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The Series of the SACRED CLASSICS having reached its Thirtieth Volume, the Editors and Proprietor for the present take leave of the Subscribers, with grateful satisfaction at the manner in which their undertaking has been supported. It is now closed-not because their original design has been perfected, or any great proportion of its admirable materials exhausted, but in order that a convenient opportunity may be afforded for the purchase of a set of volumes to a certain extent complete in itself, which has received the stamp of general approbation, and which may be considered as, in one or other form, a necessary portion of every English, as well as every Theological Library.

At a future and not distant day, they hope to resume their grateful labours, by commencing the publication of a Second Series of Thirty Volumes, with such improvements in selection, arrangement, type, &c. as have, from time to time, been suggested, either by their own experience, or by the kindness of friends and correspondents, during the progress of that which they now finally commend to the public.

London, August, 1836.

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