Wisdom Too, Works By Love

AuthorHouse, 26 nov. 2001 - 108 pages

Love has a language of its own. This language is based on one sharing with another. Through that sharing, the one being served learns and understands from what the other is saying.

God speaks the language of love. By listening to Him speak, those who are able and willing to hear Him grow. They acquire His wisdom and His love. They become united in understanding Him.

Abraham listened. David and Solomon listened. Paul, too, listened--as did a whole host of others. Even Jesus did it. He said that the words He spoke were not His own, but they were the words His Father instructed Him to say. In Wisdom, too, Works by Love the reader will learn how to condition him-/herself to share in the wisdom of the Father.

Mr. Jackson gives a detailed approach on not only how to hear God's word, but how to respond to it as well. This book includes valuable information on awareness, discernment, understanding, Truth and Love.

He shares, for instance, that "wisdom is knowledge applied, but it takes understanding to know when and how to apply that knowledge."

Wisdom, too, Works by Love is a guide to that understanding, thus allowing the reader to apply the knowledge of the Wisdom that the Father offers to those willing to accept the gift.

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