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4,41 :: Dr. LOBB'S REPLY:Words of the Lord delivered by his Prophet ? (fee Jer. Chap. xx.) And is there no Similitude be? cween his Conduct and the Sint of Elymas, who endeavoured to turn away the Deputy from the Faith, to 'hinder the Success of the Apostle, and pervert the right Ways of the Lord ? (see Afts, Chap. xiii.)

Is this Writer sure that his Conscience will not, fome Time' or other, recoil, and raise Reflections in his Mind, that will fill him with Horror ? But not with that pleasing Kind of Horror with which Children hear and relate frightful Stories in the Nurferry.

I published this Book not to gain the Applause of Men, nor any pecuniary Advantage to myself; for I never have, and never will apply to my own Use, any Copy-Money that may arise from Books intended to promote Piety; and in this Service I have fet before my Readers Things which the Holy Ghost teaches, and which are of the utmost Importance to them, and in the Language of the facred Scriptures. si own sakes, lai "hed, that Men would, for their this Book once before they say any thing to difcourage others from reading it: It may be they will find more Satisfaction and Comfort in it than they expect, and so much as may incline them afterwards to look into it, and read here and there according to incidental Occasions.

O mighty and merciful God, plead thine own Cause, and vindicate the Honour of thy own Word ! Alift and prosper all thy Servants who labour to promote that pure Religion which thou haft taught us ! Pity those who have erred, enlighten their Minds, and rectify their Judgments, and bring them to the Knowledge, Belief, and


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Acknowledgment of thy Truths, that they may be saved. Amen.


N. B. Those Persons, who have bought these Letters,

may have Dr. LOBB's Reply fixed at the End of them gratis, if they send their Books to Mr. Buckland.

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