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Dr. Lobb's Reply to the Remarks made

upon his Letters on the Sacred Predictions, &c. in the Monthly Review for July 1761, p. 80.

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HESE Letters are of the utmost Importance ; for they contain a Summary of

the Divine Law, and Gospel ; a Summary of the Divine Threatnings, and Promises ; so that they are proper to prevail with Men to repent of their Sins, and by Faith in Christ to become sincere Christians : As also to encourage Backsiders (those who have departed from God, and for a while lived in the Neglect of some known Duties, or in the Commission of some known Sins) to return to God, with the Hope of Acceptance.

They are likewise proper for the Edification and Comfort of all serious Christians at all Times ; and particularly, when under Amictions, either of a temporal or spiritual Kind; and in Times of public Calamities, whether by the Sword, or by the Pestilence, or by Famine.

And I may affert, that there is nothing said in my Letters to raise melancholy Apprehensions in the Minds of any serious Christians; but much is delivered to promote the Peace, the Consolation, and the Joy of their Souls.

These Things God will have to be known, and considered by all concerned in them; and no Man


can or will deny this Affertion, who has "read the Holy Scriptures, and believes them to be from God. My Letters are therefore a "Book, not of Controversy, but intended to promote practical Religion among Christians of every Deno-mination.

This Book indeed is mentioned in the Montbly Review, but without any Account of it, only subjoining the following Remarks.

Remark 1. Some People seem to have a peculiar Taste for all that appears gloomy, or dreadful in Religion.

Reply. If this Writer means that some People take more Delight in discoursing on the Predictions of Punilhments for the Wicked, than on the Predictions of Blessings to the Righteous, and that Dr. Lobb is one of these ; then, I say, that the Charge implied in his Words is groundless, and disproved by the Letters themselves.

Remark 2. And to be never better pleased than while they are terrifying themselves, or others, with the Dispensations of Divine Judgments and Hell-flames.

Reply i. If he means that some People feem never better pleafed, than while they are terrifying themselves, or others, with the Predictions of Divine Judgments on the Wicked, and that Dr. Lobb is one of them; then, I say, as to myfelf, that this Writer brars false Witness; and that the far greatest Part of niy Letters being on the Predictions of Bleflings to the Righteous (those endearing Promiles of God to them) is an Evidence that he does lo.

Reply 2.

Reply 2. If this Writer means that the Predictions of the Divine Judgments ought not to be discoursed on, then it shews that he does not believe them, nor the Holy Scriptures whichi contain them.

Reply 3. The Judgments of God on incorrigible Sinners are indeed Things most terrible (how much soever fome profane Persons may deride them) and will be found so by those on whom they shall be executed. It is said in Psalm xi. 6.) that, Upon the Wicked be (that is God) fall rain Snares, Fire and Brimstone, and an borrible Tempeft: This shall be the Portion of their Cup, that is, except they repent, God's revealing his Judgments is an Act of his Mercy and Goodness; because intended as a Means to bring Men to Repentance, that they may escape them. The Apostle says, Knowing the Terrors of the Lord, we persuade Men : (2 Cor. v. 11.) And so it is an Act of Kindness in any Chriftian to mention the Divine Threatnings, when his doing so may prevail with others to seek an Intereft in Christ, and become his Disciples.

Remark 3. To Readers of this Caft, Dr. Lobb's Account of the Sacred Predictions will, no doubt, prove big bly acceptable.

Reply. If this Writer means that the Reading my

Account of the Predictions of Punishments On the Wicked, will be highly acceptable to melancholy Perfons, who have the Use of their Reason, to be duly influenced by the Promises of Pardon to the Penitent, and of Salvation to them that believe in Christ, I aflent to it ; and doubt not that the Reading my Account of the Predictions


of Blessings, and of the numerous Promises of the Gospel, will be highly acceptable to serious Chriftians of every Denomination.

Why then hath he laboured to bring my Letters into Contempt? Letters which may convince a Deift of the Truth of the Gospel, and bring him to rejoice in Christ Jesus, and bless the Providence, which inclined him to read and consider them? Letters which may, with the Divine Blefing, be effectual to the Conversion of irreligious People, and to the Edification and Comfort of serious Christians ?

Remark 4. Such mistakenly pious Persons will not fail to peruse it with that pleasing Kind of Horror, with which Children bear and relate frightful Stories in the Nursery,


Reply 1.

Do not these Words signify a profane Reproach on the righteous Judgments of the Holy God, by comparing them to the frightful Stories related to Children in the Nursery?

Reply 2. The obvious Tendency, and Design of these Remarks is to discredit my Book, and alienate the Minds of people from reading it : An Attempt very injurious both to me, and to his Readers : Injurious to me, as he insinuates Charges against me, which are groundless,, and conceals the far greateft' Part of my Book; and injurious to his Readers, as he hath given them such Misre: presentations of my Letters, as tend to hinder their Notice of them, and the Benefit, and Comfore they may find in perusing them.

Is there no Resemblance between the Conduct of this Writer and the Sin of Paspur, who endeavoured to keep the People from regarding the


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