Media Transformations in the Post-Communist World: Eastern Europe's Tortured Path to Change

Peter Gross, Karol Jakubowicz
Lexington Books, 18 oct. 2012 - 238 pages
Media Transformations in the Post-Communist World: Eastern Europe’s Tortured Path to Change, edited by Peter Gross and Karol Jakubowicz, is a collection of analyses of Eastern European media by some of the most distinguished scholars in the field. This in-depth exploration shows how despite positive changes after the fall of Communism, the transformations of societal institutions, including the mass media, have turned out to be slow, uncertain, and unsatisfying to many when measured against the admittedly ambiguous and overly Panglossian expectations.

This collection offers readers a different view of post-Communist media by examining the mass media’s evolution in the region from a more holistic perspective. The contributors to this volume respond to essential questions, including: Is the post-Communist transition and transformation over? When can it be considered over? Each chapter contributes to our understanding of these questions by offering theoretical overviews and country-specific studies.

This collection serves as an affirmation that the study of mass media is essential to understanding the nature and workings of democracy in the long-suffering nations of Central and Eastern Europe, with international applications. Media Transformations in the Post-Communist World is an indispensable contribution to the study of Eastern Europe after Communism, and the transformations of mass media in the region.

Table des matières

1 The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune When How and for What Purpose Is Media Transition and Transformation Undertaken and Complet...
2 Comparing Media Systems between Eastern and Western Europe
3 Freedom without Impartiality The Vicious Circle of Media Capture
4 From Political Propaganda to Political Marketing Changing Patterns of Political Communication in Central and Eastern Europe
5 Media and the Birth of the PostCommunist Consumer
6 The Intersection of Two Revolutions The Role of New Media in the Development of PostSocialist Europe in the First Twenty Years
7 Digital Revolutions? Internet New Media and Informed Citizenship in Central and Eastern Europe
8 Freedom of Mass Information in the PostSoviet Countries Two Models of Regulation
9 Russian Media and Democracy
10 Entertaining the People Serving the Elites Slovak Mass Media since 1989
11 The Paradox of Journalistic Elites in PostCommunist Romania From Defenders of Freedom of Expression to the Corrupted Moguls
12 Two Decades of Free Media in the Czech Republic So What? Remarks on the Discourse of Post1989 Media Transformation
13 Islands in the Stream Reflections on Media Development in Belarus
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Peter Gross is director of the School of Journalism and Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Karol Jakubowicz is senior adviser to the chairman of the National Broadcasting Council, the broadcasting regulatory body of Poland.

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