Christianity and Marxism: A Philosophical Contribution to Their Reconciliation

Psychology Press, 2001 - 149 pages
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Christians and Marxists have co-operated in various forms of political work in recent decades and - after earlier years of antagonism - thinkers on both sides have come to take each other seriously. Andrew Collier's ground-breaking book analyses how Christianity and Marxism can meet, in terms of their philosophical positions, without watering either down. After discussing what Christianity and Marxism are, and their place amongst contemporary world outlooks, the book discusses four areas of apparent conflict and possible reconciliation: Dialectical materialism and the Christian view of the universe as God's fallen creation Marx's commitment to secularist politics Marx's description of religion as the 'opium of the people' The ethics of revolution compared with the ethics of the Sermon on the Mount Collier argues that Christianity and Marxism are, or can be brought, closer than is commonly thought. He concludes with a discussion of the ways in which both movements can be made truer to themselves by learning from each other, and how they can consequently be more effective in their projects of human liberation. This book is the first to consider the philosophical issues at stake in th

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On philosophy and world views
The dialectics of fallen nature
The valium of the poor?
Tomorrows bread
What Christians and Marxists can learn from each other
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Andrew Collier is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southampton and has previously lectured at Warwick, Sussex and Bangor Universities. His recent publications include Socialist Reasoning, Critical Realism and Being and Worth.

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