Language variety in the South revisited

University of Alabama Press, 1997 - 641 pages
Language Variety in the South Revisited is a comprehensive collection of new research on southern United States English by foremost scholars of regional language variation. Like its predecessor, Language Variety in the South: Perspectives in Black and White (The University of Alabama Press, 1986), this book includes current research into African American vernacular English, but it greatly expands the scope of investigation and offers an extensive assessment of the field. The volume encompasses studies of contact involving African and European languages; analyses of discourse, pragmatic, lexical, phonological, and syntactic features; and evaluations of methods of collecting and examining data. The 38 essays not only offer a wealth of information about southern language varieties but also serve as models for regional linguistic investigation.

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A Prospective
Part One Language Contact wlth Emphasls on the Afrlcan Dlaspora
An Early Representation of AfricanAmerican English
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Nunnally is a past CEO of Iron and Glass Bank, of Pittsburgh, PA, and has also served as Senior Loan Officer of Northside Bank, a 180 million-dollar institution. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and holds an MBA from the Univ. of Arizona.

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