Saps, Blackjacks and Slungshots: A History of Forgotten Weapons

Catoblepas Press, 31 mai 2018

Saps, Blackjacks and Slungshots: A History of Forgotten Weapons discovers and preserves the story of the most forgotten weapons from history for the first time in history. These unique fighting tools were feared for centuries and embraced equally by the law and the lawless like nothing else had been or would be until firearms became commonly available. They are best remembered, when at all, for being favored by real life muggers and fictional private detectives. They were however also used by police, soldiers, sailors, spies, cowboys and duelists in various times and countries. 

Following their trail takes the reader from New York City’s infamous Bowery to the San Francisco Gold Rush, Paris’s Moulin Rouge to Georgian era London and beyond. Encountered along the way is a cast of characters from the noble (Abraham Lincoln) to the ignoble (Al Capone), the literary (Shakespeare) to the musical (Frank Sinatra). For centuries they were an essential part of any tough guy’s arsenal, the last vestige of this portrayed in classic noir films and books. 

Despite all this, their tale remained untold until now. Robert Escobar had never found a subject with less available information. Looking to correct this, he searched everywhere imaginable for their fading footprints, including…pulp comics, medieval illustrations, court records, Victorian self-defense manuals, police and criminal histories, etymology guides, historical naval accounts, newspaper stories, ancient ballads, medical journals, government reports, archeological excavations, hobo memoirs, folkloric studies, interviews conducted by the author.

Fortunately the sum of it all doesn’t just fill a gap in the understanding of countless historical incidents and personages, it entertains. Saps, blackjacks and slungshots were rough tools used by tough people in tough times. Those times and their dangers have passed but should be accurately remembered. To do that, these strange weapons have to be as well. 


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From the Sand From the Land
From the
That Which You Crush With
Saps Take Shape
Infernal Machines
The Moderns
Gangland Bars and Boxcars
The Irregulars
Improvised Saps
Martial Arts
Odds and Dead Ends
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Robert Escobar holds 1st degree black belts in Shoreikan Goju-ryu karate, kobudo (i.e. Okinawan weaponry) and has studied various martial arts for over twenty years. Additionally he has collected and researched antique weapons for the same amount of time. Many of the antiques he has examined over the years are displayed on his YouTube channel (Object History). He earned his BA in history from the University of Dallas and lives with his wife and children in Texas. 

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