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DISCOURSE of the divine Institution of

the Ministry of the Gospel, with Answers to the Arguments (in a Book intitled, The Righis of the Christian Church, &c.) against it.

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2. A DISCOURSE, wherein the Being of God; ; the divine Authority of the Holy Scriptures, and the Doctrine of the Sacred TRINITY, are briefly proved.

3. A BRIEF DEFENCE of the Christian RELIGION for the Conviction of Deifts; and the Establishment of Christians in the Belief of the Gospel.

4. A DIALOGUE between a Master and his Servants, concerning the Sin of Lying, explaining the Nature, and fhewing the Heinousness of it, and of other Sins, for the concealing of which, Lying is often used ; and proposing a sure Way to become free from the strong Inclinations to it. A fit Present from Masters, and Mistresses, to their Servants, and from Parents to their Children.

5. An Answer to the QUESTION, viz. Whether it is lawful for the Profeffors of the Christian Religion to go to Plays ? With some Soliloquies, proper in Relation to them.

6. LETTERS relating to the Plague, and other infectious Fevers, in two Parts, viz.

Part I: Containing LETTERS read at several Meetings of the Royal Society, fhewing by Reason, and Experiments fome proper Means to preserve People from Infection, and to alter the morbid Quality of infectious Air.

Part II. Containing LETTERS, (not read to the Royal Society) fhewing who may fly from a City, when the divine Providence brings the Pestilence, or other infectious Fevers into it, and who are obliged in Duty to stay in it; and proposing proper Means to preserve Magistrates, and the Ministers of Christ, and the Assemblies of People when met together, either for the Administration of Justice, or the Celebration of divine Worship : Likeb


wise proposing suitable Methods of Management in Families before, and when, and after the Distemper has been in them :

And likewise, as to the Conduct of Physicians, Sur. geons, Apothecaries, Nurses, and others obliged to attend or visit the Sick : INTERMIXED with Advices to serious Christians; and also thewing the Influence which such an awful Visitation should have on the Minds of those who have been negligent' of Religion, and have lived in known and wilful Disobedience to the holy Commandments of God. To which is added a Letter concerning the Mortality among the Cattle.

7. A Letter, intitled Sacred Declarations, con sidered, &c. Containing an Account of Things which may render People apprehensive that publick Calamities are approaching ; with a Summary of the divine Laws comprehended in the first Four of the ten Commandments; and of the Predictions of Punishments on those who live in wilful Disobedience to them : Likewise an Account of a sure Way for Persons under the terrible Threatnings of the holy God to obtain the Pardon of all their Sins, Peace, Safety, Comfort, and Happiness.

8. A LETTER, containing both a Summary of the divine Laws comprehended in the Six last of the Ten Commandments; and of the Predictions of Punishments recorded in the Sacred Scriptures, for the wilful Tranfgreffors of them, with proper Advices.

9. A TREATISE on the SMALL Pox in its various Kinds, shewing what ought to be done in the Management of the Sick, in Regard to the several Periods of the Distemser, and the dangerous Symptoms incident to it, as to Diet and Medicines: Illustrated with fifty HisTORIES in which the Symptoms are exemplified, even the most Threatning ; with an Account of the Management, and Remedies which were effectual to the Recovery

of the Sick from this terrible Disease : Recommended to the Publick by the late learned Dr. BOERHAAVE, which Recommendation, with his express Confent, is Printed, and prefixed to the Book.

Io. RA.

10. RATIONAL Methods of curing Fevers, deduced from the Structure, and economy of human Bodies, and the different States of the Solids, and Fluids, under the different Classes of them.

11. MEDICAL Practice in curing Fevers, correspondent to rational Methods, &c. Considered and Exempli. fied in many cases of the most usual Fevers, with an Account of the Medicines by which they were removed.

12. A Treatise or Disolvents of the Stone, and on curing the Stone, and Gout by Aliment, Thewing, by Reason fupported with Experiments and Cases, the Probability of diffolving the Stone, and preventing the Returns of the Gout by suitable Diet, with particular Directions of Diet, not only in regard to those Disorders, but likewise for the Benefit of Persons afflicted with Fevers, and various other Diseases.

13. A TREATISE on painful Diftempers, the Causes of them, and the proper Remedies ; illustrated with Hirtories of Persons afflicted with the different kinds of Pains incident to human Bodies, with an Account of the Method and Medicines by which they were cured.

14. A COMPENDIUM of the Practice of Phyfick : Containing the Heads, or Subjects treated on in a Course of Lectures, intended for communicating those Instructions, which may qualify Persons for a judicious and successful Management of People under the various Diseases to which they are liable. Whereunto is added a LETTER, fhewing, what is the proper Preparation of Persons for Inoculation, and for having the SMALL Pox favourably in the natural Way.

15. GENERAL Medical Principles and Cautions, for the Confiderations of such as undertake to perform the Office of a Physician to the Sick, 'in three Parts, founded on Facts supported by Reason, and confirmed by ExPERIENCE.

16. LETTERS on the Sacred Predictions, herewith published.


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