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The thirity plain. The fainting swain would drop
His lifeless limbs; the world of water stand
Stagnant and putrid; and the fell-eyed Plague
(Like that which walks o’er Asia's sultry fields)
Would raise an arm of terror, waste the earth,
Tremendous in his course; and from the globe
Sweep half its people as he roam'd along.

Hence heav'n's great Father sends the rushing winds
Abroad, and bids the swelling tempeft roar
Wide o'er the howling wilderness. Afar
The tower all naked, where the shrieking owl
Broods o'er her young, sustains the fierce assault
That shakes its dome. The mother scar'd within,
Oft as the shock'd wall totters, starting, leaves
Her nest, and oft returning, as the voice
Of parent love persuades, she fits alone,
And screams, wild-wailing to the wasteful winds.

Oft from the caverns of the hollow'd earth
Bursts the rude storm, or from the breezy lake
Shapes its broad circuit, gathering as it rolls
Collected force. Oft from the jarring clouds
Dashing in dizzy whirl, tempestuous rolls
The deep-mouth'd thunder thro' the darksome vault
Of heaven : the winds attend it, and the skies
From their wide sluices pour a torrent down,
Rathing impetuous.

Oft too the whirlwind's rapid wheel involves
Th’ incumber'd forest in its round; the trees
Rent from the cliff precipitating, load
The wings of air ; the harmless flock that roam



Secure, nor dream the sudden death so near,
Give to the eddying whirl their shiver'd limbs.
The city feels it, and the tottering domes
Rock from their inmost base; or loose, affright
The pale inhabitant, that skulks within,
Panting, and shudders as the roaring winds
Around him bellow ; left the cracking beam
Should burst, and o'er him the broad roof descend.


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ET not o'er nature spread the general traits

Of imperfection. On some happier climes The hand of Heav'n hath shower'd its richest spoils, Profufe of bounty. Though the juicy grape Tempts not the lip of luxury, the pine Feels not the scorching fun, nor on the bough Hangs cloth'd in mantling gold, and ripe to taste, The mellow orange; yet their plains can boast A nobler produce. In Britain's blissful isle Gay plenty reigns ! Britannia hail! O! from the world disjoin’d, As nature's hand had form'd the soft retreat Of happiness and love ! no fevering sun Blasts thy gay meads : no deep volcano boils With inward fire ; nor thro’ the cave beneath Walks the dire earthquake. The tremendous shock,


That from their loose base heaves the works of man,
Just vibrates on thy bosom ; as the voice
Of distant thunder moves the trembling ground,
And murmurs in the air. Thy fields rejoice
With cheerful Plenty. On yon waving plain,
I see the goddess walk ! her loosen'd robe
Floats on the gale redundant ; on her cheek,
In full luxuriance, swells the blushing spring,
And scents her breath with myrrh. Mark how she


Her horn aloft, and liberal o'er the field
Pours all her treasures. Man's enliven’d soul
And all the groves are transport. Hark the voice
Of music warbles from the bough! the hind
Feels his heart leaping as he looks around,
And joy's bright ray bursts o’er the kindling mind.

These are the blessing's Heaven's all bounteous hand
Showers on her favourite isle. Thrice happy they,
Who know their worth, and, kindling at the view
With love, with gratitude, adore the Power,
Who shap'd this wondrous frame, and wrought its parts
To such perfection. Nor less beauteous form'd
His moral plan. But this to trace at large,
Requires a fitter season. The slow fun
Already finks behind yon crimfon'd cloud,
And gives the world to night.








HIGH o’er broad lawns with broider'd vesture

Where Nature's liberal hand had shower'd pro.

Her richest treasures, and the young-eyed Spring
Walk'd in loose luxury; we mark'd sublime
A spacious theatre, whose round inclos'd
Proud fanes, the boast of science ; obelisks
That touch'd the blue horizon ; towering domco
Piled in rude grandeur; and the dizzy height
Of sky-topt pyramids, whose fteepy spires
O’erlook'd a waste of empire. 'Twas in all

A mighty city; round whose ample skirts
A circling terras ran, broad, firm, and strong,
To stand the dash of torrents. From the brow
Of a steep hill, we view'd the scattering throngs
That roam'd at large. Some from the terras' height
Breath'd the cool breeze, whose lily-fcented wing
Perfum'd the ambient air. Some o'er the mead
Wanton'd in easy indolence, and cullid
The sports of summer ; while a few retir’d
Sat on a tower's proud top, emboss'd around
With myftic figures; and in thought elate
Mark'd the declining sun ; describ?d the course
Of planetary orbs; and when the ray
of shy Aurora ting’d the glowing east,
Eyed the first beam that gilds the morning star,
And view'd its course along the bright’ning skies.



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Not far'a river, o'er its pebbled bed
Roll'd a majestic stream; along its bank
Bloom'd the fair herbage of the mantling lawn,
Whose living hues illum'd th' unbounded scenes
With rich variety. Spontaneous glow'd,
In gay assemblage, all the blushing tribe
Whose forms still varying crown the smiling year.

Charm'd as I look'd, bewilder'd thought survey'd This scene of wonders bursting on its view, Perplex'd; nor knew to clear th' entangling maze. Chief on the * figures dwelt


dubious search
In deep suspense, and scann'd their mystic shapes ;
Their parts incongruous, where the wither'd hand
Of bent deformity had cast the moulds,
And wildly freak'd with beauty. Strow'd o'er all,
These forms unseemly rouz'd th' inquiring mind,
And couch'd some truth mysterious. The short glance
Of mist-eyed reason darken'd as it view'd;
Nor fancy's lightning-beam could pierce the veil.

While thus wild pastime o'er the inviting scenes
Amusive roam'd ;-lo, from his secret cell,
Up rose the River Genius! In his hand
A trident wav'd, and o'er his form sublime
Floated the mantling azure.

On a car
Of pearl, inlaid with shells, whose polish shone
Relplendent to the sun; led by the train
Of sporting Naiads, fat the godlike power ;
His blue locks waving to the fluttering breeze
That wanton'd as he came. Gay Plenty near
Shook her bright wings, and eyed the laughing mead
With smiles alkance, and o'er the landskip held
* Hieroglyphics.


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