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• favours and employments. Who can think that they who imprifon them would employ me, or fuffer the to live when they are put to death? If I might live and be employed, can it be expected that I should ferve a go• vernment that seeks fuch deteftable ways of establishing • itfelf? Ah! no; I have not learnt to make my own peace, by perfecuting and betraying my brethren, more • innocent and worthy than myself. I must live by just • means, and serve to just ends, or not at all. After fuch a manifeftation of the ways by which it is intended the king fhill govern, I fhould have renounced any place of < favour, into which the kindness and industry of my friends might have advanced me, when I found those, that were better than I, were only fit to be deftroyed. I had formerly fome jealoufies; the fraudulent procla •mation for indemnity increased them; the imprisoning of

in questions muching the ficceffion, they conftantly resort to the same narrow rucks and maxims of loro and fuffice, by which questions of meer property, the tite mapighe ora la tum, are governed. And thence conclude, that the Legislature the f cannot, without manifest injuftice, interrupt the antient, legal, established order of faccetion. It cannot, fay they, without injustice, give to one branca of the royal family, what by right of blood belongeth to another.

Thus they argut, And if I could conceive of the Crown as of an inheritance of mar proper, I should be tempted to argue in the fame manner. But had they canadored the croton and resal dignity, as a descendable OFFICE, 44 TRUST før masens, and extending its influence to generations yet unborn z had they omidered it in that i ght, they would joom bave discovered the principle apun wand the right of the legislature to interpofe in cafes of neceffity is manifeftly fruntad. And that is the SALVS POPVLI already mentioned [p. 382] upon a like acrgfum, etc, etc. etc. which the ingenuous reader thould purfue.

Oservations on some paffages in the writings of L. C. J. Hale; re-
lative to the principles on which the Revolution and present HAPPY
Etablishment are rounded. By [that faithful judge and friend to
Koerty] Sir Michaei Foster.

There is an original and good picture of this extraordinary but unfor Geatiemil, Sir Hovy Vase, in the Britijk Mujacum,

those three men, and turning out of all the officers of the army, contrary to promife, confirmed me in my refolutions not to return. To conclude, the tide is not to be diverted nor the oppreffed delivered; but God, in his time, will have mercy on his people. He will fave ‹ and defend them, and avenge the blood of those who ⚫ fhall now perish, upon the heaps of thofe, who, in their • pride, think nothing is able to oppofe them. Happy are thofe, whom God fhall make inftruments of his justice • in fo blessed a work! If I can live to see that day, I shall be ripe for the grave, and able to fay with joy, "Lord, "now letteft thou thy fervant depart in peace." Farewel. My thoughts as to king and flate depending upon their actions, no man fhall be a more faithful fervant to him than I, if he make the good and profperity of his < people his glory; none more his enemy, if he doth the 'contrary.


[* If he make the good and profperity of bis people bis glory ;】

Of a tall ftature and of fable hue
Much like the fon of Kifh that lofty Jew;
Twelve years compleat he fuffer'd in exile,
And kept his father's affes all the while.
At length by wonderful impulfe of fate,
The people call him home to mend the state;
And, what is more, they fend him money too,
And cloath him all, from head to foot, anew.
"Nor did he fuch small favors then difdain,
Who in his thirtieth year began his reign
In a flash'd doublet then he came al
"almer's wife hi

And dubb'

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