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1. Between the Burmese frontier, via Tingyueh (Momein),
and all other frontiers, on correspondence exchanged
between Europe and countries beyond Europe on
the one side, and all other countries on the other


.. 5.500

2. On all other correspondence between the Burmese
frontier, viâ Tingyueh (Momein), and-

(a.) The Cable Companies at Hong Kong, Amoy,
Foochow, and Shanghae

(b.) All other frontiers



The charges established for the correspondence between China on the one side, and Burmah, India, and Ceylon on the other side, are solely for correspondence actually exchanged between the named neighbouring countries, and the Chinese European correspondence cannot be retelegraphed at these rates by private agencies or persons at intermediate stations.

VIII. The checking of the amount of correspondence exchanged via the line of junction shall take place daily by wire between the stations named in Article II.

The settlement of accounts shall take place at the end of each month, and the resulting balance shall be paid within one month after the end of the month, in account to the Indian Telegraph Administration at Calcutta, or to the Chinese Telegraph Administra tion at Shanghae.

The month shall be reckoned according to the European calendar.

Telegrams referring to the settlement of accounts shall be considered as Service telegrams, and transmitted free of charge.

IX. The rate of exchange for the collection of the charges declared in Article VII, and for settlement of accounts, shall be:—

One franc reckoned as 0·60 of a rupee, and as 0 26 of a Mexican dollar.

As regards outpayments to Telegraph Administrations beyond China and India, the Chinese and Indian Telegraph Administrations will communicate to each other their amount, and this amount the two Administrations will be at liberty to collect and settle, at such rates as may protect them from loss.

X. The present Convention shall come into force on the date of its signature, and shall remain in force for ten years, and shall thereafter continue in force until six months after one of the Contracting Parties shall have given notice of its intention to modify or to abrogate it.

In witness whereof the Undersigned, duly authorized to this effect, have signed the present Convention.

Done at Tien-tsin in four expeditions, of which two in theEnglish language, and two in the Chinese language, the 6th day of September, 1894, corresponding with the 7th day of the 8th moon of the 20th year of the reign of Kwang-Hsu.

(L.S.) N. R. O'CONOR, Her Britannic Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at

the Court of Peking.

(L.S.) EARL LI, Imperial Commissioner, First Grand Secretary of State, Viceroy of the Province of Chi-li.

AGREEMENT between Her Majesty's Government and the British South Africa Company, respecting British Central Africa, supplementary to the Agreement of February 1891.* -November 24, 1894.

THE South Africa Company having intimated that it is prepared to undertake the direct administration of the portion of the British sphere north of the Zambezi over which its Charter was extended in 1891, the arrangement under which the administration was confided to Her Majesty's Commissioner and Consul-General, in consultation with the Company, till the 1st January, 1896, or such earlier date as the Secretary of State might direct, will terminate from the date of the assumption by the Company of direct administration, which shall not be later than the 30th June, 1895.

Administrative posts which have been placed by the Commissioner in the Chartered territory will be transferred, and will thenceforth be under the direct control of the Company. The expenditure of the Commissioner on their account will cease from the date of transfer.

2. The Company will, in accordance with the existing arrangement, pay into the hands of the Commissioner the annual contribution to the expense of police of 10,0007. up to the 1st January,


It will during the year 1895 pay 1,000l. in liquidation of the obligation, which it undertook in 1891, to afford to the Commissioner the use, free of charge, for administrative purposes, of the steamers on the lake belonging to the African Lakes Company.

3. The outstanding accounts between the Company and the Protectorate will be regulated by the accountants of the Foreign Office with those of the Company, on the basis that the Company

* Vol. LXXXIII, page 925.

is liable only for the annual police contribution of 10,000l., for 5,000. given in 1891 for expenses connected with raising and organizing the police force, for expenditure in connection with steam transport on the lake for administrative purposes, and for amounts which can be shown to have been expended for the benefit of, or on account of, the Chartered territory as distinct from the Protectorate.

4. It having been explained that Mr. Rhodes voluntarily authorized Her Majesty's Commissioner to spend on his behalf a maximum sum of 10,000l. for the operations against Makanjira, it is agreed that the sum actually expended on that account shall be ascertained by the above-mentioned accountants, and that the balance, if any, of the total amount of 10,000l., if the whole amount shall be shown to have been drawn by the Commissioner, shall be repaid to Mr. Rhodes.

5. The Treaties made on behalf of the Company in the Chartered territory will be sanctioned, on the condition that no provisions in them will be confirmed which may conflict with the prohibition against monopolies contained in the Charter, and with the stipulations of the Act of Berlint in so far as they are applicable to the Chartered territory.

It is understood that this sanction is without prejudice to certain claims based on Concessions said to have been obtained by M. Wiese, should the validity of such Concessions be hereafter established.

6. The mining rights in the territory described as Marimba in the Commissioner's published map, purchased by the Company from the African Lakes Company, will be confirmed, subject to the terms accepted by the agent of the latter Company.

In the territory described in the above-mentioned map as Central Angoniland, the mining rights claimed by the Company will be confirmed, subject to the terms accepted by the agent of the African Lakes Company.

These confirmations will not include sanction of administrative powers, monopolies, nor the right to prevent the acquirement of land by settlers.

7. The claim of the Company to land and minerals acquired from the African Lakes Company by purchase in the territory described in the Commissioner's map as North Nyasa will be examined when the titles obtained by the latter Company from the native Chiefs are produced for investigation.

8. It being necessary that the frontier between Lakes Nyasa and Tanganyika should be watched in order to prevent aggression by the natives on German territory, and the introduction of arms and * October 29, 1889. Vol. LXXXI, page 617.

+ February 26, 1885. Vol. LXXVI, page 4.

ammunition in contravention of the prohibition which has been imposed, the Company agrees to take the requisite steps for guarding that frontier.

9. Customs arrangements between the Protectorate and the Chartered territory which experience may make it desirable to adopt for the purposes of the execution of the Berlin and Brussels* Acts, or for fiscal reasons, will be subject to the approval of the Secretary of State.

The Company undertakes to provide Customs posts, and to make suitable arrangements for insuring the proper observance, and preventing abuse, of the stipulations as to free transit in favour of countries adopting the free zone system of the Act of Berlin.

November 24, 1894.

H. PERCY ANDERSON. (For the British South Africa Company), C. J. RHODES.

CONVENTION between Great Britain and the South African Republic, relative to the Affairs of Swazieland.—Signed December 10, 1894.

WHEREAS Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and his Honour the State President of the South African Republic, as representing the Government of the said Republic, have agreed that it is expedient that they should enter into a Convention relative to the affairs of Swazieland in substitution of the Conventions of 1890† and 1893 :‡

Now, therefore, Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and his Honour the State President of the South African Republic as representing the Government of the said Republic, hereby consent and agree that the following Articles, accepted finally by and between Her Majesty and his Honour, shall, when duly signed, sealed, and executed by Her Majesty's High Commissioner for South Africa on behalf of Her Majesty, and by his Honour the State President of the South African Republic on behalf of the Government of the said Republic, and when duly ratified by the Volksraad of the South African Republic, constitute and be a Convention by and between Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the South African Republic:

ART. I. The provisions of the Convention of 1890 shall be con-
July 2, 1890. Vol. LXXXII, page 55.

+ Vol. LXXXII, page 1062.

‡ Vol. LXXXV, page 680.

tinued in full force and effect from and after the date of the signing of this Convention by his Excellency Sir Henry Brougham Loch, Her Majesty's High Commissioner, on behalf of Her Majesty, and his Honour Stephanus Johannes Paulus Krüger, State President of the South African Republic, on behalf of the Government of the South African Republic, until the date of the ratification of this Convention by the Volksraad of the South African Republic; provided that should this Convention not be ratified before or during the next ordinary Session of the said Volksraad, the provisions of the Convention of 1890, saving the provisions of Articles X and XXIV thereof, which shall remain in full force and effect, may at any time thereafter be terminated by one month's notice, given either by Her Majesty's Government or by the Government of the South African Republic, and thereupon at the expiration of the said month, in accordance with the Convention of 1884,* all the provisions relative thereto in the said Convention shall be of full force and effect; and provided further that if at any time before the ratification in manner aforesaid, the assent of the Swazie QueenRegent and Council to the draft Organic Proclamation already agreed to by Her Majesty's Government and the Government of the South African Republic be duly signified, the Convention of November 1893 shall, upon the signification of such assent, be and remain of full force and effect, subject to the terms of the said Organic Proclamation, and this Convention shall not thereafter be ratified but shall be of no force and effect, and the provisions of the Convention of 1890 shall no longer be of any force or effect, saving the provisions of Articles X and XXIV thereof, which shall remain of full force and effect.

II. Without the incorporation of Swazieland into the South African Republic, the Government of the South African Republic shall have and be secured in all rights and powers of protection, legislation, jurisdiction, and administration over Swazieland and the inhabitants thereof, subject to the following conditions and provisions, namely:

1. That the young King Ungwane alias Uhili alias Ubunu, after he has become of age, according to native law, shall be and remain the Paramount Chief of the Swazies in Swazieland, with the usual powers of such Paramount Chief, in so far as the same are not inconsistent with civilized laws and customs.

2. That the payments by the Government of the South African Republic of moneys derived from the collection of the private revenue of the King shall be regularly made in terms of concession or power of attorney, granted in that behalf by Umbandine, and confirmed by the Judgment of the Chief Court.

* Vol. LXXV, page 5.

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