A Biographical Dictionary of Dark Age Britain: England, Scotland, and Wales, C. 500-c. 1050

This book provides a unique work of reference cutting across ancient cultural divisions within Dark Age Britain, and it enables the reader to follow the careers of people as far apart in time and place as the early Kentish kings and Viking earls of Orkney. Entries range from well-known characters such as Merlin, Alfred the Great, the historian Bede and the Danish warlord Cnut to the more obscure Pictish kings and abbots of Iona. Each entry is presented in a succinct and compact form in an easily accessible A to Z format.
Here experts on a multitude of early historic peoples in Britain have brought together a dossier of scholarly findings on all those whose lives can be reconstructed from an examination of early source material, incorporating the very latest research. Englishmen from Wessex to Northumbria, Welshmen and Cornishmen, Northern Britons, Scots and Picts, Scandinavians from the Danelaw and York as well as from the Viking earldom of Orkney and the Southern Isles, all take their place in this wide-ranging survey of the people of Dark Age Britain.
This detailed work of reference, supplemented by chronological and genealogical tables, will be an essential tool for all those with an interest in Dark Age Britain.

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Dr Ann Williams was formerly Senior Lecturer in Medieval History at the Polytechnic of North London. Dr Alfred P Smyth is Reader in Medieval History at the University of Kent, and Dr D P Kirby is Reader in History at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. All three authors have published widely on the history of Britain in the Dark Ages.

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