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I. Those Ministers of the Word of God of

every Denomination, who either set bad Examples, or

live in the Negleet of the Duties they owe to the Peo-
ple under their Care. p. II.

p. 11. Why these are men-
tioned in the first place, the Reasons as signed, ibid.
p. 12. &c. by the Expresions Watchmen, and
Shepherds, who are meant, ibid.

II. Prophane Persons, are another Sort of Sin-

ners. p. 14. &c. Who are such. ibid. The Hein-

ousness of their Guilt. ibid. are Obječts of God's

Curse, and Scorn. p. 15.

III. Idolators, also are Ohjeets of God's threatned

Judgments. p. 15. There are téo Sorts of Idola-
try, viz. One a Transgression of the first Command-
ment, viz. Wben Persons own, and ackn wledge any
Creature as God, or pay religious Respect, or Re-
verence by any inwerd A&tion of their Mind, or out-
ward Gesture of their Bodies to a Creature as God,
and as the Objext of their Worship. ibid.

The other Sort of Idolatry, is making any Image

to be the Neans of worshiping the true God, and

performing any Acts of religious Worship to it. p. 16.

and this is a Transgresion of the second Command-

ment, ibid.

The Heinousness of this Idolatry displayed. p. 17.

IV. Proud Persons, are particularly threatned

with Punishment, in the Time of God's Visitation of

a People for their Sins. p. 18. The cominin Incen-

tives to Pride mentioned, ibid. What Pride is. p. 19.

Tbrectnings against the Proud. ibid, &c.

V. Those who are Lovers of Pleasures, more

than of God, are Objeets of divine Threatnings.

Who are such described. ibid. If a Man takes

all Of portuniti's of being in the Company of one Ac-
quaintance, and industriously shuns the Company and
Conversation of another, it is a Demonstration that
he loves the one, and dislikes the other; and thus as

to the Lovers of Pleasure, &c. ibid. Threatnings against them mentioned. p. 21.

VI. Profaners of the holy Name of God, are threatned with Punishments in this Life. p. 22. &c.

Who are such. ibid.

VII. Profaners of God's Sabbaths, are likewise under the divine Thréatnings. p. 24. &c.

Who are Profaners of the Lord's Days. ibid.

The Declarations of the holy God, against the Transgressors of the first Four of his Ten Commandments, recited in the foregoing Pages, are full of doleful Tidings. p. 27. Neveri beless there is Hope for the very Chief of Sinners. p. 28. As appears from the gracious Invitations, and Promises of God to them if they repent, and turn to him. ibid, and p. 29.

There is a sure Way to Reconciliation, and Peace with God, a sure Way to obtain bis Love, and the Pardon of all our Sins, a sure Way to Safety, Comfort, and Happiness. p. 30. This Way is skewed by the sacred Scriptures. p. 30. &c.

An Address to those Perfons, who have hitherto gone on in a Course of wilful Disobedience to God, p. 34. How they mould reason, and think with themselves. ibid. and pray to their offended God. P. 35.

Suitable Refle&tions for those who repent of their Sins, and accept of Christ to save them. p. 36.


The bappy Condition of those, who are so influenced by what the holy God hath said in his Word, and threatned to infliet on the stubborn Transgressors of bis Laws, as to repent of their Sins, and by Faith in Christ to seek Pardon, and Salvation. p. 1. &c.

How penitent Believers, pious Persons may think, and reason within themselves to their own Comfort. p. 2.



Of the Reasonings proper for those, who have hitherto negleEted God and their Duty. p. 3.

There are several Sorts of Persons, who live in wilful Disobedience to one, or other of the Six last of the ten Commandments. Particularly,

VIII. Rebellious Persons. p. 4. &c.

Rebellion is a wilful Opposition to the Authority, and lawful Commands of those whom God has set over Us. p. 4, &c.

And it is a Transgression of the fifth Commandment, ibid.

Of Disobedience to natural Parents. p. 4, 5.

Of Disregard to those Ministers of God's Word, under whose Care the divine Providence has placed us. p. 6.

We may from the Behaviour, which God requires of us towards them, infer the Sinfulness of a contrary Conduit : So far as the Ministers of Christ deliver to us the Word of God, it is our Duty to believe it, and to be obedient to it.

But we are to examine by the Holy Scriptures, every DoEtrine they teach, and every Instručtion in Matters of Practice they inculcate, and we are not to receive them meerly because delivered by our Teachers. P. 7. P.

Of obedience to Kings, and subordinate Magistrates. p. 8. &c.

IX. Oppressors, are another Sort of Persons, who have Reason to fear the Effects of God's Wrath in the Day of his Visitation for Sin. p. 10.

As Rebellion includes the various sorts of Misehaviour, and opposition of Inferiors to their Superiors in Authority; so Oppression comprehends the Several Abafes, which Superiors in Authority, or Power, are guilty of to their Inferiors. ibid.

W ben Persons are guilty of Oppression is shewed. p. 10, Il, 12.


The oppresive Abuses of Authority or Power, are very provoking to the merciful God, and what he has tbreatned terribly to punish. ibid.

X. Murderers, are Transgreffors of the sixth Commandment, and are appointed of God 10 suffer bis Vengeance both in this world, and the next.

p. 12.

He is a Murderer, who designedly, and maliciously takes away the Life of another. ibid.

Of FIGHTING Duels. p. 13.

The Occason of a Duel is fome Injury, or Provocation by the Challenged, either imaginary or real : Often it is imaginary, some Words or Behaviour of the Person challenged, misrepresented, or misunderstood; and often a cool Inquiry into the Case would. prevent a Quarrel, and confirm a Friendship.

But suppose Challengers to be really injured, the Laws of the Land have provided a Remedy, which be may use without Shame or Dishonour, and without becoming a bloody Criminal before God and Man. A Remedy which he may use with Reputation, by having bis Cause heard before proper Judges, and their Sentence given upon the Evidence of the Witnesses of each Party.

But he must not murder the Man that has offended him, (ibid) end thereby rebel agains, and subvert the Laws of God, and his Country.

And as to the Challenged, the Reason for his wicked Acceptance of the Challenze is very vain : He doth it to avoid the Chara&ter of being a Coward, but better to be thought so by unreasonable Men, than in Contradiction to the Law of the great God, violently and maliciously to take away the Life of another. p. 14.

The Case of a Duel, stated both as to the Challenger, and the Challenged. p. 14.

The dreadful Consequences of Fighting a Duel, both as to the Perfon killing, and the Person killed. p. 14. 15.


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* XI. DRUNKARDS, GLUTTONS, and all riotous Livers, are also Transgressors of the sixth Commandment, and a sort of Persons whom God has threat. ned with horrible Miseries in the Day of bis Vistatation for Sin. p. 16. &c. ; XII, UNCLEAN Persons, Whoremongers, and Adulterers, are Transgressors of the seventh Commandment, against whom

God has denounced destroying Judgment. p. 19. &c.

XIII. Unjust Persons, likewise are the Objets of the divine Threatnings, and are Transgresors of the eighth Commandment. p. 21.

They are unjust Perfons, who either by Force, or Fraud take, or withhold to their own Use any Thing that is the Property of another. ibid.

Three Sorts of unjust Persons noted, viz.

Thieves, Extortioners, and fraudulent Dealers. p. 21, 22. &c.

Another Sin inconsistent with that just and righteous Manner of dealing with others, which the eighth Commandment obliges all Men to avoid, is the giving and teking Bribes. p. 27.

A Bribe, is any Gift to another to bias, or incline bim to do sometbing he ought not to do, or to omit doing something which he ought to do. p. 27.

The heinous Nature of this Iniquity, both in the Giver, and Receiver of Bribes, is explained. p. 27-30.

XIV. Persons, who bear false Witness against others, are Transgressors of the ninth Commandmeni, and are Objects of the divine Threarnings. p. 30, 31. A false Witness fall not go unpunished, and be that Speaketb Lies, hall not escape. Pro. xix 5

XV. CoveTous Persons, are Transgressors of the tenth Commandment, and are marked for suffering Punijlment in the Day of the Lord's Visiiation for Sin. p. 31. &c.

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