Racism the Sickness of America: Twelve Things the Negro(African-American)Must Do for Himself and Twelve Things White People(European-Americans)Must Do for the Negro(African-American)

AuthorHouse, 9 mars 2007 - 92 pages

A Source of Illumination       

I have been into many, many areas of the country and for years I have seen “racism” at its worst and the remnants of the destruction left in its path. The lessons I have received or the injustices that I have experienced in my life colored my philosophy that started in my younger life in school (the segregated south), employment (baseball, banking, insurance, economic development, criminal justice, etc) and even now in the ministry. My church and my ministry, I consider a lighthouse to be used as a powerful source of enlightenment. To constantly give warning, confidence, help, and encouragement. When I think of a lighthouse, I think of a place that gives one a feeling that all things will be alright and a place where one is led to safety and it is also found to be shelter from the storm. When I consider what the lighthouse represents to me and all that it has done in the past, this book gives light and is a beacon that shines as a lamp onto our feet and light unto our pathway. Racism: The Sickness In America lights the way to a new awakening with directions for making America a greater nation with God, morality, value and worth for all of her peoples.

This book represents the principles on which this country should stand if it is the nation that it is supposed to be. I have exposed the radical nature inherent in a nation that has for so long been deceptive. It can and must rise above these circumstances (racism). These are irrefutable truths that have had an impact that has been deep-seated, long-lasting, life-changing and most of all destructive. Religion is at the very forefront of this divisive force because it is directly and indirectly connected to the spirituality of man. Yet these are not the opinions of man but God-given precepts with the capacity to renew our thoughts and to crystallize our priorities. It is my hope that these pages will benefit you as a person of God recognizing that “All-men are created the same” by their Creator endowed with “inalienable rights”, that will enrich your life with wisdom and that will allow you to have an unbiased nature (Christlike-nature) concerning human-kind.

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À propos de l'auteur (2007)

 Harvey A. Branch; is a graduate of Jacksonville Theological Seminary (JTS) with Doctorates in Theology, Psychology, and Counseling. He also received a Masters of Religious Arts in Christian Education from JTS. His undergraduate studies were done at Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL. He is presently Senior Pastor at Belmont Baptist Church in Woodstock, TN. From 1991 until 2003 he was Senior Chaplain at the Shelby County Sheriff’s office in Memphis, TN, and former baseball player (Chicago Cubs/St. Louis Cardinals). He is a life member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. He is the founding Moderator of the North Shelby County District Association, Inc. He is also 32 degree Mason and a Shriner.  Harvey  and his wife, Gwendolyn, are the parents of three grown sons, Derek(Chantay), Phillip D.(Ana), Bryan and three grandchildren, An Juan, Maigan, and Alana.

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