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Whence it appears, that they who have the Faith which the Gospel requires, have alfo received the Holy Spirit.

In 2 Tim. i. 14. the Apostle fays to Timothy, That good Thing which was committed unto thee, keep by the Holy Ghost which dwellelh in us.

The Sacred Scriptures, both of the Old and New Testament, speak abundantly of the Holy Spirit : David earnestly prayed, that God would not take his Holy Spirit from him.

See Pfa. li. 11, 12. when he prays thus, Caft me not out from tby Presence; and iake not iby Holy Spirit from me. Restore unto me the Joy of thy Salvation ; and uphold me with thy free Spirit.

And in like Manner we should pray, that God will not take his Holy Spirit from us; but continually uphold us with his free Spirit.

The Offices which the Holy Spirit performs for the Conversion of Sinners, and fitting them for everlasting Happiness in Mansions of Glery, are manifold, are excellent, and most important.

He worketh (I doubt not) in the Souls of all Men, that hear the Gor; el preached. He awakens their Consciences, he convinces them of Sin, and makes known to them, that God in his great Love has provided a Sariour, and a Saviour who is both able and willing to save all Sorts of Sinners, even the Chiet of them : And if they remain in Unbelief, and go on in a Course of Difobedience to God, it is because they refift the Holy Ghost.

What the Martyr Slephen faid to the stubborn unbelieving Jews, Acts vii. 51. Ye Stiff necked, and uncircumcised in Heart and Ears, ye do always resist the Holy Gbojt, may be faid to ftubborn Unbelievers, who have Gospel preached to them.

The unbelieving Jews being charged with relifting the Holy Ghost, is an Evidence that the



Holy Ghost had been working on their Minds to become the Disciples of Christ.

The Holy Spirit performs the Offices of a Teacher, a Remembrancer, a Sanctifier, and a Comforter to all, who believe on the Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit gave to the Apostles those wonderful Gifts, which they received at Pentecost: He enabled them to speak with Tongues, and gave them Utterance in Preaching the everlasting Gospel ; he enabled them to confirm their Testimony of Christ, and the Doctrines they taught by a Series of Miracles thro' a Course of many Years, and in many Countries at the same Time: Christ purchased a great Salvation for Sinners, and the Holy Spirit makes the Appication of it.

And his OPERATIONS prove that he is truly God.

For che Effects of his working could not be produced by any Creature.

One Man cannot communicate his Wisdom or Sagacity to another : Or a Man strong in Body, cannot communicate the like Strength to a Person whose Body is little and weak:

Neither can an Angel make any Creature :

But the Holy Spirit makech new Creatures in Christ.

He turneth Sinners into Saints ; which no An. gel in Heaven can do.

His Operations prove him to be God, the third Person of the Sacred Trinity.

And the Words of the Apostle Peter in Acts v. 3, 4. do make known his Deity, when he says to Ananias on the Account of his speaking a Lie, Wby bath Satan filled thy Heart 10 lie to the Holy Ghost; thou hast not lied unto Men, but unto God.


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There seems to have been something excellenc in Man's Nature before the Fall, which we are ignorant of

The Condescention of the great and Holy God, his Pity and Love to such Apostate Creatures as the Offspring of Adam are, is amazing!

Only we know that there is nothing in us to deserve his Compassion, and that the Lord our Creator is gracious only because he will be gracious.

God the Father loved the World, loved our Race of Creatures, and contrived our Redemption, and sent his only begotten and beloved Son to purchase and accomplish it.

God che Son condescended to come down from Heaven, and take into Union with himself our Nature, and to satisfy vindictive Justice, by the Sacrifice of himself on the Cross, and to work out a perfect Righteousness for our Juftification.

And God the Holy Ghost undertook to make Application of the Redemption purchased by Christ : Stupendious Mercy and Goodness!

Now let the Father, and the Son,

And Spirit be ador'd :
Where there are Works to make him known,
Or Saints to love the Lord.

Watts's Hymns,, p. 312.

And let all ferious Christians keep in Remergbrance, that the Holy Spirit dwelleth in them. Know' ye not (says the Apostle,) ihat ye are the Temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in

you If any Man defile the Temple of God, bimi Mall God destroy ; for the Temple of God is Holy, wbich Temple ye are. I Cor. iii. 16, 17.

We should cherish in our Minds such a Sensei of the Honour, of the Dignity and Happiness F


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of being the Temple of God, and having his Holy Spirit dwelling in us, as may render us watchful to avoid every Thing that is Sinful and Polluting, and to shun all Temptacions.

We may conclude from what has been collected out of the Holy Scriptures into these Papers ; that there is a great Change wrought in every real Christian, by the Spirit of God. And every sincere Christian can testify, as to himself that an Holy Change has been made in him.

His Conscience bears him witness, that his Mind has been convinced of the sinful Depravity of his Nature, and of the Odiousness of Sin, and of his Want of a Saviour; and that his Understanding has been enlighened to see the Truth of the Gospel, and that his Will has been so changed, that although he once was thoughtless of what would become of his Soul, and regardless of the Favour of God; of an Interest in Christ, and in the Covenant of Grace ; yet that his Will has been so wrought upon, as to chose the Lord for his God, Christ for his Saviour, and the Holy Spirit for his Sanétifier; and so as to reject, and renounce all his former Sins, and the Devil and all his Temptations to go on in a Course of Sin : And bis Conscience bears him Witness, that although formerly he loved this World chiefly, and the Things of it, the Honours, or the Riches, or the Plealures of it, yet that now he loves God above all, that he loves the Redeemer, and loves all his Commandments, his Sabbaths, his Ordinances, and all who love the Lord Jesus in Sincerity, of every Denomination.

And he experiences a great and happy Change, as in his Heart, so in his Life and Conversation, for although formerly he was regardless of his Duty, negligent of the Worship


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