Raphael, Or, Pages of the Book of Life at Twenty

Harper, 1849 - 143 pages
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"A touching, fascinating and pathetic story of doomed love."--Amazon.com

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Page 60 - Au banquet de la vie, infortuné convive, J'apparus un jour, et je meurs. Je meurs, et sur ma tombe où lentement j'arrive, Nul ne viendra verser des pleurs.
Page 1 - Walker's Key to the Classical Pronunciation of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names.
Page 16 - Grief knits two hearts in closer bonds than happiness ever can; and common sufferings are far stronger links than common joys.
Page 56 - Cause, spring and end of all other beings, or rather, who is himself the eternity, form, and law of all those beings, visible or invisible, intelligent or unintelligent, animate or inanimate, quick or dead, of which is composed the only real name of this Being of beings, the Infinite. But the idea of the incommensurable greatness, the sovereign fatality, the inflexible and absolute necessity of all the acts of this Being, whom you call God and we term Law, excludes from our thoughts all precise intelligibility,...
Page 47 - To make the crown a pound my Jamie gaed to sea, And the crown and the pound — they were baith for me.
Page 47 - And a' the warld to sleep are gane, The waes of my heart fa' in showers frae my eye, When my Gudeman lyes sound by me. Young Jemmy loo'd me well, and he sought me for his Bride; But saving a crown, he had naething beside! To make that crown a pound, my Jemmy gade to...
Page 1 - Dictionary : a new and very important feature, not to be found incorporated in the same form into any similar work. The utmost care has been given in every department of the work to render it the most perfect and satisfactory ever offered to the public. Considering its comprehensiveness, its numerous essential improvements, and its general utility, it will be found One of the most indispensable and cheapest books of the times. .For a more particular statement of the principles on which the revision...
Page 1 - Scripture proper names have been revised and improved. A complete Vocabulary, giving the pronunciation of modern Geographical names, has been added to this edition. Great attention has been given in the revision to the pronunciation. A large number of words having been respelled, it will now be found to be a complete Pronouncing Dictionary. This edition has been made a Synonymous Dictionary: a new and very important feature, not to be found incorporated in the same form into any similar work.
Page 53 - Love was the torch which, while it fired my heart, enlightened all nature, heaven, and earth, and showed me to myself. I understood the nothingness of this world when I felt how it vanished before a single spark of true life. I loathed myself as I looked back into the past, and compared it with the purity and perfection of the one I loved. I entered into the heaven of my soul, as my heart and eyes fathomed the ocean of beauty, tenderness, and purity which expanded hourly in the eyes, in the voice,...
Page 2 - Delaware is a tale of much amusement and interest. We heartily commend it to our readers as a very pleasant and very clever work." — Lit. Oaiette. "Delaware is an original novel by an able man." — Spectator. " The story is well told, the characters clearly unfolded, and the conclusion natural and satisfactory.

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