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MAY 2, 1870.

misunderstanding, I give the prices asked in Eng- Penn's Select Works, with Life” (London, 1782), lish money. Francis Lieber's “ The Stranger in 5 vols., 14s. ; "Mercurius Politicus, containing a America, or Letters to Gentlemen in Germany, com- long letter from Mary-Land concerning the reducing prising Sketches of the Manners, Society, and Na- the Plantations of America to the Commonwealth tioval Peculiarities of the United States” (Phila of England, surrendering of James City, cessation of delphia, 1835), 28. 60. ; "The Constitution of the Arms in Mary-Land, the Rights of Lord Baltimore" United States according to the latest Amendments, (1652), an old newspaper, small 4to., bound in half to which is annexed the Declaration of Independ-morocco, 10s. 6d.; "Mercurius Politicus, containence and the Federal Constitution" (Phila., 1791), ing a long account of the taking of the Island of 1s. 60. ; R. Lamb's (author of “A Journal of the Barbadoes by the Virginia fleet, the attack, number Occurrences during the late American War”) “Me- slain, prisoners, surrender to Sir George Ayscue, moir of his own Life" (Dublin, 1811), 3s. ; H. the reduction of Virginia, Bermudoes, etc." (1652), St. John's (I. Dickinson of New Jersey ?) “A Far- small quarto, 9s. ; Samuel Eaton's (leacher of the mer in Pennsy : Letters from an American Fariner Church of Christ in New England) “Mystery of describing certain Provincial Situations," etc. (Bel. God Incarnate, or the Word made Flesh cleared fast, 1783), 28. ; " Debates in the House of Repre- up, a vindication of certain Scriptures" (H. Usher, sentatives of the United States, during the First at Boston, in New England, 1650), 10s. 60.; B. ColSession of the Fourth Congress" (Phila., 1796), 58.; man's “Sermons preached to Religious Societies in Lient.-Col. Tarleton's (Commandant of the late Boston" (Boston, New England, 1728), 10s. 6d. ; British Legion) “ History of the Campaigns of 1780- H. Moll's “System of Geography, or History and 81 in the Southern Provinces of North America'' Topography of the Earth, with maps of every coun(Dublin, 1787), 5s.; “ American Pamphlets" (a try, also a general and part ular description of collection of twelve pamphlets, printed before 1800, America, by J. Luyts, with very particular accounts some at Philadelphia, others in London, and relat- of the English plantations, and nine maps” (1701), iog to American affairs, e. 9., “Tom Paine's Letter thick folio, 6s. 6d. ; Two pamphlets : " Essay on to George Washington, on affairs public and pric Trade in general, with an account of the English vate, Pbila., 1796," " Notes from Citizen Adet, Plantations in America and their Commodities,” Minister Plenipotentiary of the French Republie, “ Seasonable Remarks on Trade and the Plantanear the United States, Phila., 1796,” etc.), 108.; tions in America" (1728), 3s. 6d. ; " Life of Ezra “ The Congress Register, or History of the Proceed- Stiles, Fellow of the American Philosophical Sociings and Debates of the First House of Representa- ety” (Boston, 1798), portrait, 3s. 60.; I. Duche's tives of the United States, taken in short-hand by “Observations on a variety of Subjects, Literary, T. Lloyd” (N. Y., 1789), 3 vols., 10s. ; “Acts Moral, and Religious” (Phila., 1774), on fly-leaf, Passed at the First Session of the Congress of the “ Rt. Barclay, Phila., 1774,” in writing, 78. 6d.; United States, begun and held at the City of New “ Philip Freneau's Miscellaneous Works” (Phila., York, on 4th of March, 1798” (Phila., 1799), 2 vols., 1778), 10s. 6d. ; and “ Col. Humphrey's Miscella10s. 6d. ; “ Notes on the State of Virginia, written neous Works" (New York, 1790), 7s. 6d. by Thomas Jefferson" (London, 1787), portrait and

FRANCIS BLANDFORD. large map, 5s.; J. Thompson Callender's “The Political Register, or Proceedings in the Session of

NOTE ON EARLY PERIODICAL LITERATURE. Congress commencing Nov. 3, 1794, ending March “THE GENTLEMAN'S Magazine.”—It is a great 3, 1795, with appendix,” etc. (Phila., 1795), s. 6d.; error to style this (as it has been called) the first Robert Goodloe Harper's “Observations on the Dis- monthly magazine. The first number is dated pute between the United States and France” (re- January, 1731 ; but before this there were, printed in Dublin, 1798, from the Philadelphia edi- Monthly Recorder," December 1, 1681-2, “The tion with the note on the title-page: “Irishmed Monthly Miscellany, or Memoirs for the Curious," will find this pamphlet worth their perusal at the January, 1700; "Özell's Monthly Amusement,” Ocpresent moment"), 23. 6d.; George Jones's (Count tober, 1708, and many other periodicals, for the endJoannes) “The History of Ancient America anterior meration of which we lack space. After the death, to the time of Columbus, proving the identity of in 1756, of Edward Cave, the projector and publisher the Aborigines with the Tyrians and Israelites, and of “The Gentleman's Magazine," it was continued the introduction of Christianity into the Western by David Henry, Cave's brother-in-law, and R. Cave. Hemisphere by the Apostle St. Thomas" (!) (Lon. In 1778 John Nichols became a partner; and on his don, 1843), 3s. 6d. ; “The Travels of Captains death, in 1825, it descended to his son, by whom, in Lewis and Clarke from St. Lewis, by way of the conjunction with his sons, it was continued until Missouri and Columbia Rivers to the Pacific" (Lon. July, 1856, when it fell into the hands of John don, 1809), 36. ; " Journal of the Stated Preacher to Henry and James Parker. Cave found an efficient the Hospital and Almshouse in the City of New coadjutor in the then young Samuel Johnson, afterYork for the year 1811" (N. Y., 1812), 2s.; "Re ds the famous lexicographer, biographer, and ports of Deaths in the City and County of New critio, and the latter bears testimony to the zeal and York for 1818" (N. Y., 1819), 1s. 6d. ; E. Montule's energy of the publisher. “Cave,'' says Johnson, “ Voyage to North America and the West Indies in " never looked out of his window but with a view 1817" (1821), fine plates, with Gen. Wolfe's song, to the Gentleman's Magazine.' He used to sell ten “The Military Toper," 29. 60. ; " Biographical Me-thousand ; yet such was then his minute attention moirs of the Rev. J. S. Buckminster, S. C. Thacher, and anxiety that the sale should not suffer the and J. E. Abbot, deceased" (Boston, 1831), fine smallest decrease, that he would name a particular portrait of J. S. Buckmipster, 28. 6d. ; J. Carver's person, who he heard had talked of leaving off the "Travels through the Interior Parts of North Ame- Magazine, and would say, “Let us have something rica in 1766-8" (Dublin, 1779), map and plates, good dext month.'” Let this be an example to all 3s. 6d. ; “Transactions of the American Philosophi- proprietors, editors, and correspondents, conuected cal Society, held at Philadelphia, for promoting with American magazines. Useful Knowledge” (Phila., 1771-93), with maps, The first pumber of “ The Gentleman's Magacharts, and other illustrations, 15s. ; John Wool-zine” (now before us) presents the following bill of man's “ Journal of his Life, Gospel Labors, and fare : "Containing, 1. An Impartial View of the Christian Experience" (reprinted in Dublin, 1778, varions Weekly Essays, Controversial, Humourous, from the Philadelphia edition), 2s.; "William and Political, Religious, Moral and Satirical ; II.

66 The

MAY 2, 1870.

Select Pieces of Poetry ; III. A concise Relation of works in various departments of literature, many the most Remarkable Transactions and Events, Do- new, and others in fine bindings. mestick and Foreign ; IV. Deaths, Births, Marriages, On May 9, the same firm will sell an extensive Promotions, Casualties ; V. The Prices of Goods and theological library consisting of works by the distinStocks, Bill of Mortality, Bankrupts declared, &c.; guished divines : sermons, commentaries dictionVI. A Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets pub- aries, expositions, histories, biographies ; various lished; VII. Observations in Gardening and a translations of the Scriptures, &c.; Latin and GerList of Fairs. Together with a Table of Contents man books; works of the early fathers of the to each Month. Also an Alphabetical Index of the Church, Greek and Latin classics ; rare and expenNames of Persons mentioned throughout the whole ; sive editions, &c. for the easier finding any Circumstances related of them. Collected chiefly from the Public Papers by Co. have reduced the price of their American edi.

REDUCTION IN PRICE.—Messrs. Charles Scribner & Silvanus Urban." This periodical is still contipaed, and its two hundred and twenty-six vol- tion of Mommsen's History of Rome,” from $2.50 ames to the end of 1868, together with five volumes

to $2.00 per volume. of Indexes 1731-1818, should be in all public and

Dis Honesty In Advertising.–Under this heading many private libraries, and for these reasons: the London " Bookseller” gives an account of a it contains an exact picture of the manners and recent case which was tried in the Court of Chan. customs of the times, a record of the chief events, cery on the 28th February last, between Messrs. political, ecclesiastical, and personal; an account Hawtin & Sons, wholesale stationers of Paternosof murders, suicides, and other crimes ; lists

ter Row, and the proprietor of the “Stationer and books and large stores of literary criticism; and Fancy Trades Register.” The complaint was “that a copious necrology, which is an invaluable aid to the plaintiffs were induced to advertise therein, historical and biographical students.

and pay £4 1s. 3d. for the insertion of 4500 speciIf we could have but one uninspired work in our mens of Papeterie in one of the numbers of the library, we should choose the “Gentleman's Maga

“Stationer,'' which specimens it was discovered zine.” In 1792 Gibbon, the historian of the Roman were not all inserted, but the overplus converted Empire, suggested to Nichols to publish a selection by the defendant to his own use, and sold. The from the work; and this hint led to a selection bill, therefore, prayed that the defendant might be of the articles from the “Gentleman's Magazine,” by restrained from selling any more, that he should John Walker, of New College, second edition, ox- deliver up all that he had on hand, account for all ford, London, 1811, 4 vols. ; 3d edition, 1814, 4 that were sold, and that the usual costs and damvols., 8vo.

ages might be awarded. It appears that Messrs. The “ Monthly Review” was commenced by Ralph Hawtin were induced to advertise in the "StaGriffith, in 1749, and continued by him until his tioner," under the belief that the circulation was death in 1803. It survived until 1842. Unlike the large, and accordingly sent 4500 specimens of their " Gentleman's Magazine,” which now commands a Papeterie, the charge for which was to be £3 108. comparatively good price, it is or was freely offered od., the price of an ordinary page of advertiseby the London booksellers for a very small sum. ments, and bls. 3d. for mounting the specimens. It contains a vast amount of interesting matter, and some time afterwards, it was broughť to their is especially valuable to the bibliographer and notice that Messrs. Dean were selling the “St. student of literary history. Here we may see the Paul's Papeterie ;' and Messrs. Hawtin, after proimpressions made upon critics by authors, some of per inquiries, and having ascertained the truth of which afterwards became famous in their genera- the rumor, commenced proceedings. It was then tion, and will be famous to all generations! Here admitted by the defendants that not one-half of too, we can amuse ourselves with comparing the the 4500 Papeteries received had been inserted in prophecies, favorable or adverse, of the critics, the “Stationer,” that the surplus had by some with the verdict of posterity upon the productions accident got into stock, and that some of them had reviewed. But on these themes we must not now been sold. An offer was then made to return all linger. In future numbers we may resume a sub- that were unsold, and pay for the remainder. This ject so full of interest to the man of letters. was declined ; but eventually the case was settled

by arrangement, Mr. Dean paying for all the surNOTES ON BOOKS AND BOOKSELLERS. plus Papeteries, and costs." Giving exaggerated Removals.-Messrs. Leypoldt & Holt, New York, accounts of the circulation of a periodical is by no have removed from 451 Broome Street to 25 Bond means confined to English publishers, but is also Street.

the practice among many collectors of advertiseThe new firm of De Witt C. Lent & Co. will ments for American publications. In cases where pecupy the premises lately vacated by Messrs. figu are quoted, advertisers would do well to Leypoldt & Holt, in Broome Street.

make some inquiry before accepting the statement The Catholic Publication Society, New York, have as correct, and to recollect that large circulations, removed from 126 Nassau Street to 9 Warren Street. even when bona fide, are not necessarily good ones. Messrs. E. H. Butler & Co., Philadelphia, are Class journals appeal only to a limited number of now in process of removal from 137 South Fourth readers, and beyond this particular class, their cirStreet to more commodious premises at 611 Market culation, however large, so far as the advertisers

are concerned, is useless. Journals of this kind de. Action Sales.—Messrs. Leavitt, Strebeigh & Co., pend in a great measure upon their advertisements New York, will sell by auction on Tuesday, May 3, for support, and if the prices at which these are and following days, the curious, rare, and valuable often taken, be compared with the immense circucollection of books, coins, autographs, minerals, lation they profess to have, it will at once be seen book-cases, cabinets, curiosities, etc., 'of Mr. L. by all who are familiar with the cost of paper and Montgomery Bond, of Philadelphia. A handsomely print, that the figures in many cases must be false, printed catalogue of 124 large octavo pages has because the price would be less than the cost of

type-setting and paper. Messrs. Bangs, Merwin & Co., New York, will MR. DUFFIELD ASHMEAD, Philadelphia, announoes sell by auction, on May 3 and 4, a miscellaneous a new edition of that exquisitely beautiful poem, collection of English and American editions of “ Beautiful Snow.”


been issued.

MAY 2, 1870.

Messrs. Claxton, Remsen & HAFFELFINGER, Phila “Earthly Paradise," and is to be issued small delphia, announce “Sheridan's Troopers on the enough for the pocket. Poems by Dante Gabriel Borders,” a winter campaign on the plains, with Rossetti, and “ Songs before Sunrise,” by Algernon incidents of the war path and the chase, and man- Charles Swinburne." pers, custoins, and traditions of the roaming Indians south of the Arkansas. Also comments on

Messrs. CHARLES SCRIBNER & Co., New York, will the administration of Indian affairs. By Dr. B. publish during May "Mommsen's History of Rome, Randolph Keim.

vol. 3. “Mollvaine's Oratory, Power in Delivery,Illustrated. “The Household Treasury,” a blank-book for all who desire to pre- Princeton College. “Lifting the Veil." Under the

by J. H. McIlvaine, D. D., former professor in serve in permanent form for easy reference, the many valuble receipts for cooking, etc., obtained guise of a story, this volume discusses in an anfrom friends and other sources. "Outlines of pretending, but very feeling way, the most importHistory,” for schools, etc. By Prof. Robert H. ant problems relating to this world and the next. Labberton.

It touches upon so many points which have so long

been, and are now perhaps more than ever, subMessrs. HARPER & BROTHERS, New York, will pub-jects of earnest speculation, that it can hardly fail lish during the month“ The Life of Count Bismarck, to attract wide attention. Vols. 9 and 10 of the Private and Political. With Descriptive Notices of popular edition of "Fronde's History of England." his Ancestry." By Dr. George Hesekiel. Translated in the Illustrated Library of Wonders, “Wonand edited, with an introduction, explanatory notes, ders of the Human Body," translated from the and appendices, by Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie, French of A. Pileur, with 48 illustrations and a F.S.A., F.A.S.L. With upwards of 100 illustra- colored frontispiece, and "The Wonders of Architions. “Memoir of Rev. John Scudder, M.D., tecture,” translated from the French of Lefevre, by Thirty-six Years Missionary in India." By Rev. R. Donald, with an additional chapter on our EngJ. Waterbury. Portrait. "Put yourself in his lish architecture, with nearly 60 illustrations. place." By Charles Reade, author of “ Hard Cash,” “ Griffith Gaupt," etc. Beautifully illustrated.

MESSRS. VIRTUE & Yorston, New York, have in From the author's early sheets, by arrangement the press a work entitled “Pro Aris et Focis,” by with Messrs. Sheldon & Co. “ Balled; or, Michael the author of "Waiting for the Verdict,” &c., in Brand's Wrong.” By Julia Goddard, author of which the writer, a lady, takes ground against the "Joyce Dormer's Story,” and “Miss Van Kort- present wompan's rights movement. land." By the author of "My Daughter Elinor.” Messrs. D. APPLETON & Co., New York, have just

MESSRS. LITTLE, Brown & Co., Boston, will have added to their library of choice novels “A Race for ready, early in May, “Greek and Latin Lexicon of a Wife," by Hawley Stuart, author of "Breezie Langthe Roman and Byzantine Periods." From B.C. ton.” It is a lively, interesting tale, wherein the 146 to A.D. 1100. By E. A. Sophocles.

future happiness of the hero and heroine depends MESSRS. J. B. Lippincott's announcements in- upon the winning of the “Derby'' and the * Two clude a new work by E. Marlitt, translated by Mrs. Thousand” by a horse upon which the hero has A. L. Wister; “Madagascar and its People," by J.

staked everything. Sibree ; “The History of New Jersey," by J. R. MR. BERNARD QUARITCH, London, bas forwarded Sypher and E. A. Apgar; and Herodotus, being the us copies of a catalogue just issued by him of books third volume of “Collins' Ancient Classics for relating to North and South America and the West English Readers."

Indies, and a collection of miscellaneous works. Messrs. Macmillan & Co., New York, have just Subscribers may have copies sent on application to issued " A Life of the Great Lord Fairfax, Com- the office of the “Literary Gazette." mander-in-Chief of the Army of the Parliament of MR. J. MUNSELL, Albany, has forwarded us three England,” by Clernents R. Markham; and “On pamphlets just published by him—“Our KnowLabor, its Wrongful Claims and Rightful Dues, its ledge of California and the West Coast One Hun. Actual Present and Possible Future,” by W. J. dred years since," by Thomas A. Holmes, A. M. ; Thöruton.

“Fungi,” a paper read before the Albany Institute Messrs. G. P. Potram & Sons, New York, have by Charles H. Peck; “Narrative of a Bear Hunt in in preparation the following works : “ History of the Adirondacks,” by Verplanck Colvin. English Poetry, from the 11th to the 16th Century,"

MR. D. Van NosTRAND, New York, has just issued by Thomas Wharton, D.D.; reprivted from the Dew English edition. The “Diary of Johan Evelyn,” American scientific works, an index of authors,

an extensive catalogue of English, French, and reprinted from the new English edition. and Revelation, or the Ancient History of the alphabetically arranged is affixed, containing over

11,000 names. Earth,” by Gerald Molloy, D.D. “A New School History of England, by the author of "Annals of General GARIBALDI has, it is said, engaged to England.” Madam How and Lady Why. An illus- write for Cassell's Magazine. His first contributrated children's book, by Rev. Charles Kingsley. tion is an account of his adventures with Greek

MESSR. ROBERTS BROTHERS, Boston, will have pirates, which will run through several numbers. ready during the month “Antonia," by George PROFESSOR TYNDALL's lecture on “Dast” has been Sand, being the second of the series of that author's translated into French. works; to be followed shortly by M. Sylvestre. MR. W. Hepworth Dixon's new work, “Free They will also publish Sir Humphry Davy's “Sal. Russia,'' in two volumes, with colored illustrations, monia, or Days of Fly Fishing,” and “ Consolation is the latest povelty published in London. in Travel, or the Last Days of a Philosopher.” Sir Humphry Davy's reputation as the first chemist

Samuel RICHARDSON's well-known novel, “Cla. of his age has perhaps somewhat obscured his rissa Harlowe,” has been taken as the subject of an merits as an author, but, nevertheless, his works, opera, and will be produced, it is expected, at the both of prose and poetry, are highly esteemed, and Grand Opera House, Paris. have gone through several editions in England. PROFESSOR P. MARCHT has translated into Italian, - The Lovers of Gudrun,” by William Morris. under the title of " L'Uomo nella Natura," ProThis is perhaps the finest poem contained in the fessor Huxley's work, “Man's Place in Nature."

MAY 2, 1870.

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MARK Twain's celebrated “Jumping Frog" has last work of prose fiction by Mr. Disraeli was “Tanbeen republished by Messrs. Routledge, London, cred; or the New Crusade," published in 1847. with a new copyright chapter, for a shilling. It is said that Mr. Disraeli has refused large offers

Addobox's own copy of his “Birds of America,'' to run “Lothair,” through a magazine, before its in four large volumes, half bound, and five vo- appearance in book-form. As his tales have comlumes of letterpress, with his autograph in each comparatively few incidents, he may have exervolume, is advertised as being for sale in England. cised sound judgment in refusing these offers—if The four volumes are in a nest of mahogany draw. made. ers, faced with rosewood, and upholstered as an MARRIAGE.—A very neat 16mo. volume has just ottoman. Each draws out; the top falls over, and been issued from the press of Lippincott & Co. forms a table upon which to exhibit the volume. treating on a subject, on which we know of no other The price put on this interesting and curious set of book-viz. “ The impropriety of marriages between books is not mentioned.

the religious and the irreligious,” The work is The late Emperor Maximilian was not only an brief, and mild, but pungent, and well deserves the suthor but also a collector of books. The last por- candid perusal of those who deem the subject an tion of his library is now for sale by Messrs. List important one, or who are disturbed by doubts as to and Francke, of Leipzig, who have just published propriety of such alliauces. " Verzeichniss einer Sammlung von Büchern aus allen Wissenschaften zum grossen Theil aus der

Of the correspondence of Napoleon the First, Bibliothek, Sr. Maj. des Kaisers Max von Mexico." edited and published at the expense of the French

Government, the thirtieth volume, consisting of his The “London Bookseller” states that Mr. John writings in St. Helena, bas Jately appeared. It is Henry Parker, publisher and anthor, has presented said that, in the later volumes, the imperial letters $25,000 to the University of Oxford, for the pur. are mutilated and otherwise unfairly dealt with. pose of augmenting the salary of the keeper of the Ashmolean Museum.

A TRANSLATion into the Russian language of the

“Golden Age" of Apuleius is in the press at MosA new magazine has just been started in Lon

There seeins to be unusual activity among don, called the “American and Continental Month- the publishers of Moscow and St. Petersburg, in the ly." It contains selections from the best American production of original as well as of translated works. and continental literature. The first number con- The latter are chiefly German. tains articles by Emerson, James Russell Lowell, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps,

The novel called “The Woman of Business," by Henry Ward Beecher, and others.

Marmion Savage (author of "The Bachlor of the

Albany"), is concluded in the April number of the The following are among the new novels an.

“Fortnightly Review." It has also appeared in nounced in London: “Ensemble," by Wat. Brad

Appleton's Journal.” Food; "Gwendoline's Harvest," by the Author of "Lost Sir Massingberd;” “A Double Secret and a An original work, in French, upon Laurence Golden Pippin,” by John Pomeroy; "The Heir Ex- Sterne-his person and his works, with an ineditpectant,” by the Author of “Raymond's Heroine ;'' ed fragment by Sterne-has lately been published and "Nora,'' by Lady Emily Ponsonby. From the in Paris. Its author is P. Staffer. remarkable ingenuity shown in giving titles to mod A new universal musical lexicon is being pubem novels, we might almost be led to suppose that lished at Berlin, edited by Hermann Mendel. It is the services of a professional title maker were re- to extend to about sixty numbers, and to include tained by some of the London publi-hing houses, explanations of all the terms used in music, of the and, as suggested by the “Saturday Review," thus principles of acoustics, harmony, orchestration, &c., adapting novel writing to the principles of division as well as biographies of musicians, notices of comof labor.

positions, and an historical view of the develop. BIBLIOGRAPHY.–The London " Bookseller” states ment and progress of music in all its branches. that a "Catalogue of Turkish works, published at Its title is the “ Musikalisches Conversations LexiConstantinople in the years of the Hegira, 1284- con.” 1285," has just been published by M. Belin, of Paris. The Holbein Society, established in 1869, has

A HISTORY of Contemporary Italian Literature has already issued to its members Holbein's “Dance just been published. Its author is Amédée Roux. of Death” and “ Bible Figures”-either volume just been issued, entitled “Woman: her Position tie" will be ready in June. ANOTHER Work relating to the woman question has being worth more than the member's subscription

* The Mirrour of Maiesand Power," by Dr. W. Lavdels. Soxe hitherto unpublished papers of Miss Mitford

In a collection of valuable autographs lately have been found to yield a rich crop of literary bis- sold in London, there was one from Pope to the tory and anecdote, and are to be published during it is not impossible for you to be compared to an

Duchess of Hamilton, undated : 'You see, Madam, the year-Mr. H. F. Chorley is to be the editor.

elephant, and you must give me leave to show you It is reported that 41,000 copies of Mr. Arber's one may carry on the simile. An elephant never English reprints have been sold. He has now in bends his knees : I am told your Grace says no. hand William Habington's "Castara," " The Har

prayers. An elephant makes a most remarkable mony of Bacon's Essays," and Roger Ascham's command of his snout; and so has your Grace

Scholemaster.” Messrs Scribner, Welford & Co. when you imitate Lady O. An elephant is a great import each volume of the series as soon as issued. lover of men, and so is your Grace for all I know; " LOTHAIR,” Mr. Disraeli's new novel, which is to though, from your partiality to myself, I should appear in London to-morrow, will be republished by rather think you lov'd little children': it is headed, D. Appleton & Co., New York, in a very short time ‘London, October 7, between day and night; the after, by special arrangement with Messrs. Long- writer drunk,' £30. 'Also one from Dr. Johnson to Dans, Green, Reader and Dyer, the London pub- Goldsmith, dated April 23, 1773, begging him to lishers. The suggestive motto from Terence, is excuse his absence from the Club, and requesting

Nosse Omnia hæc, Salus est Adolescentuis," "to him to propose Mr. Boswell for a candidate of our know all these things is salvation for youth.” The society,' £8 8s."

MAY 2, 1870.

There has lately appeared in Berlin a biogra- | before the first page was put in type; and the sephy of Carl Maria Von Weber, composer of Der parate articles pow require only to be revised, to Frieschutz," with a catalogue of his works and add the results of fresh researches and discoveries critical comments. The author is F. W. Jahus. in scholarship, as the several volumes go to press.

MR. W. J. WIDDLETON, New York, has just pub- In this labor Dr. Strong has the assistance of many lished a new and cheaper edition of Archbishop able and accomplished scholars, belonging to differStanley's “Sinai and Palestine,"containing all the ent denominations, and nothing will be left unmaps and plates of the more expensive edition. It done to secure thoroughness and accuracy on every is issued uniform with Eastern and Jewish Church. page of the work. The third volume, now ready He has also published a new and handsome edition for publication, exhansts the letter G; and about of “Wit and Wisdom of Sidney Smith,” with se- three volumes more will be required to complete lections from his writings and passages of his let- the alphabet. The whole work, thus comprised ters and table-talk. With a steel portrait, and a within six or seven convenient volumes, will form memoir and notes by E. A. Duyckinck, and a the most important and compact library of refercheap edition of William R. Alger's “Critical ence in the English language for the student of History of the Doctrine of a Future Life, as it has the Bible, in accuracy of scholarship, comprehenprevailed in all Nations and Ages."

siveness of plan, and fulness of detail and illusUniform with the Aldine Poets—of which a new kind ever attempted in Europe or America.-N, Y.

tration, far surpassing every former work of the edition, at a much reduced price, is pow in course Citizen and Round Table. of publication-Bell and Daldy, London, announce “ The Courtly Poets," from Raleigh to Montrose, In a report read at the annual meeting of the containing the complete poetical works of Sir Wal- Board of Publication of the Presbyterian Church, ter Raleigh, now first collected and authenticated; held in Philadelphia, 12th April, it was stated that and the poems of Sir Henry Wotton, with selec- since the last meeting the Board have published 50 tions from other poets, from 1540 to 1650, edited by new volumes in the English language, besides a J. Hannah, D. C. L., Warden of Trinity College, number in the Portuguese and German languages. Glenalmond.

The total number of publications during the year The new number of the “Westminster Review” was 589,400. There were also privted 1765 copies will open with a collection of unpublished letters, of the Sunday School Visitor, and 275,000 copies

The shorter cateby Samuel Taylor Coleridge, poet and philosopher of the Sunday School Times. The “Quarterly” will treat, among other subjects, chism has also been printed in the Spanish and of Lappey's “Napoleon" and Froude's Queen Eliza- Portuguese languages, and widely circulated in beth ;” and the “Edinburgh" will discuss, with Mexico and South America. other things, the “Epic of Arthur” aud the “Bal.

During the year the Board have employed 156 lot not Secret Voting."

colporteurs, who have labored in 23 States, besides

others in Canada and Brazil, all of whom have been The thirteenth monthly part of Appleton's Jour. instrumental in circulating 110,000 volumes, also, nal, just published, contains the first monthly in two and a half million pages of tracts. The restalment of Charles Dickens's new novel, “ The ceipts of the year were $146,193, and the expendiMystery of Edwin Drood,” and instalments of four tures $145,892. The receipts for colportage and other novels, “The Lady of the Ice," by James De distribution exceeded those of the previous year Mille; "Ralph the Heir," by Anthony Trollope; “The about $4448. Three Brothers," by Mrs. Oliphant; and “The Wo. man of Business,” by the author of “ The Bachelor valuable library of Mr. H. G. Bolin, for many years an

The sale of the second portion of the large and of the Albany.” It also contains, among other in eminent publisher and bookseller in London, is to teresting papers, a sketch of the life and works of begin at Sotheby's auction-rooms on the 9th of May, Algernon Charles Swinburne, and an excellent por- and will continue for nineteen days after. It will intrait of the poet. It has two supplementary illus, clude splendid books of prints, amongst which are trations, “ The Great Railway Station at Chicago" Piranesi's Works, choice impressions, red morroco, ? and A Southern Garden."

gilt edges-Grecian Antiquities, by Stuart, Dilet- 1 Tue June number of “ Hours at Home” con- tanti Society, &c., 18 vols.--Original Drawings of tains the commencement of a series of hitherto the Eruptions of Mount Vesuvius and Naplesunpublished letters by Charlotte Broute, which will Magnificent Galleries and Works on the Five Arts run through several successive numbers of the ma- - Voyages Pittoresques and Expeditions Scientigazine. There is perhaps no writer of modern fiques-Shaw's Illuminated Works on large papertimes in whose personal history and experience Silvestre's Universal Palæography, 2 vols., colored there is so general and intense an interest. Her plates-Lord Kingsborough's Mexican Antiquities, biography, by Mrs. Gaskell, reveals much of the with colored plates, 9 vols., on large paper, unique, inner life of this rare and marvellous genius; but, and also on small paper-Series of Emblems and in the letters now to be for the first time given to Numismatic Works--Voyages and Travels-History the world we have new pictures of the strange, sad and Biography-Splendid Productions on Natural life at Haworth, and at the houses of the heartless History and Science-Philosophical Transactions rich where she lived as governess; new revelations at Large from the Commencement, in 149 vols. of her patient, heroic sufferings; new evidences Bibliographical Works-Standard Authors, English of the purity and beauty of her fine and gentle and foreign-Important Heraldic and other Manunature.

scripts (including finely-illuminated Horæ)-ArIt will interest a large portion of the reading chitectural and Miscellaneous Drawings, &c. public to know that the lamented death of the Rev. We have received a large volume, bound in Dr. McClintock will occasion no delay in the pub-paper, entitled " Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets lication of the remaining volumes of the “Ency- principally relating to America, 1870, N. Y."

Inclopædia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical side the cover are given the names of certain perLiterature,” prepared for the press under the super- sons who, it is said, will attend to "orders to purvision of the deceased, with the able co-operation chase at this sale," and it is also there stated, of Dr. Strong. The main body of this important "sale to commence Monday afternoon, May 16th, contribution to religious literature was prepared at three o'clock, and continue until six." But who

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