A Grammar of the Mahratta Language: To which are Added Dialogues on Familiar Subjects

Printed at the Mission Press, 1805 - 201 pages

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Page 1 - Books in the Maratha language are generally written in Devunaguri character, but the character commonly used in business is the Moorh. The system of that alphabet and Devunaguri is the same. Types in the Moorh character not having yet been cast in Bengal, the Devunaguri will be used in this work.
Page 8 - If the first, second, or fourth, letter in any class ("cm) k£ followed by the" third or fourth letter in its own or any other class, or by a vowel, a semi-» Vowel, or a nasal, it is changed to the third letter of its own class.
Page 3 - The first and third letters in each class of the consonants are unaspirated...

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