular coin which bears a premium.
Page 443 - Elys6es, about two miles from Paris, commanding a most extensive view of the city, the Seine, and .the Champ de Mars. In front, there is a very large and elegant parterre, terminating in an extensive kitchen garden; behind, there is another large house, formerly the monastery of St. Ferine, which also belongs to this establishment ; and a field, of about four acres, bordered by a wellcultivated garden. In this establishment...
Page 7 - Trente et un.* 32 Trente-deux. 33 Trente-trois. 34 Trente-quatre. 35 Trente-cinq. 36 Trente-six. 37 Trente-sept. 38 Trente-huit. 39 Trente-neuf. 40 Quarante. 41 Quarante et un.* 42 Quarante-deux. 43 Quarante-trois. 44 Quarante-quatre. 45 Quarante-cinq. 46 Quarante-six. 47 Quarante-sept. 48 Quarante-huit. 49 Quarante-neuf. 50 Cinquante. 51 Cinquante et un.* 52 Cinquante-deux. 53 Cinquante-trois. 54 Cinquante-quatre. 55 Cinquante-cinq. 56 Cinquante-six.
Page 203 - Wednesday, and Friday of every week. The discount is four per cent, per annum. To be admitted to discount, and to have a running account at the bank, a request must be made in writing to the governor, and be accompanied by the certificate of three well-known persons.
Page 307 - Elizabeth, sister of Louis XVI., was confined ; another in which Robespierre was imprisoned ; and a third which was occupied by Louvel, who assassinated the Duke de Berry.

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