Historical sketches of the introduction of Christianity into England from the earliest records to the Reformation. To 1829, Volume 2

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Page 391 - By the permission and ordinance of God we are King of England, and the Kings of England in times past had never any superior, but God only. Therefore know you well that we will maintain the right of our crown, and of our temporal jurisdiction as well in this, as in all other points, in as ample manner as any of our progenitors have done before our time.
Page 18 - ... ought to be proved before the Bishop by legal and reputable witnesses ; and the course of the process is to be so managed, that the Archdeacon may not lose any part of his right, or the profits accruing to his office : and if any offenders appear screened from prosecution upon the score, either of favour or quality, the sheriff, at the Bishop's instance, shall order twelve sufficient men of the...
Page 304 - That after consecra" tion, the substance of the bread and wine " no longer remained, but was converted " into the substance of the body and blood " of Christ, which were as really and truly
Page 54 - Shall this fellow, who came to court on a lame horse, with all his estate ill a •wallet behind him, trample upon his king, the royal family, and the whole kingdom ? Will none of all those lazy, cowardly knights whom I maintain, deliver me from this turbulent priest...
Page 20 - ... court, and the election is to be made in the chapel royal, with the consent of our sovereign lord the king, and by the advice of such persons of the government as his highness shall think fit to make use of.
Page 18 - Concerning appeals, if any shall arise, they ought to proceed from the archdeacon to the bishop, and from the bishop to the archbishop : and, if the archbishop shall fail in doing justice, the cause shall at last be brought to our lord the king...
Page 160 - The Priest, when he performed this stupendous function of his ministry, had before his eyes, and held in his hands, the Maker of Heaven and Earth ; and the inference which they deduced from so blasphemous an assumption was, that the Clergy were not to be subject to any secular authority, seeing that they could create God their Creator ! Let it not be supposed that the statement is in the slightest part exaggerated, it is delivered faithfully in their own words.
Page 19 - ... the suit shall be followed in the king's courts, unless both the plaintiff and defendant hold the tenement in question of the same bishop ; in which case the cause shall be tried in the court of such bishop or baron ; with this farther proviso, that he who is seized of the thing in controversy shall not be disseized pending the suit, upon the score of the verdict above mentioned.
Page 18 - Christian must be remitted to that jurisdiction. VIII. In case of appeals in ecclesiastical causes, the first step is to be made from the Archdeacon to the Bishop : and from the Bishop to the Archbishop : and if the Archbishop fails to do justice, a...

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